How do you get over the fear of missing out (FOMO)?

Honestly, it’s just rare for anything to be THAT unique. I think that the “vibe” of a particular product, collection, and so on can be recreated with products you own or other products that already exist. There’s also something new just around the corner!

— Christine


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Mariella Avatar

Lately, I am much, much better than when my collection was much smaller and I was pretty much just starting out in having more than my basics. These days, there is very little that excites me enough to generate that “I must have it” feeling (the only recent thing that really grabbed me was the Chanel LE Holiday quad – I wanted it badly enough that I totally moved out of my comfort zone and ordered it by going into a Shoppers Drug Mart and having them help me order it! But also, it’s a quad of 4 shades I will and do use, so it wasn’t just “FOMO”) I have so much that just about anything new I see that I really like can probably be duped from what I already own. I guess over the years, as my collection has grown, that desperation to have something and that fear of missing out on something have really diminished.

Angel Lee Avatar

feeling exactly the same as you are. pretty much nothing excites me anymore, except that very rare unique unicorn that will sometimes appear out of nowhere….but again, like you, i will buy only if i know i will use it. kind of sad imo that the market has been so overloaded, so very fast will so many similar palettes, shades etc that i’m craving the fomo just for the excitement & newness of it lol…

Nancy T Avatar

Sometimes I get over it, sometimes I don’t. When I do, it’s usually because I realize that: a.) I can dupe it within my stash, b.) It’s just not worth the headaches to try to get it, c.) It’s not as special as I initially thought. And this is why PMG Divine Rose is no longer a big deal for me. I’ve pretty much resolved that I don’t really need it? Plus, I despise how shoddy the release was handled! However, Decadence IS still worth the trouble.

Ana Maria Avatar

I never had the fear of missing out. Personally, with so many options regarding beauty products, from different brands to different price points to different formulas… I mean… there’s always a product to purchase. What’s really to miss out? I somehow understand it for special edition packaging (maybe), but otherwise I have trouble understanding why people would get FOMO on a specific product or would be bothered when they can’t buy a specific product. 😆

Kulpreet Avatar

By buying the God forsaken product!! No? That’s not the answer you were looking for? Ok then!

I was recently updated on a Beauty group that I can update all my palettes on Temptalia’s My Vanity section and then when the FOMO hits for something new – just check for dupes. I’m gonna try this..

Valerie Avatar

Lol! I’m with Kulpreet.
I have roughly 1500 shadows and lipsticks in the vanity here. But do I ever check for dupes? No.
I buy the thing. That’s how I beat the FOMO.

kjh Avatar

It’s no longer the product itself that drives my FOMO, but the theme and/or packaging. The last was MAC Rocky Horror. Pat/SW does not tempt me….too much. It’s the more retro things. If a 30s-40s film noir collection came out with Maltese Falcon palette or a Cape Fear blush, I’d get instant FOMO. I got KVD Susperia, despite her misspelling, due to a love of Italian Gialli and Mario Argento, not the shade. There’s a color dupe either in-stash or about to be released, anyway.

Denise S. Avatar

I suffer from fear of blowing a good sale price. If it’s on sale and I think I’ll like it a lot I tend to impulsively buy before considering my current over load of makeup. FOMO on new products I can sometimes resist. It’s the sales that sucker me in every time. Now I keep rationalizing by saying I can always give it as a gift. But I’ve run out of people to gift makeup to.

Rachel R. Avatar

There is so much on the market, I rarely feel FOMO any more. Something new and similar is always coming out.

FOMO still gets me sometimes. Right now, I’m really feeling Disappointment of Having Missed Out over the PML Dark Galaxy and Galactic Gold. However, it’s just a thing, I’ll live without it, and I have tons of beautiful palettes already. I just remind myself of that. I’m having some FOMO that the same disaster will happen with trying to get the Decadence re-release. However, I’m prepared that I probably won’t snag one. I have a couple newer jewel-toned palettes to play with instead.

Genevieve Avatar

I don’t suffer at all from FOMO, it would be tricky if I did, living here in Aus, where just about everything takes a long, long time to filter through and then the price is exorbitant.
It is a nuisance when you do see something you love and then find out it’s an exclusive to a retailer that doesn’t ship internationally. A pain.
The only time, in recent memory, was when Sultry was released – then I couldn’t wait to get it.
But generally I don’t get too worked up about it.

Karen U Johnston Avatar

I got to the point where I realized that the FOMO feeling was irrational. There was always going to come a time that the item would not generate that anxiety/panic over not owning it. I just needed to remind myself that my feelings were being manipulated and the feeling would go away whether I purchased the product or not.

Naomi Avatar

This came around at the right time. I skipped out on purchasing the MTHRSHP Star Wars palettes and found myself feeling some FOMO now that I cannot purchase it. I recieved the email and it was pay day for me so I was definitely able to get them, but had already decided not to.

I took a moment and realized that I am giving the product more meaning than what it is “worth”. I think with any LE beauty product you can apply this thought. I have yet to see something mind blowing drop on the market or something that has not been done before to some capacity.

I think hype intensifies FOMO, this is definitely the case with a lot of coveted LE releases. For example, like the Pat Mcgrath Decadence and Divine Rose palettes, KVD Mi Vida Loca and so on.

Evi Avatar

I had a slight pit of FOMO about the decadence release but I’m still salty about how the Devine Rose thing being so limited in release when it was *the* PM palette I know Id use a lot. I’m channelling those feelings into not caving, It is going to be a struggle though!
It helps that now I have a larger collection of shades that I do love, I feel that if I didn’t know about that I wouldn’t feel it was a missing piece in my stash of makeup I would utilise. having the dupe list helps with that.
I know for dresses I always tell myself I fall in love with new dresses every season. If I don’t get it this one, I won’t remember it in a season and there will be something new I love. That tends to work.

Jen Avatar

I look at my bank balance! Seriously though, I found that if I wait even just a little bit 9 times out of 10 I’ll lose interest. Yeah I run the risk of the item selling out, but I found that for me I’m often more excited by the product buzz or the ‘hunt’ of getting the time, than the actual item.

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