How do you feel about matching makeup to your outfit?

I don’t think I’d personally go for an emerald green eye with an emerald green shirt and pants situation, but I definitely coordinate and take some of the colors or undertones of what I’m wearing into my eye makeup! Like I might have a bit of aqua on my shirt, so maybe I’ll do teal eyeliner.

— Christine


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Lacey Avatar

I don’t attempt to exactly match, although I’ll sometimes use a color in the same family. More often, I like to use a complimentary or accent color. For everyday purposes, though, I really don’t think much about it! If I plan a look in advance, it’s usually for a special occasion.

Katherine T. Avatar

I like colorful shadows (blue, green, purple, etc) since they make my brown eyes pop, and one of the easiest ways to pull it off is to have it match or echo the same color in your outfit. So if I’m wearing a purple top, I’ll wear purple shadow/blush/lipstick, but I wouldn’t wear head-to-toe purple.

Anne Avatar

I so agree about the lip color. The ‘bluer’ the clothing (fuchsia, berry, etc.), the ‘bluer’ the lip and eye have to be. I go with a red or rose pink lip most often with colors like black, gray or navy. Like you, I don’t want my makeup to clash with the color of my clothing, which it will if I don’t pay attention to the ‘blue’ rule.

KaseyKannuck Avatar

I’ve done this. My eyeliner and crease shade would coordinate with something I was wearing, while the base was always neutral. I did this primarily to narrow down what shades I applied that day, versus trying to decide amongst a thousand possibilities!
The only time a total eye look was matched to clothing was when I was a bridesmaid in 1989. Royal blue. ?Here comes the clown…?. To this day, thinking about it makes me cringe ?

AB Avatar

I do consider makeup choices along with as a total scheme, and from there it depends. Such as if I’m wearing beige or autumnal tones, I’ll probably pick warm neutrals and a brighter pink or red coral on lips; conversely, more greys and blacks, then more colors not for contrast but for balance.

Julia Avatar

Oh lordy, I used to do this in high school and early college years – maybe that’s why I stick to only neutrals now? Trying to make amends for my past makeup sins.

I do match in the sense that if I’m having a casual day I will wear less/natural makeup or if I am dressing up I will go a little more glamorous. And if I am wearing darker colored clothes I will sometimes reach for darker eyeliner, etc.

Leslie Avatar

I always take my outfit into consideration when I choose my makeup colors. Everything from the color to the style. If it’s a “rocker” style outfit (for example), I’ll do a more bold eye with maybe a hint of sparkle and darker lips, etc. I’ll wear more natural, polished shades with a classic outfit. I’m also careful to wear warm shades of makeup if I’m wearing warmer colors in my outfit. I don’t necessarily have to match the colors themselves…just as long as they coordinate. I never apply makeup until I’ve chosen the outfit. 🙂

Mariella Avatar

I never “match”, otherwise I’d be wearing black/dark grey 90% of the time and red (and it’s no secret how I feel about red eyeshadow on me) there remaining 10%. But I do like to co-ordinate colours. I have a really orange/copper toned shadow (Amber Rush from L’Oreal) that I never wear if I’m wearing a red dress or sweater, for example, and I have to be careful to choose a blush and lipstick that aren’t too “clashy” to wear with that shade.

Wednesday Avatar

It rarely matters. I own very little clothing that isn’t neutral. I wear Ivory, White, every shade of grey imaginable (charcoal is my fav), and Black; sometimes deep reds. These are generalities: If I wear red, I will go from neutral bronzey eyes, definitely not red lips. Darker colours find me usually wearing smokier eyes and nude or mauve lips. LIghter colours has me playing up lips with brights or slightly vampy shades. I do not actually think about co-ordination much.

Lea Avatar

I tend to wear neutrals and black quite a bit as well, so I’m free to wear what I’m in the mood for. If I add brighter colors anywhere, it would be a top, or more often shoes, so I can pull similar colors and tones in with a lip color. Otherwise, my eye colors tend to be anything from bronzes, to plums, to taupes and go with everything. If I do go for something unique on the eye, then everything else will work to compliment that, but not match in a literal sense.

Mo Merrell Avatar

I have never liked my makeup to match my outfit. Being that I usually pick my lipstick first, do my face then pick an outfit – there have been times when I put on the outfit I’ve chosen, look in the mirror and say, “Damn, too matchy” and I either change my lipstick or if it’s my eye look that matches I’d change my outfit.

I actually prefer to have my makeup contrast with my clothing, I don’t know why it’s just the way I’ve been since a teenager, I can’t match to much unless I’m wearing all black.

Rachel C. Avatar

I think it works, but depends on the styling. There are so many shades and tone variations of one color. For example, I wear blush pink/ light pink clothes and deeper pink lipstick all the time. I personally don’t wear red lips with red clothes, though.

Stephanie Avatar

I usually coordinate or bring in colors from some part of my outfit or bring in colors from the same family, but I rarely go completely matchy-matchy. There are some color combos I’m not touching, though… You’ll never see me in bright pink lipstick and a red outfit at the same time, for example.

Lea Avatar

I’ve seen that color combo work (once), but I think it has to look intentional and bring the lip element in elsewhere, say shoes, to show it wasn’t an accidental mismatch. You also need to be able to pull off something that bold.

Jaz Avatar

It depends on the day, and my mood. It’s never over the top, though. For instance, I wore a wine colored sweater yesterday and I wore a wine colored Lippie as well.

Fran Avatar

I don’t try to match things exactly, although occasionally things turn out that way… on Saturday, I made a dark periwinkle lip with Urban Decay Heroine + a bit of Bobbi Dazzle, and the color was really close to the colors of the light periwinkle turtleneck and darker periwinkle plaid shirt I was wearing. So I decided to go completely over the top and wore matching periwinkle earrings, too, since I happened to have some. (Periwinkle being a really great color for me.) But usually I just wear colors that are either in the same color family or that complement each other in some way. Mainly I want the colors of my lipstick, top(s), and necklace or scarf to go together well. And of course I make sure that my lipstick and cheek colors go together well. Because my eyes are so hooded, and I wear glasses, you can’t really see my eyeshadow much from a distance, so I can take more color risks there. If I’m going to wear a pop of color that really contrasts with my coloring, I’ll usually wear it on the bottom half of my body (yellow sneakers, orange corduroy skirt), or in a scarf that’s dominated by colors that do match my complexion. That can help me pull off warmer lip and cheek colors over my very cool undertones.

Becky Avatar

I like to contrast! I wear mostly neutral eyes but I like to pair a bright coral blush with a toned down neutral outfit, or I might wear a plum blush with coral lipstick. If I’m wearing a pink top I might wear an apricot blush. I hate matchy matchy with a passion.

Susannah Avatar

Kind of depends, I wear almost entirely black clothing with an occasional touch of red, and I have over a dozen red eyeshadows so there is bound to be a bit of over lap there. Also if I’m doing black lipstick. Can you tell I’m goth lol? But really because of all the black I wear my makeup can usually be whatever and is more affected by season or mood rather than any conscious attempt at matching.

HeavyMetalJess Avatar

I do it sometimes and sometimes I contrast them. I get equal amounts of compliments whether or not I match but people do always appreciate it. I mostly wear black, though, and match some portion of my makeup to my outfit’s small hit of color, so perhaps it’s best used as a hint of the same color on both rather than an all green outfit with green makeup?

M Avatar

I usually wear black/grey/white, so like most responses I would not literally be matching all my makeup to that. However, I definitely “coordinate” my makeup to my outfit (my idea of coordination ha)… I always (on a work day or going out) am mindful of what I will be wearing when I do my makeup, and sometimes edit a bit after I am dressed.

I have a few items, mostly tops, that are “colors” or patterns… and when I wear them, then I often coordinate lipstick with the color of the top… I will try to match my lipstick to a color in a floral pattern, just because it seems fun (and I have lots of lipsticks and like to try to use them!). I will also do a green with green thing… I almost can’t believe it as I type it, but when I wear green I often tie in some green in my eyeshadow!! Same with purple. Wow. Again, it’s just kind of fun and I like playing with makeup.

LaMaitresse Avatar

I think it’s more of a complimentary look that I go for rather than a match. I’d certainly wear tones that complement what I’m wearing, which is usually black, with the odd grey, taupe and white piece, so neutral to strong eyes and a softer lip is a go to.

judy h. Avatar

Since I always wear nude or neutral makeup, it’s never a problem for me. If I have a dressy or formal occasion to attend, I go for a bolder lip color, a universal berry stain blush and maybe a dark plum eyeliner.

Glenda Avatar

Generally I’m okay with it, at least to some degree. If I’m wearing cobalt blue, not going full cobalt but I may use a deep blue on my lower lashes and neutral everywhere else.
I also tend to stay in the general color palette: warm colors on nails, lips, cheeks and eye-shadows or a warmer palette: cool pinks, reds, burgandies, with a cooler eye-shadow. That’s pretty much my level of matching.

Pami Avatar

I consider my makeup as part of my overall look, so it is tailored to what I’m wearing, where I’m going, what I’ll be doing, time of day, etc. I always feel best when everything feels harmonious. It isn’t being matchy matchy but a tone, or theme, or pulling a color or colors as an accent.

Susie Avatar

I always choose my clothes first and my OCD won’t let me NOT match, lol! I have to be in the same color family at the very least. The only exception is when I wear white, all bets are off and I enjoy different color combinations.

Wendie Avatar

I like my makeup to compliment the style I am wearing, but I do pick colors to match whether I am wearing cool or warm tones. There are some colors like gold, green, and some purples that I would wear with cool or warm colors. My eyes are hazel, so pulling out the green or gold – depending on my outfit is usually the priority.

Alessandra Avatar

I like coodinating make up and clothes: if i wear something neutral, i combine it with a bright lipstick and nailpolish; if i wear something colourful , i use neutral make up

Kayle Avatar

I usually just do boring neutrals because they “match” with everything if that counts haha but on occasion I have been known to try to match what I’m wearing! Not exactly of course but if I’m wearing a red shirt I’ll do a pop of red eyeshadow or lipstick, or for instance today I’m wearing a grey shirt with a little bit of teal on it so I threw the Colourpop Fast Lane eyeliner on to bring that accent color out more. It really depends on how spicy/motivated I’m feeling. It pains me to do stuff that pretty clearly does not match or even coordinate though.

Naomi Avatar

I tend more to have it clash with my hair. not necessarily clash, but right now I have blue hair, and I’ve been loving orange/peach/copper tones with my makeup bc blue and orange are opposites on the color wheel, and I love that look. if my outfit is super colorful, I’ll possibly pull a color from my outfit into my makeup but usually I don’t really try to match, just make it look like it goes with it. then again my style is very eclectic an mismatched!

Bonnie Avatar

That sounds awesome! Blue hair with coppery orange makeup. I bet it all looks amazing if you wear brown, gray, or black. Since I love orange toned eye makeup, sometimes I wear it with blue mascara for a lite version of your look. (A lot of jobs don’t allow unconventional hair colors, so that’s out).

Deborah Avatar

I wouldn’t want to wear light pink lipstick with a red outfit – Or pink with an orange outfit – that sort of thing. I don’t wear colorful eyeshadow but I feel some of it on others should match an outfit. Never would I wear green on green on green etc. I like colors in my clothes, on my cheeks and lips. : ) Personal choice though!!

Char Avatar

Lol. Yeeesss. I’m guilty as charged. I’m matchy matchy with my clothes & makeup. I use a basic neutral format of all over lid color, brow highlight, crease color, & an accent color. At least four colors at once blended together for a smokey eye look. I change my crease color & accent color according to what colors are in my outfit that day. So if there’s a bright color I might use it for my crease color or accent color. It just depends on my outfit. It’s sort of like Christine’s eye looks featuring bright colors. Trust me. I blend, blend, & blend. That’s the key.

RMW(Rose) Avatar

Hi Christine & Temptalia,
I think that if you overdue anything, it will just look a little too coordinated. I believe in less is more. And I am not talking about clothes. Say I was wearing a royal blue dress. I’m NOT the type of woman who would paint my nails & toenails royal blue..on top of having royal blue shoes, a matching royal blue purse, necklace, bracelet, earrings & then have my eyelids in royal blue with blue mascara and eyeliner! Major overkill for ME!! My birthstone is a beautiful royal blue Sapphire.. September. So when my husband had asked me to marry him almost 13 years ago, he presented me with a beautiful Ceylon Sapphire! It was my 2nd & last wedding in My book. The only one who knew that I absolutely DIDN’T want a “traditional” engagement ring was my Mom. So, when we were at my Mom’s house Christmas Day, that’s when he got down on one knee and asked me if I would marry him! I obviously screamed and cried out the word, “yes”! And when he put the ring on my finger, I looked down and I realized that it was my birthstone, that was very cleverly worked into a very antique setting! Now I knew that my Mom already knew about the proposal. And so did my daughter, my son, my niece & my sister…lol he got everyone’s approval! He even went to the cemetery where my Dad was buried and asked him, and yes he had video recorded it on his cell phone! … The reason why I do share some of my heart felt true stories with all of you here on Temptalia, is because we already share makeup stories, and I feel like we are friends with each other. We answer questions, we share our answers, we have alot of things in common. I love sharing the awesome moments with this group. There’s enough bitterness and negativity going on in our lives and in this World. I like to think that by me sharing a corresponding answer and tieing it all together, it makes someone smile if someone was having a “Hell Day”. That’s how I look at it. I do apologize thou if it’s too much at times. I’m just being friendly,honest, and I hope a little empowering sometimes too! ??

Angie Avatar

90% of what i have in ny wardrobe is black, rust, white, grey, red. so i figured any look would work but i generally opt for neutral when i do wear colours on my clothes and when i wear bolder eyes or lips, i go mono :/

Nicole Avatar

A couple of years ago someone taught me that it’s more about matching the depth of the makeup you are wearing to the outfit’s color, so that the intensities complement each other. Total eye opener.

Primpcess Avatar

I absolutely love it! I do it all the time and always get compliments. I do it in such a way that it’s not over the top, but still noticeable

Jade Avatar

I co-ordinate, but I cringe at the thought of actually matching. If there is a bold colour in my outfit, I try to make sure my lip colour works in somehow. Most of the time I wear things I don’t have to think about matching. Although, I am planning on wearing a dress on Saturday night, which has a lot of red in it, and I have been musing to myself which of my red lipsticks will have the right undertones

Dawn Avatar

I don’t usually attempt to match. My clothes are mostly black, brown and gray and combinations of those shades, with some muted hunter greens, some mauve. I’m more generally concerned with undertone – that my makeup isn’t excessively cool with warm toned clothes, and vice versa.

Donna Avatar

I like to match, however, I use darker muted tones in my outer ‘V’ and then use UD Firefly (color shifts from peach to pink) on inner 2/3 of lid. Like I won’t wear a bright blue with a bright blue shirt. Now if I do my eyes in neutrals I throw in an accent color like a dark blue pencil or light blue shimmer in the center of my lid.
Also, have to pick out shirt before eye color!
I wear jeans a lot so I work with the color of my shirt mostly.
All said and done I do enjoy the looks that I create.

Kyra T. Avatar

Not necessary match but I like for it to go with the outfit lol I try to add in some element or color from the outfit with my makeup? Or at least something that complements it.

Cathy Avatar

I don’t really focus on matching my makeup with my outfit, but I do opt for warmer makeup when wearing warm-toned clothing, and vice versa for cooler colours. The majority of my wardrobe is neutral anyway, so on most days, the makeup I choose to wear pretty much depends on my mood 🙂

Bonnie Avatar

I normally choose makeup first, since I have so much unused stuff that I grab something to try. Then I pick an outfit around it. I HATE matchy-matchy, but I like harmonious, and I prefer certain colors together over others. Normally, if the makeup is colorful, I want a neutral outfit, but if the makeup is neutral, the clothes can go either way. I do this with nail color too, so if I have bright pink nail color, I don’t wear any red that week, for example. I wear a lot of black and brown so clashing isn’t usually a problem.

Lucia Avatar

I always try yo match my makeup with my outfit. To have a nice harmony on your look, I must have to match everything. I’m not saying if I’m wearing a red outfit I would have my makeup all in red shades, but I will probably will do my eyes on neutral shades like beiges and browns, but my lipstick will definitely be red.

Silvia Avatar

I don’t necessarily think about matching unless I wear a certain top that I’m aware it makes my hazel eyes stand out like olive green or as purple top. For the green I like to wear gold or rose gold eyeshadows (my favorites!) with brown eyeliner. For purple I’ll wear not necessarily purple, too matchy matchy for my taste a nude color and do apply a purple eyeliner. For black and whites the sky is the limit time to have fun and get creative. I love the olive greens and purples and also with a casual dark jean top i love to experiment with my brightest pinks and reds! Contrast to this ghostly face and a beautiful pink, berry or red lipstic. In Summer I adore orange.

Helene Avatar

I have matched red dresses with red lips and red nails. There’s a lot of carrying everything around to compare the colours in different lights, when I do things like that, and that’s only for parties and such, I use minimal accessories and use black shoes and handbag. Generally this is also paired with neutral eyemakeup and black liner.
Generally I don’t match, but as I mostly wear black and grey I don’t think much about it. And just because I wrote that I feel a need to go grey monchrome tomorrow, with a cool fuchsia lipstick.
I love to see orange with pinks, reds with pinks, but you have to be really good at pairing the two or it’ll look odd.

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