How do you refresh your makeup after a long day?

How do you refresh your makeup after a long day? (Perhaps after school or work, and you’re on your way out to dinner and so forth!)

I would recommend having a blotting or pressed powder on hand, which can help shift and keep foundation and base products in place. I would redo eyeliner, take a darker shadow to smoke out the outer corner/crease, and reapply lip color. If my blush had faded a bit, I might consider patting a bit more on.

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I touch up through the day, so nothing ever looks too faded/uneven. If I have something important to do in the evening, I opt to remove everything and reapply. If I’m pressed for time, I just do a quick, simple eye look, as I have everything else down to under 10 minutes.

If I’m oily, I use blotting papers to soak up oil, then use MAC Blot powder
If I’m dry, I mist with some Evian water, then dab a little face cream on dry spots

I have yet to find a combination of products that survives decently after 8 hours of work and heat to my oily skin. The best thing is to take it off, let the skin breathe for some minutes and start anew!

Anyone has any products recommendations? I have tried mattifying primers, long lasting foundations that make my skin look like cardboard and all kinds of setting sprays and powders…

Hey! I have combo skin- but if you don’t mind the “feel of foundation” Smashbox Studio Skin, this is my holy grail long wear foundation. They do not even have a color that matches me perfectly, but I make it work because I love it so much. This foundation, used with their primer and setting spray, will last me 24 hours and look amazing. I use a brush with it.

For eye primer- Urban Decay will forever be what I use.
For highlight- IT cosmetics pressed highlighter ($24) last a very long time. But then again, ANYTHING I use over my Smashbox foundation, last forever.

I’ve always been a bit confused as to complaints about the ‘feel of foundations’ – I always feel my makeup. LOL I enjoyed reading your list of things you use and what works for you! I love learning about products others like a lot!

When I started using mineral makeup (no fillers) years ago, and then more recently Asian BB (almost 3 years) & CC creams, in my experience, I don’t feel it. I use them as foundations. The few times I’ve used a conventional foundation since then, I can’t wait to get it off, it feels like something unnatural is sitting on my skin, and as always, I have poor luck in finding ones that work well with my skin.

With the aforementioned doing good things for your skin, you almost don’t want to take it off. In fact there are times when I’ve dabbed some mm on a blemish as it is soothing and healing.

Hi, Tirurit. Have you tried mineral loose powder foundations and mineral veils? BareMinerals and Everyday Minerals make good ones. The best combo I’ve found is primer, mineral veil, then the loose powder foundation, then another layer of mineral veil. Mineral makeup is very light weight, so you won’t feel like you’re wearing a mask. Blotting papers are really helpful for quick touchup. Good luck!

Good tips Rachel. I’d add that Bareminerals original mm formula has bismuth in it which can cause a lot of skin problems, so I wouldn’t recommend that one, though the BM matte one is ok. Also, for me at least, it was a very long learning curve on getting application of the mm that worked well for me. There are so many different brushes and techniques. I get the best results with a flat-top kabuki type brush, especially the Jane Iredale Handi. Since it’s not as dense as typical kabuki brushes, it’s easier to make light layers, building to the minimum amount of coverage that looks good and natural. I’ll pat some over any visible spots or blemishes and blend, then I finish with a misting of a hydrating water type spray.

Thanks, Pami. You’re right. I didn’t think about the Bismuth Oxychloride. I don’t react to it, so I had forgotten about it. I’ve been using it for so long, I can’t remember when I last looked at the ingredient list.

I found this on the Paula’s choice website: “Some people react to bismuth oxychloride due to its unique crystalline structure. What happens is that the crystals can “poke” at skin and get stuck in the pores, where the sharper “spokes” can cause irritation. This is more of a problem when bismuth oxychloride is the main ingredient in powder makeup.”

I re-checked the Everyday Minerals foundations. None of them have Bismuth Oxychloride. The main ingredient is Mica. I think EM’s foundation as good as BareMinerals, has a wider shade/underton range, and is definitely cheaper. They also have sample kits where you just pay shipping, and you can try several shades and products.

I’d encourage anyone trying something new to check out the ingredients and test a small amount before using.

Hmm…I’m assuming three things: 1) I don’t have to look 100% fantastic, 2) I’m on-the-go with little time to spare and 3) only what I have in my purse to work with. In this scenario–this is what I kept in my work bag: blotting sheets, powder, concealer, and everyday pinky lipstick (eyeliner is optional–and tiny enough to toss in a work bag). So I would 1) blot (toilet seat covers or starbucks napkins actually work just as well in a pinch), 2) pat concealer on areas as needed and blend with fingers or sponge, 3) use everyday lipstick as blush if needed–and reapply on lips 4) Eyeliner and 5) powder

Realistically, this scenario doesn’t apply to me anymore bc I keep my gym bag in the car and it has everything I need for a full face. If i had time, I would just start over.

Starbucks napkins are genius for both face blotting and eyeglass cleaning. I always keep a couple in my jacket pocket!

Starbucks napkins are THE best for blotting oily skin. I have them everywhere — pockets, purse, desk car. I blot with a napkin and then touch up with a pressed powder.

Eye glass cleaning? I haven’t heard of that one. I’ll remember that in case I’m ever without my eyeglass wipe. Thanks for mentioning that.

I probably just blot, reapply my lip product, and check if my eyeshadow has creased (if so, I’d re-blend it).

I usually carry a refreshing spritz bottle with me, and spray my face throughout the day. As for makeup staying put, my foundation and powder does not move. I don’t get greasy throughout the day, but I have blotting papers, just in case, just due to sweating from AZ heat. I will also bring along my eyeliner (I swear there is no such thing as waterproof eyeliner), because I have AWFUL seasonal allergies and it seems my left eye is the only eye affected….so I’m lopsided and asymmetrical! So I do have occasionally reapply my wing to my left eye. Weird, huh? Anyone have an answer for that one?? : >

My left eye seems to tear up more than my right eye, especially at the outer corner, so you’re not alone 😉 I use a waterproof pencil liner e.g. UD 24/7 and go over it with eyeshadow to help set, and then reapply the liner. That helps it last longer.

That happens to me as well. I heard that one eye consistently being more teary than the other could be a symptom of clogged tearduct, but it’s also possible that one eye is just more sensitive than the other.

I start with blotting my face with blotting paper, then apply some translucent powder like the Nars Illuminating Powder. I pack some q-tips to clean up some smudged eyeliner and mascara and apply new when needed. Then I just add a lipstick that packs some punch – usually a great red that makes me feel glam!

I usually don’t do anything about the eyes, except maybe redo the eyeliner and blend everything again. Usually I just reapply a fresh layer of powder, outline my lips again and reapply lipstick.

I do clean-up on my mascara, try to carefully remove as much eyeliner as I can and reapply, and stick to cream highlighters and blush. I’ll redo any concealer under the eye, making sure to moisturize first. I’m VERY dry, so even with primer I never expect my makeup to last more than 6 hours. Often times, I’ll either start over or just admit defeat. I’m a lipstick junkie and often change colors throughout the day.

If I’m doing a work-to-date look, then I’ll actually switch it up with a smokey eye and pale lip. That way, I don’t have to care much about smudging, can throw on a dark eye without having to care about blending too much, and reapply mascara without worrying it looks too clumpy or dramatic. Add a pale lip and a minor touch up on blush, and I’m good to go.

I’m curious to hear responses to this question. I apply my makeup before 6:00 am and get home from work about 13 hours later, so I like to freshen up around mid-afternoon. I always feel a little self-conscious about applying makeup at work, especially when another employee walks into the bathroom. I’m not sure why; I think that applying makeup seems so personal.

I usually reapply a light layer of liquid foundation (current fave is Armani Luminous Silk) with a damp beauty blender, powder (current fave is Hourglass Luminous Light), and concealer under my eyes (current fave is Armani Maestro Eraser Concealer). Sometimes I’ll reapply a little eyeliner (Tom Ford Noir Absolute) and a light dusting of blush (Hourglass Mood Exposure).

I mention specific products because all of these have pretty good lasting power, and they reapply like a dream – no cakiness, and they feel weightless on the face.

Definitely blotting papers since my skin is oily, then dusting and blending with a translucent powder. If I’m home, I might touch up blush just a bit. For eyes, I’ll add or touch up eyeliner, and use a blending brush to even out any creasing and/or to deepen the color. I might re-curl lashes if I have my curler with me.

Touch up eyebrows, concealer, and maybe cheek highlight, toss on a dark lip color or some winged eyeliner. If the lipstick is very dark (Anastasia Potion, OCC Black Metal Dahlia, etc), I might add a slight contour to my cheeks and a little bit of brown eyeshadow, so it doesn’t drown out all my facial definition.

If I’m just running out to dinner with the spouse, I’ll blot my face with a blotting paper and then touch up my eye liner. If I’m going out to meet friends then I’ll re-do my makeup as I have oil skin and there’s only so much repair work that I can do to look fresh .. lol.


I typically use very long wearing products, so it’s rare that I have to touch up. But when I do, I always use some POREfessional on my smile lines, and forhead lines. I also touch up my contour and my blush to bring it back to life and amke it look fresh again.

If I am going to have a very long day- (20 hours min.) I will wear just face make up such as foundation, bronzer, highlight, and contour to work- then take it off once I get home. I will then reapply for the night time.

I use blotting papers on my face, including the eyelids. Powder T-zone lightly, if needed. If my eyeshadow has started to crease, I’ll apply a little powder and then touch up the shadow. Then I clean up any smeared eyeliner and touch up the liner. Refresh blush if needed. Refresh lip color.

good question. As I have very dry Skin, I prefer to cleanse my Skin gently and moinsture and redo my make up from the start. I leave my Mascara on, because I am using waterproof Mascara and it usually Looks still fine in the evening. Sometimes I just put another layer on, if I want a more dramatic eyelook.
Only if there is really no Chance to reapply I use some conceiler and fix+ and ad some liner or shadow and of course lipstick.

usually if im oily & i dont have tissue nearby, i use the back of my hand or the inner part of my forearm & press down because it pulls the oil off my face without smearing anything. then i reapply powder as needed. if im at home, i use tissue to blot excess oil away then i powder my face very lightly to touch up. then i touch up my blush & lipstick and im good to go!

It’s extremely rare for me to have makeup on a full workday and then into the evening, because I don’t work outside the home. Some days I take her to work so I can run errands and then we go out afterwards for dinner, but I always have some time at home to redo my make up. There have been a couple of occasions where I think everything still looks presentable and I’ve just powdered the shiny sports and gone back out.

I use Stay Matte by Rimmel with a gloriously soft puff and apply lightly – then add more blush as needed and try to decide which lipstick I want to wear. I usuallly touch up my water line and I’m happy and good to go!

I have perpetually dry lips so I reapply lippy throughout the day regardless. I also tend to check a couple times on whether my eyeshadow is creasing, as it will almost certainly do so in one particular spot at least, and just smooth it back into place with my fingertips if necessary. So that’s the ongoing daily maintenance.

Then for going out, I’ll reapply eyeshadow where necessary, touch up concealer and eyeliner, and reapply blush if necessary (sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t – also depends on if I change my lip colour). If I need a longlasting lip, I’ll layer pencil/lipstick/gloss. If not, I’ll probably just use the gloss.

And then if I feel like it, I might add glitter. *g*

I would use my cleanser to wipe it all off and start again. Making sure I re-moisturise my skin and allowing my skin to breathe for a little while, I would then re-apply my makeup according to what I am doing that evening.

I have every aspect of my make refreshing application to perfection! My only problem is after a 10 hour day at work, if I decide to freshen up and head out for a quick bite, my eyes start to burn. I am allergic to gluten and the best eyelid primer & my holy grail is Smashbox. My liner won’t budge, but my eyes will burn! My eyelids tend to get oily. On days off I even have to wear primer, otherwise my eyes will burn after 6 hrs without applying liner, even have burning without mascara on.Primer definetly helps. Definetly will wash my entire face when I have time. Anyone else have this problem with there eyes burning?

hmm, maybe a powder touch-up around the t-zone, check for smudges, maybe fix the eyeliner if needed, change the lipstick to something a touch bolder but i guess that’s pretty standard for everyone?

I’ll use a mattifying/blotting powder or even use a makeup removing wipe and start again, if I’m prepared (just a matter of putting on fresh BB/CC and some concealer). If I’ve planned ahead and have things with me, I’ll also give myself a spritz of spray (Clarins Fix Makeup or UD All Nighter, etc.). Then darken my eyeliner and do the waterline, put on a bit of cheek highlight and put on lipstick. I like knowing if we have plans for directly after work, so I can bring a few things with me – things I wouldn’t normally carry with me to school.

My foundation almost never looks good by the end of the day, so I have a trick of taking it off only in the center of my face (where my problems are), so nose and around the nose, and chin (I have bangs). I use either wipes or lotion. Then I reapply using either my powder foundation compact that I keep with me or a foundation stick (bobbi brown) that’s easy to travel with.

I also keep mascara, bronzer, and a travel kabuki brush in my office, to help out.

If it’s a big night out I bring more and basically reapply everything (except eyebrows and eyes, which I might augment but don’t usually start over on).

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