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I shave ’em off and draw them on 🙂 I’ve been doing it since I was sixteen! It’s the best option for me given how often I change my hair color.

Yeah I used to do that lol. I got harassed for my “chola brows” but I liked em and that’s what mattered 🙂

All I do is trim them, lightly fill them in and put brow gel on. 🙂 I have nicely shaped brows and not too many extra hairs.

I have a similar routine except, I also tweeze or thread stray hairs and I use a brow wax and dark brown e/s to define my brows. It took many years to realize that my brows don’t have to be trendy (whatever the brow trend is at the moment) but just look neat and trim.

I have my brows threaded every three weeks. The lady who does it threads her’s every week. I can barely afford to have them threaded at all, but I also get my eyebrows dyed the same day I get them threaded. My eyebrows have never looked better since I started this routine.

I trim the too long hairs and then I pluck them. I’d love to get them waxed or threaded, but I’m cheap as well as terrified that they’ll mess ’em up.

Electrolysis and saving for permanent makeup. Do not like having to maintain my brows and want them to be perfect all the time 🙂

Each strand of hair in my eyebrows is extremely long… Sounds weird, I know! LOL. I want to trim them, but I’m afraid it will leave huge patches.
Anyway! I just tweeze and sometimes fill in/sometimes don’t, but I always use brow gel. I use the brow gel from Tweezerman! It does its job perfectly and is very cheap.

I trim and tweeze… but I get the shape from a pro with waxing and then just keep it up. right now I’m letting them grow out since i went tweezer happy…lol!

I’ve tried threading and plucking. Now I just shave my eyebrows. I have very unruly eyebrows and both tips have whorls, so I just shave it to my desired style (almost straight, square-ish or w/ high arch) then emphasize it w/ eyebrow manicure.

I tweeze 100% of the time… I have a phobia about waxing or threading my brows in case the beautician takes off more than is necessary and I end up with super-skinny drawn on lashes!

I get them waxed whenever they look untidy. Can’t be bothered with tweezing! Why spend 40 mins doing something that can take 2 mins at the salon??? Mine are very fair and I fill them in with dark brown waxy liner. I use Australian brand ModelCo. It’s great and one of the only items that I constantly re-purchase…

Tweeze stray hairs regularly as needed, and some light trimming. My eyebrows are slightly thick, I just want to keep them nicely shaped.

My mom waxes them once in a while and then I tweeze for upkeep (although I’m not very consistent with this).

I mostly just trim them. I am a bit older and I have had a problem with thinning eyebrows. If I could I would superglue every hair to my brow, just so I would not lose any more.:-D
Otherwise I use a brow gel, Eyebrow Fixing Gel #3 by Pupa. With the right technique, this gel works great, leaving a tiny bit of tint (but really just a tiny bit) on the skin underneath the sparser parts.
I tried Mac’s Penultimate brow liner but I wasn’t happy with it. I kind of dried out on me in 4 weeks, which is ridiculous considering the price.

I have typical blonde girl brows….. So I colour them at home (since school days) and pluck the few stray hairs, fill in a few spots and comb them with a clear jel.

I have permanent makeup on my brows so I don’t have to fill them in everyday lol and I tweeze…When I’m lazy to tweeze i go to the salon & they either tweeze them or wax them for me.Normally it’s combination of both waxing & tweezing. I have never tried threading

as I have been blessed with perfect shaped brow, I don’t have to wax or thread (never done both) I simply occasionally tweeze single hairs that grow “outside” of my natural brow shape. I fill them in with brow-powder everyday as my brows aren’t really dense though not sparse either.
for filling in I swear by sephora, the little trio with the wax. the darker color is just perfect and not that dark like in most other browsets.

I pluck occasionally and I’ve waxed once or twice but generally my brows grow in a pretty arched shape and I’ve gotten compliments on them before! Makes it easy for me 😛

I have mine threaded every 3 weeks, and I tweeze and strays in between threadings. Other than that, I full them in with the MAC Penultimate brow marker

I used to get mine waxed every once in a while. I have very sensitive skin and after getting them waxed my eyes swell up for like 24 hours and my eyebrows will turn bright red and I’ll get bumps all over them for a week. So it just wasn’t worth it because after all the redness, swelling, and bumps went away I would have to get them done again.

I just tweeze them myself every week or so. I’m never fully satisfied though. I think my problem is I have a specific eyebrow shape in mind and I don’t think my eyebrows can ever be that shape perfectly.

I tweeze them. About once every few months, I trim them if they’re starting to look unruly, but that’s about it. I don’t fill them in or tint them or anything.

I had to take this whole course on brows for my cosmetology program, and I was BORED. TO DEATH. I think eyebrows are the one thing in makeup that I really couldn’t care less about. Even when they show those pictures of “done” eyebrows vs. natural eyebrows, and how “it changes the look of the entire face!”, I can never see what they’re talking about and everyone’s face still looks the same to me.

Normally threading. I was trying to grow them out one “line” at a time, but I don’t find it works – the new hairs don’t grow in that neatly, so I’d be waiting forever if I did that. So I’m going cold turkey and trying to grow them out with no threading for as long as I can stand. This looks OK if I lightly fill them in and use MAC brow gel to groom them into a fuller shape, so fingers crossed I can last another couple of months!

Im a tweezer and a Threader! My skin is so sensitive that I cant get them waxed because ill break out for a week! I’ve never had any problems with threading and they look so natural afterwards and are really easy to maintain, so easy i probably go once every three months after I’ve been lazy with tweezing.

I’ve been doing the same as you, Christine. I’ve had them threaded a few times, but I keep them in shape by tweezing. If I feel they need extra grooming of they’re grown out of control, I have them threaded, but that’s very very rare as threading irritates my skin horribly.

Luckily i have naturally arched and nicely shaped brows, dense and dark, so no need to color or fill in or re-shape. all i do is pluck the few little rogue hairs here and there, and trim them once in a while.

Tweeze and trim. I had them waxed once or twice in high school, but it irritated my skin, and they don’t really need it anyway. My brows are pretty easy to maintain.

I tweeze almost daily and keep them groomed by trimming and brow gel. I’ve had them waxed a couple times but vow every time I do,that I’ll never wax them again.

I used to get them waxed religiously (every 2-3 weeks), until one day the daughter or my normal girl did them and totally wrecked my brows. She trimmed them to the point that they were maybe am eighth of an inch thick long. I have very full brows so they grew in all wonky and looked awful for months. Since then, I tweeze my arch, trim a little, and wax my unibrow area myself.

I don’t need to do a lot, mostly trimming the longer hairs. But occasionally I’ll do a little shaping with thread. Threading is really easy once you get the hang of it (there are a lot of youtube tutorials to help) and it’s good for those little fine hairs that are hard to see.

Tweezing, since my brows and lashes are still blonde from when I was a child. They never really darkend with my hair and threading seems impossible since I’m never sure what hair I’m garbing without a spot light on them. I have low set brows on the ridge of my brow bone. I really hate the shape since I can’t pull of dramatic eye looks with them but I basically clean up the hairs that are in the crease area and up.

I’ve been tempted to shave them off, but that would look strange for people that know me. I just don’t fill them in to keep the light.

Usually I tweeze and shave a little, but if things get really out of control, I’ll get them waxed just to get the shape back!

Always tweeze! I have never threaded or waxed them. Scared I’m going to come back with only half of an eyebrow. hah.

For Grooming, I tweeze and trim. Then during the day, I fill them in with MAC Omega Eyeshadow and throw on some clear brow gel over it to set.

I tweeze. I had no idea how to really get a good shape, so I went to a great lady and had them threaded and shaped and now I just tweeze to maintain. If I had a special event to go to, I’d likely to back to her a week or two beforehand because they looked extra-polished after she threaded them, but I’m fine with tweezing and it’s easier for me to maintain myself than to make appointments, drive out there, wait, etc. Now I just check daily for strays and regrowth, which takes less time than it would for me to call for an appointment.

I get mine threaded. I used to get them waxed, but it always burned my sensitive skin so I prefer threading. 🙂

I get mine waxed every 2 weeks, like clockwork. I also will pluck in between. I’ve been doing this straight for 11 years! I should have just saved my money and done laser lol

Threading. It was so painful at the begining; but now, i feel a little comfortable with that.
I used to use to tweeze them ( not by myself, lol)

I have dense brows with a good natural arch. I mainly spot tweeze here and there. Every once and awhile, I go a little crazy with the tweezers because I have quite a few single strays under the arch. I’d like to get them waxed, but I’d rather have a couple strays than have someone kill my natural arch because it’s a little thicker than most people keep theirs.

I don’t bother with wax or gel. Occasionally, if they’re unruly I have to break out the comb or brush, but I usually just smooth them into place with a fingertip.

Cannot wax them as I get tiny bubbles (don’t know how to say that in English) all over the waxed area.. so I tweeze them and use a brow pencil to fill in the gaps. I really would like to try threading but I still haven’t found a salon that does it, near here 🙁

I pluck and trim plus shave the little rogue hairs I get in the middle of my eyelids.Then I fill in with Maybelline Define A Brow.I’ve tried a million expensive options and this product works the best!!

I got permanent make up and thus the shape never changes, and what’s out of the shape is shaved away with my eyebrow shaver.

I don’t need to shave many hairs, but if I tweeze or otherwise pluck them out, they grow in. Always. Like 90% of them. :S
I have a massive tendency to get ingrown hair in general, so that’s no real surprise. Last time my ‘tattoo’ was touched up, I was too lame to stop her from tweezing my brows, luckily the 3-4 weeks it usually takes for the all the ingrown hairs to vanish are over now. Every eotd look stupid with bumpy skin.

So I’m very happy with shaving them. 🙂

I actually like the natural shape of my brows. I get them waxed since I turned 16 or 17 years old (Im now 23), and it has always been about keeping my natural shape and just cleaning them a bit. But I do not by any means go every two weeks or anything like that. I get them waxed every three or four months. I am a bit afraid of plucking them with the tweezers myself because I think that could lead me to over do it without realizing it and that could also thicken the hair too I have been told. I kind of hate the whole idea of waxing too because my skin is very sensitive and it has gotten pretty irritated sometimes due to the wax and the other products they put on your skin. And it hurts! To this day, it still hurts every time they wax my eye brows. All for beauty I guess =) Is threading less painful than waxing?

I tweeze mine. I tried an at home wax, which looked good, but i had a reaction to it. And getting them done professionally is more money than i’m willing to spend right now. So i just take the time to tweeze them myself 🙂

I trim and tweeze. I then fill in the inner half of my brows with Espresso e/s, and create the arch and tip with Spiked Brow Crayon. My natural brow shape is rather blah so I like being able to create a nice arch and tip. Although brows are now one of the more time consuming aspects of my makeup routine….I’m all of a sudden really peculiar about them and it makes me late for work, lol.

I get mine waxed every 6 weeks or so. My brows are nicely shaped naturally and thick, so I just need the stray hairs removed, especially the ones between my brows (no unibrow!) Daily, I just brush them lightly with a eyebrow, and maybe fill ’em in a bit with a pencil if I want them extra bold.

I used to get them waxed about once a month and then would just tweeze them in-between. But then I realized it was an unnecessary expense, so I’ve been tweezing and trimming them myself.

i have extremly thick eyebrows and there hard to keep up with but i was reading a 17 magazine and i found this eyebrow touch up razor kit by sephora loveee it its takes to 2 secs to clean my eyebrows up and best of all it doesnt hurt at alll!

i’ve experienced from shaving,tweezing,threading,waxing my eyebrows…but most of the time i shave when i a hurry or tweeze when i have time then fill in with mac eyebrows in lingering and set them with mac brow set in beguile.

I used to have them waxed once a month religiously, now I only go every 2-3 months and try and maintain them by trimming and tweezing in between.

I Wax, Pluck and or thread…. It depends. If im just doing maintenance ill pluck. If its been a long time ill wax and if im feeling adventurous ill have them threaded.

I’ve been living in atlanta for six months and i havent been able to find organic wax (im alergic to the wax in most salons) soooo no waxing here til i move back to Miami!

I’ve waxed my eyebrows once or twice but I usually just tweeze & trim them. My mother is the eyebrow queen so, when she has some free time (rarely), I get her to shape mine for me.

I used to pluck them, but now I shave them. Habit from having eyebrow piercings. XD; (although I don’t have them anymore)

I would really like to try threading and I just purchased the Cle de Peau eyebrow powder palette, so I’ll be using that along with a brow pencil. Tweezing is my usual modus operandi however.

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