How do you apply your mascara?

I gently curl my lashes first, working the curler from the base to the tips of my lashes.
After that, I apply one coat of mascara to my upper lashes on one side, then the other side, and then I go back with a second coat but in reverse (e.g. left/right and then right/left). I take what’s remaining on the brush and do my lower lashes after my upper lashes have tried; if it’s a drier mascara (or older), I might go back and do a second coat on my lower lashes as well. I usually do the “wiggle” method and try to get to the base of my lashes, then slowly wiggle the mascara wand up and out.

— Christine
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Step 1 for me begins a bit before the mascara! I’ve found that tightlining my upper lashline from underneath really let’s me get the lift my straight lashes need when I go in with the eyelash curler. Once curled, and liner has been applied, I do one eye at a time, starting at the base and wiggling the wand as I bring it through the lengths, bottom lashes I do with just the end of the wand in small sweeping motions. I am slightly cross-eyed (convergence insufficiency), so I must finish my right eye before the left, or I will be seeing fuzzy doubles!

Really nothing fancy!
I curl if I’m wearing contacts, I don’t if I’m wearing my glasses (if I do my lashes touch the lens and it’s very annoying).
The gesture itself depends a lot on the mascara and the shape/size of its brush. Usually I try to go as close as possible to the base of the lashes and simply pull up, applying light pressure. I only wiggle if I’m not getting enough volume. I also tend to only apply one coat, and build it if I need to, rather than layer coats and letting the mascara dry between them.

Just the “ordinary” way, I guess. I don’t like an extreme or false lash look so I generally go through after with a mascara comb or a clean spoolie.

I wiggle it all in at the base of the lash, gently wiggle it up, repeat on the other side and then, to be honest, go a little crazy with applying more and more and more to each eye until I get the desired effect.

Wiggle the brush from base of lashline to tip. Give it a few coats. Make sure to get inner and outer lashes. Run an eyelash comb through from backside if lashes out if need separation. I rarely put mascara on lower lashes. My lashes are long and when I put mascara on the bottom, I feel my lashes look like they hit my chin and I don’t like the look of it:)

I have long, but super straight lashes that tend to point downwards. I tightline with Marc Jacobs skinny pencil then I curl my top lashes with Surratt curler (the only one that works well for my eyes and doesn’t pinch). I use 2 mascaras. I apply one coat of Guerlain maxi lash (gold tube) from base to tip on top lashes, let it dry, then apply a second coat. I don’t wiggle, I’m going for smooth length. I apply the Guerlain to just the roots of my bottom lashes. (full application creates shadows under my eyes). Then I go in with a loaded brush of Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir mascara on the top lashes, but just on the tips… a trick I saw on Aly Art youtube. It gives the depth and feathery bits without the weight at the root so my curl holds and the bases don’t get goopy..

I start by wiping the tip of the mascara wand off on the tube, then I tilt my head back with my nose in the air, and I’ll comb through the bottoms of my lashes like that, making sure to fan them out. Then I tilt my head down, with my chin close to my chest, and I’ll comb through the top side of my upper lashes, so both sides are coated in mascara!

For the bottom lashes, I do the same thing! The top side will get combed through with mascara, and the bottom side gets combed through as well!!

I apply one coat per eye to my top lashes and start by wiggling the wand at the base of my lashes extending outwards (one coat meaning each time I dip my wand into the tube, not the number of times the wand touches my lashes). Then, when there’s little product left on the wand I apply a light coat to my bottom lashes. Then I go back in with a second coat on each eye using the same wiggling method. I finish by lightly applying mascara from the backside of my top lashes if that makes sense!

I curl my lashes with my Tarte curler. I do my top right eye, wiggling the brush and making sure I get all the lashes. Then I do the same with bottom lashes. I re-coat my mascara wand, and repeat on the left eye. After the mascara is dry, I do a second coat on the top lashes only.

I rarely curl because my SU ones pinch me so bad. I have a heated one from another brand that sometimes works great and other times not at all. I start at the base and wiggle slightly and the comb through. I do one coat for day and two to three for night.

I begin by curling my right eyelashes with the Surratt curler using the Wayne Goss method (after using curler as typically done you gently rotate the curler upwards and hold for a few seconds) and I apply a coat of Lancôme Cils Booster. I let that dry a little and if I am going for super lashes I will apply a second coat of the booster. I then move to the left eye and repeat the steps. I return to the right eye and apply my first coat of mascara to the tips only. I pretty much always use the Cover Girl Lash Sensation in the waterproof formula although I just purchased the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir mascara as I have heard so much about it from Temptalia readers. My second coat of mascara I apply from roots to tips and pretty much use a straight pull through rather than a wiggling motion. Again, if I want really curled lashes I will wait until my last coat of mascara is completely dry and I will give my lashes another gentle curl. I rarely put mascara on my lower lashes as even waterproof mascara will give me raccoon eyes really quickly.

WITH MY MOUTH OPEN, lol!!! I only do my upper lashes unless I’m going out at night. I start by applying on top of my lashes then from underneath. I pull the lash wand through pretty hard to help separate and lift my lashes. I don’t do lowers anymore. At my age it’s advised not too…I take any advice to help me look younger, lol.

My lashes are naturally curly (thank you Irish genes) so I never need a curler. I use Gabriel mascara because my eyes are very very easily irritated and I put the mascara on a special mini fan brush for mascara application. I got it from Hakuhodo, I believe it was $14. So I put the mascara on that and then apply the mascara using the fan brush and it separates and lengthens really well. I like long fluffy lashes. I hate the glued together look as it looks cheap and aging. Very unattractive on anyone at any age. This works great with any mascara. I clean the mini fan brush with micellar water which removes the mascara from the mini fan brush, rinse and pat dry. Nice and clean for the next time.

As a former wearer of false lashes every day I still strive to get the false lash effect.
I have very long but fine lashes that refuse to hold a curl & tend to point oddly in all sorts of directions.
I start off brushing my lashes with a spoolie in the direction I want them to go. I find a mascara with a drier/waxy/stiff formula and the smallest diameter wand works best to get my lashes to angle up & stay there.
I usually use It Cosmetics Tightliner or Nyx The Skinny mascara to apply mascara at the base of my lashes and push them up. Them I go back in and comb through the ends of lashes with a mascara with a large bristled brush mascara with a thick formula like Armani Eyes to Kill (for full glam evening), or Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Maximum Volumizing Mascara for daily wear. I use the tip of the wand vertically to get the outside corner & bottom lashes. Two coats for drama one coat for daytime. I know it’s a bit poncy to use 2 different mascaras but that’s what I’ve been doing since I stopped wearing falsies daily.
Y’know I just bought Catrice’s Glamour Doll mascara on a whim at our local dept store about 3 weeks ago- this is a really great mascara for only $5. It has a narrow conical brush & the formula’s that stiff texture I need to get my fine lashes to stay put. The wand is narrow enough to get in close to the base of my lashes but the short plastic bristles are just long enough to comb through too. It wears a full 8 hrs.. My only complaint is a few crumbles after about 4 hrs wear occasionally.

I hardly use my eyelash curler one time it pinched my skin and terrorized me. Lol! Don’t need much! I also wiggle my brush up to the tip of lashes after cleaning tip of mascara spooky sometimes if buildup exists. I do my lower eyelashes hardly ever. I think getting older us best.

I just stopped wearing lash extensions at the end of September, so my lashes are not as short as when I first had them removed. But they are short and straight. I curl them first, then I just bought Ciate mascara from Sephora and it looks like I have extensions again, it is beautiful mascara! I first apply a primer to each eye, then coat the top of my left lashes then the bottom sides, then go to the right side, and repeat. Lastly I coat my lower lashes. My lashes are everything, I can go without anything else but not mascara!

One coat only. No curling. Anything dramatic makes my big cow eyes look even bigger. I am addicted to a good metal lash comb ’cause I hate clumping. Metal is hard to find, but Vicent Longo makes a great one. Always have back-ups in case they stop making them!

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