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I like my lipsticks to be slightly staining. It seems like it helps them wear away more evenly, on my lips. One formula that I’m on the fence about is the OCC Lip Tars, though. They stain like none other. It’s so easy to get outside of the lip lines while applying the lip tars and then the color instantly stains my skin surrounding my lips and it doesn’t come off with makeup remover.

There’s a certain level of stain that I’m okay with. I like it in the sense that it’s long-wearing and it won’t come off until I want it to come off. I don’t like cheek stains that will not come off easily with makeup remover. I haven’t found one that lasts for more than a day, but I know that I really wouldn’t like that.

If a blush is so vivid/pigmented that thought it could possibly stain entered my mind, it’s not a shade I’dever consider wearing, so it would never be something to consider… That said, even if the soft, subtle shades I gravitate to were to hypothetically stain, I don’t think I’d really care. Most of my blushes are so similar to the “average” person that it wouldn’t really make a difference day to day, and the shades also tend to be quite natural.

I don’t mind, I figure it just extends wear, and most don’t last excessively long. I’m far less amenable to eyeshadows that stain.

Well, my cheeks are naturally pink and red so… I really don’t care, I guess, haha!
(Oh, hey, I see my face in the Most Recent Looks. It’s not related to this question, I know, but I just noticed it as I was typing this comment okay skipping away now lmao)

I’m not big on them. The only time I’m fine with make-up product that stains is with lip products, and even though I love them, I want them to be easy to remove when I want them gone!

I wasn’t a fan of Tarte’s when they first came out, I bought one but it irritated my cheeks badly! I haven’t tried any since!

With powder blushes I don’t particularly mind as their typically long lasting. But if its a cheek stain that stains it drives me crazy as they seem to apply patchy.

My cheeks are naturally quite ruddy, especially my right cheek, which has this bright spot of redness right atop my cheekbone (brighter than my left) that I really can’t explain. Anything that sticks around and overstays its welcome isn’t something I’m going to like. Sure, if it’s some serious staining, I could cover it up the next day, but I don’t like the feeling of something stuck on my face. Especially since I can be prone to massive breakouts.

I’ve only tried a couple blush stain and i didnt care for them, i felt that they were hard to work with. lip stains are okay i dont feel that they last very long on me

Idk if it’s just me or the new MUFE HD blushes are really budge proof and they kinda stained my hand! I swatched a few at sephora and it was a pain to remove them with the caudalie cleansing milk! I had to rub really vigorously! Anyone else encountered that?

I’m not a fan of staining products in general.. I’d rather re-apply than have difficulty taking something off.

I’m not wildly keen on the idea, although it sepends on the colour. If it were a true poppy red rouge, I’d be less keen, but if it were a soft pink stain, I wouldn’t be *so* cut up about it.

I like the stain effects of lipstick or blush, I don’t mind that it might linger. To me at least, it ends up looking like that glow from within that tends to look more natural.

I don’t think I’ve ever used a blush that -truly- stained my cheeks. Naturally I look very washed out without any makeup on so blush is a must-do for me. I flush red naturally but only when I’m exercising & it’s not exact ya flattering look. I want to be able to fully remove all makeup too. Anyway, I’d really like to try NARS Siam even though Christine said it stained slightly! 🙂 I guess I have mixed feelings about it all!

I do not like blushes or lipsticks that stain for a ridiculously long amount of time. It can start to look strange and possibly feel a bit uncomfortable on the skin or lips.

I feel like…. oh hell no!!! I do not want stained cheeks!!!! I like to control the amount of color on my cheeks since I am VERY fair skinned and have naturally pink cheeks… I use the foundation to tone it down and add just a little blush on occasion.

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