How does your hair color impact your makeup?

I honestly can’t say that it does — I have had the same hair color pretty much my entire life. The only time it wasn’t natural was when I would just dye it closer to black with more of a purplish tint (a long time ago). As a result, I’ve never had that moment where I’ve changed my hair color and felt like something didn’t work as a result!

— Christine
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Enormously!!! If I weren’t going silver and mousey brown, my natural hair color was dark, warm chestnut brown. Currently just doing root t/ups in a slightly richer shade. But I have had my hair in quite the array of colors during various “experiments” spanning 41 years! Including platinum blonde, burgundy red, black-purple, and some more tame shades as well, like auburn or just lots of light honey-blonde highlights. My makeup shades have had to adjust to some of these drastically. I guess this is why now I’m just happy covering up my graying hair with something similar to what would have been. But sometimes…. temptation calls and says: ” hey, how ’bout a few teal and plum-purple streaks?” Then reason steps in and says:” You do know there’s extensions, right?”

Bold lipsticks tend to look good on me, because of my coloring –my black hair and dark brown eyes can “balance” out the bold lip. But that’s also why lighter lipsticks tend to wash me out. Black hair can also cast harsh shadows that make people look older –look at celebs that take their hair from black to blonde or vice versa. When I dye my hair to cover gray, I don’t use black dye as it looks too harsh, I use the darkest brown, so it gives my hair an espresso tint, which is more flattering. I also wear a foundation that’s a little lighter than my natural skin color, to brighten up the face and counteract the shadows.

It think it doesn’t. I also never dyed my hair except for temporary highlights (in copper or cherry red) a long time ago, and even then I didn’t feel like it changed my general coloring dramatically.

When I recently got my ends dyed pink/copper/burgundy, I think matching my eyemakup to lean warmer made the whole look tie together. I also noticed that because my hair color was relatively bolder than what I was used to, I felt more confident in trying out colors that I wouldn’t normally wear out.

My skin is very fair with neutral undertones. My eyes are a mix of colors that appear olive green from a distance. No matter what my hair color has been, I think my coloring always worked well with most makeup shades. However, I do think I pull off orange and yellow much better as a brighter redhead than I did as with brunette or darker auburn hair colors.

That being said, I’ve never tried blonde, black, or any alternative/fun colors like gray, pastels, or ultra brights. My natural color is dark brown with red highlights. In the past I’ve been coppery red, dark plummy red, burgundy, dark auburn, medium auburn, and bright red. I currently have a magenta-red shade (L’oreal Excellence Hi-Color Reds for Dark Hair Only in Magenta). That’s as alternative as I’ve gone, because I don’t want to deal with bleaching my hair white and adding color back. I’d actually have to do that to be blonde, too, because of all the red tones in my natural hair. Too much work and potential damage for me.

I’ve been blonde, red, black haired, brunette and even pink haired (I’m now brunette again), and I’ve found that some colours definitely work better with certain hair colours. For example, greens/olives look great when I’m brunette (I have brown eyes, too), as do red lipsticks and more ‘gothic’ colours, ditto as a ‘blackhead’ 🙂 As a blonde I look better with more muted, natural colours which would otherwise wash me out. As a redhead, coppers and more fiery colours work best, and when I had pink hair … well, pretty much anything went!!

My hair color changes quite often, but the changes are always subtle (I always stick in the brunette – red range). I don’t feel these changes have any impact on my make-up.

It does slightly. On days I’m keeping things simple for eye makeup I wear gold/peach/orange tones that work with my hair and fair complexion.

But for my wigs, I like to sometimes match or play off of the shades in the wigs. I also match my eyebrows to my wigs. 😉

I have dark auburn hair, I have had it highlighted lighter in the past but it’s stayed mostly the same. It used to be a brighter auburn (I haven’t been truly redheaded since I was little). I don’t think it’s affected how I wear makeup, I think my skintone affects it much more. It used to be said that redheads shouldn’t wear pink as it ‘clashed’ with their hair colour. But I find pink really suits me, especially with my fair skin, and it’s my favourite colour to wear on my lips.

I’ve had many different hair colours and I don’t think I’ve ever had to change the way I do my makeup. Bright red, bright purple, blonde, brown, black – no change needed. ?

My hair is a light honey color with orangey tones (not quite strawberry blonde but close). I don’t love wearing certain purples, like very bluish purples or bluish lavenders on my eyes, or certain pink lipsticks like watermelon tones (like MAC Impassioned) because I think they clash with my hair color. On the flip side, it helps me pull off warmer shades of brown and orangey-red lipsticks.

For me I would say my hair color impacts my make up a fair amount. I’m a redhead so I love wearing gold and bronze eyeshadow. It also affects the shades of red lipstick I wear.

Now that my dark brown hair is turning white — bright white, not gray — some colors I could wear before are too harsh now. Black eye liner is one; a dark gray or a black-brown look much better. Brownish tones of lipstick aren’t good either and they make my skin look weird.

On the bright side I think shades of pink and purple look better than they used to.

I’m pretty fair with blue-green eyes. My natural color is a blondish-brown. Since I’ve been going gray, I’ve been coloring it a rich dark chestnut brown. But I find it’s not the color that made me change up my makeup, but the length, i.e. when I cut it to a pixie a month ago, I found I really need to wear a lot more makeup! Especially eyeliner. But as long as I have some eye makeup on, it’s good.

When I was younger, I had a platinum blonde pixie, so I should have worn a lot more makeup, in general, because the blonde washed me out, but I didn’t because I hardly wore any makeup anyway at that time.

Think it doesn’t much. Colored my hair very infrequently, once w/ lightening (hated the grow out and the implied maintenance) and once with auburn henna. Natural is drab coolish blond with a couple of gray streaks that look ‘done’ rather than natural and a few warmer/redder small sections. (Was born with auburn hair, but was mostly a fairly light cool blonde, until it started to darken.) The only difference I see, is that as it darkened, I could wear more neutrals and browns, which looked muddier, when my hair was lighter. Had to really think about this. Pinks have decreased to neutral-cools/ mauves as the hair darkened, too.

When I was younger, my natural hair color was a brown so dark it appeared black. When my grey started emerging in my early thirties (I’m 71 now), I decided to let my hair go grey and have never regretted that decision. Nowadays my hair is predominantly silver at the crown over an under layer of my natural black/brown color. Yes, the shift from brunette to silver has definitely influenced my color selections. For example, I used to be able to easily wear browns, oranges, and brick reds. As more and more grey has come in, I find myself favoring roses, berries, and plums.

Something that is seldom mentioned about color shift as a woman ages is that it is not just the hair that changes. The skin’s tone changes and eye color fades. Those changes also require a periodic reevaluation of the colors that look best on us.

Good points. At 46, my skin tone is still the same (so far), but my eyes are less brown and more green than they were when I was younger. My husband recently turned 47, and over the last few years all the baby blue tones have gone from his eyes, and now they are green-gray , as those shades have remained. When he gets his drivers license renewed, he’s going to have to change his eye color from “blue” to “green.”

Hmm. I don’t think it does. I don’t pay attention to it if it does anyway, lol! My hair is a dark warm brown with lightened / kinda baylaged ends. I’m not sure what it’s called. I wore my hair auburn for several years. It really didn’t affect anything other than that than brows that I can recall. Maybe I’ll figure out how in the world to upload a pic to this site one day so everyone can see me, is not my friend , lol!

I have black/dark brown hair and brown eyes. Sometimes I see a look on a redhead or blonde and think “wow that makeup looks so great!” but when I try to re-create it, it looks more boring on me.
Lip colors are especially unfair. They never look like they appear!

My skin is true neutral and very fair. I generally wear cooler toned nail polishes like raspberries, turquoises, and pink-leaning corals, and blue-based reds. Because I color my hair a coppery red, I prefer warm or neutral tones for my makeup. My browns and pinks are warmer and my corals tend to be more orangey.

Changing my hair color always implies that I change my eyebrow products. I recently went from dark dark brown to red so I switched from using a cool toned brown eye pencil (Mac Spiked) to a warm toned brown (Mac Strut). The switch was very necessary.

It doesn’t! I’ve been golden blonde, black, copper-red, black with streaks, silver, and am currently lavender/mint ombre and I just toss on whatever I like!

Definitely. I’ve recently gone from blonde to copper brown. Did not change my makeup and it has totally enhanced my look. I have an olive complexion vs a pale one. I’m lovin my new look.

Absolutely does. I cannot wear bright or dark makeup, or I look like a clown. My makeup colors are muted warm shades. My hair color is “dirty blonde” now dulled a bit by grays that don’t really show up individually. My skin is warm-fair and my natural eyelashes and eyebrows are pretty much invisible. Altogether there is little contrast, and soft makeup colors work the best.

I never changed my hair color, but it sure does change my makeup! My hair color, the color of my eyes and my skin complexion commands what looks good on me. I’m in the Autumn color scheme so I know for example that pastel color (summer color scheme) don´t look good on me at all! Knowing that I don´t miss when I buy makeup…
I often hear about some great product and I pass easily if it does not combine with my color scheme. And that´s is a great trick to get in mind.

No. I’ve pretty much had the same hair color my entire life. I’ve gone a little lighter or darker and had highlights. My skintone and eye color play a much bigger part.

When I let myself go gray, this greatly influenced colors of makeup and clothing. Before that time, I had thought I was an “autumn,” so wore mostly warmer shades. But as my hair got more S&P, it seemed that the cooler undertones of my face became more apparent. My clothing and makeup colors looked strangely unflattering.

I decided to revamp how I was looking at myself (now I’d say I’m more of a “winter”) and to replace my clothing with colors that were more flattering. It was trial and error for a while but now I’ve got it down. Lipstick wise, cooler shades (like purples) look better than some of the more neutral shades that supposedly anyone can wear, such as corals, peaches, and even many pinks. I feel like I’m in some uncharted territory but it’s fun!

Thank you very much for choosing my question. The answers are very interesting. Hoping for more comments. Anyone with bright pink or bright red hair? Can I still use my loved bright lipsticks When I colour my hair in bright Pink or red. I especially Love neon pink lipsticks and orange lipsticks. Thanks.

I have bright red curly long hair, am pale with cool undertones and blue eyes. I don’t look good in warm colored blush or lipcolor. Makes me look dead or unhealthy. I can wear neutral to warm eye color. Cool eye color pulls very cool on me. I love gray shadow but most tend to just look blue on me. I do have a hard time with color. I do love pink cheeks and lips. Am starting to think I would like to experiment with true apricot colors.

I’ve colored my hair for the past 43 years, every colour except yellow, green & purple. My hair colour doesn’t effect my make up neither does it effect my daughter’s make-up since she currently has bright pink hair & it change her hair often

I’ve had every color of hair in my adult life…my natural color is dark brown and yes it does make a difference. With my natural color, dark brown, cooler colors tend to work on me better. When I’ve had highlights are lighter hair, the peach/coral family along with neutrals on the eyes.
So yeah, hair color can make a difference on some people.

For me yes. When my hair is redder, I can pull of subtle warm toned makeup that I can’t pull off when my hair is it’s natural hue. My skin looks better when I have darker chocolate brown hair but my makeup is easier with auburn because not everything has to be neutral to cool. Right now my hair is down to my butt and not colored. I’m struggling with any warm toned lipsticks but cheek colors are still ok. I’d like to be blonde again like I was as a kid and teen but I think it will wash me out too much and make my Rosacea look worse. I’m not sure what I’ll do yet. Probably get the same lob with a side swept bang and auburn hair! My current hair color is dark ash blonde. The type that almost looks brown but isn’t.

While I’ve always had golden or red hues in my hair, I use to only dye it light red/light auburn in the fall/winter and I’d have it golden blonde or strawberry blonde with lighter highlights in the spring/summer. Since I’ve started dyeing it even more intense and/or darker red, I can get away with so many more warmer, darker, and red-based eyeshadows… and I LOVE it! Last year was the first year I didn’t go lighter during the summer months and it was because I didn’t want to stop wearing certain eyeshadows!

However, I still can’t pull off really warm colors on my lips, and I can only wear a few shades of blush that I couldn’t before. I think having bangs is what helps me to get away with the warmer eyeshadows.

I was a brunette, a redhead, and for the past 18 years a blonde. It absolutely has nothing to do with what color my eye shadow or blush or even lipstick I wear. I wear what looks and feels good on me. That’s all that matters. Be comfortable and confident with who you are and what you want to wear. Somebody will always be a negative nanny. Be good to yourself and others and pray for the rest. That’s what my Grams always said. It’s good advice! 🙂

My hair color doesn’t impact my makeup color choices as much as my skintone does. I am very fair, so pastels and nudes tend to wash me out. Really sad that all those gorgeous nude liquid lipsticks are all the rage. My lips disappear on my face. My hair has been various colors over the years. I finally threw in the gloves, hung up my mixing bowl, and embraced my gray. With the gray hair and pale skin, I lean towards browns and jewel tones and lots of color on my thin lips (the only part of my body where the word thin may apply).

My hairdresser sticks to neutral to cool colours hair colours for me so my makeup does not really change when I make changes to my hair colour.

Photographic evidence exists of a particularly horrid moment when I moved out of Toronto to the sticks and didn’t have a hairdresser. A friend recommended one.. dude dyed my hair a warm red with hints of copper saying my complexion suited warm hair colour. My skin looked like PEA SOUP! How do you makeup that out? Hairball was out of town when I had my hair done. Came home. Took one look at me and peed laughing. Took my picture. Yeah. That bad.

Since I stopped coloring my hair (and I’ve tried every “natural” color) and let it be it’s natural silver with just a touch of my original dark brown near my hairline, I feel as though my makeup color choices have expanded. I’ve always been partial to plums and mauves on lips and cheeks and neutral browns on my brown eyes, but with the neutrality of silver and more gold coming through in my eyes, colors I couldn’t pull off before can now work. Years ago I never would have rocked blues and corals and brown-based reds and I looked dead in grays. Now I feel as long as the color isn’t too light on my light skin, I can rock it. It’s a shame I waited until my forties to play with colors and brights and the irony is it took silver hair to make those “young” colors work!

I’m a redhead who has never colored their hair, so it doesn’t affect my normal makeup too much, although I think my coloring (including the hair) leads me toward not liking certain colors on me (I look better in neutral to warm tones) and not liking bright eyeshadow.

My eyebrows don’t match my hair naturally, so that annoys me too!

I recently got a pretty drastic haircut that got rid of the last of my dyed dark auburn color. My natural, lighter red-brown with about 10% grey seems to favor softer, cooler shades of eye shadow and liner than I’d been going to. And since it’s very short with bangs, it’s the eyes that are the most impacted by the change. The rest of my face is now unframed by my hair (yikes!), so I haven’t felt the need to change much there.

My hair colour is naturally autumn toned (red, brown, blond) and inherited from my Scottish grandmother. I have always loved my distinctive hair colour and have never wanted to change it.
Therefore, all my makeup is designed around autumnal hues of browns, golds, greens, smoky blues, greys and teal. I favour red, berry and chocolate coloured lipsticks too.

Boy, does it ever…when I was younger and had “colors” done, I was a “Golden Spring” and the CMB consultant told me some highlighting on my dark blond hair in a golden blond would really make my colors pop…and boy, was she right! I loved the way I looked back then (before my makeup problems I mentioned in a different post here.) Well, as a senior citizen, all my golden blond has faded, and I am greying (evenly, thank goodness) that I have that mousy, dirty blond with light grey all over my head. Sort of “ashy” now. Those brighter colors I wore in my CMB days have to be muted, or I will look like a clown. (I was told Springs often “fade: into Summers when they get older. Oh, well.) So when I do try some make up, it is much more subtle.
I have a friend who was a Winter ,who has silvery white hair, and she can still wear her Winter colors! Hmmm, wonder if I should go Platinum??? LOL!

It has a huge impact on my makeup. I was a blonde all my life until my hair turned almost Snow White (I can’t get autocorrect to realize I don’t mean the lady, but the color!) as I got older. Now I need color in a big way or I look washed out. So I try to accentuate my eyes, cheeks and lips to look healthy to contrast my hair. It seems to work. If I don’t wear makeup, people ask me if I am alright. Good grief!

I have black hair but I don’t think any ‘natural’ coloured hair would cause clashing with make-up. If you dye your hair unnatural colours though, I can see why you’d take clashing into consideration. It looks awesome though so no doubt it’s worth it!

It does for me! I have fair skin and blue eyes. When I’m blonde, I tend to wear softer makeup, when I dye my hair brown, I feel like I can pull off bold colors easier. Purple lips for example, look much better when I’m a brunette!

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