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Erica Avatar

I don’t mind it having a scent like the vanilla scent of a MAC lipstick bc it doesn’t taste like anything . I don’t want my lipstick to taste like perfume nor artificial cherry or anything else

Stacey Avatar

You mean like Gucci lipsticks….soapy?
When I was a teen, I bought Bonnie Bell smackers. I also bought Maybelline liquid lipgloss that came with a roller application. They both had a smell and taste. I thought they were cool and neat. Ahhhhhh. The life of living innocently as a teenager.

Sophie W Avatar

Oh god! I was OBSESSED with smackers as a teen!i I’d apply then lick off. And repeat. All. Day. Long. God my lips where shiny(greasy more like!) and my hair was constantly sticking to them! Ahh memories!

BonnieBBon Avatar

Stacey, thank you!!! I used to go hard with those maybelline glosses that had the rollerball applicator! I was trying to get a friend of mine to remember them, and I knew if I could think of the brand I could explain them better. I can’t wait to bring her this new information! We used to buy them together with our allowance, I KNOW they are trapped in her memory ? I could SEE the bottle but not the name around it, You know when something is riiiight on the edge of your memory and days go by but you can’t let it go….or is that just me (?)…that was me with the maybelline lip glosses! The relief!!! ?Bless you!! I loved those so much!

Stacey Avatar

If the Maybelline kissing potion, that is what it is called, returned again, I would buy the strawberry flavor in a hear beat. It was like less than 2 bucks then. To me it is far better purchase than the ridiculously priced Tom Ford clutch lip balm. I rather get the a Elizabeth Arden lip conditioners; they are nice.

kjh Avatar

I’m even spreading your gospel elsewhere, about the saccharine. No need whatsoever. Not only can it add allergens or sensitizers, like limonene, linalool, citronellol, but flavoring encourages you to lick your lips. Want drier lips? No, didn’t think so. Plus, there’s the gimmick of making you want to lick it off, so you use more and buy more. Bad form, companies.

Deborah S. Avatar

I am not overly sensitive to either smell or taste so I can tolerate most of the commonly scented and flavored lip products. I would prefer them to have a pleasant taste and/or smell rather than something chemical, yuck. So, if they are adding scent/taste to mask a chemical taste/smell then I am okay with that. The one thing that is a deal breaker for me is a lip product that makes my lips and tongue numb or is aggressively prickly like lip plumping formulas. I really don’t like the mint taste that is numbing at the same time.

zeezee Avatar

most lipbalms are flavoured one way or the other so they are unavoidable if one uses them.

im currently using a bobby brown luxe lips lipstick. i like it! not so if my base product is scented i think… smell may linger too long and too close to my nose!

Tracey E Avatar

I prefer unflavored or a mild flavor that disappears quickly upon application. Any lingering or strong scent makes me feel nauseous.

Isa Avatar

I like vanilla or cake batter flavours, like KVD or MAC. I dislike anything floral or perfume-y, but I wouldn’t not buy something just because of the scent.

Isa Avatar

Oh yeah! I misread flavoured as meaning scented. Hmm, can’t say I ever noticed a taste with any lipstick, but I also don’t lick my lips.

Rachel R. Avatar

It depends on the scent, but in general, I don’t like heavy scents or cheap artificial scents. However, I think most lip products smell and taste gross –like chemicals, plastic, or play-doh — without any added scent.

Deal breakers are perfume scents, rose and other heavy florals, black licorice/jellybean, peanut butter, orangesicle, cotton candy, artificial orange, artificial cherry, and artificial grape.

I usually really like vanilla, chocolate, violet, mints, cinnamon, pear, cola, coconut or pina colada, citrus, berries, and natural fruit flavors in lip products.

Anne Avatar

I prefer unflavored, though I can handle things like the beeswax-y minty flavor of Burt’s Bees lip balm (but dislike the Mango version or the like). If something tastes too artificial and chemical-y (everything is made of chemicals, but you know what I mean) I also dislike that.

Mariella Avatar

I don’t mind it at all, so long as it is a pleasant scent. For example, the scent of Clarins lip glosses is sort of like candyfloss and I LOVE candyfloss, so I love that scent. Mind you, I also love anchovies but I wouldn’t be at all keen on anchovy flavoured lip products.

Julia Avatar

In general, I think that the chemicals used to flavor products don’t actually taste that great, so I feel it’s better skipped. The company that I buy my lip balm from does add Stevia to the “sweeter” scented varieties though, which I have to admit I enjoy!

Dana Avatar

I agree, Christine. I don’t want anything to taste like rose, perfume, soap, chemicals, or play-dough. Anything else is usually fine as long as it isn’t too fake-tasting.

Linda Avatar

For me, flavor in lipstick really depends.

I did not use Chanel lipsticks for decades (since the late 80s, not kidding) because of the flavor and scent that nauseated me. I am venturing back since I think that has been resolved?

OTOH, I enjoy the flavor of the BITE products.

Denise Avatar

I agree with you also Linda. Chanel lipstick makes me want to vomit!!!!! The smell and flavor reminds me of old lady perfume, back in the day. I am so sensitive to scents, I get dizzy at times . LOL.

AB Avatar

If something doesn’t taste good, then it’s a no go even if I like the color/product. I’d generally prefer unflavored but am ok if a product I otherwise like has a slight, not unpleasant taste; e.g., the Bite agave lip masks.

Caroline Avatar

I like MAC’s vanilla flavoured/scented lip products, but I find Estee Lauder’s are too overpowering. Therefore, I guess it depends on the product.

Kristina Avatar

I don’t care for them, it makes me lick my lips which makes them drier. Also the scent linked with the flavours are so nauseating. It’s just like difference between a yummy pastry or cinnamon roll from an artisan bakery compared to the weird after taste of Pillsbury dough ‘anything’. Know what I mean? (But I do recognize the audience for both)

As much as YSL tries to makes a RV smell like a mango it smells like really bad candy and I love candy so they really missed the mark on that one.

CatG Avatar

I guess nowadays I prefer unflavored things, but I used to really like the Bonne Bell stuff and I still enjoy a flavored chapstick now and then!

Tatiana Avatar

I have super sensitive and reactive skin and my biggest pet peeve is scent or flavoring in any cosmetic. I tried the newly reformulated Rouge Dior lipsticks in store. I swore I’d give it 30 minutes to see of the scent dissipated, but I barely made it 10 minutes before I had to clean it off.
Give me unscented, unflavored products any day. I guess on the plus side, it keeps me from buying a lot of products, so that is a lot of money saved.

Sallyc Avatar

YUCK! No flavorings, perfume or anything else. I will not buy a product with this in it. Sets my skin on fire and my nose a’runnng!

Glenda Avatar

I’d rather not have any flavoring on my lipsticks. I’ve not had any that I can recall but I rather not. I have had flavored lip balms and I’m okay with them but I still prefer unflavored.

Julia Avatar

I think they’re gross. Especially the fruity ones. My mouth broke out after using the EOS one, so I stick to Nuxe and Aquaphor.

Kylie Avatar

I cannot use them.
AND I cannot understand why so many high end lip products have this terrible artificial taste. In my mind I always think of cheap ingredients when a product has this taste.

I could write a book about how often I am so angry and dissapointed when a lip colour looks sooo good and I cannot use it because of the taste.

Silvia Avatar

I like them strawberry, lemon, mint, peach, coffee, vanilla, etc. but very light! What I hate is sticky super gross lipgloss. ?

Brenda Avatar

Last year one of the Sephora bonus gwp was a lipstick, I don’t recall which brand now. I applied it at work and thought it smelled kind of funny. As I was drinking my water for the next little while I had to take it off the smell was disgusting, a plasticy chemical smell. I went on their site and there were other complaints about it. I called the head office and they gave me extra points, seeing as I didn’t really spend any money on it at least they did something. I also called the store and told them so they would know if they got any complaints. Must have been some kind of bad batch or something.

Alecto Avatar

Most lipsticks actually do have a flavor (to me), but it’s more of a “lip product ingredients” flavor, which doesn’t bother me. As far as flavored balms, I don’t mind them in theory, except I’m not a huge fan of sweet things, and unfortunately, I’m pretty sure non-sweet lip balms flavorings don’t exist. I have a few not-particularly-sweet balms, and I’m okay with them.

BonnieBBon Avatar

I don’t mind scents as long as it’s something my childhood Bonnie Bell scent trained olfactory system recognizes as something lip products are supposed to smell like; mint, vanilla, cherry, spearmint, any berry, Dr Pepper….cuz that’s natural….but if it’s it soapy, floral or basically any non-fruit or carbonated beverage smell, no can do! I will immediately wipe it off and never wear it again. Because I’m well adjusted and always make decisions based on science ?

Lisa C Avatar

I can’t stand to have anything on my lips with a taste to it. I’m looking at you YSL!! The only reason I will not buy from them.

Tammy Avatar

It all depends on the flavor /scent. I truly despise anything mint, peppermint, or cinnamon flavored, and I hate the scent of vanilla. I’ve got two Tarte lipsticks that I don’t wear bc of the mint flavor; I ordered them not knowing about it. Marvelous Moxie (Bare Minerals?) lipglosses are the same way for me. Cherry and grape flavored glosses have always appealed to me, and I used to have a grapefuit one that I loved.

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