How do you feel about most brands skipping "fall" specific releases and heading to holiday instead?

I wish we had real fall-inspired collections, especially since holiday collections have really stagnated.

— Christine


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Mariella Avatar

Fall is my favourite season of the year, as I’ve said here so many times, so the fall releases were/would be my favourites, though I also realize there’s only so much you can do that’s “new” with shades of brown, sludgey green, copper, warm red lipsticks, etc.

I remember many, many years ago (perhaps late 70’s because I wasn’t yet married), Estee Lauder – the leader back then in seasonal collections – still had Karen Graham as their “face” and they had a collection that featured apples in the background and I bought a blush (still have it, I think, tucked away somewhere, though the case has broken entirely and the name has fallen off) and a lipstick that was my favourite browned red lipstick and which I think was called Datenut Red but the name of that has also fallen off. The visual memory of that ad and those products is still so strong all these decades later!

Nina Avatar

I remember that lipstick and Karen with the apples and tons of hay. I loved the Lauder counter around autumn and Christmas. Every inch was taken up with beautifully boxed treasures. Everything smelled of Youth Dew (I still use the bath powder). They had beautiful gold cases for their lipsticks. It was like a cosmetics wonderland. I could get lost walking around and around looking at everything. 1977. Nice memories 🤍

Sydney Avatar

Generally, I’m for fewer releases and would happily see brands skip certain seasonal releases. I have never been tempted by any Valentines release, for example. But, I love soooky season and I love to see Halloween collections. That being said, none of the Halloween makeup I’ve seen so far has tempted me. I’ve reached a point in my makeup habit where I can take a breath and remember that if it’s a color story I absolutely love, I probably have dupes on duped on dupes in my collection. So, cute spooky packaging doesn’t mean I immediately whip out my credit card.

Cherie Avatar

Autumn is my favorite season- everything about it. I find the colors around me inspiring — the makeup releases, not so much. Chanel did have a collection a while back that I absolutely loved. I feel like many brands skip this season and stick to spring, summer and holiday releases.

Rachel Avatar

Honestly I’d rather have gorgeous Fall themed products than holiday. I don’t really care for holiday themed makeup packaging, it’s only cute/relevant for a brief period so I never purchase any. The quality is usually meh too. And I’m much more inspired to create looks for the whole fall season. “Holiday” looks usually mean green/red/gold/silver in some combo and it’s just not a vibe to me.

Codename Duchess Avatar

Eh I have cool undertones so the prospect of fall toned makeup (which usually means lots of warm browns, copper, gold, rusty reds, mossy greens, etc.) doesn’t excite me at all. There are no shortage of fall-appropriate palettes put out all year long anyway, even if they don’t come in fall themed packaging.

Nikki Avatar

Fall is my favorite season and I love to see earthy, fall-inspired collections that are less about the glam and glitz of the holidays. Those types of cor stories look better on me, too – kind of muted/grungy look

Lucy Avatar

Why do we need so many collections? If you asked me no company should release more than twice a year. And if it was my call I would eliminated seasonal collections alltogether and keep only semipermanent lines. I find fast beauty super wastefull and often only mediocre. Give me fewer well tought makeup releases instead off several remakes of the same color schemes with different packaging

BrandiD Avatar

I don’t mind if brands only release one collection for the whole fall/holiday period, but I wish they didn’t go for the cheap gimmicky packaging or lackluster quality. I’d also prefer more actual fall colors, rather than the brights that seem to come out for the holiday season. This holiday season has me disappointed so far; I’ve only seen one eye palette that is even remotely interesting and everything looks very thrown-together. Even brands like Too Faced that normally have cute holiday offerings have phoned it in this year. On the other hand, I guess my wallet will benefit?

Ana Maria Avatar

In a way I don’t mind having no fall themed release. I’m not a fan in general of season or holiday inspired launches… I couldn’t care less of they didn’t existed at all.
For me the issue is more having holiday releases in September. And it’s not just beauty… the second September started my local grocery store had Halloween and Thanksgiving decor out!
I don’t feel the need of fall collections… I just wish the holiday stuff wouldn’t come up so early.
Maybe I don’t get it because I don’t celebrate any holidays and I don even change makeup with seasons… but the Christmas stuff at least can wait until October / November.

Lucy Avatar

I’m Xmas obsessed and even I thing that is ridiculous to have Holiday decor already on sale. The fact is so early may had a lot to do with the fact tha every holiday collection looks meh to me

Adrienne Avatar

I feel mixed about it. Lots of brands seem to be releasing “holiday” collections filled with warm fall colors. And I love those colors and the fall season so much, but holiday jewel tones actually suit me a lot better. I used to lie in wait for holiday palettes every year – I’d always get whatever Urban Decay put out or if Too Faced had a good one; there was actually a great quality holiday 2017 Too Faced palette that came with a planner that’s my holy grail holiday palette. Now large colorful palettes are released constantly so there is no need to wait for this season to pick one up if that’s what I’m in the mood for. But mashing fall and holiday together is taking some joy out of both seasons for cosmetic releases as far as I’m concerned.

Nina Avatar

I think it’s nice to have autumn colors. It’s nice to see browns and greens and russet lipsticks. I can get all Christmasy, but autumn, there’s nothing like it. Leaves and gold !

Debbie Avatar

I remember the days when cosmetic companies would launch their colors for the season and the splashy ads in Vogue, Glamour, Mademoiselle and Bazaar. I would sit in the library with my notebook and make lists of every thing, then go to all of the department stores in Manhattan to see everything in person. To a young girl from the Bronx it was a thrill and seemed so glamorous. For me, Fall was the most anticipated, and I miss those days. Now collections come out every time you sneeze, and not all of them are so special.

Genevieve Avatar

I have a funny feeling that Autumn is just about most people’s favourite season, either because of the scenery, the temperature drop or both. And as people can take their holidays at different times of the year, then the whole idea of holiday palettes/releases is a bit redundant – especially as the quality is often very so-so.
So I know I am arguing for more genuine autumn releases, as they often make such a contrast in terms of shades, colours and finishes to the spring/summer collections. I realise that many of the colours have been done before (Mariella and I would have lots of those), but there is often a new combination that comes out that is totally inspiring.

Ruby Avatar

I think it’s odd! Maybe I’m too old a demographic to matter but I’m far more likely to buy Fall collections than any other. In the warmer months, I lean towards simpler looks with stuff I already have (who doesn’t have a few bronzers stashed in the drawer in any season?), but in Fall, I’m always excited to put together new looks (it is after all the time of new looks) and that includes being more adventurous with makeup. Plus as everyone else has said, Fall colors are often the most striking, creative and flattering. Holiday stuff tends to be glitzier, which is fine, but I won’t typically splurge on specialized looks that I might only wear a few times…

All that said, I assume their market research (or sales figures) say otherwise …

miss.mercurial Avatar


Even if I don’t buy a majority of it, I love fall color palettes as a “deep autumn” and want more of them.
Honestly, I would be happier with more companies doing work on great permanent collections rather than limited editions – maybe rotating in a handful of new products every season, changing packaging to suit the theme – because I feel like I’m more likely to buy from a brand that’s consistent (Sydney Grace) than I am from one that just happens to release new things ALL the time (cough Colourpop cough).

Jenny B Avatar

Fall releases have always been my favourites. Especially this year I have really been longing for collections with dark plum and even wine-red lipsticks and nail polishes, and eyeshadow palettes in similar dark colours. I know it is the same colours that we all have dozens of, but the fall collections are so inspiring – a beautiful face in harmonizing colours, ready to brave the autumn rain and falling leaves!

Brian Avatar

I think ultimately my preference would just be for all brands to be more intentional, thoughtful and dedicated to whatever they release. I also think for some brands fewer releases would serve them far better than the near constant barrage of subpar products. Make collections feel special like they used to. Make them an event, get people excited, actually put effort into the marketing and the packaging. I do think its strange that brands dont seem to notice that there is a huge hole in the market as far as fall specific collections are concerned though. They know how much some demos LOVE fall…but they never hit on that? Weird.

Alice Avatar

I wish they wouldn’t! I want more brands to do autumn and/or Halloween collections. I love jewel tones, earth tones, grungy/blackened/dusky/burnt colors, and spooky themed stuff. As you mentioned in a different post I’d love to see a collection with a theme of dead/dying flowers!

That being said, I do also agree with some other commenters that I wish brands would release less overall. It seems like fast fashion has taken over the makeup world and collections are coming out every 5 minutes, and in many cases quality has suffered.

c. blossom Avatar

If only fall release colors were actually different than the rest of the year. But more warm golds, oranges and pinks? After warm golds, oranges, pinks that launched for summer the previous winter, these “fall colors” don’t exactly make an impact.

I’d love fall to be about cool undertoned skin. The holidays used to be reliable for those colors, but not lately. Every season has turned into a warm fest. If they have a time of year that’s a hard sell anyway, couldn’t they counter program that time for more niche customers?

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