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MacKenzie G. Avatar

I have one small-ish acrylic organizer that holds my regular bullet lipsticks (well, most of them, I recently exceeded capacity), then one metal Ikea flowerpot full of just Colourpop products and another that’s just a mix of everything. Oh, I also recently added a small clay flower pot that holds minis like Colourpop, Kylie, Tarte, etc. and deluxe samples of mascara

Nancy T Avatar

Roughly a third are in a large rectangular container in the bottom drawer of my 3-drawer Sterlite. With the rest in the upper drawer of a chest of drawers with all my Nyx and WnW stuff, and quite a bunch on top of my dresser where I sit down to do my makeup. Those are mostly ones that I use fairly often, or that I just love the packaging on! Liquid lipsticks are standing up in a giant coffee mug. Lip pencils are wrapped up together in a hair tie.

Deborah S. Avatar

I keep all my lipsticks sorted by color and I find that works best for me. I have outgrown my Zahra lipstick tower and have over flowed into a Sterilite drawer system which I like the function of but don’t love the aesthetic. My tower holds about 75 lipsticks and I have at least that many more in the Sterilite drawers. I store my liquid lipsticks separate in glass containers and then my lipstick liners in other glass containers. I don’t have a lot of glosses but I store them in glass containers also.

Hearties Avatar

By height, in an acrylic organizer with 4 tiers, zig zagging from the very shortest on the bottom left, to the very tallest on the third tier right, then lip palettes on the 4th tier.

I was killing myself before trying to organize them by color. I mean, it’s a fine line sometimes isn’t it, and what about the finishes?

It’s also really easy to see if one is missing now.

Moxie Avatar

I have a huge cup full of products front and center on my bookcase that I’ve tested on my lips — they’re to be used up first.

I have a jar filled with aesthetically pleasing products that will be used whenever, but they’re on show ’til then (jelly consistencies / sparkly packagings that both catch the light, etc).

I organize the rest by packaging type: tubes and pots on separate layers in my organizer, and they’re separated by divisions according to opacity.

Mariella Avatar

Not even funny! A bunch of my faves are actually in a kitchen drawer! They start up in my bathroom vanity and eventually make their way into my purse makeup bag. Then, when I want to put in another shade and lighten the load, rather than returning the “displaced” lippie(s), I put it or them into this one kitchen drawer! Eventually, I miss using them (if they’re shades which aren’t duped in what IS upstairs in my bathroom vanity, so some of them will make their way back to the vanity but some still live in that drawer (I always have MAC Craving and Plumful in there as I do have dupes upstairs). But having a few faves down here is good too…if someone comes to the door, I can swipe on a bit of lippie using the microwave as a “mirror”! So, long story short, they’re even less “organized” than my eye shadows.

Caroline Avatar

I hide them away in the drawer because my cat loves playing with them! If an item’s missing, I know I’ll find it under the bed 🙂

Anne Avatar

Same. Except I could find lipsticks and mascaras and pencils, etc., anywhere, lol. She’s in heaven now, but she was a mischief maker while she was here — incorrigible, if I’d mistakenly leave them out, but adorable, because she never hurt them.

Nancy T Avatar

My dear girl, Pookie (RIP), used to knock my eyeliner pencil sharpener, makeup brushes, a few eye shadows, and hair clips and ties from off the top of my 5-drawer chest and hoard them underneath my bed. I didn’t even know where my stuff was disappearing to until my move from Phoenix to Scottsdale several years ago, when the guys lifted up the mattress and boxspring, and there was HER stash!!! Miss her so much!

Erica Avatar

I keep my favorites of the moment in an acrylic organizer on my vanity. Others are stored in a mini crate by brand and upside down so I can see names. I keep more seasonal / what I’m currently into out and reachable. Off season ones I store in a different bin and put away. I go through periodically and change things out!

Hannah Avatar

I have an acrylic lipstick organizer for my bullet lipsticks, which I organize by brand. I have another acrylic organizer for my OCC lip tars, which I organize by color. For my liquid lipsticks and lip glosses, I have an acrylic tray which lets my lipsticks lay flat so I can see them better, and I organize those by brand. I have a small lipstick organizer for the current lip products I am using at the moment, and that goes on a shelf with my brushes.

Nichole Avatar

My lip products are organized by color. Within those color groups, my lipsticks and glosses are in separate containers. I have a lot of reds, pinks and purples so I have split my dark/bright reds, berry/bright/muted pinks, etc.

Sarah Avatar

I originally had them by colour (like I do my eyeliners) but I found that I was thinking of them by brand. So instead of going ‘I’d like a red – let’s look at them’ I’d think ‘I want to wear a KVD liquid lipstick’ or ‘I want to wear that one UD lipstick’. So now I’ve got them organized by brand, and it’s working much better. 🙂

Shannon. N Avatar

I have three bins on my makeup shelf.

The biggest bin is for vampy/dark/fall lipsticks.

The medium bin is for neutrals/non brights.

the smallest bin is for “Summer” shades (like bright summery hot pinks etc)

I usually take some out for the day/week and keep them separate, to wear. But that’s how I organize!

Sarah Avatar

Oh boy, I organize them messily. Lipsticks like MAC are stored in acrylic cases, as are all my Jeffree Star liquid lips. I have a couple of Kylie liquid lips standing upright too (the really watery ones I prefer to stand upright), but the rest are organized in pencil bags by brand. I have more lipstick than I will ever use in my lifetime.

AB Avatar

I carry ~3-4 in my purse on rotating basis; most are in antique glasses on countertop; remainder, which are backups and those I’m not using/liking much, are in bottom drawer. I am filling up all spots but am hesitant to add storage space because I will feel room to fill it up, when I should be editing and making sharper judgments in the purchasing phase.

Lacey Avatar

I have a small bag I keep on my vanity of any products Ibe pulled into rotation, and everything else is in stackable storage box, separated by type (gloss, lipstick, balm). I used to hoard lip products like they would never be sold again, but I’m actually down to just a relative few products in each section!

MoMerrell Avatar

I have a Zara Spinning Lipstick Tower and my lipsticks are in order by brand, shape and size. I’m a bit anal retentive/OCD so things have to be the same with a gradual change in sizes; ex. all circle and square and taller lipsticks are together.

I have a regular lipgloss organizer that fits all of my ABH, Dose of Colors, and Milani liquid lippies and they are all about the same height.

My mini lipsticks are in my pink Smashbox light it up box; in order by brand and size.

The lipsticks I do not care for are in a bottom drawer unorganized lol.

I choose my lipstick by color first then brand so with it being organized by brand I know the shape and where it’s located which helps me find the color I want to wear that day.

Zoe Avatar

I used to organize them by color, but have switched over to formula. Each type gets it’s own plastic tray in a drawer.
– Liquid lipstick and stains
– Solid bullet lipstick and balms
– Glosses

Helene Avatar

I feel so messy when I read how everyone have everyting organized. I have a couple of boxes for my lipsticks, reds in one other colours in one. lip pencils in a jar, glosses in jars, chubby stics and the like in one jar and so on. All MAC lipstics are in a box and the MAC glosses have their own jar.
Basically a lot of boxes and jars 🙂

ShirlJ Avatar

I have 3 acrylic lipstick organizers and several small makeup bags I carry in my work bag, purse, gym bag, etc. I roughly organize by brand and formula, but I usually end up putting on a lipstick in the morning, putting it in my work bag or purse, leaving it in there, putting on a different lipstick the next morning, because my purse isn’t handy, putting the new lipstick in my purse, and so on. Eventually, my purse is full and all my fave lipsticks du jour are in there. Then I will empty out my bags and start over.

It’s due to my morning disorganization, not by design, but it does get me to vary my lipsticks more than I otherwise might.

Donna E. Avatar

I ill be moving from Michigan to Atlanta and am all packed. I out-grew my small acrylic lipstick holder so I don’t know what I am going to do!

Sallyc Avatar

By color. I organize by pinks, many hues, and orange/red/coral. Yeah, I have to hunt for what I want but less than if I didn’t separate them.

candleashes Avatar

Lipsticks are in a small lipstick organizer by brand and color family (brands going across, color top to bottom). Glosses and crayons are in a muji drawer by formula. Lip tars are in another muji drawer with some other more “crafty” makeup.

Anne Avatar

I have too many lip products, so some are in Muji drawers I got in the recent sale on top of my tabletop, and some are in lipstick risers I got from the Container Store in one of my Alex-5 drawers. I keep lip liners in an old Diptique candle jar next to the Muji drawers, and I put some thinner/taller lip pencils that aren’t in the Muji drawers in an acrylic bin in the drawers with the lipstick risers (mostly NARS and Bite pencils and duos).

Denise Avatar

I have all my makeup stored by item,color and brand in my vanity room. Each closet is organized very carefully because I have OCD lol. My lipsticks are in acrylic cases, sorted by brands and colors. Then I store some favorites in my 1st floor bathroom, so when I leave the house,I have lipstick on hand. I also have at least 4 in my makeup case in my purse. I do feel you can never have enough lipstick,lip gloss and lip liners.

Deanna Avatar

I’d previously organized by color and brand, but grew frustrated that I had to keep reorganizing since I apparently have a lipstick addiction, lol. Now I keep a glass bowl with my newer purchases and current lipstick favs out on the counter. Then I have a separate glass container out with my favorite taller products, mostly liquid lipsticks, liners, Hourglass Stylos, and the like. I have two rather large baskets on a shelf in the bathroom — one contains reds and darker/brighter colors, while the other contains mostly nudes as well as mauves and browns. The latter is much bigger since that’s what I seem to gravitate to — basically the “nudes” basket is where I store my favorites so my blues and purples can also be found in there since it’s really just a “my favorites basket” that probably doesn’t make much sense to anyone else.

Silvia Avatar

I rotate them and put in front of my Ikea shelve the ones that match colors according to season. I have this cute oval garden dish made of broken tiles with flowers and I place tons there. Behind are lot more in a plain flower box cover. Looks so pretty, is organized and super super cheap! Oh! And I’m running out of space! Love lipsticks!

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