How do you talk yourself out of purchasing something?

I try to run down the reasons I should, like I’ve already spent $X for the month so I should wait until the next month to spend more, or it’s more likely I’ll look at my never-ending list of things to review and go,
“You really need to review some of those things before you buy more things.”

— Christine
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I try to create it within my current makeup collection. If I already have something the same color or very close that I love it’s an easy pass. If I am not crazy about the formula I have, I may get sucked down the rabbit hole.

I am pretty satisfied with what I currently own so I think I talk myself out of things much easier these days!

I have learned to never give myself absolutes when it comes to buying things. I never tell myself “absolutely not” and instead tell myself that I will for certain circumstances, e.g. a sale, a promo I really want. By the time the required conditions occur, I usually am past wanting whatever it is. So I guess I never actually talk myself out of anything.

If I can, I’ll get a sample because being able to try something a couple of times is usually enough to quell that feverish desire I often get when seeing/reading about something new. If I try it for a couple of days and still really like it and find it is something I will use (colour cosmetics/foundation) or that I need (a different moisturizer or cleanser), then I will buy it. If not, I’ve had the “thrill” of trying the new thing which is far too often the main reason, I think, for initially wanting to buy it.

I use two methods: one, I remind myself what my financial goals are before I purchase something like makeup, because chances are I already have that shade at home and I would rather make a big purchase sooner down the line (house, pay off debt) than later because I kept spending money on beauty. Second, I’ve really started to think about consumerism and I’ve seen just about every Kimberly Clark video regarding consumerism and her anti-hauls. They give me something to think about, and I end up echoing her mantra of “don’t need it not gonna buy it”.

And if it’s something I just REALLY want, well, if it goes on sale it’s fate. Case in point: the UD Distortion palette. I’m having a lot of fun with that one despite how it rated and I’m glad I got it at 50% off. And if it never goes on sale and I never end up getting it I’ll probably end up forgetting about the item and find joy in what I already have.

“And if it never goes on sale and I never end up getting it I’ll probably end up forgetting about the item and find joy in what I already have.”

Sarah, this statement you made is a powerful reminder. Almost all of us already have enough items that we truly enjoy using and wearing. I’m going to try harder to remind myself of that before I buy, buy, buy like a mad woman!

It’s so hard, isn’t it? You see something so pretty and shimmery and your immediate response is “MINE! MINE!” like the seagull meme, haha!

The one thing we all have in common as makeup lovers is our collections, they’re usually pretty substantial! I made shopping my stash one of my goals in 2018 and I’m proud to say I only purchased one item – the rest of the items I use are from my stash. It’s so fun falling in love with an old favorite again! 🙂

I try to give it time. If after a few weeks I’m still thinking about it and want it then I’ll grab it. I’m getting better with that rather than buying stuff right away on launch date getting caught up in the hype.

If I really don’t need it (which is most things, really) I tell myself to wait just until the Temptalia review comes out, and usually by that time I’m over the idea. 😉

Is this really possible???

The only way for me not to purchase is because I overspent… I can’t be trusted at Sephora or the MAC store, I usually go in for a couple of things and come out with several impulse puchases.

Makeup — I make myself wait several or more days and also remind myself what’s on my wish list — makeup and otherwise — to force a ‘think through’. Also, I keep all my makeup in plain-sight storage, which has greatly diminished impulse purchases. Of course, I also check Temptalia for reviews and dupes. If after that it’s still on my list, I’ll let myself buy it when my monthly budget allows. Such practices are lessons learned from a period when I had to dig myself out of debt years back.
Skin care — I’ll let myself buy it after looking for online reviews. Especially if it’s to address a particular current problem. I’ve been prioritizing skin care.
All has to be within monthly budget limits; I don’t let myself go into debt over these items.

I’ve finally realized that unless it’s something I use heavily like face powder, it takes a LOOONG time to finish color cosmetics. I have a good size collection so to purchase something new it has to be something I’ll use often and won’t take away from my usage of a product I already own (unless I want to outright replace that product). And I have to be honest with myself about how often I’ll actually use it.

I’m going through this right now, actually, LOL! I have relatively dry skin, so I very rarely “set” my foundation; however, I have a sizable stash of powders which, while perfectly good products, I don’t really reach for them. That said, I really want to try the Lancome Absolue loose powders, but I told myself only after I get through at least 3 in my stash. The same goes for concealer, as I often tend to forget to apply it, although I did recently replace a couple that I do really like with the new, paler shades in the same products. I’m not allowed to buy any more foundation for the entire year…

I’ve been pretty good about eye products, though. At this point, I really only consider a couple of brands, and even then I question if I have similar shades within the brand, and if they’re shades I actually wear; I don’t really wear blues, so Kat von D X Divine was an easy pass. I’m also really pondering the UD Backtalk palette; while the eyeshadow colors look good, the cheek colors aren’t really within my purview…

My real weakness is highlighters, and after the obscene amount I ordered/hauled over the weekend, in addition to what I already own, I honestly have more than I’ll ever finish in my lifetime…

Forgot to add, also highliter are my main weakness after having collected lipsticks in the rainbow shade and beyond. Yesterday for example gave in into two Milani those new highliter design on top resembles a sand dune to me. Oh! They were in clearance at Target and from the rest of blushes, highliter I have tried and the Earth eyeshadow palette they have all turned out great so I had to give in and give it a try but I’m aware although I mostly do drugstore I do have more than plenty drugstore everything but dintcshow me another yet highliter my knees go week and tremble! Lol! Trying to be good this year but one moreceyesgadow, blush and absolutely lipstick (huge challenge!), eyeliner and highliter or foundation, bronzer, face powder.

Lately, it’s been:
“Okay, so where are you going to put/store it?” “Um, don’t you already have more lipsticks than you can ever possibly use up before they go rancid or you croak?” “C’mon now woman, you don’t even have a sock drawer anymore!” “Really, Nancy? Another eyeshadow palette?!?”

BTW; I already know how psychotic the above “self talk” must sound! LOL! But it does help me talk myself down from buying “just one more”….. sometimes.

I add it to my online ‘cart’ and sit on it for a bit. I find that when I wait, I’m rewarded more. For instance I may want something from Clarins, so I add it to my Nordstroms ‘cart’. Eventually some mega deal comes with decent and worthwhile samplers and ‘free with purchase’ kits that make it worth it.

Other times I add to my cart, but I want to get out and really test the product, especially with lipstick…I hold off until I can try it in person.

I have a built in mechanism for not buying things that I am unsure of and that is the fact that I either have to wait ages to get it because I have to drive the 3 hours to the closest store or I have to order on-line and wait for it to be delivered. Having said that, driving 3 hours to purchase a product also results in my buying things I might spend more time thinking about if Sephora, Nordstrom’s and Ulta were closer. I get there and see a product and I know I am not going to be back for several months so I decide to purchase and then get home and wonder why! I am a bit of a spontaneous buyer and like the instant gratification so being in an actual brick and mortar store always spells doom! I rarely really regret buying anything though because I do know my preferences and what I will actually use.

I try to remember all the dupes I already own, because I can dupe almost anything in my collection! I repeat the words, “Put it down and walk away” over and over in my head. Or I think about something else I could get for the same amount of money that I actually need.

I can’t afford it, I have similar colors or items, I won’t use it much, it got bad reviews, or I tell myself to wait for a sale (and often I end up not wanting it any more).

For me it has to do more with why I’m buying it, which is 9 times out of 10 fomo. I ask myself “are you really going to wear this or do you just want it?” and I’m reminded of how much I have bought because I “just wanted it”, not because I thought it would be value added to my collection. So I check for dupes on here and go up and look at all that I have that is new and still yet to be eased into rotation and it puts things into perspective.

For many products, it’s pretty easy for me – they are too expensive, difficult to obtain here in Aus – as I like to see them in person and not my shades. They also have to have an excellent rating by you Christine, and that doesn’t happen very often.
Then I just shop my stash and see if I have pretty similar dupes already. This is easy to do with your wonderful dupe list.
However, if it is a product that I absolutely love and swoon over and it comes on sale, then I am very tempted.

I usually wait for the initial hype to die out. Then if I still want something after nobody’s talking about it anymore, I’ll get it. But a lot of the time, I just end up losing interest after the hype is gone.

I mostly wait to see reviews and to see if the urge to buy passes. It often does. I do allow myself impulse purchases from time to time, especially if the item isn’t too expensive. If something is more expensive, say over $60 Cdn, I really have to consider my purchase for s time. I have so much makeup already.

Truthfully, I rarely hold back from buying things I want bc I like to experiment and that’s part of the whole joy of makeup.

But bottom line— I say to myself, “More makeup isn’t going to fill this hole in your heart, Marie. You are already beautiful. And you already know that. But buying this $300 item is not going to make David apologize for cheating on you with a 19 year old. It won’t erase how Jason said he didn’t want kids and then got his very next girlfriend pregnant. Your self worth isn’t defined by them or whether some dude thinks you’re beautiful enough to wife up. Spend that money on a vacation or minor plastic surgery.”

Mostly kidding… but there’s some truth to that. 😂

I don’t. I freely admit to buying way too much. The only thing that will keep me from buying things right away are special occasions coming up, like easter. I currently have a few things on my wishlist and I keep telling myself that I will wait until easter to buy them, to gift them to myself.

Oh, and I always wait for deals. It feels like there is a 15-20 percent deal going on every second week or so, so I never buy things at full price anymore.

Once a year or so, I take a ‘group photo’ of my entire stash and keep it to hand (usually as laptop wallpaper!), so I can use it as a quick reference to curtail any unnecessary purchases. For example, I already have x red lipsticks, do I really need another, etc. I also ask myself this simple question: If I buy product x, how long will it take me to earn back the money I spent on it/what else could I put the money towards instead.

Either I’ve reached a point in my collection where I’ve filled all the gaps or none of the new releases are exciting me anymore. I’m just sitting around waiting on Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty to see if there’s anything on sale that I’ve been wanting to try or liked so much that I would repurchase. If I buy something just because it’s on sale, that’s not a good enough reason. But if it’s something I truly wanted and it goes on sale, it’s like the best day ever! I was lusting after the Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts palette for so long, and when it finally came back in stock, I thought about it for a couple days and made the purchase. I had a discount code, which helped a little, but I’m very happy with it, it’s so beautiful!

Well I basically don’t buy anything unless there is a sale, I have a coupon, or I have rewards points. Then I only buy if I need to replace a product which has been used up or there is a color that I need. I like to use everything that I have so that really narrows down what I consider buying. I’m finally starting to get a handle on what my older skin needs and requires to look good. That alone has greatly limited what I buy.

I mostly just mentally review what’s already in my collection and 90% of the time, I have dupes or something I can get a similar effect with (and really, how many warm toned palettes do you need?). If a product is something completely new and different I have a harder time resisting temptation.

I always do this! I can always think of reasons why I shouldn’t have something, even if I really really want it!

I don’t do that with every purchase but with minor items. I’ve been learning to honestly ask myself ‘am I seriously going to wear this,’ or ‘what is the real meaning behind the purchase’ often works.

Even if the item isn’t purchased right then and there, I’ve learned I can always get it at a later time. I just take my time more with beauty. There’s likely a chance that whatever I am saying ‘not right now to’ will show up at TJ Maxx or Marshalls in their beauty section 😁

I don’t! Can not resist temptation is evil! Lol! If I really want it I’ll think about it (hardly) need or not but I usually listen to my little devil voice and give in.

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