How does your makeup coordinate with your clothing?

Most of the time, it doesn’t, since I barely coordinate the makeup I’m wearing to begin with, LOL! (I’m testing all sorts of things, which may or may not go together!) Aside from testing, I’d say I would often integrate the general undertone or kind of shades used on my eyes in a shirt or earrings.

— Christine


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Mariella Avatar

I think because of my natural colouring and my preferences in colours generally (I dislike oranges, corals, etc. in clothing – not flattering on me – or even in home decor), my makeup (lipstick and blush, primarily) doesn’t often pose a problem in terms of co-ordinating with my clothing (colour choices there, beyond neutrals like black and grey….and black….and grey, tend to be in the burgundy/wine/cool red tones). So it’s rarely, if ever, a problem. Since I favour neutral eye looks, I don’t worry too much there either.

TropicalCowgirl Avatar

I typically wear warm nudes or jeweled tones for clothing. When I wear grays in cooler weather and go for cool neutrals with PMG Mothership 1 Subliminal or a Chanel quad that I have that is cooler. Or if I’m wearing a pop of color like blue or green I will work one of those colors as a smudge line. I am excited to see your collab with Sydney Grace with your jewel colors.

Wednesday Avatar

My wardrobe mostly consists of neutrals so my makeup is free to be whatever motivates me. That said, my skintone is also neutral so I can wear both cooler and warmer undertones within that middle spectrum. I find I get the best balance if I cross co-ordinate.. If I am wearing cooler colours, I go towards the warmer side with my makeup and vice-versa. Personally, I do not care for an all cool or all warm look. Even with just my makeup, I tend to go with a warmer lid colour and cooler crease/transition colour and vice-versa. If I wear a slightly cooler foundation, I will wear a warmer concealer. Does this make any sense to anyone else? The only other person I have come across who does this is youtuber Alexandra Anele who has a lighter skin than me, but we share an olive cast.

Deborah S. Avatar

I know what you are saying, Wednesday, and I have tended to do the same thing. I don’t love a lot of warm shades and prefer cool toned shades but by virtue of that, I end up with a lot of cool tones and so when I wear a warmer shade, it is almost always going to be paired with a warmer shade. I think it is a great look and assuming your profile pick is you, LOL, I think it is a great look for you.

Claudia Avatar

My makeup and clothing preferences coordinate well, so it’s easy for me to match. I generally try to stay in the same family of cool or warm shades when I choose what to pair together. There’s a few articles of clothing, like my chucky mustard yellow sweater that I immediately know what eye look I’m going to pair it with because it’s just so perfectly matching.

Amy Avatar

Yes. My first higher end lipstick (Mac Whirl) looks terrible on me with my favourite colour (dark teal green), so I’ve thought about it since. I tend to err towards bronze/gold eyeshadow and red/brown lipstick with warm tones, and mauve/purple eyeshadow and mauve/pink (nude-ish or not) lipstick with cool tones. Occasionally I’ll choose a lipstick or eyeshadow and then choose clothes after I’ve done my face.

Nancy T Avatar

Most of the time I make sure everything coordinates or just cooperates with one another. Like, for example, I’m wearing a blue print top like in my avatar pic by my name, I do pull colors out of it to use on my eyes (purple, teal and white gold) and lips. However, half of the time, I’m wearing black or charcoal gray, so then I can wear whatever my mood dictates!

Nikki Avatar

I often coordinate eyeshadow color to outfit color for the day and have had many comments (not necessarily compliments 😉) on my ability to do so. It’s fun for me to do this, even when a color I can wear as clothing doesn’t do so well as an eyeshadow for me, I usually give it a go. And, I enjoy wearing a wide variety of bright and jewel tones in my wardrobe – not usually a neutrals or pastels kind of gal, so the eyeshadow looks can get fairly colorful, too.

Ana Maria Avatar

Both my make-up and my wardrobe are pretty neutral, so usually I don’t have to think too much about coordination.

But usually if I wear a more colorful top I would stick to brown eyeshadows. Or if I’m in mood for dark green, blue or burgundy eyeshadow I would stick to a black or cream too; the same when I want a bold lipstick.

And I also try to dress somewhat more elegant when I wear more make-up than usual, while keeping low key when I want to wear more comfy clothes.

When I am wearing my boots or leather leggings, somehow grey all over the lid calls me.

And when I am wearing a black tight turtleneck somehow burgundy lips and winged eyeliner seem more appropriate.

Deborah S. Avatar

I don’t tend to worry about it overmuch but I do know that when I wear a more coordinated look, I get far more compliments than I do if I just throw it together. That should be motivation for me, but alas, I still pretty much do what I want and don’t worry about it. I do pay more attention for special occasions or if I am going to do a photo or something. In general, because of my shade preferences, I don’t often end up with anything too garish. Because my clothing preferences also land within my favorite shades, it all goes together. I only have a couple of coral/orange shades and they don’t coordinate with anything I own so when I wear those, I always look a little bizarre, at least to myself. I also find that when I wear red lipstick, which is a favorite, I have to pay more attention. I have a lot of pink/berry shades in my wardrobe and they don’t always look great with a red lip, IMHO.

Genevieve Avatar

I always co-ordinate my makeup with my clothing, with the season determing my eyeshadow and lipstick choices. In autumn winter, I tend to prefer neutral eyeshadows, with gold and olive greens featuring heavily. In summer, I tend to gravitate towards more teals, blues, mint shades. I like to wear colourful clothing (mainly tops), but no oranges, pinks, purples and yellows. I do like rose gold eyeshadows and pair them with deeper shades for contrast.
As for lipsticks, my perenial favourites are orange-reds like CP’s Foolish, Tea Thyme and LA Lady, plus spicy brown shades for winter like Milani’s Cinnamon Spice.

Emily Avatar

I bet it makes people happy to see you in all that color! I also (pre-Covid) wore bright color somewhere. Even if my clothing wasn’t colorful, which it usually was, I carried a bright-colored pocketbook often (hot pink, cobalt, rich yellow, vermilion, etc.). As to coordination, I always tried to pick up a bit of color from what I was wearing. The one thing I’m a wuss about is lips; I have about three hundred options for a nude lip and 2 for a soft bright pink one, and no other colors except when I get them as samples or in sets. Nowadays, even if I go nowhere, I always get dressed, and I think of my brightest colors as my personal mood-enhancers.

Dandy Avatar

I can look sallow and washed out when I wear black, so when I have one of my black shirts on I’m more likely to put on a very light-toned blush on my forehead as well as cheeks, to put more pink into my complexion, and I go heavier with my eyebrow colour to make sure it’s strong enough. If I’m wearing a very bright/unnatural lip colour I like to pair it with brightly coloured clothing. Otherwise I don’t really think too much about it.

Ali Avatar

If im like crazy/ bold makeup then my outfit is usually black to go to work. Otherwise i’ll pair silver & white e/s with whte or gray blouses/ sweaters. I like pink makeup with dark blue tops. Gold e/s with green tops. Orange makeup with white tops. .

Kira Avatar

I usually wear black, so I often make my makeup extremely bold with colorful eyeshadows. When I’m wearing business clothes, I wear more neutral colors like rosy, brown, taupe, or peach eyeshadows. Generally I try to match my makeup to my outfit with complementary colors, if I am wearing something casual and more colorful. I have a personal rule that I don’t wear green eyeshadow with red clothes, because it reminds me too much of Christmas colors.

Pamela Avatar

I always stick to warm, earth tones for both my makeup and clothing so, tonally, everything clicks. If I wear dark or light clothes I choose brighter makeup colors but if I wear bright colors in my clothes I tend to go neutral for my makeup. I try to create a balanced palette.

Matilda Avatar

Rather than trying to match, I try not to clash. For example, burgundy or red top – no bright pink lipstick. Pink top – no burgundy or red lipstick. Other than that, it’s whatever I feel like wearing that day or using a shade I’d neglected for the past few months to see if i still like it.

Jen Avatar

I don’t think much about coordinating specific colors, but I try to keep the same mood between dress and makeup. On average I dress very casually with a uniform of jeans and either a gray or black t-shirt, so it feels out of balance to do a full beat. What I usually do is have a bold lip since my glasses balance out the potential heaviness of the color and focus on eye liner, mascara and brows.

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