How do you feel about holiday makeup collections this year?

I like the additional cheek palettes and lip color sets we’re seeing this year! I feel like past years have been heavier on the eyes, so it’s nice to see variety in sets.

— Christine
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I already bought a bunch of holiday sets, but I’m making myself wait until November 1st to open them. It doesn’t feel like the holidays until after Halloween. I love the sets by Too Faced bc the packaging is so cute like a diorama and paper dolls. I will probably buy more because I’m a hoarder. Yay Christmas!

I usually buy tons of makeup during the holiday season, more than any other time of the year, but very little has been exciting me this year. The only thing I’ve bought so far is Kat Von D Metal Matte, and I have EL Modern Mercury highlighter on pre-order. I thought the Estee Lauder Beckham collection was interesting though pricey, Tarte did a great job on their Blush Wheel, and the Sephora Favorites sets are great for trying out different products at affordable price. Otherwise, it’s been pretty disappointing. I keep seeing the same brands putting the same colors into so-so quality palettes ( Bare Minerals, Tarte, Too Faced, Bobbi Brown). And because it’s the holidays, there’s tons of red lipsticks, which I have too much of already. But I know more launches are coming, so fingers crossed there’s some interesting stuff coming soon

Exactly what I was going to say, seems similar to last year, the Saphora collections are great for trying thing and I bought Kat Von D metal mattes too.

It definitely is an interesting year! Color and taste wise, there seems to be something for almost everyone. I love that UD did Vice lipstick palettes instead of yet another Vice eyeshadow palette! But it also feels like a rather overwhelming amount of different offerings, as well. So it can be difficult to narrow down what one would like getting vs. workhorse items one might use far more frequently vs. those FOMO inducing, adrenaline rush goodies!

Overall, I am a little disappointed. While not all of last years holiday releases proved to be winners it did seem like there was more thought and creativity than this year. I like to invest in really special products for my makeup loving family and friends at the holidays but so far I haven’t found anything that really seems that special.

Yay, it’s my question! 🙂
First of all I think they’re coming out too early. Now even high-end, department store brands are starting to release them before summer is officially over. And drugstore brands too, I just saw an almost empty display of Wet n Wild holiday products yesterday! There’s pressure to purchase items from the holiday collections now, because they will sell out fast. I’m not ready! I haven’t made any plans for gift shopping yet, and I’m not excited about snowflakes or red and gold looks at this time. It’s 90 degrees outside in San Diego, I just can’t get into holiday mood!
Then I think I’m suffering from new product launch fatigue, something we talked about in another post recently. With new collections and products being released pretty much every month, if not more often, by almost all the brands out there, the holiday launches don’t feel special to me anymore. Nothing is very inspiring. I feel like almost everything looks very much like last year or the year before, nothing I’ve seen so far seemed genuinely unique or fresh. The only holiday collection I’m excited about is Guerlain’s and I already bought the one piece I really wanted. MAC’s nutcracker collection is slightly intriguing. Apart from that, I haven’t added anything to my wish list. I may grab a lip set or a blush palette, but the fact that they’re holiday releases will have no impact on my decision to buy.
So I don’t think I’m going to break the bank for holiday collections this year, but I guess it’s a good thing!

I agree! I live in AZ and am so not interested in holiday sets when it’s still 90 degrees (although the Halloween candy was out before mid-August and Target has Christmas stuff right next to the Halloween candy already), and there are too many “new” collections released too often. I can’t believe how disinterested I am in this year’s collections. It seems as though companies did not put much thought into their collections–there’s nothing really new or innovative. All I’m planning to buy is the Bite Matte Creme Crayon collection. Good for my wallet, but disappointing. I miss plotting what I’m going to choose.

I completely agree with you. It seems like every year things keep coming out earlier and earlier. I’m not thinking about holiday time yet, or holiday shopping either. Most likely everything will be sold out by the time the shopping season comes around. Every time I hear about another holiday collection coming out I feel annoyed, lol. I want to enjoy fall, before thinking about winter and holiday time.

Absolutely nothing appeals to me this year except the Tarte Color Wheel, but I was waiting for it since the first Big Blush Book came out. Good for saving money and focusing on what I have, though!

Not really too into anything this year except the bite beauty lipstick set! and potentially the tarte brush set. Dunno why, but I’m not really a fan of palettes that have more than one product in it (like eyeshadows and blushes in the same palette) which a lot of the holiday sets are.

I haven’t been wowed by them at all, unlike years past when I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the palettes and other lovely goodies. Some of that (perhaps a large part of that) reflects that I simply have way too much makeup and so there is very little that is “new” or “must have” for me because I pretty much have it all already. There is a blush palette from Tarte that it lovely – the one with 6 or 8 blushes? – but I don’t need or even want that many blushes and all in one palette. I might feel differently if my makeup application spot where different – a large vanity table, for example – but it’s not.

As long as the variety and quality are there they can be fun. When they become childish or lack quality I am not impressed.

Hmmm …. some of the offerings seem quite repetitive. Still, it’s early days, so I’m hoping that something truly must-haveable will materialise ….

I like the lip sets that have come out, a variety of colors which is always nice to see. Along with a few of the highlighter palettes that came out, I like that the formula didn’t change for those.
But, the eye palettes so far – a lot of them have been neutrals which is the same thing companies come out with during the rest of the year. It would’ve been nice to see a palette with a focus on more jewel tones or just colors in general. Or if a palette was going to be neutral, maybe make some of the shades have a duochrome finish?

Too many repeats and too many neutrals overall for my taste; however, I realize that many if not all of the sets are intended as gifts, so the recipients probably wouldn’t think so and would be thrilled.

I’m only springing for Too Faced’s Grand Hotel Cafe set, because the scent makes it different enough for me. The others are an easy pass. Been there, seen that.

I’m mixed So much is so boring and I would argue dupable with what many women already own. There are a few exceptions that turn my head:

The Kat Von D MetalMatte Palette — it’s not something I’m interested in, but I do think it’s more unique than many others and quite interesting.

Anastasia Master Palette by Mario looks just different enough that I’m likely to get it.

The Estee Lauder Victoria Beckham launch — is that holiday? Not sure, but I love that eyeshadow palette and am getting the Modern Mercury highlighter. Just don’t think they shadows are my thing and that I’d use them enough, but I think they’re a lovely offering.

Tarte Pretty Paintbox — again, no personal interest, but I think that could make a really nice gift for a younger woman without much of a collection.

The Anastasia palette by Mario is the only thing that remotely interests me so far. I am a hard sell, though, since I’m picky about my lip and blush colors. Value sets rarely appeal to me as there are always shades that are way too dark for my complexion.

Overall, really unimpressed. Almost everything is a neutral palette, or subpar quality, or both. I like most of what Urban Decay has put out, and I’m drooling over the Full Spectrum. I’m also liking Kat von D’s holiday offerings, and the Tarte Color Wheel. Otherwise, I’m feeling pretty “meh.” It’s probably good, as that saves me money. We’ll see what else gets released.

There’s a lot of highlighter palettes this year. I’m not a huge fan of highlighters, but the palettes look great. Especially the Bobbi brown shimmer bricks. BB palletes look very versatile, so I’m interested in that one. Also, benefit has a few sets that seem like good values. I’m definitely waiting for MAC holiday collection.

I feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of releases. With some exceptions, I can’t tell if ‘holiday’ releases are really the only holiday pieces we’ll see from those brands. I love Fall and feel being pulled through the season by the number of make-up releases. It’s too early for holiday releases, though I do like to know what’s coming up.

That said, I bought 2 VBxEL Modern Mercury highlighters, one as a Xmas gift (‘tho I don’t consider it to be a holiday collection) and 1 Bobbi Brown holiday palette that may be a gift to me from a family member, due to it being unveiled on the last day of the store’s 15% discount on cosmetics.

I’m super interested in seeing the Tom Ford palettes, they look beautiful. I’m glad I didn’t want anything from Guerlain, since I think I want to allocate all my spare cosmetic money into Ford. I liked the diversity that the other brands brought to the table, Nars for once not dumping Laguna into a palette, to name one, I think companies were listening to what clients really need and want this holiday season instead of just a bunch of eyeshadows in a pretty palette.

I am most excited about the cheek and lip palette that are coming out. It seems like all through the year there are dozens of eyeshadow palettes galore. I am very excited about Becca’s blush of light palette and Lorac blush palette, I can’t decide between the two.

I wonder about holiday sets because the colors don’t necessarily seem so seasonal to me. The only one I got so far was the Meteorites because I thought it would enhance my gold complexion and because I feel like I’ve got enough makeup. I like palettes and small Sephora boxes to try new things and for travel. Though I know many people didn’t like Hourglass’s palette last year, I absolutely loved it and still have a lot of product left. This year’s didn’t interest me at all. The only other thing on my wish list is the Victoria Beckham higlighter and bronzer.

I’ve been doing pretty well at not getting sucked in since holiday sets tend to cater to people needing to build up their core collections – lots and lots of dupes for me – but I pulled the trigger on the Tarte Paint Palette Collector’s Set yesterday at Ulta for my last extra birthday points and I’m SO glad I did. Tarte is usually a big win for me but the shadows are really great quality, unlike a lot of holiday sets, and the face powders are great too… I can’t wait to play with it this week!!!

Meh. I bought a lot last year. I’m not going to buy a lot this year because I’m not seeing much new. I don’t want any more drying matte lippes, neutral eye shadows, bronzers, blushes… Sad but true.

This year nothing much has inspired me enough to actually purchase. I did get the Sephora Glow set, though. I seem to be in a practical frame of mind lately. I hope it passes before I go to NYC in a couple weeks. Lol.

I’m not really impressed or interested with anything so far. Everything looks like last year’s except with a slight variation in the packaging. ABH Mario palette and Dior Rouge lipsticks are seriously the only things that interest me. I’m suffering from shopping fatigue and I’m perfectly fine with that. I need to take it easy on my credit card.

I usually don’t fall for holidays sets only if I get excited by a new color offering especially in eyeshadows. Pretty much have every color under the rainbow and tired of seeing thousands of nude palettes competing with each other. Too light. Looting doesn’t do much on me since I’m a ghost/pale. I love bright colors instead and yes some nudes but already have so much of everything blushes, lipsticks, brushes. Wouldn’t mind if Santa jumped down my chimney with a huge bag of NARS, the Alice in Wonderland book aww so pretty! And some other beautiful stuff. Oh! Marc Jacobs designs are so pretty. ?

Most of what I’ve seen, I can easily do without, but I do want the Tarte Color Wheel, the UD Full Spectrum, and the KVD Metal Matte palette. Other than that, forget it… there’s so much of the same old, same old and so many palettes I can dupe at least twice with what I already have.

Up until last week, I thought they were boring – same old, but with the advent of some new offerings by UD, Kat Von D and ABH – I think will be great.

I think it’s come out WAY WAY too early! Can we just enjoy and get past our Canadian Thanksgiving and Halloween first! Humf!! Really it’s become redic!!! In a way I’m thankful that I’m on a tight budget and I can’t really indulge this year and I’m allergic to Too Faced’s scented palettes (thank God I can still enjoy their 9-pan palettes otherwise I’d be in mourning! Lol) and UD’d shadow formulations, so I’m not tempted. Because I can’t resist Too Faced adorable packaging and that Chocolate Shop would be the way to go cause I hate all the snoring neutral’s but at least that one has a variety of pops of color and softer nuanced pigments. So my predicament definitly keeps me in check! ? Besides that I like to review the products and it’s hard for me as I make editing intensive vids & work around health issues to review them in time before they go out of stock! Haha!! So that keeps It simple for me. ??

BUT if I could purchase some what would be tempting is
• the Lorac Mega Pro 3 palette as it feels like a rose gold romantic dream of a palette! Reminiscent of Naked 3 but bigger and more variety.
• Maybe the Tarte Blush Palette Color Wheel
• Bobbi Brown To Glow Shimmer Brick palette
• If it comes to Canada: Drunk Elephants Glycolic, B Hydra, Vit C set (always wanted to try them)
• Sephora Blush Bronzed and Ready to Glow Palette and the More than Meets the Eye Eyeshadow Palette
• BUT I have my eye on some NON HOLIDAY items like the NEW and AMAZING Natasha Denona 5 pan Palettes!! Those are breathtaking!!! Marc Jacobs Style Icon palettes and even Shu Uemura, their eyeshadow are gorge!!!!

Ahhh we can’t have it all!! Lolol!! So I guess I’m in the Anti-Haul Holiday 2016 club!!! If there is a club! Haha!! Check me in November, I might change my mind! ?

Holiday makeup collections in general overwhelm me. I just love makeup and color in general. The amount of releases and choices causes optic overload and I must constantly tell myself to calm down an save my money. I like color so much that I get the big color wheel books from paint stores to feast upon every year. Totally insane.

Nothing of interest so far – but anxiously waiting to see what Tom Ford releases for the holidays! Christine I hope you are able to review or at least give us a sneak peak!

ehh so far there hasn’t been much I’ve been interested in. I was disappointed in the MUFE sephora brush set, it increased in price from last year and there is one less brush 🙁 I’m still undecided on the VVB estee lauder collab, while there are some nice pieces there isn’t anything I *have* to have, though if I was a highlighter person I would be swooning over modern mercury. So far I’ve picked up a smashbox 3 piece set (gift) and the beauty blender pro on the go set which are both great deals but other than that i’ve been feeling pretty meh about the holiday releases. Hoping there is another kevyn aucoin sculpting kit releasing this year, I still regret missing out on that last year

The makeup industry is over-saturated. Too many brands, too many products. Honestly, its overkill. Seems like a new palette or collection of some sort launches every 5 minutes. I have WAY more makeup than I will ever use. Most of it is brand new. I’m going to sell it. I’d rather someone get some use out of it than have it sit in a drawer, or on my vanity, collecting dust. I’m not buying any more makeup for awhile, unless something ridiculously spectacular comes out, which I certainly haven’t seen so far this year.

I don’t know how to compare to last year, since I’ve only lately gotten into makeup in any real way, and thanks to Christine and the community because it’s a lot of fun. That noted — it is so early, and I’m quite numb because there’s just so much. A few items have inspired me (e.g., recent Kat von D palette), but on the whole most seem neutral which I don’t need more of, and of varying to poor quality. When I get more into the holiday mood, like in a month or more, I’ll come back to these announcements and reviews to see what I may go pick up.

Awesome question! I was in Ulta and Sephora the day before my birthday, September 27th (28th was my bday), and my gosh already with putting out the Christmas decorations, the Holiday special collections!!! I mean really?! Halloween and Thanksgiving ISN’T even here yet! Every year it seems like they are cramming Holidays down our throats, earlier and earlier each year. No wonder why people are happy when the Holidays are all over with! I LOVE the Holiday Season, but my gosh, the department stores seem to hurry everything. I mean school supplies and Halloween candy were out at the same time! ….. Getting back to the question. Nothing really jumps out at me in the cosmetic world this year! And I always find at least 2 or 3 things that I really do like! Hopefully, Ulta and Sephora are holding out a little bit. Maybe they do have an “ace” up there sleeves….one can only hope!

I’m sure there are more new products coming, but remember, Halloween, and especially Thanksgiving are not big holidays for Ulta and Sephora. For them to keep selling, they need to keep showing new stuff, and enticing people to buy. Sorry…retail vet here.

Not sure what qualifies as “holiday” and what’s just new or LE. I haven’t seen actual holiday themes, but I have seen plenty of new palettes and collections. I snapped up those UD Vice Lip palettes as soon as I could get them…Blackmail and Junkie. If there are more than those two out there, I haven’t heard about it so please tell me. I want that Kat Von D Metal Matte eyeshadow, and that Bite Lipstick set. Can’t wait to see what the drugstore lines are going to show. MAC has so many new launches that I can’t tell what’s even new with them, although I usually find out about them from Temptalia.

I never want all the red lipsticks that come out. Not a fan, and I get all the red lip I need in beauty boxes. And I’m surprised it’s taken this long for the major nail polish lines, like OPI and Essie, to show up with new collections.

I honestly think this holiday is a bit of a mixed bag. Everything looks beautiful, but a lot of the holiday sets are really repetitive and lack quality compared to permanent items. There are some things I plan on picking up and do think are worth it, including:
*Bite Beauty Perfect Bite Set: I love the amuse bouche formula and rarely get through full size lipsticks, so I love the idea of mini’s!
*Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Rose Quartz and Blushed with Light Palette: Love the colors!
*Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush Palette Color Wheel and brush sets: The blush palette is such good quality and good variety. Love their brush sets this year!
*KVD Metal Matte Palette: Colors are so unique, so it’s a stand out!
*Lorac Mega Pro 3: Not the most unique in terms of shade range, but the quality is there!

Hi, In the past I have not had the best luck with some Holiday makeup collection/products, especially the Holiday eyeshadow palettes. I would find that the Holiday eyeshadow palettes did not have the same quality as the brand’s regular eyeshadows. Therefore, I have avoided the big Holiday eyeshadow palettes (especially those with very bulky packaging) for many years. This year though, I absolutely fell in love with all of the Too Faced Holiday eyeshadow palettes they released, including the Sephora and Ulta exclusives. I love this year’s Holiday Collection theme of “Christmas in New York”. All of the eyeshadow shades in this year’s palettes just really fit the shades I enjoy using, which are primarily neutrals with pops of color. Therefore, I splurged and bought all three palettes this year. These palettes are making me very excited for the Holiday Season, which is my favorite time of the year. ?

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