How do you fix dry lips?

Hydrate the body with lots and lots of water, hydrate the lips with a good lip balm, and either skip lipstick/lipgloss and go with lip balm for a few days or pick only very hydrating lip products to wear during the day.

— Christine
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Oh, this is me. I have dry mouth so my lips are naturally dry too. What works for me: Lanolips (this stuff is amazing!), lip exfoliant and, whenever I apply moisturiser, I always apply it to my lips also. Plus I use MAC Prep + Prime Lip under my chosen lip product for the day.

Usually by drinking lots of water, and moisturizing my lips with Vaseline or ChapStick®. I sometimes exfoliate my lips with a homemade sugar, honey, and olive oil scrub. Most importantly, a sufficient daily intake of water is key.

Everything you said, Christine! Drinking water, and lots of it, is enormously helpful! Quality lip balm also makes a noticeable difference. Ever since I began using the Jack Black lip balm at bedtime, I can feel the difference, JB is great for overnight renewal and protection. One other thing I add is a high potency Omega 3 fish oil supplement. It hydrates from within and is so good for dry skin and hair.

*Gently brush lips with soft toothbrush to remove dry flakes
*At night, put on Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Balm
*During day, put on SPF 30 lip balm over your lipstick or gloss and re-apply often

I use Fresh brown sugar lip exfoliating scrub and a lip balm… I’m not a fan of matte lipsticks so tend to buy more moisturizing lipsticks. Right now I’m using a Josie Maran one that’s infused with Argan oil,

I prefer prevention, by drinking enough water and wearing lip balm, gloss or lipstick at all times. I also sleep with lip balm on.

Folrtunately, I rarely have dry lips. If they are really dry for some reason, I drink more water, wear a tinted lip balm or moisturizing lipstick during the day, wear lip balm overnight, and avoid mattes and other drying colors till they’re better. Medicated Blistex or petroleum jelly overnight can help a lot, especially when lips get cracked.

I agree I do the same thing with prevention especially sleeping with lip balm on.

If I do find myself having dry lips which usually happens when the weather gets colder for the first time (usually around November) I just use more lip balm and wear less lipstick during that time until they are back to normal.

I have super dry lips-Lanolin and oils are my best friends. I use a think product containing lanolin at night (recently Bite Agave lip mask, have also used pure lanolin in the past) and for day, something that has oils in it, not wax based. Right now I really like Kari Gan. I’ve also liked the Fresh ones in the past.

For lipstick, I try to use hydrating formulas. Right now I’m really liking the Armani Rouge Ecstasy, both the lipstick and the lacquer.

Exfoliate gently with a toothbrush, washcloth, konjac sponge, and/or sugar scrub, then apply two lip balms — first, something wet, like First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Lip Therapy or Burt’s Bees Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm with kokum butter or Jack Black lip balm, then top it with something very thick, like Bite Beauty’s lip mask. Lips all better by morning 🙂

If a lip color makes my lips feel uncomfortable, I’ll try wearing it over a lip primer. If that doesn’t alleviate the discomfort, I return it. If I still get an attack of lip discomfort in the middle of the day I’ll blot my lips and add a thin layer of something hydrating (like the Fresh Sugar lip treatments, or the Jack Black or Burt’s Bees balms mentioned above) on top of what I’m wearing, and mix together with a lip brush if necessary. I really can’t stand chapped lips for some reason — they just hurt!

I skip heavier lipsticks and stick to Bite Beauty lip mask at night and Korres lip butter as a base during the day with a bit of sheer lip product on top (TF or EL sheer lipsticks are great for not being drying formulas on me)

Good suggestions, Christine. I find myself having to skip my second application of lipstick after lunch and wear a lip balm instead, usually my lips are still stained from my lipstick so it still looks nice. I now have to make similar adjustments for my face and eyes in winter. When my skin starts to flake I have to go for intense moisture with no foundation (foundation on top of flaking skin looks horrible), and when my eyelids flake (yes, that happens!) I have to use a heavy eye cream and skip eye make up.

My lips are so dry especially in winter. So,I agree hydrating is #1. I recently sprang for the Hourglass lip oil which has me hooked! I use that at bedtime. In summer, ill go back to Bite’s lip mask.
When I brush my teeth at night, ill go lightly over my lips with the brush and use Fresh’s lip serum. Then before lipstick I prep with a good lip balm. If my lips are dry,I’ll do a gloss or tinted balm. If im going to be outdoors, I try to remember to protect them with a thick balm/ SPF/ scarf.

Fresh is the best I’ve personally come across. Not a fan of lanolips, overpriced lanolin / vaseline, and what used to be “wool fat” back in the day, in a store’s baby products section, for a couple bucks!

I drink lots of water regularly, so unfortunately, drinking it in the cooler months doesn’t stop my lips from drying out (annoying!). To keep dryness at bay, I try to exfoliate my lips with an oil/ sugar scrub (I like the one with maracuja oil from tarte) a couple times/ week, and keep them moisturized with a couple fave balms. I like to use Lucas Papaw’s ointment at night (it’ll seriously heal any chapping you have by morning) and during the day, I use either Korres’ potted balm and/ or the Fresh Sugar Advanced lip treatment. I also try to stick to mostly moisturizing lipcolor formulas (NYX butter lipsticks, colourpop’s sheer lippies, lipstick queen, etc.).

Thankfully, I usually only get dry lips when I’ve been sick. I fix them by drinking plenty of water, exfoliating with a lip scrub (Fresh or Bite Beauty) and using a good, clean moisturizer. I always avoid chapstick, petroleum jelly or anything with mineral oil. So that means I use coconut oil or a natural lip balm (love 100% Pure’s).

Actually, it’s not true that drinking lots of water hydrates the skin. Yes, it’s good for you. But it doesn’t hydrate the skin. As for treating dry lips I gently scrub them with Vaseline and a toothbrush. I then apply a mix of Carmex and Rosebud Salve. Works like a dream.

1. Drinking water and making sure I take my supplements
2. Lightly exfoliate with acid or my toothbrush
3. When I’m cash flush, By Terry… When I’m poor, Sea Buckthorn Oil and Burt’s Bees
4. Use Burt’s Bees and Fresh’s tinted balm in the day

As for products, I asked my doctor because I had tried so many products mentioned all over the internet, blogs, etc. – everything was creamy but nothing really worked. My doctor said Aquafor would work and it did! It’s not a glamorous product but at least it works : ) I rarely have a problem but when I do I use Aquafor.

I asked this question in a longer form, and it wasn’t chosen.
I wanted specific product answers and what you all out there do to care for your lips. Usually no one ever divulges what products they use or otherwise they say something like “I just use a really good lip balm!” It infuriates me because there are actually goldmines of products out there that can be hard to discover without trial and error.
I’ve tried nearly everything Sephora sells, and drug stores, too.
My current fave top 5……Bobbi Brown lip balm in the chic silver screw on tin, Bite Beauty Agave lip mask, (heat up the tube, ladies, it comes out much easier,) Fresh Sugar Intensive lip treatment, Malin+Goetz Mojito Lip balm, and MadeOn Natural lip balm in Peppermint it only has 4 ingredients shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax, and Peppermint essential oil, imo not as waxy as Burts Bees.
I’ve tried everything on the planet, it seems, and I drink a tremendous amount of water every single day and it makes no difference in my lips always being dry and easily chapped.
Tip I recently read that scrubbing your lips with your toothbrush isn’t good to exfoliate them, because lip skin is way more sensitive and much more prone to damage than eyelid and undereye skin! I like Fresh Sugar lip scrub, and a DIY type in tubes that I buy on
Thanks, Christine, I hope that you allow me to throw my hat into the ring! 🙂

Have you tried a lipbalm with SPF in it? Maybe your lips are dry and chapped from sunburn? My lips are very sensitive to sun, so in daytime, I always wear Carmex SPF15 lipbalm, or else my lips will crack and dry up even if they are only exposed for 10 minutes. I’ve heard that the sun does a tremendous amount of damage to the lips as they have almost no melanin at all, and shiny lipglosses/balms will only intensify the sun’s rays and increase the burn if there’s no SPF. Just a thought.

I’ve also nearly tried everything that Sephora and drugstores sells and nothing worked. I recently figured out peppermint anything dries out my lips. Actually, nearly anything scented or flavored dries them out. I like Dr. Bronner’s Organic Lip Balm in Naked but in a pinch, unscented lotion or cream works. The trick is to make sure to use the balm when my lips are damp or wet–to trap the water into your lips (same concept as lotion right after showering on damp skin).

That sounds very frustrating. Is it possible your dry lips are related to diet, or a sensitivity or allergy to something? Maybe it would help to consult a dermatologist, if you haven’t already. I hope you can find something to help you. I’m sorry I don’t have product recommendations. I just use drug store balms like Blistex, eos, Burt’s Bees, etc. Thanks for sharing your recommendations. Best of luck to you.

I have lips that chap really, really fast. I have to get something on them within a couple of minutes of eating or brushing my teeth or there will be trouble. So I have lip balms all over the place, but in 50 years haven’t found anything that makes the problem go away. I especially like the Fresh Sugar lip balm under lipstick (even under lip primer if I’m using it). I keep the Palmer’s swivel stick next to the chair where I sit to eat, and use it after eating — even between dinner and dessert if I’m going to wait a few minutes! That’s another really good one. For extra moisturization at night I’ll use a bit of the First Aid Beauty lip conditioner topped by the Bite agave mask. Lanolin and petroleum jelly are probably the most effective ingredients for preventing moisture loss from the skin, but not necessarily for making the lips feel good — it seems to be a very personal thing. I also use Burt’s Bees lip balms (I like the Ultra Conditioning version better), Jack Black lip balm, MAC and Ardency Inn lip primers, a sample of Yu-Be that I got — mixing it up a bit seems to help in my case. And I just won’t wear lip colors that make my lips dry out even if worn with a primer. And I think all skin scrubbing should be done gently, whatever you use to scrub with.

As I’ve posted and many doctors themselves have said, drinking lots of water is good for but it does NOT hydrate the skin. I don’t understand why people continue to perpetuate this myth.

I have this problem during the winter and NOTHING works (drinking tons of water, exfoliating, expensive lip products, etc all failed me). I finally stumbled onto those tiny Vaseline lip therapy made with cocoa butter and my lips don’t hate me. Best part: they only cost $0.99!

Pure lanolin is the best, it’s a total barrier therefore keeps the moisture in. Instead of trying to put moisture in it prevents moisture being drawn out of the lips. A must for cold weather

I’m a freak about my lips. I don’t like the feeling when they start to get dry, so I make sure I’m always moisturizing them and exfoliating. I love elf’s lip exfoliator, because it does the job and then moisturizes my lips. If I forget to exfoliate I will do it when I’m washing my face with the buffer pad. My favorite lip balms are from nivea: Kiss of milk & honey (when I’m doing my makeup) and kiss of shine (in my purse makeup bag) its perfect for wear a gloss with.out the fuss but it makes.your lips feel incredible!

I drink a ton of water and skip out on lipstick. I’ll opt for straight up Burt’s Bees chapstick on bare lips, or, if I want to look a little more dressed up, tinted balm.

I have chronic dry lips! Terrible! If I wear lipstick, even the most moisturizing, I can only wear it one day a week. If I wear it more often, I pay the price of major peeling, dry lips. I coat my lips with Aquaphor ointment every night before I go to bed and on non-lipstick days, I wear tinted lip balm.

I swear by Victoria’s Secret glosses to keep my lips from cracking. My lips are almost always dry, and this stuff has beat out Carmex, LipMedic, Chapstick, Burts Bees, and lasts longer than MAC glosses. I also have a VS lip scrub that I use once a week.

Use an oil based lip scrub before showering or bathing. I like Bliss’ Fabulips, but ELF’s cheapie lipscrub is just as good.
Apply a heavy duty lip balm every night before sleep. I like Nuxe’s Reve de Miel, but if you’re on a budget Neosporin’s Overnight Renewal Therapy for lips is great too & can also double as a heavy duty eye cream.
Wear moisturizing lip products during the day. Estee Lauder Pure Color lippies are fabulously long lasting & as moisturizing as a balm. Chanel Glossimers are a great long lasting lip gloss & are quite moisturizeing as well as diguising a multitude of lip problems (peeling & or chapped lips).

I stay hydrated to keep healthy, which has the added benefit of helping out my lips. I always have some Burt’s Bees lip balm on hand, and occasionally use Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm or Smith’s Rosebud Salve (tube form) at night if I need extra moisture. I use a lip scrub when needed as well. But I don’t wear lipstick all that often so I don’t need to do a ton of work to keep my lips from getting too dry.

I have dry mouth because of medications so I have to be diligent. I am constantly sipping on water. Even with a cocktail or wine, I sip.on a glass of water.
I love Chapstick day and night lip balm. It’s double ended with a blue cap for night and yellow for day. I always use it at night and first things in the morning. I also like Laura Mercier lip balm and EOS mint balm for the rest of the day.. The latter two are used when I’m not too dry. I also find drying lip products to be very uncomfortable so gravitate to more moisturizing or at least neutral formulas.

I have dry lips due to medication. If I scrub them they sometimes bleed and after trying everything on the market I got the only fix that ever worked for me. By mistake I thought I was getting a cream and it ended up being a balm its the Elizabeth Arden Original Eight Hour Cream. You put it on and you can eat and drink and it will stay on and will do magic to your lips, like serious magic. Hope it helps someone 🙂

I am definitely guilty of not drinking enough water, so this is a frequent issue of mine. I usually ramp up my water intake when my lips are especially chapped, use a lip scrub from Lush, Mary Kay or a DIY honey and sugar one, and slather on either the Dr. Lipp Nipple Balm during the day or the C.O. Bigelow Night Balm in the evenings. These are seriously the only two products I’ve found that effectively heal my dry, chapped lips.

Wearing a good lanolin/petrolatum blend at night usually fixes everything for me (even when my lips have gotten so bad they start bleeding). Bag Balm is dirt cheap and does the trick, but the taste is admittedly a bit funky. I’ve wanted to try Jack Black, but peppermint really irritates my lips and I’ve heard their standard flavor is extra-minty–are their fruity flavors less irritating?

If my lips aren’t bleeding-bad, a layer of petroleum jelly over a moisturizing balm (I like Nivea) at night is enough to keep moisture in for the next day. Vaseline works, but TokyoMilk’s balms taste awesome and come in huge tins. 🙂

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