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Over 95% of my actual wardrobe is black, so I’ll pull makeup colors from my accessories and/or nail polish. If those have no colors to pull from, then I’ll just go with whatever appeals to me at the time. There are times I’ll do the reverse, though.

Very subtly. Ex:

Black and white or black and beige outfit: I may wear a very clean look with liner, a blush, mascara and lipstick. The liner may be a plum or navy, but will often be black.

White and coral outfit: Soft sand or fawn sharpen on lids, med peach transition color, soft brown or taupe in crease with sable or lighter in outer V. Soft coral or orange blush and neutral lip or just a contour under the cheeks and a soft coral lipstick. If I want to go bold, I would throw on false lashes before I would sport too bright a color on the face.

Typically passon the matchy, matchy. Shades on face never fully match the clothes, just complement them.

The only thing I go by is how casual/dressy my outfit is. Even then, I tend to just wear what I like! I will be mindful of things clashing, but that’s it.

I generally only wear black, owing to VERY limited wardrobe space (I’ve been living out of my suitcases since 2009). That way, I wouldn’t have to worry about matching my make-up to my clothes.

I usually wear the same makeup each day, winged liner, blush, mascara, lipgloss/lip stain. If I do coordinate my makeup it’s usually by adding eyeshadow or nail polish. Today I’m wearing a turquoise top and added Alice (Painkiller) from UD Alice in Wonderland palette to my eyelids.

I stay in the same color families – if I’m wearing cool colors, say a grey blazer over a plum or pink blouse, I’ll wear rose or pink blush and lipstick, with greys or plums on the eyes. For warm colors like camel, or neutrals like black and white, I’ll wear blush and lipstick with a brown undertone, and beiges and browns on my eyes. I find this kind of color coordination works really well to pull my look together.

I used to match my makeup to my outfit on a daily basis when I was younger – green shirt, green eyeliner (and it had to be the exact same shade) etc. But it doesn’t feel right now that I’m over a certain age. It looks tacky and overthought. The only time I match now is when I have a lipstick that picks up the color of an accessory or something. Also I use a lot fewer products now. So the lip is the only thing that is really colorful anyway.

I usually do not specifically co-ordinate my look with my wardrobe as I tend to wear mostly neutrals in both makeup and fashion unless I get bored of the same old same old and wear something bright. So sometimes I swear Temptalia Asks you is Psychic and co-incidentally, today I actually reached for the bright and bold and something purple which I haven’t worn in ages. I smoked out UD Psychedelic Sister 24/7 pencil on upper and lower lashes and blended out a bit more with the psychedelic sister shadow into a purple cat eye. Great colour for my army green hazel eyes.

I hardly ever match my eye shadows with my clothes…. I just don’t like how it looks.. I perfer to wear colors that look good with the shape and color of my eyes.

I always match my makeup to my outfit by staying within the color family and same tones. If I’m wearing cool tone colors, I’ll use cool tone eyeshadows and eyeliners on my eyes. Warm tone, same thing. The rest of my face is always neutral, only thing that variate is whether the blush is a softer pink or a bit more pigmented. I have gorgeous lip products…but whenever I do use makeup, it’s to go out..and my boyfriend is always with me, so I gave up on wearing lip products 🙂

I’m very sensitive to color, and to top it off, I have scent –> color synesthesia. It all has to coordinate within a color palette for me, or it drives me bonkers! My biggest no-no is that I absolutely cannot mix cool and warm tones at all on the same day.

I will generally think about what lipstick I will wear with the outfit and then coordinate my eye makeup around that. So if i am wearing all black you can bet i will probably be wearing a bold lip with light eye shadow!

I don’t even bother with matching 😀 nailpolish, purses, bling, makeup i just can’t be bothered 😀

I just go by the rule of warm and cold colors. If my outfit is warm toned I use a warm or bright lipstick to coordinate, a blush that looks good with the lipstick and I tend to keep my eyes neutral. If I´m wearing cold colors in my outfit, I will choose the same for my makeup either neutral or blue based colors, but the colors can be different, just simply in the cold family or warm family depending on outfit. This works just great for me 😀 .

The other week I put on make-up to go with my brown dress. Then I realised that the brown dress was at the dry-cleaners. I had to wear the blue-brown dress instead and I was annoyed because it wasn’t quite right and wasn’t part of my plan. And then I think, first world problem or what?!

Thank you for answering my question! I never think of coordinating just one color, I feel like I always have to match anything. I can now wipe the sweat off of my brow!

I usually wear all black, so I just wear whatever. =P Sometimes I’ll try to match. Today I’m wearing a purple t-shirt, so I’m gonna do a purple, black, and aqua eye look. I actually match my makeup to my hair more than anything. =P (Currently teal, green, and black)

I can’t help myself – I always match my eyes to my outfit. I love colors, both in clothing and makeup. My outfit usually inspires what colors I will use on my eyes, though I balance which of those are more prominent. And yes, I mean colorS. Even for a little black dress I blend different shades of black shadows and liners, offset by a tiny pop of color.

I end up having to scale down on the lips and cheeks, with all the beautiful eye stuff I have (thanks mostly to Christine’s reviews). I work in a corporate office environment, but I simply don’t care about the drab office neutrals and grays. My makeup is never inappropriate, but certainly not understated. It’s simply a way of expressing myself in the maze of beige and gray cubicles. And if anyone minds the matchy matchy, too bad, because I love it!

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