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Thank to Yen.Lin for today's question!

How do you prolong the wear time of your makeup?

Primers, layering, and setting are key. A good primer can minimize oil that will break down makeup or just provider a smoother, better base for products to adhere to. Cream products often last longer for me, particularly when set with powder. I like to set everything with loose powder and a fixing spray.

— Christine

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A prepped and primed face is numero uno! I use either Hourglass Mineral Vuleil Primer or Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel (not kidding), both work extremely well! Then I do foundation, concealers and cheek products. And always set my foundation with powder afterwards. If it’s hot out, or I happen to remember during winter, I spritz on some Elf Makeup Mist & Set.
Always easy to remember that final step when it’s warmer! Because it really feels good, LoL!

I really like the Monistat Chaffing Relief Powder Gel as well and use it every day before my foundation best primer I have ever used for the price you can’t beat it.

A fixing spray and a longer lasting lip product. For a more formal occasion, will add a primer and finishing powder. (My t-zone and under-eye area with powder daily.

Am interested in your techniques, Christine. Looking forward to trying them out!

Skincare is my first need for a canvas. After all the goods are in and SPF on I let dry for a good 20 mins. Then I only dot primer over areas where it is most necessary. I tap it out. Let dry for a few minutes. Prime eyes and unde the eyes plus in the lower crease. This really helps with mascara and fallout. don’t know why. Nothing creases in there from it too so that helps. Do face. Set with translucent setting powder by pressing and rolling with brush. I may pounce a clean BB sponge over to push in more. Finishing powder on top in places most needed. I use fingers to press in a brighter thin layer. Warmth of hands help meld to face. Last I spray MAC fix+ for all layers or any extra powder to melt together and look natural. Using products that wear for a long time in general is useful. I’m afraid of a setting spray like UD all nighter. I hear good things. Alcohol frightens me to spray on face. I am curious what the difference would be.

Any suggestions?

Definitely agree with what you said about skincare, Joy! I didn’t think to include that detail in my own comment, but must lay down a good canvas FIRST.
As for alcohol, I know it’s in a few products I use, but if All Nighter has it as one of the first ingredients, I’d leave it alone. Been tempted to buy it myself, but as yet haven’t read its ingredient list.

Thanks Nancy! 😀 Yes. Alcohol is one of the first four ingredients. The faces and waving hands of those dousing themselves on YouTube looks terrifyingly uncomfortable. It scares me. Lol! If so many can use it than can it be that bad? I feel the tempting too. If you do try it, please share your experience? I’ve thought to casually stroke through and grab one than spray real quick to find out, but then I realize I could inhale poison and burn my skin so many more fun ways. ?

Oh noooo!!!! That much alcohol could: 1.) Activate my asthma (not fun!) or 2.) Give my face a shrink-wrapped look! I think for me it’s a “nope”!

I totally lean on primers, powders, and sprays, but honestly I think the single most important thing is to find skincare (primarily a moisturizer) that is a great match for my skin. I have combination skin that is quite sensitive and dries out easily, so this is easier said than done. That being said, when I land on a moisturizer that fits me perfectly I no longer find I need to worry so much about the other stuff.

Same here, except I save the setting spray for special occasions, maybe because I feel like I’m spraying hairspray on my face, even though it isn’t. If I do use one, I like the NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray, gives a glowy finish

Using a primer and a setting powder and/or spray usually works for me pretty well. If I’m going for a fuller coverage look I like to use a buildable foundation as opposed to one that is automatically full coverage, as that tends to last longer on me. I have pretty year-round mild allergies that just mean I reach for a tissue often, so I also carry around a concealer (Nars or UD) that matches my skintone and a powder in my bag (usually the Bourjois Healthy Balance as it adds a bit of coverage) for around-the-nose touch ups.

I also pay attention to which skincare items make my makeup last longer/shorter and so for full day makeup look I’ll stick to the right moisturizers/spfs, and as I am drier skinned, I have a few different facial sprays for if my makeup seems too dry/creases/gets dull.

I was a firm believer in primers, powders etc until recently. I found that a light “spritzing” of Fix++ and then at the end Urban Decay All Nighter/ELF Setting spray have really, really helped. And I also like the way they feel. I used to think these were “fancy water” but I am sold. I also have been watching people SWEAR that the glycerin in Nivea Aftershave Balm is amazing. I might pick up some of this on the way to work! Report pending.

I just bought the Nivea aftershave lol. So far so good. It’s like a light lotion. I never cared for the silicone primers, anyway. You could also just buy 100% pure glycerin USP and mix a drop of it with a handful of water and pat onto the face.

The Nivea balm did nothing for me…besides make my face smell like a man. Too much hype, I think. Gave it to my hubby…

Second. Gave to hubby. But at least it wasn’t expensive and it was a fun experiment. Not sure I can bring myself to use chafing gel…

Oh yes! I live in Singapore (high humidity and heat) and the UD all nighter spray has been a total game changer. I can go without blotting and touching up for the whole day now

Ditto for me. It’s all about the layering.

Face: In lieu of primer these days, I go with a It cosmetics CC mixed with some Tilbury Magic Cream as a base. I stipple on a foundation of choice. Born this Way is iron clad and perfect for winter. Summer it would be TF traceless perfecting. Lay down a light dusting of powder only in shine prone areas to set foundation with La Mer (HG loose powder for me). I spritz at the end of my makeup with Jane Iredale D20

(aside: it entirely blows me away in a Eureka type way that IT cosmetics CC in Light is such a perfect shade for my skin..shockingly accurate for a super broad based colour system given I have such issues with tones being too yellow, too peach, etc.. for my skin with so many foundations.) I bloody LOVE it.

Eyes: with a MAC paint pot (time consuming to apply though for my aging eyes) or a TF cream shadow as a base and my eye makeup is good to go. Marc Jacobs liner.

Brows: setting gel – the ABH clear one.

Lips: If I’m going for long haul, I invariably go for a casual lip and do not wear lipstick and gravitate to coloured lip balm because regardless of lipstick formula, my lips tend to dry out by hour 6 and direly need nourishment.

I’ll shut up now. The end.

^ I’m basically the same.

The only things I do differently is with body paint. Water activated just a setting spray, cream just a powder. Any base you can put underneath can ruin the wear time. Also un-moisturized skin. If you need the hydration apply it the night before. 😉

I use primer, powder, and a good setting spray. That along with having naturally dry skin seem to do the trick in making my makeup last all day long. My current favorite combination is Cover FX Illuminating Primer, Lancome Tient Idole 24 HR Foundation, Lancome Dual Finish Powder, and Urban Decay All NIghter Setting Spray.

Primers, setting powder, fixing spray, mascara waterproof topcoat. But, more than that, choosing products that stick to my skin in the first place, especially for undereye concealer, where my overactive sweat, oil, and tear glands make most products slide right off. IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye really sticks. So does Make Up For Ever Full Cover concealer, but it emphasizes skin texture more than the IT product does.

For eyeshadow, it’s primer, of course. I use Too Faced Shadow Insurance and that stuff is awesome. I could leave my e/s on for two days and it wouldn’t crease or fade lol. Lips, I scrub them with a mixture of olive oil and white sugar to have a smooth surface for my lipstick so the color won’t settle into cracks. I apply lipstick with a lip brush…blot….apply more….apply a bit of gloss…blot again then dust lightly with powder and lightly press lips together. Works every time. Now, for blush…not much I can do for blush. I just make sure I buy the good ones. 🙂 I always make sure my foundation is sheer (I hate heavy foundation) so I don’t worry about it if that doesn’t stay on all day. As long as I have some color on my face so I don’t look like a dish rag, I’m happy. 🙂

Primers and setting spray are key for me to have my makeup last and I use both everytime I wear makeup. Also letting makeup/primers sit for a minute before applying another product/layer like mascara, foundation, contour, etc.

Does anyone know of a great drugstore (<$10) primer for oily skin? I don't have problems with my makeup lasting, but my skin gets very oily throughout my workday.

Nyx Angel Veil Skin Perfecting Primer works great for me, but it’s closer to $15, I think. E.l.f. HD Mattifying Balm works pretty well and is $6. It can also help a lot to use powder under your foundation and well as over it.

I’ve tried almost all of them and they all SUCK! Sorry to tell you. I’m a grease ball and the only primer that works for me is the BECCA Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector. It’s expensive but it’s worth every penny. I hope you like it.

Face — I have oily skin, so primer, setting powder and setting spray (e.l.f. Mist & Set) are all musts for my face. I also find it helps a lot to put powder blush, contour, highlighter, etc. over the setting powder. Concealer over foundation. If it’s a really hot and/or super-oily day, I’ll use mineral makeup: Mineral veil, foundation, then another layer of mineral veil. I think loose powder mineral makeup such as BareMinerals works best for super-oily and hot and/or humid days.

Eyes — Primer (Too Faced Shadow Insurance works best for me), and powder or loose mineral eyeshadow. If it’s really hot out, I’ll use a setting powder over the top. I always use a setting spray.

Lips — Nowdays, I usually a good long-wear liquid lipstick. For traditional lipstick, I use a lipliner over the entire lip, do a thin coat of lipstick, blot once, then add another coat of lipstick.

I use primers, set with powder and a fixing spray. I’m disgustingly oily so I blot with Camera Ready Cosmetics HD Oil Blot Powder through out the day and I’m good. That powder is the bomb diggity. 🙂

It depends on the foundation I am using, I have dry skin and especially in winter I can get away with no setting powder and no primer! Except I always use an eyeshadow primer because I have hooded eyes and everything either creases or fades away, using the MAC prep and prime at the moment. However if I know its going to be a long/warm day/night or I am using a foundation that needs to be set then I will use Nars loose crystal powder, this works well under the eyes as my mascara sometimes transfers onto my bottom lid. I have only just bought a primer (I know, shocking) and am trying out Rimmel Prime and Protect as it has SPF in which isnt in some of my foundations, and its not mattifying.

I have quite dry skin. If my skin is too dry, the skin texture becomes slightly uneven, and foundation doesn’t stick to it properly. But if I overmoisturize, I run the risk that foundation slips off. Getting the balance right is tough because there are some variables, ones that stem from the humidity of the air, to remembering how moisturizing a given foundation and primer is, exfoliating enough but not so much as to irritate which would cause more flaking— it’s *fraught*! But getting that mostly right, plus buffing the foundation in enough, plus working in thin layers works. As does working with a cream blush first (I really only use the excellent MUFE HD blush for cream blush) and then usually a powder blush on top—I find that this kind of layering–thin, but more than one–buffed in well helps a lot. I use MAC paintpots or the MAC eye primer and follow with good quality shadows (lots of MUFE Artist shadows but some Nars and others too), slowly applied and blended in well with good quality natural bristle brushes helps too.

It sounds like you deal with many of the same issues I have. I have dry skin with the exception of my t-zone. Getting the balance right (and the balance is in constant flux due to hormones and the environment) can be tricky on some days.

You said you use MAC paintpots. I’ve been afraid to try them because someone said they were really drying and my eye area is an area where I’ve had trouble with flaking before. You’ve not experienced any problems with them? I really want to try one but I’ve been afraid to risk it.

Hi Cat! I’ve had much better experience with MAC Paint Pots than any other primer. The Urban Decay ones are only ever disastrous for me: flaking right off. I have had hay fever that have affected the skin on my eyes, and I’ve had bouts of extreme dryness after, say, travel, and I’ve felt happy using Paint Pots quite quickly after with good results. I mostly use the colour Painterly, but I have others as well.
That said, I do moisturize well, as I would anyway. Now that it’s winter, I’ve even taken to putting on oil on my face (olive mainly, but also jojoba and almond) first thing in the morning, wearing it while I brush my teeth and putter before my shower, so though I use a very gentle cleanser (currently I’m very happy with ones from Paula’s Choice which has excellent and effective products for my dry sensitive skin), I have this extra oil buffering my skin.

Thanks for sharing with me, Victoria! Okay… I’m going to take the plunge and get myself a Paint Pot! As for my experience with UD, the anti-aging primer doesn’t increase the dryness, but it also doesn’t work as well with some shadows as other primers do. I LOVED the way Eden acted as both a primer and concealer for me, but it was the most drying of the UD primers I’ve tried.

I haven’t had great experiences with oils so far — all of them tend to clog my pores and cause me to break out. =( I think, perhaps, I just haven’t found the right one for me yet. I haven’t tried jojoba or almond oil so maybe one of those will work. Fingers crossed! =)

Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector is my savior! It’s the best I’ve tried for keeping oils at bay and extending the wear time of my makeup. I set with a powder, but that primer is the real superstar.

I find that well cared for, properly moisturized skin is the best canvas for a long wearing makeup application. I apply a moisturized and eye creme and let them set while I check my email. That and good application techniques are key. I use a primer only on days that I feel my skin needs one, but I always use a setting spray afterwards.

When I really need my makeup to stay put for more than five hours…

I blot my face first to remove any excess traces from my moisturizers. Then I use three different primers, one for my t-zone, one for the rest of my face, and one for under my eyes. I use cream products first (contour, highlight, blush) followed by my liquid foundation. I lightly (very lightly) set everything with powder before using my powder products. After applying everything, I use a setting spray.

What primer do you use for under your eyes? My under eyes are awful. I do have lines and wrinkles but what’s worse it the chronic dryness and the fact that concealer still creases. I only apply a very small amount because i know from experience that applying more will make my concealer crease even more. I have pretty bad under eye discoloration. I do have correctors, but again I can’t put too many layers underneath my eyes because of the creasing and very thin layers don’t give me enough coverage. Anyway, I thought maybe a primer would help. I tried the Smashbox one, but that didn’t really work for me.

Awww, I’m sorry you’re having trouble finding something that works for you. I know how frustrating that can be. I do use the Smashbox hydrating primer and, most weeks, it works well for me. (I have two weeks in the month when the dryness isn’t as bad.)

I also use my face primer under my eyes, too. I layer it over the Smashbox. Most recently, I’ve been using the MUFE Smoothing Primer on the area of my under eye with the most amount of lines and creasing. It’s not perfect, but it’s not bad.

Some concealers cause more “problems” in the under eye area than others. I have concealers ranging from low-end to high-end and two of the low-end concealers work better (for me) than some of the more expensive ones! (Hard Candy Glamoflauge and NYX HD concealer work better under my eyes than MUFE or Lancome.) Guelrain’s Precious Light is my HG for the under eye area but I don’t use it with everyday makeup — it’s for evenings/date nights.

Are you able to go into a Sephora or a department store? They can offer up a few possible solutions and give you samples of various products to try — and SA’s have never minded giving me samples. Everyone’s skin type and texture is so different that products that work miracles for one person might be a nightmare for someone else. It’s really a lot (a WHOLE LOT) of trial and error. I hope you find something you’re happy with!

All of the above plus the UD spray t hat prolongs makeup.
Truthfully, since I no longer work,my make up doesn’t have to last as long. I don’t know if longevity has ever been a problem, even when I worked 16 hrs days. Love primer.

Primer, powder and setting spray. I also find that giving my moisturizers, primers and foundations time to set before the next layer is key to good application.

In general I have found most primers don’t really do much for me! except perhaps for the “luminous” type primers that add a bit of glow underneath your foundation and help hydrate the skin a bit. Having said that, I do like the Hourglass Veil primer and recently I gave into the hype and bought the Nivea men’s post shave balm (for sensitive skin). This stuff is amazing, I actually notice that my makeup lasts 1-2hrs longer with it on. It helps control oil and hydrates the skin at the same time. For those struggling with dehydrated combo skin I would highly recommend it.
I love the NARS Crystal (loose) setting powder, though I heard that this was being discontinued? I have also heard good things about the Laura Mercier setting powder which is one I will try next I think.

A good primer and setting powder are key for me! My acne has been really finicky lately, especially with my usual liquid foundation so I’ve been using my stick concealer as a base instead. I tried the Laura Gellar spackle primer with it and it looked like a fresh baked vanilla cake. Nivea men’s aftershave balm? Perfect and smooth. After that, I use my bareMinerals mineral veil and spray my face with water in a spray bottle (lol it’s cheap, I know–I’m trying to find a good setting spray for my fluctuating skin) and it stays for eight hours or more!

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