How do you use first impressions as part of the buying process?

I find first impressions that apply products as they were intended, like a new eyeshadow palette that is swatched and applied to eyes, useful to get an idea of how it works, how it applies, how it blends, and so on. I do like to see most of the shades in action, or else the information is only good for the shades used and may be a small portion of a palette (depending on how large it is). For things like complexion products, say a foundation, first impressions are only useful if they at least include a day of wear, but I find those types of products do not translate as well to first impressions as too often I’ve found a foundation looks great one day and terrible a week later and vice versa. I tend to find more use out of first impressions when they are positioned as that – initial impressions, so statements like “this is the best ever” aren’t thrown around either, more “here’s how this worked this time around, seems promising, etc.”

— Christine
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First impressions are very important to me. If the product is poorly displayed, messy (from all the handling), poorly packaged, etc., I usually won’t look further (unless it’s some extra special product that I’ve already used and know of its benefits). However, great presentation and great first impressions doesn’t guarantee a purchase, but they do ensure that I’ll keep examining the product.

I guess it depends… if I’m watching an influencer do a first impressions on a product, I tend to be skeptical because most reactions are “OMG this product is so amazing.” and then you never see them use it again or mention it again.

If I’m trying a product for the first time, I can usually tell a lot about it, but I also need a few tries using the product in different ways to know how I really feel about it and if it has a place in my collection.

I personally consider first impressions something more like `fun content` rather than actual information that would impact a purchase. Favorites videos are more likely to influence a purchase.
Indeed, I can see the color of an eyeshadow or a lipstick, the color of a concealer or foundation and if it oxidizes upon application, etc. But make-up is so much more than that; a product needs to be tested with various application methods, with various face or eye primers; also, some times just our skin can react bad. Even I have changed my mind on product after 1 month of using them and experimenting with various application techniques and products combinations.

Since first impressions selling me on any product is an incredibly rare occurrence, it really doesn’t. I count on thorough, in-depth, honest reviews *after* the one reviewing it has had an opportunity to test it in actual application, wear, functionality, etc. Now, every once in a while something like Viseart Coy or MAC Lotus Light comes along, and it’s love at first swatch!
For foundation and other base products like that, I do wait for a follow-up from the reviewer before jumping the shark. However, when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, I mostly choose mine more out of word of mouth from friends and family than reviews by influencers.

Again, it depends on the person doing the first impression and how much I trust their review. I have seen plenty of YT videos that the guru will not like a product on first impression and then change their mind after using it a bit longer and the opposite is true also. I guess it all comes down to trust and experience with the person doing the review. I have to trust that they didn’t edit the film to show the product in a better light. There are few people that I trust so first impressions don’t really play into my purchasing decisions.

It depends on who is doing the First Impression video. I am pretty selective in who I watch and I don’t watch people that I think will say anything because it’s sponsored. A bad FI usually will scare me away. A good one will lead me to get a sample so I can try for myself.

I generally take first impressions with a grain of salt. I don’t put a lot of stock into them and I don’t usually rely on them for purchasing decisions. While your initial thoughts on a product can be helpful on gathering basic information, I would rather know how it ultimately performed. And I also realize it’s not going to work the same for everybody. Since I started getting into makeup a couple of years ago I’ve definitely changed the influencers I trust for product reviews and reliable information. I would say my favorite type of reviews are actually declutter videos, because I want to buy all the makeup but can’t so if I had to choose one product versus another, which one is better and why.

First impressions are ones I do but trust…at all! All these youtubers claim each and everything is awesome to never hear from the awesome product again in many cases. Having already purchased a certain makeup they are describing I don’t agree with them many times especially drugstore. I much rather see swatches to check for colors staying power in a single swatch. But don’t trust either blindly only as a minimal guidance. I mostly buy on impulse I like what I see and get it especially drugstore he I research Moore since is more expensive but I have drugstore many things that I’m happy with.

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