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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!

This has started recently but I try to only use cash because then you feel the loss of the money when you buy something and think about if you would rather have the money. Also, if it something online it has to be for a sale and can only be if I have been thinking about the product for over month.

When it comes to skincare, I usually just avoid going into a Sephora or Ulta to avoid temptation. When it’s a new make up release, I try to find dupes in my collection to justify not needing to buy it. But that’s hard sometimes because NEW and PRETTY!

I will access my current collect and if it it fills a gap for an item I use on the regular. I also look at ingredients, cost, swatches and tutorials.

Not very well, to be honest. First, I think about any dupes I already own. But I always try to find ways to justify buying the new product. It goes something like this: “Well, I already have an almost exact dupe for this lipstick. But that one is matte and this one is satin. Therefore, I need this new shade.” And that is how I wound up with 100+ lipsticks. I hope I get some good advice from reading other people’s posts here. I can really use some good resistance tactics.

I give myself a hype “cool-off” period of a couple of weeks to help prevent impulse purchases of new products.

Also, I try to evaluate how much use I will get out of a product based on how much I use my current makeup. Like do I really want to spend $30 on a second blush when I only use my current one like once a week at most? Eh probably not.

Makeup . . .gah. It’s a struggle. Checking here first for reviews and dupes and keeping things organized has made a huge difference. I may still buy something, but I buy it knowing exactly what I have in my stash already and why I’m buying it (i.e. don’t have one like it yet, because I just want it, for a collector’s piece, etc.) rather than thinking I need it or to stock up, etc. Skin care is not an issue because I have a set routine and don’t feel the need to add to it (at least right now).

I try to assess what is interesting me/pulling my into the product. Question what percentage is peeking my interest and lastly try to assess if it is a duplicate of something I own.

Easy. Check my dupes here. I may not have the colors in the assortment as presented in a new palette, f.i., but usually have some dupe at >90 somwhere. Used to keep running lists of which dupes I had, that made up a new palette equivalent. That’s super, but only if you keep on top of it. I regret abandoning that practice. Now, if I could update my 2 dupe rule to a 1 dupe rule, I could resist most new offerings. If honest w/self, more than covered across the board.

To put it simply, I don’t. I need to get better at it. When I have some kind of larger saving/spending goal in mind, it’s easier for me to pass things up, but without that kind of motivation it can be difficult. Thankfully, with the overall whelming pace and mediocrity of many recent collections, things have been easier to pass up.

Lots of helpful suggestions here. In my case, resistance is futile. If I want it, I tend to just go ahead and get it. Sometimes, if it’s a really high-priced item, I’ll sleep on it. If I wake up in the morning and still want it, I’ll usually make the purchase. But if I’ve forgotten about it, then it becomes an easy(er) pass.

I’ve been on low/no-buy for nearly two years now and at this point it’s not hard to resist purchasing. Even when I see a pretty thing, I know I’m not going to buy it. It was a challenge to get to that state of mind but I’m happy I’m using the oodles of stuff I already have instead of acquiring more.

Two years! Wow! I am on a no buy since mid December 2017 (with a tiny hickup in February). If something is tempting me I think: if I still want this item in January I will buy it next year. And time is flying! So many things in my stash that I want to enjoy more until then!

Uhhhhhh well don’t be that impressed, I’ve definitely fallen off the wagon a few times. But overall it’s a big improvement!

Mostly I just try to keep to a list and within budget. I’m only so-so successful, because I feel that in the end as long as I’m moderate and keep some judgment, this is not such a bad hobby to have.

I have to enlist my bf to keep me accountable. I focus on re-discovering old favorites in my stash and putting a serious dent in using up skincare and haircare. It also helps to have a set deadline for when my no-buy is over. I’m trying to make it to November. It doesn’t hurt to have a little reward purchase at the end of a successful no-buy, in my opinion.

I assess whether an item is affordable, has good reviews, will work for my skin tone and type, and isn’t something I have tons of dupes for. I don’t need anything at this point, except to replace daily-use items such as skincare, foundation, setting powder, mascara, etc.

Sorry, I don’t really even try to resist. If I really want something and feel like it will work for me then I just buy it. I am lucky in that I have the finances to be able to do that and I am thankful for that everyday.

More and more lately, just the issue of finding some place to store new purchases (or to store those I have to move to make room for the new buys) is enough to help me resist adding more to the already overwhelming glut of “stuff” (skin and hair care as well as colour cosmetics). Add to this the simple fact that I already have everything I really like or that suits me and I have it in multiples and I cannot deny the fact that there isn’t much I need any longer. If I am tempted, checking out products I already have that are dupes for the coveted item will take care of lingering temptation (though wasn’t it Oscar Wilde who said “the only thing to do with temptation is give in to it?”)

At the end of last year in December I said that I will be on a no-buy for lipsticks this year. That’s gone out of the window with the new Guerlain Rouge G as I already bought no. 62 before Easter. Also, with the recent 25% off from MAC, I bought three lipsticks and a blush. My other beauty purchases this year were two items from Chanel Dernières Neiges Collection (the blush and the eye quad). That’s all I bought in terms of makeup and honestly I’m not tempted to buy any more makeup for the moment.

Christine, do you happen to have any news on the JLo x Inglot 70-piece makeup collection supposedly launching on April 26?

First of all, I look for dupes within my stash to dissuede me.
Also, I ask myself whether this is something I would still love a month later, a year later and beyond, or is it just a “new shiny” that will wind up in my makeup “graveyard” once the excitement wears off.
Thirdly, what would I really rather have? More makeup or a new apartment, new and much needed furniture, a vacation back to NJ/NYC? Priorities.
Hey, I’m really trying to keep my buying under better control!

Usually it helps to just play with some of what I already have – especially using a new technique/placement/combination. There’s fun, beauty and variety in what’s already in my drawers. I have way too much stuff already, so it’s sobering to be reminded that in the end, it’s just stuff. More stuff. It’s the creative process that matters most to me.

This is what I need to remember – “I have way too much stuff already, so it’s sobering to be reminded that in the end, it’s just stuff. More stuff.”

I tell myself that I will never use the product. I tell myself that I should ignore how pretty it is. I tell myself that the color would look terrible on me. Sometimes this works, other times, not so much.

Generally I am pretty good at resisting new products, mainly because many of the shades out at the moment don’t work for me so I can easily resist buying them. Also a lot are either not available here for me to see in person or the international shipping rates are so high.
I also only use one blush and a couple of foundations at a time.
I prefer to shop my stash these days re eyeshadows, although I am eyeing off that gorgeous Smashbox Smokey Obsessions palette. I often make these kinds of beauty products Mother’s Day, birthday and Christmas presents.
Generally lipsticks are my weak point and I do purchase them when on sale.

Genevieve, what palette is the Smashbox Smokey Obsessions one? Going by the name and the fact that you’re tempted by it, I wanted to see what it looks like but can’t find anything with that name. Do you mean the Covershot Smokey one? (the compact 8 pan ones)? If so, I have that palette and it’s really lovely but I’m wondering if they’ve launched a new one that I’ve not seen yet and which I will now have to try to resist….

No need to apologize, Genevieve! Actually, I should apologize (in advance) to you because that palette is really one that is worth having though, if you are like me, you may find you need to add a lighter shade to the 8 that are there. I actually wore this palette yesterday, trying it in a different way than usual, and I was not happy with the results….it looked muddy on me and like I either wasn’t feeling well or had natural but unflattering darkness around my eyes (I’d tried using the burgundy shade on the inner corners of my eyes and it was not a good idea). This little palette, though, is a really nice one! So I guess I’m encouraging you to take the Oscar Wilde route and “give in” to the temptation.

I think you are right in terms of needing some lighter shades as it is quite darkish. But I do love the colours. I also like the Chanel Neapolis palette that Christine reviewed recently…. fairly similar shades. I am tossing up. Needless to say that I don’t REALLY need any more….

Oh man, with “successfully” being the key word here, I don’t know how well I can answer this.

Usually I try to think of products I already have in my collection that serve the same purpose, and also to remind myself that I unfortuantely have bills to pay and can’t spend all my money on makeup. This tends to work for permanent items because I know I can always pick them up at a later date, but for LE items my will-power is significantly weakened.

I used to be a lot more carefree with my spending on makeup, but now that I have an established collection I try to be a little more frugal and critical when making purchases. Although I am definitely able to get sucked in by the hype of certain products, I feel as though I’m (slowly) getting better.

I’m not very successful and try avoiding setting foot in Sephora. Lol! But I’m trying to be good and strong this entire year as I have everything covered for a while…just don’t show me one more highliter or lipstick my first two weaknesses followed by blushes and eyeshadows. The struggle is real! !

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