How do you deal with a dry patch after you have put on foundation or concealer?

How do you deal with a dry patch after you have put on foundation or concealer? Share!

I’ll use a damp brush or sponge to help manipulate and add moisture back to the area. In general, I try to apply makeup to any dry patches last so I can moisten the brush more before initially applying anything, and then I powder less there.

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I’ll use a brush to buff the foundation or concealer so it clings less to the dry flakes. I’ll add hydrating serum if it’s really bad. I don’t have this problem very often though because I don’t have dry skin.

Face mists to the rescue! I like Caudalie’s beauty elixir and also Pure Rose water mists to make the makeup look more dewy

I exfoliate regularly, so I don’t get a lot of dry patches, but if I do, I’ll mix in a little bit of bb cream with a moisturizing sunscreen and slap it on top of the dry patch. A dab of face oil works too

Sometimes using a little bit of my Lumene BB Cream does the trick, making it much less obvious, and avoiding putting any powder over it. However, sometimes it doesn’t. You*may* not want to know what I may do next, though . If the dry stuff is loose, I take tweezers and gently peel the flakes off, lightly remoisturize, tap a bit more foundation on with my still damp sponge, and voila! A bit gross, I know, but hey, if it works…just don’t try this with a scab or sore!

Hey, just wanted to say I have this problem from time to time – if you find such places prove a bit stubborn, I’d strongly recommend seeing your dermatologist. Sometimes these patches are actually caused by a mild (and extremely common) infection, usually bacterial, which needs some help healing. A prescription topical (usually a fluocinolone) will fix it for good! I have these off and on thanks to dry skin and medications that dry me out more. I know it’s soooo tempting to deflake or exfoliate, but that actually increases the chances the issue will recur.

I usually put a little bit of moisturiser on it and blend it in with the foundation. If that doesn’t work, I add a highly fluid foundation (Estee Lauder’s Cyberwhite) to the mix as well.

just spray moisture/hydrating mist on you face and then spray it on your small brush one more time and used damp brush blending the dry patch.this way will make your face feel more hydrating and easy to fix the dry patch. used a hydrating face primer before do anything it’s a big help too!

I also wipe it off, leaving eye makeup if I’ve done my eyes. I’ll have to see if I can find the moisturizer you mentioned.

Kerium is targeted towards seborrheic dermatitis, so it deals with the dry patches without making the skin greasy. But I use Avene Cleanance K to prevent dry patches and just keep the skin at its best.

Since my skin isn’t usually that dry to begin with and I exfoliate diligently, dry patches on the face aren’t much of an issue. HOWEVER, the undereye area is a different story. I’m 41 and am having trouble finding a moisturizing concealer that doesn’t cake or settle into fine lines. People recommend setting powders (and I’ve tried the Laura Mercier one), but that just makes it worse. It’s a dilemma.

What concealers have you found to be moisturizing? The area around my eyes is very dry, and I don’t need heavy coverage, but I am looking for a product that provides some extra moisture, and just makes everything look more “polished”.

I like Benefit Fakeup. It looks a bit gimicky, but it’s been my HG concealer since it first came out. I find it easier to apply if I de-pot it and apply with a brush.

Maybe try the Bare Minerals BB cream shadow? I use it 360 degrees on my eyes and it sits nicely. It isn’t enough to cover my dark circles – mine are properly *dark* during hayfever season! – but I have the Candlelit Peach, which is a slightly peachy, warm ivory, and I find it does work pretty well as a corrector underneath a heavier concealer. If you don’t need much coverage, the BB shadow on its own may be all you need.

Smashbox makes a moisturising primer for under the eyes also. I can’t use it (allergic) but it might work for you.

Try the smash box camera ready BB Cream concealer it’s in a twist up tube, it’s great works wonders for me. I have dry under eyes and I’ll use Ole Henriksen Fresh Start eye cream and then that concealer and it works great. Also Mac’s moisturizing concealer is great as well and you get more product with that one. And I’ve heard good thinks about the smash box hydrating under eye primer.

The best option I’ve come across is to pat on a bit of an eye serum before applying concealer. It helps hydrate and smooth out the skin. Even if the smoothing action is temporary, it tends to last long enough for the concealer to have set!

If you find one, let me know? At 43 I’m having the same issue. My skin still looks really young (thanks to good genes!) for the most part, but what you’re talking about is exactly the giveaway I have issues with. Fair skin just makes it worse. The best thing I’ve found is to brush a little luminizing powder (loose facial, or even an eyeshadow) over the top, to refract light and break up the line effect some, but close up, it’s still obvious. :p

If I have a real dry flake, one where you see the edge lifting I just peel it off and replay foundation there. I mostly my forehead if I get them. lol

But I found that using a blending sponge to bounce on my foundation really helps to not pull up any dry spots or patches.

I also try to exfoliate the night before if I know I’m going to wear full coverage foundation the next day. 😉 Any problem solved that way beforehand.

For blemishes I try to moisturize the skin, but I usually can’t do much about them and I find that throughout the day my foundation helps to clear them up with the zinc in it. lol

I have drier skin, but I’ve never experienced any dry patches… I guess because I’ve always exfoliated regularly, and use a very heavy moisturizer at night, it just doesn’t happen. Also, when I feel my skin is feeling drier than usual, I forgo foundation, and useba tinted moisturizer, and I rarely use concealer. I also don’t use any acne treatments or take any medications, so there’s really nothing that may cause them to begin with.

I have very dry skin and moisturize like crazy so this is never a problem for me when Infirstbapply my makeup. When we’re experiencing arid weather conditions; however, I do get dry patches during the day. I spritz lightly with Tatcha Dewey Mist which acts more as a light-weight moisturizer than many of the watery facial mists that are on the market. It dispenses an ulta-fine mist does a superlative job of adding moisture without disturbing my makeup. If my makeup has cracked or flaked, I use my finger to gently smooth the area out after misting.

Dry patches are often oily skin that needs exfoliation, or overtreated skin (e.g. too much glycolic acid, too many drying masks, some masks left on way too long).

Prevention is best — by gentle exfoliation as needed, and using enough moisturizer of a type suited to my skin, sometimes blending moisturizer with foundation and putting that on over a base layer of moisturizer lotion and/or cream.

I try to use only foundations that are very forgiving of skin texture — it’s one of my top criteria in a foundation. Favorites that qualify for me: MAC Face & Body, MAC Mineralize liquid foundation, LM Tinted Moisturizer, Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue, Maybelline BB Cream.

I like the idea of face mists also, for example Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray.

If it’s just a small area, I’ll dab a little moisturizer on it with my finger and then buff with my Real Techniques brush. I prefer a gel style moisturizer like Clinique moisutre surge for this purpose. If it’s more than a small area, I’ll wash it all off, exfoliate and start over.

Remove everything from that area, treat the area. Really make up. For a quick fix, I apply a hydrating serum over the foundation and use a damn beauty blender to blend it all back together.

I take a small sponge and get it just damp with a tiny bit of foundation on it (more damp than foundation) and pat it VERY gently onto the dry area.

Face mist, if anything. I mostly just leave it alone, and don’t powder over that bit. Usually, though, I’ll know ahead of time if my face is having an especially dry day, and I’ll adjust my morning skincare routine to include some heavier moisturiser in the areas that need it. Then, I don’t have an issue with dry patches under my makeup.

And as I mentioned below, a great tip I’ve started following is to use a bit of eye serum under the eyes before applying concealer, to help smooth the ‘canvas’ until after the concealer has set.

I make sure I exfoliate and moisture my skin really well. I moisturize every morning and add extra cream to my dry patches on my chin. After adding primer, I then use my foundation – making sure I cover the dry patches well. I don’t usually have that problem.

If I don’t have time to redo from scratch, a small drop of Clinique Moisture Surge or CeraVe night moisturizer (something hyaluronic is best, absorbs quickly but has enough viscosity to smooth the area) often works and doesn’t disturb my makeup. If the area isn’t that dry, a small amount of powder pressed gently with a fingertip finishes things (a brush will just exacerbate flakiness). If it’s more obvious, I forgo anything powdery in the area.

I have small dry patches often as I have allergies, am dry-skinned to begin with (pale as well), and take meds that dry me out more. If you’re like me, a good dermatologist is your best option. I have a tube of fluocinolone that is the only thing that gets some spots to go away. Often that’s a twice-a-day application, so I massage some into a spot and let it soak in, after showering and a few minutes before applying makeup.

Periodic applications of argan or coconut oil, use of Pond’s cold cream for makeup removal (silky skin afterward, a first for me!), CeraVe night moisturizer (very light, so no breakouts), and exfoliating weekly with a mix of powdered oatmeal flakes and plain yogurt all help! Pulverize oat flakes (regular, not instant!) in a coffee grinder, and mix with just enough yogurt to make a paste. Apply and leave as a mask for 15 minutes. Wash off (messy, so use the kitchen sink). For extra exfoliation, massage in small circles as you remove the mask.

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