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Erica Avatar

I don’t really wear it on my face at all bc it irritates my eyes as I wear contacts. Plus it burns my lips if in a lipstick or lipgloss. The most I wear is in a nail polish.

Ryou Avatar

Step 1: Resist the urge to throw glitter at the general direction of my face.
Step 2: Okay fine maybe I’ll put juuuust a bit of glitter adhesive on my eyes.
Step 3: Pat a little glitter at the center of my lids.
Step 4: Pat some more all over my eyelids.
Step 5: Maaaaybe a little bit on my lips?
Step 6: Hmm glitter may not make such a horrible highlighter after all.
Step 7: Ooooooo shiny.
Step 8: Oops I have glitter all over me how did that happen.
Step 9: ?????
Step 10: PROFIT!

I might have a problem.

Tanya Avatar

I slap it all over the upper lid to the top of the eyeball and in the inner corner. I have hooded eyes, but when I wear shimmer or glitter on the lid they don’t look as hooded. I can’t wear glitter on the lower lid because I look like I was crying.

Mariella Avatar

If, by “glitter”, you mean the sort of glitter that MAC sells in the small pigment jars and which is labelled as not for use around the eyes, well, I simply don’t incorporate it. I won’t take the risk of wearing something like that around my eyes, period! And I don’t like that sort of coarse, big glitter on my face or even in lip products. But….when it comes to things like eyeshadows with glitter/sheen (like MUFE’s Diamond finish, MAC Frosts and Velux Pearl shadows, any shadows with a big time sheen to them), I love them on my mobile lid to brighten up my eyes and my whole face. Blush with a sheen or sparkle to it – sign me up! And more and more, I am loving highlighters and illuminating cream products that I can mix with my foundation for a bit more of that “lit from within” look. Now sure if this counts as “glitter”, or just “glittery”.

LindaP Avatar

You know, for three days in a row I forgot to use a bit my my Becca illuminating primer. Didn’t think much about it until I realized something was really missing. Why was my makeup so dull? (To me at least.) Something was truly missing. It sure isn’t glittery, but that perk of glow makes a nice difference. Don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. 🙂

Mariella Avatar

Linda, do you mean the one with the ridiculously long name – “Backlighting Filter Primer”? If so, I love that stuff. I was a bit on the fence about it at first but I’ve taken to wearing it on its own much of the time – without any foundation or CC cream on top. I just slap some on over my moisturizer and then use my concealer and blush. I love the look it gives to my skin all on its own. I like it under foundation but it seems a bit of a shame to cover up its glow by putting something on top of it so if I’m in a hurry (which is most mornings), I wear it “neat”.

Linda Avatar

Yes, that’s it! I can never remember the whole name. I have worn it “neat” and it is lovely. While the foundation does “cover it up,” it still does its job. That product is hard to describe. The foundation might be dewy, but this adds something more without being greasy looking.

The best finish I get is this — looks really natural, but whoa it’s kind of a lot, although all is applied with a light hand. Trust me, I don’t do this every day, but would if I could!
Cover FX color correct in lavender on bare skin
EL CC cream
A tad of concealer over the CC cream
Becca Backlight primer (not much and sometimes I just do highlight points)
EL Double Wear Foundation
Becca under eye radiance and a touch of Nudestick concealer
Charlotte Tilbury finishing powder to set the T-zone and concealer
A bit of bronzer and blush

My friend at the gym yesterday said, “you wear so little makeup and it look so nice.” I laughed and told her the rundown. I’ll be giving her a lesson, lol!

Erica Avatar

See I didn’t really consider shimmer “glitter” though technically it is. When one asks you how do you wear glitter I’m thinking the big chunky bam in your face glitter you need a sticky primer to apply. So shimmer yes. Glitter no. Haha!

Ann Avatar

First, I want to say how much I love this site. I usually just read and never have posted.It has become my go to place and questions like the one above is one of the reasons I like this site so much. Getting to read/learn others ways of doing things is great! Glitter is my favorite, some say it’s tacky or because I’m not 20 it’s too young? Who makes these rules? A few ways I love using glitter during the holidays.
– adding small amount to hair product usually the glossifier and raking it through my hair.
– adding small amount to clear lipgloss and patting it in the center of lips.
– applying glitter mixed with mixing medium on my upper lid as eyeliner right above my already black cat eyeliner, almost like double wing.
– mixing it with any nail polish, or tipping my nails in it. If you’re more conservative you can wear it on you toes…that’s all I can think of right now. I look forward to reading how others use glitter….

Mo Merrell Avatar

I don’t use much glitter because it’s messy. When I do – I have one loose glitter pot (brand I forgot) and a NYX glitter roller. I have a NYX glitter base. I’ve only worn either about three times total since buying them. Sometimes I feel like glitter is immature for my age and profession so it’s more of a “going out” thing but it still feels young.

kjh Avatar

Glitter glue was an early cosmetic sensitivity, something by tf. It’s probably age appropriate (hmm, eff that?) that I don’t use any glitter that needs adhesive. I do use small amounts of high shimmer e/s and some glitter liners. Recent high shimmer/glitter liners i have liked are the Sephora copper (in the only 3 shades line, dk what it is called, and the platinum Blingo Starr (Catrice) and slightly golder Julep one. The Stilas don’t really make it into glitter territory. Some twist up Sephoras have small particles, but only partially qualify as glitter. Disco ball true glitter highlighter would really be a ‘trying too hard’ look. But I don’t have wrinkles there yet! Lol.

Fran Avatar

I like glitter on my lids, but, if application is too fussy, I don’t use it all that often! Love glitter on my nails until I have to remove it. Am considering glitter on my lips. Think it looks great on lots of people. Think I’ll need to stick with deeper colors and a fine texture to make sure my lips don’t take over my face!

Lea Avatar

Besides my personality?!? No, wait, that’s sparkling… I can’t really say that I use glitter per say. Shimmer is totally fine, but the furthest I get into glitter-ish territory is Tom Ford which I might call more shimmer/sparkle than glitter, but that might just be semantics.

Aeri Avatar

Haha, how do I not? Iike it over tonally similar shadows, as regular and winged liner , patted in the inner corners, on the lower lashline, as freckles, on the lips and in my hair (all over, streaked or on the roots). Just about the only place I don’t regularly use it is on the actual cheeks, though I have patted it over a highlighter!

JanJan Avatar

Glitter has its place – Las Vegas showgirls and holiday ornaments, but definitely not on my face. When someone is wearing glitter makeup, it’s all that I see – couldn’t even tell you the color of their eyes.

LaMaitresse Avatar

I like wearing some on my outer corners, a light wash on my lids during the holiday season. Just because I’m 48 doesn’t mean I can’t tastefully sparkle!

Sana Avatar

Christina have you used eye kandy’s sugar water to apply glitter?? If so how do you like it, I’ve heard great things from a few famous gurus!! I love glitter I use Sephoras baked shadows with Mac fix plus spray, Stila foil shadows with fix +, lit glitter adhesive with lit or other loose glitters and sometimes a glue like toofaced or splash Cosmetics. The best so far for loose glitter is the waterproof pink lit Cosmetics adhesive as you mentioned is your brand preference but I find with this there’s a lack of quantity and I go through it fast!!

Deborah Avatar

I don’t wear glitter products because I don’t think it is appropriate for my age …. and not sure I would have used it when I was younger. But it’s very pretty on others : )

Brandi Avatar

Does everywhere count? I use it on my eyes in several different ways. I use it with lipstick. I use it on the top of my cheek bone to make my highlighter pop even more. I mix it with gel to glitter the part in my hair. Hmm. I think that’s about it.

PrNoir Avatar

I usually wear it in the center of my lid or if I use glitter liner, I’ll line the top of my lid or the inside corner. Anytime I’ve tried to do glitter lips or anything else creative, I end up making a mess :/

Shannon. N Avatar

I wear glitter all over my mobile lid a LOT!!

I like to take Coastal Scents Barista (Matte warm brow) into the crease, then I’ll take MAC Embark into the outer V/corner. Then I’ll pack a glitter onto the inner 3/4 of my mobile lid!!

For me, personally it works because

1. I’m 20. (Not saying older women can’t rock glitter! I mean that society TELLS older women that they can’t and it’s more except able for someone my age to wear it.)

2. I have severely hooded eyes/partial monolids. So you cant see the glitter unless I blink or look down!!

WARPAINTandUnicorns Avatar

If I’m wearing lash chance are I’m also wearing glitter one the lids. Lit Barbie Shop or Hello Sunshine in the inner corner and a match shades to the eye look on the rest f the lid.

Very Rarely will I bust out glitter on the lips for short evening events but I don’t expect that to last all day on the lips even with a glitter.

Gillian Avatar

I really love glitter liquid liners! I’ll use a solid coloured liner first then put the glitter liner over the top of it. I use the Collection ones and they’re so good and so cheap that I own almost all I’d them, so approximately 8 I think. If you’re interested and have access to Collection definitely check them out. It’s a fun look for a night out! ?

Mim Sabrin Avatar

I am a silent watcher & reader of your site & your reviews help me a lot to choose 🙂 Thank you so much <3 Today I found my most favorite topic Glitter & I just love to use glitters into my makeup . They give me a real push up & brighten my all over look. I used loose glitters on all over my lid , sometime only in inner corner , sometime on center lid , love to use glitter liners on top of my regular eye liner or to define my cut crease look with glitter liner . yeah never used glitters on lower lash line but after reading about this application will surely try this 🙂 <3

Silvia Avatar

Love, love, love glitter and highlighters. I’d like to be a mermaid! Lol! But seriously, if I do wear glitter is very blend on my eyes and I wear it very few times. I like to wear it mostly when I wear a grey sweater that makes me look a bit washed out then I spice it up with my WetnWild trio glitter eyeshadow from Target it comes in black, grey and a beautiful reddish/purple color. I wear it very subtle but it is there!

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