How do you avoid getting caught up in the hype of a new beauty product?

My advice would be to try and dupe what you’re being tempted by with what you already have. I would also consider whether you would really use the item if it didn’t feel like you might miss out.

— Christine


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Milosgirl2005 Avatar

I have been trying to use that strategy also. It is the darn sales that get to me. So hard to pass up a good deal, but we all need limits.

Nancy T Avatar

The main thing is: would I really and truly make good use of it? Especially so if it’s a pricey item! Do I really love it THAT much? Do I already have something just like it, as in similar enough for this item to be 100% redundant?
My conundrum is that when I really fall for a product, think UD Spectrum, I can get fairly tunnel-visioned about it! And now, it’s Tom Ford Honeymoon! ?

Ray Avatar

It helps that most hyped products are way too warm to look good on me. I also like the routine of putting on the same look for a few days in a row. I like perfecting the technique more than I like to experiment with a shiny new product.

PRNoir Avatar

That’s kinda how I roll. Unless I HAVE to have it cause it’s so different from other stuff I own, I’ll wait for a couple of restocks and if it’s still available and I still really want it I’ll get it. Sometimes I’ll even make myself wait a few months until I use something else up first before I’ll let myself get the new item.

Natalia Avatar

a) I ask myself what could be behind that hype. Like why all of a sudden, what people are talking the product up, what words they use, etc. If I don’t “buy” it for some reason, then I’m safe.
b) I try to remember whether I have smth similar already and if I do, figure out whether it is different enough to justify a new purchase.
c) The basic – will it suit me (skin tone, skin type, personal color preference, etc.) or not? If not, I can talk myself out of getting it.
d) Will I use it on a regular basis? If not, then why get it? Example: the new(ish) MAC MSF in Overearthly is sooo tempting, but I know that I will not use those coppery or silvery bits much at all and if I swirl it together, I probably will get some color I already have similar of, so I heroically passed on this one, although it was haaard! Well, the fact that I got BECCA perfector pressed in Moonestone a week or so before helped significantly (I already whined how much it costs where I live), but I was still tempted 🙂

chelsea Avatar

I totally agree with you on Otherearthly. It’s in my checkout bag, but I think I’ll just have to pass on it even though it’s great looking. I really only need a couple highlighters in my collection anyways.

Tracey E. Avatar

The level of expenditure is a consideration. I do a lot of research to validate the ‘hype’, to determine if it’s something that I would use/get value out of, if it duplicates what I have or is an upgrade to what I have. I also give thought to what I won’t be buying. And, sometimes I decide to leave it be. There are also certain brands that I don’t support or don’t care to get into at this time, so the hype is lost on me. I’ve also learned that, in some brands, limited edition does not mean it ‘flies off the shelves’.

Kimberly Avatar

Usually by looking at my budget, and how much I would actually use the item. I also love watching reviews on Youtube of the product and generally base my own hype off how it performs in those reviews and what the reviewers’ thoughts are. I think it helps that I don’t really watch Youtube makeup ‘gurus’ anymore because a lot of them tend to be biased.

PRNoir Avatar

The “gurus” always end up getting press copies of everything and I will watch them struggle with a certain eyeshayshade and then act like it’s perfect. So frustrating. I’ve taken to watching a lot of dupe videos or “must or bust” types and see if I can replicate the item.

Mariella Avatar

I’m not very successful at this – my approach seems to be that of Oscar Wilde, who said the only thing to do with temptation is to give in to it! But generally, I will first check out reviews (especially here at Temptalia) and if those are mediocre, that will generally “cure” me. If it’s a pricey item and/or something that looks like I might have dupes, I will sometimes calm the frenzy by looking at the dupes. But if it is something lovely that performs well and that I really want, I will just give myself permission to get it (assuming it is something I can see and buy in person!).

Anne Avatar

I find it easy to rule out any hyped-up products that I wouldn’t use like self-tanner or shades of things I don’t like/wouldn’t work for me, but I think pretty much everyone does automatically.

I generally check if I already have something similar and I also read up on the product reviews to see if the quality matches up to the hype and is worth whatever price it is (which is why I don’t buy brands like Clé de Peau or Tom Ford- they may be fantastic products, but no makeup is worth that price though I wouldn’t mind being gifted them XD).

If a product gets through those hoops, I test stuff out (and sometimes get them applied in store) or get a sample depending on what kind of product it is (ie swatch a blush/lipstick/etc, get a sample of a foundation/skincare/perfume/etc). Products have to pass a “doesn’t smell too strong” test, and powder products need to swatch well in store. If I like the sample I generally buy the thing, and if I like the swatch I also generally buy the thing as by then it’s more about checking if it works for my skintone as I’ve done the research prior, checked my budget and my makeup collection, and just need to see how it looks/feels/smells/wears in person. In rare cases I’ll buy something sight-unseen, but that tends to be after the “lots of research” part, and I have yet to return a product bought after researching.

Nati Avatar

Firstly I put it on a wish list and let it “soak” in reflection for a while. If it is a limited edition I usually won’t come back to it and will not feel like I’m missing out! I get hooked in LE a lot just because I react with unreflective impulse!! So giving it the proper thinking usually sorts everything out. Considering other products from permanent ranges the things are different. If a product is raved for many years, then it is a good one which is worthy to invest in. Unless, of course, you already have something similar. When it’s the case I just wait to the next sale to get discounts. You know products eventually will be used up and you’ll replace them.

Erica Avatar

I check reviews and read ingredient lists. I take a long hard look at what I have so I can see if it is a benefit to my collection. Also I make a point to NOT buy palettes for that exact reason: not getting caught up in the hype. Helps too to not jump on the bandwagon and get what every youtuber is raving about. They more than likely are getting promos from companies and are biased. All of them cannot seriously like the same things lol. Questioning their intentions or biases at least prevents not being too duped by the latest trends and hype?

Julia Avatar

It’s hard sometimes! Obviously I gave in to the Skin Fetish 003 hype but I was really afraid I would miss that one, and dang it I love highlighters. Usually if I can weather the frenzy and see some real reviews, it brings me back to reality. What’s really annoying is when products are so super limited (yes, like Skin Fetish! Also a lot of LE palettes) that you have to make the decision to buy before there are many legit reviews or chances to see the product.

PRNoir Avatar

The struggle is real! Do I take a pass on this LE / give myself a chance to think about it and let it get sold out and pass through my finger tips or do I buy it now and either love or regret the purchase? LE is definitely where I get caught up for sure. If it’s not a LE item I will sit and think about it before a couple of months and try to wait for a sale or a discount code

Lauren Avatar

First I wait for reviews from certain people that I know are critical, including Temptalia, Eshani (total makeup junkie 101), Emily (emilynoel83) and Jessica Braun. I also remind myself that hype is short lived. The pattern is to see everyone talking about a product for a month or two and then most products are not mentioned again. Only a handful of products show up months later in packing videos, favorites videos, get ready with mes etc. If people still use it then it is a good product. If not, it was all hype. This means I often miss LE products but I also tend to be most disappointed in LE products and I tend to be happiest with permanent products. Thats because taking the need to have before it sells out from the equation forces me to focus only on things I am pretty sure I will like.

Wednesday Avatar

I think it is impossible to be a hard core beauty enthusiast and not get caught up or give in to hype occasionally.

A couple of things that help:
– Wish lists
– Dupe consultation
– Temptalia pre release notices (sometimes my ardour cools before the collection even hits the ground running) or Temptalia reviews where an item does not perform as well as I would like it to.
– The Canadian Connection: sometimes the length of time it takes for items to reach its tentacles into our shores (If I haven’t been completely impatient and directly ordered from US) and Sephora Canada is enough for me to rethink and take a pass.

Otherwise, retail therapy works for me, and I thoroughly enjoy my indulgences.

Grace Avatar

I try to find dupes within my own stash before I purchase anything. If I find a product that fills a hole, I consider if something is limited edition or permanent (no need to jump on Vice lipsticks immediately, they’ll be around), if something has special packaging (that MAC aquatic collection a few summers ago really got me), or if a charity is involved (I’ll buy a Viva Glam product over a dupe every time), or a celebrity or promotion that really speaks to me (Gwen Stefani). If there’s a new formula or product I want to try (like Colour Pops eyebrow pots) I try to wait until I use up the product I have.

Also, I’ll consider if a 20% sale might be coming up soon, and if I hold off a few weeks and still want the product I’ll save some money. If I hold off a few weeks and forget about it then I save all the money! I try top hold off permanent product purchases until a sale pops up

Hildegard Avatar

This would be one of the situations where I’m glad I don’t live in the US, don’t have a credit card to order from overseas, and/or there is no Sephora in my part of the world. All I can do is stare at the beautiful blog posts and read all the reviews. If it’s a locally available brand I’ll check dates to see when it might arrive to my part of the world. If not, I’ll keep stating longingly at all those blog posts.

Having said that, I always wait for reviews and see if the product in question is something I’m genuinely interested in rather than something I covet because of the pretty pics. There are tons of products that are not part of my beauty routine, colours that clash with my complexion and so on. It comes down to taking a deep breath, walking away from my computer and thinking hard if it’s something that would be a plus to my beauty collection. I do lists and whatnot, comparing reviews, looking for swatches and locally-available dupes, thinking about the product a lot to the point I’m actually bored of it. And if I’m still interested after that process, then I’ll think about buying it for real 🙂

Astrild Avatar

Basically, I try to avoid temptation. The best way is not to go shopping. If the hype is too dificult to resist, I procrastinate the purchase. I think that I’ll purchase it tomorrow, or the next week, and most of the times, it works. I don’t really need more makeup so I rarely miss anything important and there’s always something new and awesome around the corner.

Caroline Avatar

I’ll read and re-read reviews, look at swatches, Google items, look through my stash to see whether I already have something similar and ask myself would I ever REALLY use said product enough to justify a purchase, would it suit my colouring, break my bank balance etc. If I’m still itching to buy it a few months later (especially around my birthday or Christmas), and it meets the rest of my criteria, then I might just indulge.

Stephanie Avatar

1. Stay away from Ulta.
2. Stay away from Sephora.
3. Stay off the website of the brand in question.
4. Think about what dupes, if any, I already have.

*I would ask myself if I’d use it like some of you, but I can convince myself in mere minutes that I’d use just about anything!

Carly Avatar

Kimberly Clark on YouTube is my anti-hype angel. Check out her anti-haul videos, they are super funny and she actually makes really good points about these over-hyped products.
Honestly though, I can usually avoid the hype because I am just too broke. By the time I save up money, I usually want to spend it on something I’ve wanted for awhile, rather than the latest LE product.

Jen Avatar

I read the reviews– especially the ones here on Temptalia. I find a lot of YouTube reviewers and beauty bloggers focus more on their excitement of having the product rather than focusing on the nitty gritty. I want to know if it applies evenly and wears well. I don’t want to hear someone giggle while they smell it and go on about how hard it is to get your hands on. Typically, if I see more of the latter in reviews it’s a turn-off for me. It was a huge deal for me with the Peach Palette. I saw more hype than hard hitting reviews, so it was refreshing to look at your review of it here, and I was able to make a decision based on facts rather than emotion.

Also, if I see that a product is “hard to find” but see a ton of it up for resale on ebay, then I know WHY it’s hard to find, and it’s not because that many people want to USE the product.

KJH Avatar

Hyping is rarely a problem, bec I put little store in youtubers and slick campaigns, kickbacks and Photoshopping and celebrities galore. Have I regretted a few non-catches? Certainly. Most recently cp squad. But the reason is not hype. I fall for stuff I love and that suits me. Hence, I have virtually every Nars red and red/brown l/s ever made. Had to get some Rocky Horror. Much of the hype, e.g. Kardashian anything, Kylie lip kits, etc. turns me right off, even if it’s great stuff. Stalking m/u ..which I did do for Rocky…I find pretty undignified. But I am hopeless with some things, like amassing MUFE shadows/blushes and endless UD etc. liners. So, it’s not the hype…I think of it as Curated Addiction!

Rachel R. Avatar

I read and watch reviews and look at swatches. A lot of times that is enough to turn me off. If an item is permanent, I don’t buy it right away. The longer I wait, usually the less I want it. If I’m still in love with it and can’t stop thinking about it after a month or so, I may buy…unless I’ve found something I want more, then I’ll delay longer. Limited Edition is trickier, but I still try to find advance reviews and swatches. I think of the dupes I have, will I use the item a lot, do I really love the packaging, is it worth the hassle of an LE release, etc. I failed with avoiding the hype on the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette, but I did pass on it in the end.

Stephanie Avatar

I’ve learned my lesson over time. Now I wait for a while. If I still want something, can see myself actually using it and the reviews are still good, I may give in, especially if there are discounts or points available. The only hyped things I’ve caved on this year so far are a Viseart Theory palette and the Burberry With Love blush. Both I absolutely love and they will become classics in my collection.

Alys Avatar

I usually look at tons of swatches and think if I already have something similar and will I really use it. Eyeshadow palettes look so fun but let’s be serious, I use eyeshadow about 4x a year.

Alicia Avatar

I honestly don’t generally fall for hype, but I won’t lie, sometimes I will get caught up in it if it’s something that REALLY sparks my interest. Eye shadow palettes with lots of bright colors are the most tempting for me (I’m looking at you Urban Decay). I will usually put the item in my Sephora cart and then wait. If it’s still there after a month I will pull the trigger and get it. If it goes out of stock, it wasn’t meant to be. One thing I have definitely learned over the years is that the next “must have” is always right around the corner, and missing out isn’t really missing out. I can’t think of anything that I ended up not getting that I look back and say “I wish I had”.

kellly Avatar

uh, I’m not sure I always do. I’m pretty safe if it’s something relatively expensive b/c I’ll proceed with caution but I think I’ve been suckered in plenty of times on lower-priced items because I figure “what the heck”.
You’ll be pleased to know, tho, that your reviews have helped me save my money quite a few times if I read your reviews and the product is rated as C or lower.

Judy H. Avatar

If it a product I am truly interested in, I look at the price. If it is inordinately expensive, I strike it off my list immediately. If I still am interested, I find out all I can about the product through blog reviews and as many internet sources I can find. I then consider if it will really make that much of a difference in the appearance of my skin and if I really will use it as part of my makeup look. If I feel satisfied with all I have found, I’ll try the product. As far as media hype is concerned in either magazine advertising or particular beauty websites I know that jump on every bandwagon or heaven forbid, celebrity endorsements, those don’t affect me in the least.

Susan Parker Avatar

I have swatches of all of my makeup on Pinterest boards so that I can see everything at a glance. It has drastically reduced temptation and avoids “accidentally” buying dupes. It also really helps when I’m trying to create looks.

Debbie Avatar

I agree with you, Christine. I try to look for possible dupes in my vast collection, then wonder why if I can’t find one. Living 15 minutes away from a mall that has just about everything makes it easy to go and swatch, and test and compare as well.

Claire L Avatar

Skin Fetish is the latest one I’ve managed to resist! I did seriously lust after it at one point but after reading the reviews saying that it had flimsy cheap packaging and doesn’t last long on some people, that made up my mind for me. I need something to last on me and it has to be worth the money. With the TF Sweet Peach palette, it was an easy miss for me because all the hype and staggered releases put me off and the palette was a bit too warm leaning for me. I did indulge in the byTerry Sun Designer palette no.1 though because it’s so damn gorgeous!

Meghan Avatar

If it’s super hyped, I don’t buy it at the first launch because it’s almost always more trouble than it’s worth.

Otherwise I wait for the Temptalia review! 😉

Seriously though, there have been a few products I regretted buying because they were not that I great and I wish I had waited to read the review.

Milly Avatar

I keep a wishlist on pinterest and on here as well. Somehow it works: with time I see that new products keep coming out and there’s always a new, “better” substitute for every product out there. When there isn’t a substitute or a dupe, I surrender. But really, we will never stop wanting that shiny limited edition palette, so it’s all about realising how the beauty industry lures us into buying, quite frankly, very similar products.

Cat Avatar

1) Would I use it?
2) Do I already have something like it? If not, and I’d use it, I buy it.
3) If yes to both of the above; Does it present the product in a way that would make things more convenient? I sometimes have three palettes out to create a look, or a palette and a few singles. If I come across something of quality that would allow me to only pull out one palette, I buy it.

Dianne Avatar

Basically, I remind myself of what I have and that it’s plenty for my needs. Usually sitting down and swatching some palettes for a few minutes reminds me how happy I am with my stash. Then I remind myself of all the hot, new, limited-edition stuff I end up selling to Glambot or giving away because i never use it; I tend to stick to similar looks 95% of the time. Then if I’m still struggling, I look at prices for hotels in Las Vegas, because I’m saving up for a trip there at the moment. That definitely does it for me if I can’t talk sense into myself beforehand. 🙂

Erin Avatar

My wallet is the biggest deterrent. Then by a stash check and my rule of three. If I have 3 medium matte pink lipsticks, I don’t buy another medium matte pink lipstick. In fact, I usually go so far as just the color in 3 different finishes and that’s enough. I tend to go for neutral to cool undertones in makeup and only a small smattering of warms. Those warms are usually blushes. Being that the majority of makeup is warm toned to neutral, I don’t buy without swatching 75% of the time. When I swatch, very little of the warm stuff works well enough with my coloring to be of interest. Also, most of the shades of the palette must work for me and fit into my life or I won’t buy it. I don’t wear a lot of crazy colors like yellow and orange on my eyes so it limits things too.

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