How do you feel about movie or franchise-based collections?

I like them overall, assuming there is decent to good quality driving the products (or in line with the quality level I’d expect from the brand doing the collection). If it’s poor quality, then it just seems like a money grab. I also like to see the brand demonstrate knowledge of the movie/franchise with the packaging, colors, and naming schemes.

— Christine
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I was sitting here thinking about the answer to this question and I realized that except for a lipstick from the MAC Star Trek collection I have never purchased anything from a collection. I think that certain movies/franchises lend themselves to becoming a collection. They have beautiful colors, interesting themes and iconic art work. I think that the types of movies/books/music that I listen to don’t lend themselves to being a capsule collection. I would only buy if the products were suited to me as I don’t buy makeup just to collect. It would also have to be something that I love and the products would need to be good quality. I would have purchased more from the Star Trek release except I wasn’t wowed by the collection. I want to be wowed when a collection that reflects the movie/franchise comes out. I feel like so many have been lackluster and a real missed opportunity. It feels like they were thrown together just for the money and like Christine, I wonder if some of the producers of these collections even know anything about the inspiration.

When they’re done right, with real forethought, proper thematics​ in names and design scheme, and done in a time sensitive manner, they can be awesome! I love it when the quality is spot on, too. But that’s when ALL the pieces come together just right.
More often than not, there are some blips, though! One of the most disappointing ones was Covergirl’s take on Star Wars. Yikes! Lorac’s POC had the design and names down pat, but the eyeshadow palette wasn’t exactly as stellar as it could have been. Although at least it looked like it belonged to its franchise!

I’m not into movies so much that I would buy a products just for the franchise name, with very few exceptions. I did buy a couple of Covergirl Star Wars collection items, but I was disappointed (lipstick smelled and tasted awful, I didn’t like the mascara brush), so I wouldn’t purchase something like that again unless I’m sure the products are great quality.

I can’t think of any that have appealed to me. I think I’d be more interested in the color story and packaging, if anything.

When they’re done right, they’re a lot of fun, and speak to my inner nerd. I think indie brands do a really good job with these. And I’ll admit, I totally geeked out over the UD Alice TTLG Collection’s packaging. Even though the eyeshadows weren’t all stellar, I was happy enough with palette and lipsticks to purchase them, and I don’t regret it.

Most of them feel like a money grab, though: Token packaging ( for ex.: MAC Cinderella), products that don’t make sense or capture the feel of the movie (for ex.: CoverGirl’s Hunger Games), or products that are more cheaply made and poorer performing that a brand’s regular lines.

It doesn’t affect me one way or the other although I also see a pointless money grab (MY money, in the end) going to a franchise that has nothing to do with me or makeup, for that matter. I think the last (and possibly the only) “movie franchise” item I have is the UD Pulp Fiction palette (I think that’s the name – see, I’m so not interested that I had to stop and try to remember what the film connection was and I could still be wrong) – and I only bought that one when it was marked down to half price at Sephora and I bought it for the colours, not the film connection. I have recently purchased the (reformulated and now permanent) Mrs. Mia Wallace lipstick but, again, it had nothing to do with the film – it could have been called “Pretty Wearable Red” lipstick and I’d have bought it! My favourite Audrey Hepburn movie (besides The Nun’s Story and I can’t see a makeup tie in with that one) is Charade but even if a “Charade” collection were to be released, the tie in wouldn’t have me out there buying the collection.

If they did an incredible black liquid liner, some false lashes, a couple of nude lipsticks and a shadow palette in the color scheme of Hepburn’s outfits? With bold geometric retro packaging? I would be SO up for that. đŸ˜‰ … If the quality was there.

(Hello, fellow Charade lover!)

If she were alive today, she could walk out in one of those amazing outfits (the sheath dresses with the 7/8ths length coats) and be the most fashionable person on the street (but, heck, there wouldn’t be much competition – ripped jeans? belly baring tanks….). I adore that movie and, for years, I thought it was directed by Hitchcock. But what a film – it’s got everything – humour, romance, mystery on top of mystery and such class!

I love Audrey and all her styles throughout her career (and her films), but when Hubert de Givenchy said he wanted to sell the perfume he’d developed for her, she exclaimed, “Je l’ai interdit” (“I forbid it!”). So L’Interdit (“forbidden”) perfume was christened. I don’t think she’d go/have gone for a collection intended to mimic her look. (I just love her, on and off the screen.)

BTW, Mariella, I think your comments are spot on. I almost got the Pulp Fiction palette even though I hate the film, but it looked like a great, practical item. That’s the only way I’d buy a franchise-connected item

Oh, I know….and he actually had serious reservations about taking the role as he felt he was too old to play a romantic lead opposite her. Thank goodness he was persuaded otherwise.

Pretty much what you said. I am influenced by the ‘topic’ of the collection, though. No Lorac B+the B, but yes to some POTC. After all, Jussi Sperling (Jack Sparrow) is my dog. So how could I not have a greige lip with his name on it? Wore it yesterday, in fact. No Disney tie-ins. Yes, a tad of Rocky Horror. Think I only go for them in something I’d like to commemorate, and then only if the specific product was decent and suited me.

I’m bored with it. Good quality or not, it’s a quick money grab. In reality, it means the brand lacks any imagination, creativity or originality. About the easiest thing a company can do is slap a movie theme on it and name its products around it. Yawnnn! Trolls, Beauty and the Beast, Pirates of the Caribbean, Alice in Wonderland.’s all so boring!

I totally agree. I find them silly money grabs more suited to kids and preteens, and I can’t think of a single one I thought even mildly interesting.

They’re fun. I love them from a design point of view. Two collections that immediately come to mind—the Beauty & the Beast and the Pirates of the Caribbean palettes—are so pretty, both the packaging and the color selection. But I have yet to see one that I’d actually want to buy and use.

To me they lack inspiration, are often poor quality, rushed jobs, and are usually a money grab for both the brand and the franchise. I’d rather look at photos of the makeup from that movie and try to replicate it than fool myself into thinking I can “get the look” with the collection. I can almost guarantee that the artists on set weren’t using these products, why should I? I think it’s so easy for them to look at a promo photo, slap some colors together, put a logo on it, and call it a collection. There’s little to no development or quality assurance. Overall, a pass. Which is a real shame because I’m a huge nerd and I’d probably buy makeup themed around my favorite movies if I wasn’t so cynical.

I love them! I’m a huge movie junkie, and it makes me so happy when a brand comes out with a movie-inspired name or collection. I’ve honestly bought products just because the name of them was a movie character, like the liquid lipstick shade Veronica from ABH, since Heathers is my favorite movie.

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Movie based collections would make sense for me if it were about a look from a certain era like the 20’s or 30’s so if it were off of a movie and look of the actresses in the movie from a certain era maybe yes but otherwise it makes no sense to me and so far I haven’t been interested at all.

I like them in general, but they can be pretty inflated price-wise. Case in point, I REALLY want the Luxie Beauty Wonder Woman brush set, but it’s $95! I can’t afford that and per brush it’s WAY more expensive than even their highest price brushes. I feel like brand know fans can be duped into spending more money that they should have to because there are a lot of times not many items in terms of merchandise for a particular topic.

Personally, they don’t really do anything for me – perhaps because they are aimed at a different demographic.
More often than not, there is extra attention paid to the packaging than to the quality of the products -especially if it involves an eye shadow palette. However, the lipsticks and nail colours are often shades that relate to the overall theme.

Honestly, I don’t think they are ever executed quite as I’d hoped, or the movies/celebrities they select don’t make sense to me. The only movie collections I’ve been excited about have been OPI nail collections: Muppets, Pirates of the Caribbean, James Bond, Breakfast at Tiffany’s– to name a few– have really sparked my interest in the past.

Hmmm? I enjoy seeing them but not necessarily purchase. I did get the Barbie brushes at Walgreens the black and white handle stripes and pink bristles were too cute to ignore. I would have also liked the Cat Woman in red collection of brushes these all look like made for kids rather small but I have an oval face and lets be honest they are fun! Almost fell for the Queen of Hearts makeup bag at Rite Aid but resisted buying it and now I regret it. I love that character. Lol! Just for fun but I’m not a big movie follower myself so I wouldn’t spend tones of money on movie makeup releases that are probably not as great and pricey.

I love them!! I remember when Smashbox made a ‘Burlesque’ makeup vanity, and the limited edition blush (Fusion Soft Lights in Tease) in it was amazing. I still dream about it! I wore UD revolution lipstick in ‘Mrs Mia Wallace’ from the Pulp Fiction collection. Not only do I love the movie, but it’s the perfect red for me!

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