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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!

I go get a makeover or I go through my collection and come across something that I’ll want to use again and build a look around that. I pick out a look for the week on Sunday nights (so I can enjoy putting my makeup on leisurely on weekday mornings rather than stressing about matching everything up) so I’m going through my stash on a regular basis.

I rarely get into any sort of major rut, but if I feel like *maybe* I’m wearing a similar color scheme a bit too often, I’ll take a closer look at my stash and ask myself what haven’t I done lately and what could be fun. But considering that I do makeup challenges, this almost never happens anymore. That, plus I get color combo inspiration from seeing looks others do. Doing so keeps things pretty fresh!

By dropping all the things I’m testing for review purposes and getting back to my old favorites! That usually helps a lot.

I watched a youtube video, I think it was by EmilyNoel83 who talked about “shopping your stash”, meaning going into the depths of your makeup stash and using something you hadn’t for a long time and that always helps. I sometimes put my palettes or duos or quads in a big bag and mix them up, I don’t feel around and just grab the first one on the top and make use of that (also another idea I got from EmilyNoel83).

Other times I just decide “I want to wear purple shadow today” and go with that.

For inspiration / ideas — mostly I come here, or visit a couple of other style blogs I sometimes follow. Or take particular note if I spot a woman whose look I admire. Then there’s experimenting: I’ll pick up a random new something (eyeliner in a new color, lipstick in some whole new color range), try different techniques with products I already own, and/or go deep into drawers to see what I own because often I find items I’d forgotten about.

I make myself go out to an event or with friends where I know that my photo is being taken. Lol…it definitely forces me to put on some make up.

Makeup RUT???? Can there be such a thing??? I don’t generally get into what I feel is a “rut” (though I do tend to look more or less the same every day) but I find the change of seasons will shake me up a bit and also, if I feel I need a change, I’ll just take out some products I’ve not used in a while and give them a whirl for a couple of days. That’s generally enough and if I need more, heck, I’ll just wait to see what’s coming out in the newest seasonal releases from the various companies.

My favorite way to get out of a makeup rut (which is usually inspired by a bad face, poor technique on that SPECIFIC day, etc.) is to look at other MUAs that inspire me. Outlandish crazy nightlife club kid drag queens always give me something new and exciting to look forward to. How can you not be inspired looking at some of those kids?

I guess I don’t get in makeup ruts. Makeup is usually my go to when I’m in other kind of ruts. I go play in lipstick or watch youtube tutorials when I’m feeling down

I like my rut. 🙂 By that I mean, I might play a around a bit with tonal shades of this and that, but I mostly have the same-ish look that I feel good in, confident in, and enjoy wearing. My work is quite corporate, so that drives how far I can go on a daily basis, but that comfortably fits my personal style anyway.

I have no draw at all to using bright eyeshadows or blue face highlighters. That’s just me. I may go cooler or smokier in the eyes one day, or berry-ish rather than coral-y with blush. I never do nude lips (makes me look like I have a band-aid stuck on my face) so the lippies are pretty much always pigmented well in whatever shade I choose for the day. I like what I like, and that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 🙂 I’m pretty boring for someone who loves makeup so much.

Love your comment. I’m all in with you. But, there are times when people say things that I try to stay open to — it makes me think: Am I too much into my rut? And, need to change it up a bit? (This usually isn’t a radical change, but maybe something about my concealer or brow products, or my hair products. Nothing major. Just a bit better or fresher.)

Hi Anne–

Agreed — I’m all in with the “better and fresher” POV. I like a very classic, “downplayed” look that enhances but doesn’t scream. I made peace with that a long time ago. It’s all about the emotional feeling it brings up. If I feel pretty and confident and powerful — I’ve hit the mark. If I feel uncomfortable in any way, it’s a no-go.

Updating products is part of that, but changing my “core values” about my look is immutable.

Hey, you know what you like, what works for you and your environment, etc. It doesn’t make you any less of a makeup lover if you’re not into all the crazy colors and fads.

You’re not boring at all, Linda! You know what works for you and you go with it. The makeup we wear is an extension of how we’re feeling and how we want to look; it’s a personal choice and there are a million different ways to do it, right? It’s all good. And never boring 😉

I usually don’t realize I’m in a rut. I’ve learned to pay attention to other people who say things like:
You should try thus and such. I think you’d like it.
Have you seen the new thus and such? I did and I think it would be perfect for you.
Since you’ve cut your hair shorter, have you thought about doing thus and such?
I just got the greatest tip from my xxx and she recommended thus and such. Have you tried it?

If you pay attention, there’s always creativity out there. I just try to stay open to these comments. I’ve found out that 95% of the time, they prove valuable.

I don’t feel like I am ever in a makeup rut because I always buy and apply products that I feel look best on me. I will try something new on occasion because I think it’s pretty but never because I am in a rut. It’s fun trying new things anyway : )

I have so many makeup items that I have purchased that I didn’t try yet so I would just go through my makeup stash for something different.

I only own several palettes and the one that I gravitate to is the UD Naked Basics 2 with adding pops of color. I have hooded lids so my placement of color (mattes & shimmers) is important. When I do get bored I look to play with what I have. I don’t find many new palettes to my liking since I can only wear shimmers on my lids. So I do have my eye on the new UD one coming out in Sept.

I don’t feel like I ever get into a makeup rut now. By rotating your eye shadow palettes, lipsticks and blushes you can create all different kinds of looks. Secondly, as the season changes, your wardrobe changes and that can be inspiring too.

Oh my, great question. I never,ever get in a makeup rut. I guess its because I am always buying new makeup,changing it up a little. Always buying new tools and cosmetic organizers, because my vanity table is for the newer makeup. And I need organization with all the makeup I own. Also I change my makeup along with the seasons, (summer,fall,winter,spring). What adds to my enjoyment of makeup is all the sites I visit, youtube is great, but I find myself running out to buy all the brands they recommend.
My added plus is the soothing,calming aurora I get from applying makeup. It calms my nerves and helps me settle down.

Buy something new to try, look for new techniques online or look through my collection to find so.etching I haven’t use in a while or at all.

I never feel as in a rut having so many eyeshadows, blushes and lipsticks although I blend everything and wear it lightly ’cause I’m pale. I will switch my winter makeup, darker colors for winter and brightest cooler tones for Spring or Summer. I’d love picking up an aqua eyeliner and boy! Sometimes a minimal fun experiment goes a long way to change a look! I love owning tons of different things and will choose different colors each day. But I do keep it simple and natural. Crazy about highliters lately!

Forgot to add watching YouTube videos is a lot of fun and I love watching them I usually watch Kathleen Lights and Emily Noel, Lisa Ethregide and others but they make you get naughty ideas to try new magic products and beautiful ones. I ended up buying most of the Milani blushes the Rose ones are gorgeous and then purchased most of the baked ones but they do have turned out gorgeous. I’m so excited to try each! Totally fell in love with the rose design since I love to garden. I bought all three of those! The baked ones I apply with the WetnWild stipple/slanted brush which gives a perfect light touch also for applying highliters. Lately I’m really liking these brushes instead of more dense expensive ones. Specially for Summer just the slightest touch!

I wouldn’t say I’m stuck in a rut, but most mornings before work I am too tired and lazy to put any makeup on. I work in mental health so a full face isn’t frowned upon but no makeup is necessary so I’m trying extra hard to wake up a little earlier and do something! Other than that I wear a lot of gold, but I’m very conscious of it so change it up regularly 🙂

Interesting question. I’ve never really felt that I was in a makeup “rut”, simply because I have so much makeup and so many choices! I wear different products and colours every day, and I play around with different eye looks as well. I do, at the end of each season, start to feel a bit tired of the seasonal shades and I’ll look forward to changing it up, but I think we probably all feel like that 🙂

Almost always from seeing something in a magazine that I think looks cool. Lately it’s been reddish goldish shiny eye shadows. I got a couple new ones at Sephora this past weekend that I’m mixing.

Hi Temptalia,
I know how this might sound, but it’s the Truth. I really don’t fall or have or go through a makeup rut. Everything Else I Most Definitely DO. Lol. I have so much makeup Or draws of “Endless Possibilities”, I call them…. that I CAN throw together a new look for any occasion! It’s when you DON’T have the right make-up, or I run out and forget to get it, ect. If it’s a new color and I don’t have it, I chose a color very close to it. ?

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