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I don’t mind lip product or blush that stains, but shadows is a no-no! I’m also not fond when nail polishes stain! 
OT – Christine, are you familiar with Illamasqua Nymph blush? I’m looking for a dupe, so I don’t have to order from their site. If you don’t mind me linking to a blog, I could show you a pic of the shade.

I really dislike products that stain. There should have been testing and effort to work out staining issues before they are released. if it is a pigment, I understand. But regular eye shadow should not stain. It annoys me when I put on a base coat and polish still stains my nails 🙁 especially yellow ones.

Yah I agree I’m totally okay when lipstick stains, for example my girl about town by Mac always stains but it isnt a bad thing! But, I hate when I use a bright colored shadow and the color (such as pink) stains and my eyes look irritated! Usually a primer helps that not be as bad though 🙂

Apparently I don’t deal with them at all, because my left arm is currently stained to the high heavens and I can’t swatch a darn thing! //bangs face against keyboard 

Yeah,I also got a greenish blue eyeshadow from H&M that does that. Its from a palette and I was super impressed because it was really cheap and had really great pigmentation on the whole palette. When I tried out the blue one on my eyes just for fun and a few minutes later I wanted to wash off…PANIC!
Well after a while I could get it off but I was super scared because that was the first time I met with something like this. As for a tip with stubborn makeup I reach for extra virgin olive oil.

Red lipstick stain goes off with a rub of makeup remover. I hate it when my nails are stained even after removing the polish.no other stain problems for me.

This just happen to me with a covergirl lipstick. I had it on all day thought it was a little to bright purple for me so I wanted to wear a different color to dinner, but then I couldn’t get rid of it because my lips were stained! This was a lipstick, not a stain so I was annoyed, but .. just covered my lips with another color to go out. I’ve never had an issue with an eyeshadow staining .. mostly just lip products.

I’ve never had an issue with staining, with the exception of a few lipsticks, which will disappear within a few hours, or if not I’ll just wear another darker shade the next day (I typically wear deeper shades anyway, so it doesn’t really matter). I’ve had a few polishes leave my nails yellow, in which case I’ll leave them bare, if possible, or use a pale nude or pink until the yellowness is gone. I really don’t care much about the staining, as there is always a way to conceal it. As for eye makeup, I *always* use a base or porimer, so perhaps that’s why I’ve never had to deal with staining.

for lip products i don’t mind but will eyeshadows i take baby oil and wipe it off and it does the trick.

I’ve never had issues with staining besides on my lips! Unless it’s horribly uneven, I don’t mind it. I’ll try to discreetly wipe it off in the bathroom or with my napkin at lunch if I’m out and about…if I’m home, then who cares? 🙂 

I love blue and green nail polishes, but they’re the worst offenders for staining. I use a soft toothbrush and gently scrub the nail with mild soap after removing the polish. If it’s really bad, I might use a paste of baking soda, but that does sting if it gets into a hang nail. If I really can’t get it off, and I don’t want to look at zombie green nail beds, I’ll grab a good black polish and cover it all up until I’m ready to deal with it. I’ve never had staining happen with black nail polishes, only the blues and greens. It’s so weird.

Well, my answer was going to be use primer to avoid stains but it sounds like most everyone did and still had stains. I have no suggestions. I have a problem with yellow stains on my white terry robe and some of my clothes that I think is caused by moisturizers.  Can’t get it out, even with peroxide and looks awful. Any suggestions appreciated. 
RE: the nail polish stains, maybe 2 coats of base coat would help; not sure but worth a try.

 @Susan Dowman Nevling I have sunscreen bleach bits of my clothes now and then, if that’s a possibility. I worked on a farm, and would just throw it on in a rush.

I’ve never had an eyeshadow stain… Mine would be blush. I tend to have rosey cheeks already, and a hardcore blush can make me look sunburned.

Makeup remover wipes usually get rid of lipstick stains, but if not I’ll try and cover them with something else. I’ve never had problems iwth eyeshadow stains, but I don’t wear eyeshadow all that often. 

Just use the proper cleansing product. Shu Uemura cleansing oil followed by calendula soap or Philosophy Purity takes care of most stubborn makeup.

If I swatch an eyeshadow and it stains my hand (yeah, it’s always a blue), I don’t use it. Even if it’s awesome. Other staining products I will still use, but I draw the line at eyeshadow for some reason.

Lipstick, just cover it over.  Nail polish, I am amazed at how well whitening toothpaste gets it off!  It’s a part of my weekly manicure routine now.

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