How do you decide which products to use and wear each day?

How do you decide which products to use and wear each day? Share!

For me, it’s usually what do I need to test and when, so anything that is higher priority will get used right away. I keep everything that is ready to be tested in one bin, so it’s easy to find everything, but I usually have a good idea of what needs to be tested next.

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Things that (generally) factor in are: what color(s) am I going to wear clothing wise that day, my mood that day, where am I planning on going, or am I just mucking around in my stash getting creative! The weather plays a significant role, too. AZ can be super hot and very humid one day, and dry but even hotter the next during summer, so I adjust appropriately. During cooler weather, anything goes!

I usually check the weather the night before, figure out what I’m going to wear, then figure out the makeup that goes with it. I’m also trying to use up my liquid or cream-based products first (cream shadows, lip glosses, cream blushes, liquid highlighters) because they go bad faster.

What I want to test and review for the blog is usually what I’ll go for first. After that, I tend to gravitate towards what’s new in my stash. Otherwise I’ll pick up seasonal shades that I put in my regular rotation, and finally, dig something out of my stash if I have a precise idea of what I want for a particular look.
I’ll let the mood of the day guide me to decides which shades and what kind of look I want. The intensity will also depend on the occasion: day at home usually means very light, date night means something smoky or bolder lips.

At whim, basically!

I tend to use newer stuff for a while and then every now and then, I go through my stash and pick out several things to use for the next week or so.

If I’m in a rush, I grab the nearest neutral palette, mauve or coral blush and rose coloured lipstick and just get it done!

I go by the weather (if it’s cloudy I tend to go for bold and bright colors) and my calendar for the day. Also depending on the state of my skin. More moisturizing stuff or can it take the mattes?
I do have a bunch of stuff I need to finish too, but sometimes it’s just less fun to feel like you *have* to wear certain stuff.

I’m really bad at this. So, I’m looking forward to reading the other comments. If it’s a special occasion, I will plan a head. But, for the daily, I tend to grab what is near which leads to a lot of things getting neglected. Plus, most of my mornings are rushed and I’m just too tired to root around. I do need a better system!

I usually sit the night before and swatch stuff. I’ll build a look around a particular product. It’s usually something new, or something I haven’t used in awhile.

Yes! I do this too! I put on eye shadow colors right over what I wore for the day, knowing I will at least have a good idea of how they will look when I wear them tomorrow.

I usually just put on blush, bronzer, mascara and a lipstick. I don’t have too many of the first three so it’s not too hard until I get to picking a lipstick, because I have way more choices. Most of the time I am inspired by a look I saw somewhere and wear that color lipstick. I don’t worry about whether it matches my clothes or the rest of my makeup or anything like that, though. It’s just whatever I feel like wearing.

For me it’s mostly about how much effort I am looking to put in. I apply pretty much the same base each day, including brows, concealer, BB cream, powder and some bronzer, then I choose a blush and a highlight and some eyeshadow.

I pick eyeshadow based on how much time I have to get ready. I am more willing to work with tricky formulas or funky colors if I know I have a lot of time to make them look good, but I tend to stick to one or two pinky-neutral eyeshadow palettes if I know I’m in a rush.

I’m very boring – all my fail safe makeup like favourite eyeliner/brow pencil/blush/mascara is placed in a container closest to me so I tend to go with those items. I generally then decide what lipstick to wear based on my schedule (~8 hours = liquid lipstick, anything longer is regular lipstick because I hate dealing with chunky particles on my lips at the end of a 14hour school/work day) and the vibe I’m trying to give off. I wear a lot of black and white so clothes rarely affect my colour choices.

For work I go by what color shirt I’m wearing, but I tend to wear neutrals anyway and almost always wear a neutral blush. I try to be complimentary rather than matchy matchy (brown eye with khaki shirt instead of khaki on khaki). I try to get use out of my bolder colors at night, not worrying so much about matching. For this I go by seasons–more likely to wear burgundy and berry in fall, navy and blue in winter, greens in spring, and gold and bronze in summer. Not because I think that’s the “rule,” those are genuinely the colors I tend to “feel” during the seasons.

A look/idea/color scheme will just pop into my head, and I’ll play around with that forna few days, if I have the time. If not, I’ll grab a random, fail-safe neutral palette.

If I have an event planned, I take several days to work out my entire outfit, makeup, and accessories. Sometimes I start with the clothes, other times I’ll base it on a product or accessory.

Weather also plays a big part in the decision making. When it’s cooler, anything is possible, but when it’s exceptionally hot (like recent weeks), I have specific products I make sure to use.

as i don’t have to test as you, the factor that helps me decide is TIME, if i have time i take the time to choose what products im going to wear for the day or if i’ll use a full coverage foundation that needs more time to blend or things like that BUT if i am running late or VERY LATE, probably i’ll go straight up to what’s closer or out of the stash… it’s all under control.

I have my basics that I use everyday like foundation, primers, concealer. Then it all depends on what mood or I am wearing that day for work but pretty much everyday it is not the same as the day before. On weekends it varies as sometimes I will wear less product overall or sometimes I will go with a brighter or darker lip than I would wear to work as I tend to wear work appropriate lips to work.

There is no rhyme or reason – I stand in front of my mirror and just go with whatever feels right. Occasionally, I think up an eye shadow combo ahead of time and do it. Typically, there aren’t any prior thoughts to it 🙂

I generally base what I wear (if it’s not a “no makeup” day) on a couple of things: the weather/temperature, what I’m actually doing that day, my mood, the season (one of the ways I get in to the seasons is to wear more “seasonal” type colors), and what I’m wearing clothes-wise. Then I pick based on that.

I should probably create a flow chart for this…

At the beginning of the week I go through my dresser of makeup and select the rotation I’ll use for the week and move those items to my tain case. I select both warm and cool toned blush, eyeshadow palettes, and lipstick so that I have options within my selected rotation. Each day I select an outfit that will coordinate with my nail color. (Not match necessarily, but I’m not going to wear orange nails with a purple outfit) Then I select a makeup look that coordinates with the outfit and nails.

* Orange top, tan pants with olive green nails and gold and brown eyeshadow and warm toned cheeks and lips
*blue pants, white shirt with silver nails, mauve / taupe eyes, cool toned cheeks and lips (this is what I’m wearing today)

It sounds like a lot of work, but I think it’s a lot of fun.

It depends on what I’m doing, wearing, and my overall mood. If I’m just going to run errands, no make up. For work, full on face, colors depends on what I’m wearing. I coordinate colors. If I’m gonna be out in the sun all day like the drag strip, basic makeup

That’s my biggest issue with all the moving lately…and we are not done yet. I have to organize everything better so I can access by category. I do have a train case that I like to work from though.

I tend to plan my looks over the weekend, or have a general ‘roster’ of looks I want to try/copy/play around with. I lay my clothes out at night for the next workday and kind of solidify the makeup plan as I’m falling asleep.

What clothes I’m wearing, how oily my skin is that day and whether it’s broke out, weather and temperature, how bad allergies are affecting my eyes, and where I’ll be all factor in. If I have something new, I try to use it as soon as possible. I try to rotate through my stash, so I use different colors most day; whatever strikes my mood and doesn’t clash with my clothes.

I have my daily use things like foundations, primers, powders, etc. in a acrylic organizer on my vanity top, so I can spend more time deciding on colors and looks instead of searching for stuff.

The season, the weather on a particular day and what I am doing determines what I will be wearing. The clothes and colours determine my look.

It depends on what I am doing that day and how my skin looks. If I have light plans for the day or it is the weekend, and my skin is hydrated and not red, I cleanse, throw a physical sunblock on, moisturize, and am out the door. If I have heavier plans for the day and my skin looks good, I will throw on a BB, Colourpop shadow, mascara, and tinted lip balm (like Fresh). If my skin is a little ruddy or I am going out in the evening, I will do full-blown foundation, and whatever else I feel like that day. I am often influenced by blogs and vlogs (and new purchases)!

I just stare at my stuff until my hand picks up a product, and then I stare more until my brush goes for a color.

Seriously though, that’s usually how it’s done, especially when I’m half asleep!

I rotate out eyeshadow palettes, so there is always a specific selected palette that I try to use at least 2-3 times a week. Next to the eyeshadow palette of the month I place me new products from the past three months and I alternate those with the palette of the month. Sometimes I chose my face colors based on the outfit I have chosen and sometimes I make my outfit match the make up colors I want to wear. It’s all mood based with me, so while I have ideas for clothes and make up for the week ahead, I go by gut when choosing what I will wear in the morning. I love to build my look around a favorite lip or eye color. Sometimes I just know that today is a Nars Audacious Silvia day, and everything else must be adapted to work with that color.

I was thinking about you the other day. It seems like all I am really wearing lately are products I need to test/swatch, which leaves my favorites neglected. When was the last time you loved something so much that you actually got a chance to finish and what was it?

Every Sunday night I sit down with my stash and pick out the items I’m going to use for that week. I force myself to use the same foundation, concealer, primer, brow product, mascara for a whole week. This helps me to decide if I truly love it enough to repurchase when needed. If I really dislike it, I’ll take it out of the rotation and donate it to friends/family. I usually include two blushes (coral and pink) and two eye liners to choose from so I won’t look exactly the same every day. Then I match my lipstick to what I’m wearing that day. (One problem I need to deal with is deciding once I get to work and need to reapply lipstick to switch the color….I have so many lipsticks I can’t hardly stand wearing the same one all day long.) Anyone else have this problem?

The context of the day – normal work day, or important meeting? Weekend errands? etc. – and the clothes I’m wearing will inform the colour choices for blush/eye makeup/lippy. Also my mood, as I tend to gravitate towards the sparklier end of things when I’m feeling down, as a cheer-up mechanism.

The condition of my skin and whether I need my base to be extra longwearing will inform my base choices. I typically rotate between light to medium coverage BB creams and foundations, and then I have a Dermablend stick for spot coverage when my skin is having a strop.

First of all, the occasion. For me, it matters if I go to a party, job interview, date, workday or a funeral :D. For example, I would not wear sticky glittery lipgloss for a date or crazy colors for a funeral…
Then, if I have a certain outfit in mind or a nail polish shade on which is tricky to match colors to
Also, the weather, if it is going to be rainy, or I’m going to sweat a lot.
Also whether I am going to have time to retouch my make-up.
And after all the practicalities, my mood and my kicks :D.

(or if I need to hurry, whatever is close :D)

I have all the products I need to create my ‘basic face’ in a plastic pencil box. The pencil box is for instances when I’m late and I can simply throw it in my backpack and apply later. It includes my foundation, concealer, eyebrow/eyelash stuff, and various powders to set and blush/contour. Those products don’t change and provide the base for all my looks. It is my minimal/natural/everyday look that I do in 10 minutes and will suffice if I don’t do anything else. I get fancy with lip color and/or eye enhancement for weekends and special occasions. In those instances, I decide on what to wear based on the latest trends, like a bold, bright lip. I really enjoy incorporating the latest trends during those times.

Base—I consider what I’m doing that day. If I’m going outside, a heavier SPF base. If I’m going out after work, long wear foundation.
Eyes, Cheeks, Lips—A lot of my choice has to do with the impression I want to give off at activities throughout the day, which determines the type of formula I choose. Then it’s a color section based on my outfit and what vibe I’m feeling.

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