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I like me a bit o’ shimmer! But I want to have shine or gleam, not look like a greasy disco ball dipped in glitter!

I think it’s really flattering on most people and i know a lot of older women steer clear of it because they’ve been told that it accentuates lines and wrinkles but unless it’s a full on mega frosty finish, I think it works pretty well.
I showed my 50 something aunt how to use a cheap gold eyeshadow as a cheek highlighter (a very light hand with a softly bristled dome brush and lots of circular buffing) and she was blown away by how good it looked. I have also got her her hooked on BB Shimmer bricks, LOL!

I feel similar to you about shimmer. I like small glitter on my eyes, face, and lips. The only time I will wear chunkier glitter is if it’s in a lip product.

I love shimmer, I think it’s essential for the summer! But with anything, you don’t want to over do it 🙂

I like shimmer on my eyes–that’s it. A very tiny bit in lipglosses is acceptable, but I prefer a shimmer-free water/gel or creamy finish. As for the type of shimmer I like, I have to agree with you about micro-shimmer. I hate the big chunky kind. My favourite type of shimmer, however, is that intense satin-y sheen that a lot of baked eyeshadows have. I think that’s absolutely gorgeous.

Shimmer is a must for me. I am addicted to shimmery makeup whether it’s from frost or glitter. It’s a consistent part of my lineup!!!

I would rather use shimmery products for eyes & lips & cheeks that matte. Just like you, Christine, I like micro-shimmer everywhere. It gives you such a nice glow, I wouldn’t replace it with anything!

I hate glitter in any products. I’m only 21 but I definitely feel like I’ve outgrown it. I love shimmer on the other hand, but only subtle enough so that you can only see it if I am in direct sunlight.

Hey there love! I know this doesnt pretain to your post, but i want to ask you a question but i cant seem to find a link or some way to do it but this way.. and i was wondering if you could do a review on the Dior Lash Boosting Serum?

I like shimmer in lip and eye products, and soft shimmer in some blushes, but I take care not to overdo the shimmer by wearing it all at once. I think shimmer can help with giving a natural healthy look!

Lip are a free for all. Matte, shine, shimmer, glitter are all good.
I like shimmer on my eye a lot. Glitter can have its place as long as the fall out is not overly bad.
Nothing shinny touches any other part of my face.

I love shimmer/glitter/sparkle! I like it on my lid, cheeks, lips…sometimes all at the same time! lol. I don’t think I’ll wear it nearly as much when I get older, say late thirties, so I’m wearing the heck out of them. lol. I think shimmer gives you a nice irridescent glow. It just brightens me up and makes me look and feel pretty 🙂

I really generally don’t like glitter. I’m okay with fine shimmer in eyeshadow but I prefer mattes more. I really like an all matte face, and more matte eyes and lips. To me it looks more natural.

shimmer on eyes is fabulous. i don’t like it much on my skin, but i like it on other ppl sometimes. glitter can be ok (i’m addicted to UD, it comes with the territory)… but i prefer just shimmer. glitter in lip product is good for certain times, but usually i go for shimmer, glossiness or just plain matte lipstick.

i like shimmery eyeshadow (NOT glittery though), but i dont like shimmer on my face. maybe a tiny, tiny bit in a bronzer or blush but not in every face product I use.

I love shimmer on my eyes and a little bit on my face. Glitter on my eyes is okay but the fall out is irritating during application and during the day.

As for lips, I steer clear from chunky glitter. I can do shimmer/frost on my lips but I’ll dab it on, not slather, with lipgloss. I do have some MAC frost lipsticks but they aren’t like the highly-reflective frost kind.

I love shimmer, but only on the cheeks and lips. I have a phobia of getting shimmer into my eyes. Also, where can I get MAC’s petticoat Skinfinish? Macy’s and Nordstrom sold out of them. Thanks.

I love it when a product leaves an illuminating sheen on eyes or cheeks, but I don’t like glitter all over the place.

Shimmer on the eyes and lips are right up my ally but I list a fresh looking, matte face… That’s the main reason why I don’t buy MSF’s and lean towards matte blushes. They look gorgeous in the pan, but shimmer on my face isn’t for me. lol. Christine I have a question that has nothing to do with this post (but want your opinion).. what pencil sharpener do you recommend? I’m looking for one that will sharpen without wasting the product. Thanks =)

Micro shimmer indeed! Glitter is ok only in nail polish – and even so, I rarely wear those.

Shimmer for me has to be subtle and for a dressy kinda day; shimmer and casual does no go together for me.

i love it on my eyes and body but thats about it. speaking of shimmer..Christine have you tried any of the shimmer powders from the mac all dolled up collection..if so how did you like them…or not.

I love shimmer! I feel like it just brightens up my eyes and give it a bit of a twinkle.

Im not a big fan of the big chunky glitter at all. For some reason, when I think of glitter and beauty products, I think of 12 year old girls with body glitter and lipgloss glitter that goes on unevenly and clumps. Eww.

i like face highlighters and I LOVE dazzleglasses but eyeshadow needs to be satin finish and blush needs to just have a sheen.

I love products with some nice shimmer in. Very flattering in general. Right out glitter I think looks best on drag queens and Haloween dress ups.

I agree with Christine on the lip thingy. Some bolder glittery stuff has a place in my make-up collection too.

Yes on eyes, especially if it’s microshimmer. I like matte cheeks because I have mega huge pores and oily skin. I can stand a little shimmer on my lips but still prefer matte/satin/creamy finishes more. 🙂 i put glitter only on my nails 🙂

I used to love shimmer. I couldn’t get enough of it… the more, the better! Now I like a touch of shimmer, but I definitely favor more satin and matte shades. It’s strange how things change like that! Now I’m left with all these shimmery shades that I don’t know what to do with…

I love some shimmer, but not an overdose. I love blushes like Peachykeen, that have a light shimmer / sheen and I adore pigments, like Naked, that have a nice bit of shimmer without being chunky or glittery.

I don’t think I am too fond of shimmer or glitter….especially on my face. Nars Orgasm was too shimmery for me so it got returned. I also don’t like it on my lips – if a lip gloss has more shimmer than color then that really turns me off!

I like a little bit of shimmer that is very faint. I don’t want to look like I have glitter all over my face.

I also don’t like real bigs bits of chunky glitter…
I like pearlescents… maybe even a touch of shimmer. But the only time when glitter is my friend is when I’m using glitter liquid liner, and that’s a bit rare.

I’m not particular fond of shimmer. I already perpetually have a natural sheen to my face because I have combination skin. The most I can tolerate are MAC’s Sheertone Shimmer formula for blushes. I don’t use highlighters or liquid shimmers, I just find that they make me look greasy. I don’t mind shimmery lipsticks but shimmery lip gloss on the other hand…

Im not a big fan of shimmer. I only buy matte lip and eye products but i dont mind shimmering face products for highlighting and for fun. Also for some looks i think you need shimmering eyeshadow

I like it almost too much…

I have lots of shimmery loose eyeshadow pigments and sparkly Mac glosses, but I guess it’s not a good idea to wear them together.

i love shimmer but in the RIGHT places. I always put a little shimmer on my cheekbones, inner corner tear duct, and brow bone. But that’s about it. I don’t want to look like boogey fever!

I don’t really like shimmer. I like shimmer on the lips and sometimes on my eyes but I avoid any face products with a lot of shimmer. I will wear a MSF as a highlight or blush if there is not actual glitter. I like my makeup (especially on my face) to look natural.

Love it in all its forms. . . but that doesn’t mean I don’t love a good matte every now and then too. 🙂

I am on the eternal quest for all cosmetics that have “subtle” or as you say Christine, micro shimmer. I love it in all products, even mascara. The chunky glitter is a no no. Especially for me, over 35 yrs old. The biggest dissapointment to me this year was Nars Super Orgasm blush. It was like a disco ball exploded on my face. MAC makes some good shimmers and so does Smashbox.

I love shimmer everywhere. Eyes, lips, cheeks, eyebrows, nostrils, the bottom of my shoes, you get the picture. Chunky glitter though… It’s more of just a lip specific product.

I love all shimmer. I love glitter too, just only a touch on my eyes though, like with Urban Decay glitter liners. But I adore shimmer.

I’m with Christine: Micro-shimmer, especially on the lips can look luminous and beautiful. Otherwise, I can’t stand shimmer, especially frosted or really white shimmer. It just looks wrong on me and on most people I’ve seen it on.

I only like shimmer when it’s subtle and not all over the face. If I use it in my eye make-up, I don’t use it on cheeks for example. Otherwise it’s a bit too much and distracting for me and I don’t really like that.

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