How do your friends (and family) react to your interest in makeup?

I’m very fortunate that they’re actually very supportive of it, and I can say that since the beginning! They don’t even seem to be shocked at how much I have, but I think it’s because they’ve seen it grown gradually, LOL!

— Christine
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It differs by the person, but my sister and biological father are supportive of my “adventurous” looks! The rest of my family preach a small collection and natural looks, and I kind of just say “K, thanks for your input,” and touch up my blue lipstick.

They got used to it, I think, both to my ever-growing collection and experimental looks. It used to be somewhat like “whaa slow down” to now “oh well” πŸ˜€

For a large part, I am the only person out of my family and my group of friends who wear and spend money on makeup. My family, unfortunately, thinks it’s a waste of money and consider it a “shallow” thing, which makes me sad, but then makeup makes me happy so I also kinda don’t care. I would say my friends are neither supportive nor unsupportive, simply because they don’t take interest in skincare/makeup. (I was surprised that my female friends don’t even put on lotion! Lowkey jealous they don’t seem to break out or anything despite that.) But if they knew how much I do spend, they will be shocked. My ex was pretty unsupporting…we met when I didn’t wear any makeup and started hating it when I started wearing it. Fortunately my current significant other is very supportive and even wants to go to Sephora with me just to watch me play around haha.

Sk and I share the same issues. Nobody else in my family “gets” it. My friends don’t share the same interest. I have had friends and nieces post memes on Facebook joking that women like me are clowns and why do we waste so much time on our makeup when we can just sleep in. My makeup makes me happy so they can stick it. Hubby goes with me to Sephora and buys me Sephora gift cards and doesn’t care as long as I am happy.

I have these issues as well. My mom is quite practical and frugal, so she sees makeup as a waste of money, my father is very conservative and thinks it is vain and shallow, and none of my friends are really into makeup at all.

Funny enough, I think the men I know are the most supportive of it. My bf knows it’s “my thing” and is fine with it, and his (male) friends have given me lots of compliments (even suggesting I should give their girlfriends tips..though I don’t know if they’d be wise to say that to their girls!).

You girls are my sisters from other misters. I decided to read before I answered, but my knee-jerk was “they don’t get it.” I only have one friend who understands what it is to be a beauty junkie. Honestly, though, as much disdain as they have for me and my Barbie girl ways, that’s how much I have for them when I think to myself that they should make more effort. Beauty and fashion aren’t my life, but definitely a big part. Am I afraid to go out with no makeup? No, and I do it on weekend days with my boyfriend because he says he likes it better. (But he met me while I was wearing it, so I think he just doesn’t want other guys to notice me). But for work, or social plans, I take the time and effort to create an appropriate yet attractive image. And I get annoyed when my friends don’t do the same for friend dates.

I have asked my boyfriend to curb my excessive interest in makeup (because I’m a student and doesn’t have a lot of income) by discouraging me from being more stuff. He is also colorblind (red and orange) so generally he can’t tell when I’m wearing makeup!
My parents don’t even know that I wear makeup haha.

I have asked my boyfriend to curb my excessive interest in makeup (because I’m a student and doesn’t have a lot of income) by discouraging me from buying more stuff. He is also colorblind (red and orange) so generally he can’t tell when I’m wearing makeup!
My parents don’t even know that I wear makeup haha.

They tend to react with shock and bewilderment at the sheer amount of makeup I have.

But of course no one hesitates to ask my advice about makeup or talk to me about their recent makeup purchases (which is fine by me). Someone at work was selling those counterfeit UD Naked palettes a while back (but not anywhere near UD prices, to her credit), so some co-workers who bought them brought them to me… I was able to confirm that those were absolutely not the real thing (and they ruined several of my favorite shades!), but that they also were paying less than half the price of the real palettes. (I think the seller is pretty pissed off at me, but anyone who works here knows that I know my makeup, especially UD.) And my mom just recently asked me for advice on an eyeshadow palette for her, then got me to do her eyes with my original Tartelette palette (I’m still trying to convince my mom that it is possible to wear well-placed shimmery eyeshadow in your 60s, even if your makeup style is on the more conservative side, but that’s an uphill battle).

My husband is totally oblivious, and my daughter just runs in the opposite direction when talk of makeup comes into play. I do have a group of friends who are makeup girls, and some who I know are not interested and I have learned to edit my enthusiasm where needed.

I’m not sure…? Hahaha. My parents don’t mind it, as long as I don’t go broke buying makeup (I’m a full time student and I work full time as well so I can pay for school). Only two of my closest friends have seen my makeup collection, they always seem shocked and in awe at it. As far as my boyfriend goes, every time he goes to my room he looks at my collection and says “so many lipsticks” or something along those lines. He doesn’t like going to Sephora/Ulta with me, but he has never complained about my makeup purchases. In fact, he’s mentioned it makes it easy for him to give me gift cards during holiday season.

My attitude about it is also what helps me. My ex-boyfriend used to make comments about how much makeup I had, and I would always tell him that it’s my money, that I had earned it, and that if I wanted to buy make up after paying bills and debts, it was my business and only mine.

My hubby and kids are supportive, and the rest of my family aren’t really in the picture. My in-laws aren’t into makeup or clothes or anything, so they don’t get it. They’re not negative about it, though. Most friends are supportive. I occasionally get a few catty comments on Facebook, but they’re casual acquaintances. I delete them if they get too annoying.

My 2 adult children are very cool with it , and supportive as well. My daughter is a big makeup geek herself!
My friends? Hmm….a few are into it themselves, others are not. So their responses truly vary from being onboard with it clear over to: “why do you…” “with the money you’ve spent, you could have…” “You only have one set of lips and a pair of eyes, how will you ever use all this up before…”

UGh I hate when people say, “DO you know what you could spend $1000 a year on instead of makeup” and I say “yep, more makeup!” LOL. I don’t drive so my friends seem to get mad that I can spend money on makeup but I tell them that since I don’t have a car and all the payments that come with it, consider my monthly makeup allowance to myself as “car” insurance or gas and that seems to make them go, “Oh well, yea I mean that makes sense.” *rolls eyes

It sure is nice to read other people’s comment and feel that you are not alone!

I’m pretty sure that my family feels that there is an addiction and it isn’t really money well spent. But they keep their silence as long as my better half doesn’t have a problem with it. I do sometimes feel that they find it a shallow hobby.

My makeup community friends are totally on board coz they sail in the same boat. A couple of them have seen my stash. Others, i feel are appalled at how much i may be spending on makeup. Though they feel comfortable seeking help when required (and i don’t mind that at all coz i love talking makeup) – on other days, there is a bit of condescending attitude.

Lastly, some acquaintances actually wonder why i don’t share (gift/distribute) my stuff since i have “way too much” anyways!! πŸ˜‰

Obviously they don’t understand that women like us need choices. It’s not that we use it all, it’s that we have it to choose from – that’s the true luxury of it. You earned the money to pay for it – why should you just give it to those who don’t buy it.

Different story if someone you love, or even a stranger, can’t afford something that would truly make them feel good. Then, by all means, give, give, give.

Most of my family members are female, and most of us are makeup nerds! We’re all very supportive of each other. The guys don’t say much about it. My female friends are always willing to talk about makeup, so it’s all good!

My family think i have too much makeup, but wouldn’t be negative about it really. They know I use makeup because I enjoy it and like to be creative. My friends like my huge selection of makeup and what I do because then I can help them to get ready for nights out or recommend products to them. My boyfriends really good about it, he will pretend to be interested when I show him new things and compliment me on my makeup. He loves both full face of makeup with eyelashes and no makeup too.

My four sons couldn’t give a what. My husband is supportive and, I think, amused. One of his nicknames for me is “Blendy,” cuz, you know, blending. πŸ™‚

My DIL is getting her PhD so she’s into books, not makeup these days. My sons GFs, I can share some stuff with them at least.

I have just two friends who I can talk about this stuff with. The rest, no interest at all. My life is a makeup interest sharing desert. πŸ™‚

Haha your hubby is funny. You should hear my partner commenting beauty videos on YouTube!

I am thankful to have found via Internet some makeup buddies (or geeks!)

At first my mom thought I was crazy for buying so much makeup, but she knows I really enjoy the process of organizing and putting on makeup so she doesn’t mind anymore. I think they are more concerned about me spending too much money, but I’m learning better what to pass up and what to purchase ?

I have no idea how they feel. And it doesn’t matter. They don’t pay my bills and honestly, it’s inconsequential. My family has MUCH BIGGER issues than my love of makeup! LOL

My parents keep asking me “When did you become chic chic?!?” They get that I enjoy it but when I was allowed to wear it in high school I rejected the notion of it. That it was for guys, that I had to wear it to impress a boy. That it was the only way to be beautiful. I was really hating the message of mass media at the to time and the over photoshopped models (this hasn’t really changed either). Funny I’m in the business now but I haven’t worked on high profile account like those either.

I want to kick myself now for the wastes years of not dabbling in it, I really wanted to play with makeup when I was a child before then. lol

I don’t wear makeup around my Dad’s side of the family other than mascara and lipstick, they are always say harsh thing about people wearing makeup. My Moms side would be cool with it. lol

Me wearing makeup was never an issue. I was encouraged in junior high to start wearing makeup. How much I own is an issue. My mom thinks I have a ‘sickness’. My friends just don’t get it. My bf calls himself my enabler even though he has no idea what anything is.

Generally speaking, my husband just rolls his eyes when another Sephora or Ulta box appears on our doorstep. My daughter is very supportive because she knows from experience that if something doesn’t quite work for me, she inherits it!

My friends and family knows I love it and thinks I have a lot of it ( not nearly enough as I’d like to have ex: only 100 lipsticks…THAT’S NOT A LOT)! I am the one they come to for makeup advice or where to find something they are looking for. They also know that my unwearable products for me goes to them so they don’t mind. I’ve given away some pretty great stuff.

My boss said to me when she gave me my latest and pretty he pay increase, she said: “Ok, now I’m talking to you as your friend and not your boss, you’ve got a shopping problem my friend! It’s time to budget cause you can’t spend all your new money on new makeup” LOL I could not stop laughing. She got me a $100 GC to Sephora last year so she knows my love for makeup very well and so does the mailroom who personally brings me my Sephora packages cause they say, “your face just lights up!” LOL.

My son thinks I have enough and roles his eyes every time he sees a Sephora bag. He wonders why I keep buying the same color stuff but I tell him that fuchsia and magenta are not the same.

Everyone else has their opinions but I don’t care.

My twin sister just shakes her head, my husband thinks I’ve got every colour and shade under the sun and my friends aren’t really into it. My greatest audience is my nearly three year old grand daughter Olivia, who just loves my collection.

My sister likes makeup but doesn’t follow the news/trends and doesn’t wear a lot, but she’s happy to see that I started to wear makeup again after so many years with a bare face. I feel more self confident and I take care of myself. Now she is even asking me to do her makeup and she’s getting more and more interested into it. Other people around me think it is pretty superficial to have such interest into makeup and skincare so I don’t speak with them about that topic. A lot of famous brands are not available in France and we don’t have good YT makeup chanels, the poor choice is almost exclusively for teenagers, so if you don’t understand English. …

All the women are the type who say they get ready in 5 minutes and wear very little makeup. I think that’s great, but, not my style. However, they are also very “judgy” and feel their way is far superior. lol I don’t care.

I’m sure you’re gorgeous. I’m the compromise…got it down to about 15 minutes for clothes, full makeup, and hair, assuming my hair is already washed and dried beforehand.

I hate those smug judgy people, although I am one about women who don’t make any effort at all.

Y husband and youngest son are not much interested, but my eldest son gets it. Probably because his girlfriend works for a large make up chain.
My friends love it and ask my advice and are gobsmacked at the amount of make up I have”. Am slowing down on purchases as even I think I have enough. I so enjoy my ritual of skin care, which my husband partaken of and make up every day. What a great way to be feminine

It is funny as my immediate family is really only my daughter and the makeup addiction gene passed freely from me to her so she is on board for any makeup at any cost. My siblings and mother really know nothing about it. The interesting one is my ex-husband. He lives in my house and I take care of him as he has serious health issues and I am a nurse. Every time a package arrives he asks, “Is that more makeup?” When we shop at brick and mortar stores he will ask how much the product costs or will make a comment like “do you really need more makeup”. I pay my own way so not sure why he thinks he has any business being concerned about how I spend my money and his comments have never kept either my daughter or I from buying what we want but it can be annoying sometimes.

“Don’t you have enough makeup?”
“You can never use up all your makeup”

There is no one who collects makeup, most of them even do not use any makeup
So they cannot understand my big interest

To answer those questions: No, I don’t have enough. And of course I won’t use it all up. Then I wouldn’t have it anymore. It’s all about having options.

They think I spend too much money on it, based on how much I use. Others think I should be a makeup artist because of my passion. It’s all fun and games ?

I still live with my older brother and parents, and my family is pretty darn supportive!! My mother loves makeup in theory, but she’s too sick to apply it every day. So she lives through me when it comes to makeup πŸ˜› .

My father says he doesn’t like it when I wear red lipstick, because it’s “too sexy” ahahah. But other than that he always gives me a thumbs up! And ever since I decided to start beauty college, he’s realized just how serious I am about makeup!!

My older brother is the best/most supportive. He’s always sitting there watching me do my makeup, and he’ll ask questions (He quite likes mascara because of how it “magically” transforms my short lashes LOL) and i’v done my makeup based on what he thinks will look good together before!!

My best friend, wears concealer under her eyes, “that’s it” so she doesn’t understand my artistic love for makeup. She just wears concealer to look like she wasn’t up all night studying!! πŸ˜›

My all of my ex’s didn’t wear makeup either, but they all were super supportive!! I’d like to date a gal that DOES wear makeup just so I don’t feel like such a burden when getting ready though!!!

I’m very lucky that most people in my life support my love of makeup!!!

My husband likes it. My kids have never seen me any other way but do get some giggles out of my “collection”. My very old friends from childhood tease me good naturedly and my friends from adulthood friends beg for lessons.
My one conservative grandmother disapproved but I was too wild her taste anyway. She was very Victorian.

I don’t make it known. As for colleagues and family, I get compliments on my face but I downplay it, I just say I’m having a good skin or hair day or whatever; I would get chastised for how much I have, that I have a budget for it, that I devote time to researching it or am aware of launches, etc. My collection, although organized and displayed, can be hidden by turning the display tower around so it just looks like a wall mirror.

I trust my close friends to know but not my family. I don’t want to hear the sniping or judgment “well I guess you can buy us all dinner since you are able to spend so much on makeup” or “oh wait, make sure you give her the 5 hours needed to get ready so she can put on all that makeup!” or “If you can afford that, you dont need anything for birthdays or Christmas” or other degrading things. It’s getting out of hand and I honestly think it’s jealousy. Most of the women in my family have not prioritized their looks and have let themselves go. They could easily get curent if they wanted to but don’t. I’m trying to overlook it but in all honesty I am smug about it. I think I might have to make an example of some idiot this Christmas when we’re all together so they know I am not the one, just move that s**t along.

Give them Ulta gift cards or beauty products for Christmas! Seriously, I get that you are smug about women who don’t make the effort to look nice but then judge you for it. Do you look at them and imagine the improvements you could make?

I’m the only person in my circle of friends and family with an interest in makeup and skin care. My family all think it’s a bit odd at my age and tend to humour me. I’m 62. Neither of my adult daughters are interested in makeup but I have managed to convert them into taking care of their skin which I’m thrilled about.

Well where do I begin. ???? When we were building our new home, my husband knew I had a deep love for makeup, so he had the architect build me a powder room, with a floor to ceiling makeup cove. He knows that I spend $$$$ on makeup, its my vice. I don’t do drugs,gamble or drink. So its a harmless addiction, expensive yes, but worth it. My friends and daughters support me, because they are always calling and running over to borrow makeup, or for me to recommend a great brand of makeup. And personally I wouldn’t give 2 crackers if they didn’t because I have loved makeup since I was 4 years old. The best part is my 4 little granddaughters also have a deep love for makeup. LOL

For me, applying makeup is creative expression, so when someone makes a barbed comment, I just reply ‘yes, I’m a very creative person’. Usually shuts them up! ?

My parents think I have too much makeup/beauty products, they subscribe to the ‘be moderate in everything’ school of thought. They’re pretty conservative so I think subconsciously it’s a little kickback at that lol. My mum’s a Catholic so self-sacrifice is natural for her and she expects me to be the same but I rebel against that, I think I still have an inner teenager! I do do things for my daughter and my fiance but I won’t martyr myself or bend over backwards unnecessarily. I take pleasure in having nice things and it makes me happy so I take no notice of what people say. I can’t afford to buy makeup right now but having my stash is a comfort and gives me joy.

The makeup and skincare I buy, use and store in my home is nobody’s business but my own. Why would it be otherwise? I’m far from my teenage/college years and allowances! And I can’t imagine shopping with a spouse/boyfriend. What’s the point? It’s all about you. Don’t they something (anything) better to do?

My husband thinks I buy way too much makeup especially because I don’t always wear makeup. He is right I do tend to overspend on makeup and I think I need to cut back a lot! I don’t think it is over spending if you wear it all the time and you wear everything you purchase which is not the case with me.

Oh, most of my friends and family don’t even react anymore lol…I’ve been a makeup junkie since I was a tween, and I’m approaching 60 now, so they’re all used to it! I guess the only one who had a strong reaction recently was my real estate agent (who is also a good friend); we were staging my house to sell last spring and when she saw my vanity she gave me a look and said, “CATHY. For the love of God, how can you use all of this?”. Then I showed her what I had hidden away and she couldn’t believe it lol…

Wow you can tell by the number of comments I made on other people’s posts that I have strong opinions on this. It touches on a couple of subjects.

First, what I spend my money on is my business. I earn it, I spend it, so keep your judgment to yourself.

Second, NO ONE GETS IT. I only have one friend who gets it all, but she pretty much just likes high end, not drugstore, and doesn’t read magazines so she’s not always current. She is into it when I show her the latest though. I love HE, DS, ME, indie, and foreign stuff. I have a huge mix. There are looks I don’t like for me, but I’ll give almost anything a try and have been in love with makeup as long as I can remember, putting on my mom’s bright pink lipstick at age 4. But I never even saw my mom wear that lipstick. No one else I know cares. My friend’s 10 year old daughter cares – she complements my makeup and clothes when she sees me and says to her mom (my friend) “why are you just wearing THAT?” Makes me hopeful that I will have another beauty buddy in about 8 years πŸ™‚

Third, I know so many women that not only don’t get my love for it, they are either afraid to use makeup, which makes me want to make them look the way they really want to look; or judgmental, which is probably just a nastier way to express that they are afraid of it. In most cases, the effort I make in my appearance pays off, since I am convinced a better looking, or better put-together person gets treated better by the rest of the world. So all the people in my life that think it’s dumb, shallow, or immature that beauty is still a passion for me shouldn’t get annoyed when I get more breaks than they do in life. It’s not all down to looks – I use my brains, personality, efforts, and kindness to get ahead, but image is part of the winning package.

Hubby seems not aware of it all he is into his own galaxy. When I come home with a new purchase I run like an exciting guinea pig to hide my stash in my wonderful Ikea cabinets which are about to explode. Husband is very aware of my shoes (not just my running shoe collection those I keep under my bed I’m a runner after all so those are acceptable, but my heels, flats and plenty of boots my other addiction. We both ran 10 marathons each but he got an injured knee and I don’t do I have continued I love it!).
My daughter and mom and every woman in my family wears makeup but I guess I’m the collector I like them all and will purchase backups of my favorites as if I have 7 more lives to live. My daughter when I show her my new items says my stash makes her nauseous too much although I keep it neat and always thinking how to display even in more pretty containers. My mom she just says I’m crazy. We have fun exchanging tips and ideas though.

My stash is bigger than of an average women but far from being gigantic (but we all know this can evolve really fast). I guess that is why I don’t get any mean remarks. Nobody really realise either how much I have since it all fit in my small vanity.
Nevertheless, my partner is often the one encouraging me to buy this tempting LE when I am trying to resist! At first be would say I didn’t need to put so much on, that I was pretty the way I am (aka “let’s gooooooo”) but now he gets that I just love to add colours to my life and that it has nothing to do to changing who I am.
My family knows because they often get my packages delivered to their place (I heard my sister and my mother speak once :” hey, how many did you get this time.???”, “gotta ask something in return huh”) but I never got any comments about how I spend my money.
Depending on where I go I might tone my makeup down (no dramatic smokey eyes for example) because I don’t want it to deserve me.
I did get asked one if” Beauty” was important to me because I always looked nicely groomed. It sounded like a false compliment….

My mom haaaates it when I wear dark lipstick. “Allison, you look like a weirdo, take it off or we’re not leaving the house.” It’s awful. Dad’s glad I have a way to express myself, but he doesn’t like how much money I spend on it, which is very reasonable and I agree with him on that.

My mum understands to a point, having always been an arty person. My brother also understands, that just like he loves cars, I love makeup. Let’s just say my dad doesn’t know how much I have or how much it costs and he probably should never find out. My 2 best friends are pretty supportive, I’m kind of the go-to for makeup related questions.

None of my firends have seen my actual makeup collection, and my family lives at a distance and only ever see what I pack to travel; so, really, I don’t think they’re aware of my interest, per se. I mean … my friends know that I always wear makeup, but the scope of it isn’t clear to them. The ones that do react to the fact that I always wear makeup or that it’s often bold, seem bemused,

My husband probably doesn’t know the difference between an eyeshadow and a blush, but he’s happy that I’m happy and he respect that how I spend the portion of my income I’ve designated as my fun money is my business. I do love when he compliments a particular day’s makeup because I figure I really did well for him to notice – its not that he doesn’t take an interest he’s just one of those guys “pink is pink is pink” guys (and the idea of things like taupe or mauve is completely foreign to him) ;D so it’s an extra compliment coming from him.

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