How do you adapt or reject trends based on your personal style?

I like contouring, but I personally like mine subtle, so even though the trend might be to highlight and contour on a daily basis and might seem more extreme, I stay with subtle but might contour more often (because it’s more on my mind than normal)! I’d say in general if it’s a trend that I like or works for my tastes, I’ll use it and apply to the extent that I like but won’t wear it exactly as is trendy if I don’t like it.

— Christine


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Pearl Avatar

I think at my age, any trend that I would consider adapting has to be “well or strategically placed” ?

I’m kind of relieved at a lot of the trends now because they just don’t suit me and I haven’t had any crushing fomo lately.

Trends I have adapted:
1. Contouring is fun but I don’t do it on the daily and have to be in the mood to spend the extra time. When I’m going to an important or fun night-time event or just feel like going all out on my face, then I will do it.
2. Highlighting – I look good with a well-placed highlight but that usually just means one swipe of Mac Soft and Gentle on each cheekbone and I’m done.
3. I don’t know if this is a trend, but I have had a lot of fun with shimmers , sparkles and just overall luminosity this summer. I usually do it sparingly just because I feel like I look better with a more satin or velvety finish to most makeup. I’m thinking it might just be a spring/summer thing because I think I’ll go more satin or demi-matte for fall and winter.

Trends I will be or have been rejecting:
1. Strobing
2. Glitter anything ( unless it’s New Year’s Eve)
3. Metallic anything – I think there is a trend for metallic eyes a and lips right now and I don’t see that looking good on me. I don’t care for the heavily foiled look on my eyes and the last time I wore heavily frosted lipsticks, it turned my lips into raisins anyway.
4. Colored or multicolored highlights, cheeks and/or hair
5. Winged liner – I don’t do the kitten flick or any other statement liner on these hooded eyes.
6. Matte or Ultra matte lips – they’ve never been comfortable and I don’t like how severe it makes my makeup look.
7. Nail art, extremely pointed fingernails – it’s neat to look at, just not for me.
8. Bolds and brights – it seems like there’s a trend now for really intensely pigmented dark colors, or bold colors, or brights, maybe even some neon and . . . no.
9. Non-traditional lipstick colors – I don’t know that I will never be interested in anything like that. I think when a non-traditional lipstick is done with a coordinated eye, it can look really striking. I am too chicken though, and will probably always just stick the classic looks and colors.

Fun question! ?

Nancy T Avatar

Depending on how extreme or youth-focused; I may tread more carefully! I love fashion. I have always pushed envelopes with my clothes and makeup to an extent. But I do NOT want to be a “16-61” ever. And at 57 y.o., I risk that should I go too far out there with some trends. Safe ones, for me at least, have been:
1.) The return of normal, bolder brows (thank you!)
2.) Highlighting/contouring (within reason, I don’t want to look like a coke snorting unicorn! Or skelator!)
3.) Unusual nontraditional lip shades, again within reason. I am not 16, or even 40 something!
Those are some that I have enjoyed of late, but keeping my stage of life in mind at the same time by being reasonable.

Denise Avatar

I too always look forward to Nancy’s posts. I feel the same ways as you do Nancy. At 57 I don’t take too many trends and I don’t have to .
1) Contouring, not something new to me. I’ve been doing this for many years, just not using a heavy hand.
2) Highlighting, no I think not. Don’t want to look like Beetle Juice.
3) A little shimmer powder on the face,checks and chin are fine, but not this entire face nonsense.
4) WOW bolder brows I’ve been loving way too long.
5) Lip shades and gloss, to be honest, love the nude lip, light pink shades, but thats about it. I have to face facts that some shades are just not meant for older women.
I love the skin I’m in and I know who I am.

Mariella Avatar

Easy…if they suit me, I use them; if they don’t, I don’t bother. Contouring of my cheekbones looks silly on me so I don’t do it; bronzers look fake on me and I loathe the fake tan look in any case so, except for using a bit on my neck, which is much paler than my face, I don’t use them either. An exaggerated eyeliner “flick” is something that just look weird on me and I don’t go for an extreme look in any case, so I don’t do a flick. And let’s not even get started on the nude lip… If a “trend” doesn’t look good on me, I just don’t bother as there are too many makeup looks I do like and, to tell the truth, life is both too short and too busy for me to spend a lot of time perfecting a “flick” or searching for nude lipstick that doesn’t leave me looking dreadful.

Anime Avatar

Basically I look to see how the trend looks on other people, and if that aesthetic appeals to me. Then, I consider the concept on myself, and if I am still enjoying it, I’ll try it in practice. Many of the trends don’t work out: I don’t enjoy the big cluster of metallic highlight on my cheekbones as much as I thought I would, so I had to go simple. Now I use a blue squirrel brush to apply my highlighter, and I use a more subtle formula. (Cle de Peau, at your sparkling recommendation! I got Pastel first and then Delicate Pink; I love how Delicate pink really is more shimmery and can be built up more intensely! Thanks for the thoughtful review!)

Shira Avatar

I guess I just adapt the trends that appeal to me and make them my own, similar to what you said about contouring. The same with fashion as well- I’ll incorporate the trends I’m drawn to into my personal style while skipping out completely on others. I never overdraw my lips- I despise it! I also like a subtle contour but again, I just pick and choose what I’m drawn to and make it work for me.

Cherie Avatar

I’m the same way. I will highlight and perhaps use a little bronzer to add some shape, but nothing more. I don’t like to look too overdone as that is just not something I’m comfortable with or really have time for (though I love makeup, I’ve got 15 minutes tops for application). If it’s not a trend I like, I just won’t go for it.

Mo Avatar

I like trends when I view them on tutorials or blogs but I almost never add them to my routine. I tried contouring but I think it’s a waste of my time for an everyday look and it’s just too much makeup for me.

It takes me a very long time to try a trend Unless it’s just so fabulous like right now, the under eye wing liner is fierce and I’ll try it soon for a night out with my girls and see how it goes.

Makeup, Just like technology is becoming TOO MUCH. It’s like they keep trying to one up the last trend instead of relishing in the moment and evolving the current trend that’s it’s overwhelming. After a while you get tired of watching every beauty vlogger do the same trend over and over again, where is the unique factor. And just like with technology, the more it got out of hand, the less of it I own. I’m choosing to take my time on a few “trends” or usual routines I do until I’m over it.

Cheryl Avatar

I don’t think I do trends, to me they keep adding more and more to make me think I have to do it like contouring and highlighting and I don’t do any of that, it looks like so much makeup on the beauty bloggers I dont even want to try. I have used makeup everyday since 14 and never did it all those years so I ‘m not gonna start now!

Melissa Avatar

I have to agree with the contouring! It just doesn’t suit my face shape or style to chisel out my cheekbones. I love a subtle highlighter though! I also detest liquid lipsticks (the ones that dry down and stick to your lips e.g. nyx lip lingerie) I hate wearing them…I hate touching up…I hate application especially if I mess up. I don’t understand what all the fuss is about!

Katherine T. Avatar

It has to be flattering on me, and it’s got to be practical – on weekdays, I have about 15 minutes to do a full face, so it’s got to fit into that time period.

Hildegard Avatar

I mostly ignore trends unless they’re easy to do and look fun and flattering on me. Contouring is something I haven’t bothered with – too much hassle, too much product and I don’t even wear foundation to begin with. Nude lips don’t appeal to me (and make me look like a corpse), so I skipped that trend. Highlighting, on the other hand, helped brighten up my face so I’m all for it.

I’m not particularly interested in trends, to be honest. At most I’ll use them as inspiration to add a little something to my look, enhancing my makeup vocabulary, so to speak, rather than do a full makeup makeover.

kjh Avatar

I generally disregard, but every once in a while, one hits that fits. Griege lips. Big yes. Every mfg I can find. Seldom do h&c, unless I’m playing. Yesterday’s highlight was a big hit at the Apple Store. My iPad, trying to type a comment, sounded like a bag of Maine Coons that someone was trying to harm. Omg, at least they replaced it. But I was waiting for the techies and trying hard not to photo booth myself giving the finger and leaving it on the computer, I saw I had a truly trendy highlighter. A big blob of matte after dark on the tip of my nose. Ombloodyfg!

Linda Avatar

At my age (mid 50s), outre trends are not my friend. 🙂 I’ve always been a more classic type anyway. Updating techniques or new products that enhance, however–I’m all about it.

Let’s see…what “trends” have I adopted and dislike?

1. THANK GAWD color correcting is back. In the early 90s, I had a lavender powder by Chanel that worked wonders over my foundation for brightening and glow. Even my boyfriend (now husband) at the time noticed, and that’s saying something! Then it was discontinued, and I just skipped looking for a replacement.

Decades, literally, have passed and that lavender powder has always been in the back of my mind. Have trying this and that — hell’s bells — I tried the Cover FX lavender stick. I LOVE IT!!!! Again, my husband notices the difference. It brightens me, and I love it.

2. Bronzing/Contouring — I’m still not sure I really know the difference. I mean I do, but I think I’d have to use a whole palette of contour to make any difference on me. I do think a light sweep of bronzer in the usual contouring spots does add a little dimension, and is enough for me.

3. Highlighting — maybe a little on the brow bone, but that’s it. Any highlighting on the cheekbones just does not work on me. The Becca Backlight Primer adds enough of all that for me — super subtle. The metal-face look and frosted nose tip running around YouTube everywhere is totally absurd. To each her own, I know, but some things are just over the top for real life.

The highlighting this and that, and now radiance powders — my head hurts. I don’t know the difference, and I will continue to choose to ignore. 🙂

4. Smokey Eye — not a fan of the souped-up versions with the big cat eye. Not my speed.

5. Eyeliner wings — look ridiculous on me.

6. Liquid Lipsticks — I agree with others here… yuck, horrible feeling, please go away.

7. I heard something about Non-touring (opposite of contouring). WTH? I’m not even going to pay attention!

8. No nail art for me either, or super long nails. I’m still screwing up the courage to go with purple-y at my next mani. 🙂

Stephanie Avatar

Basically, if I like it, I’ll try it…and if I know right off the bat that it’s not me, I won’t. I’ll try just about anything, but sometimes I have to modify based on my facial features, and because I’m not 20. Also, there are some makeup styles/shades I wouldn’t wear everyday (or I’d only wear in subtle ways).

Like a lot of y’all, I have never been one for extreme contouring. I do it more often than not these days, but I keep it subtle since too much contouring looks ridiculous in real life, at least on me.

I rarely do any sort of wing/cat eye with my eyeliner. I have very deep-set eyes and lines to contend with in the corners, so I really have to take my time to get it right and keep the liner from transferring God knows where. I also can’t go too thick if I want much of my eyelid shadow to be seen.

I have only gotten the guts once to leave the house while wearing an unconventional lipstick shade. But there are certain shades I won’t try no matter what, typically of the pastel or white based variety….and the closest I’ll get to unconventional lipstick at work is purple.

Trends I won’t be trying/haven’t tried: I’m never, ever going to try the clumpy mascara look and I don’t do my brows (other than plucking strays for shaping purposes). I also am completely incompetent with false lashes.

Lea Avatar

I’d have to agree with most of the comments so far. I don’t contour my face; I hate when product builds up to much and forces the eye to stare at the muddied mess. Some people pull off well, but I’m just not interested in spending the time trying to make it work. I’m happy enough to have found a bronzer I like for very fair cool skin; I’m good. I don’t need to wear a billion eyeshadows blended into looking like one or two to achieve a look. I had a national MUA ask ‘don’t you feel bad for people only wearing one eye shadow?’ No, I really don’t – for one, I don’t look to see how many shadows I think someone is wearing and you can get depth out of a single color if you apply it well. I’m also not fond of matte liquid lipsticks or non-traditional colors. It doesn’t suit my work environment or my personality (for the colors); the matte liquids just dry out your lips. That doesn’t look attractive on anyone. I may not have the most exotic make-up look, but it suits me just fine.

Bonnie Avatar

Truthfully, I really think less is more when it comes to eye makeup. Too many products gathers in or flakes off your skin and distracts from the beauty of your eye. I love to experiment with all different shades, but it’s usually one or two at a time for eyes. The point is so you and your eyes look beautiful. I once read something in a makeup book that said something like: You want people to notice your pretty blue eyes, not your pretty blue eyeshadow. Not to say I don’t rock a blue, green, or any other color, but it’s eyeliner or crease so as not to overshadow.

Amy Avatar

I love the highlighting trend, but not to the extreme that I’ve seen it lately. I like a more natural glow, not the rainbow on my face or the metallic highlight that seems to be so popular now.

lizalea Avatar

I wear trends I like on me. I contour daily because I like the look and like to do it. I love winged eyeliner but only wear it when I feel like doing it. Fuller eyebrows don’t work for me I have a really small face, like I can wear kids sunglasses, so I look ridiculous with big eyebrows. I’ve tried the rainbow highlighter and maybe I just don’t know how to use it but basic color theory tells me when you mix all the colors together you get muddy brown, but I had to check it out anyways. I love trying new things but if its not fun for me or doesn’t work fory face I don’t do it.

Glenda Avatar

I don’t consider myself a trendy person, either follower or trendsetter. I prefer more a more classic style, something that lasts more than 2-3 months. I’ll leave that to the younger girls for whom that might actually mean more. It took me forever to get into contouring because all the colors were way too orange or just too dark for my fair skin. But I do contour very very lightly but I still don’t highlight. I personally don’t like the look, it’s just too much (even on the younger set). I just wait it out to see if it’s something that could work on me.

Helene Avatar

I try trends, using whatever products I have that can pose as the “real” thing. If I like whatever it is I incooperate it toning it down (or up) to suit me, If I dislike it I just don’t bother. Some trends I don’t need to try as I know I’ll look ridiculous, I might try them out anyway before removing my makeup at night, just to get a good laugh at myself.
I don’t contour, I really don’t need to. I do eyeliner flicks, but quite subtle as my eyes are hooded. I’m not fond of very matte lipsticks as I have dry lips.

BonnieJ Avatar

If I consider a trend, I think about how it fits my body type (tall and fit with long legs, muscled arms and thick waist), age ( I like to look youthful but not appear to be aping my 25-year old daughter), coloring (I don’t do well with orange or olive), and my lifestyle (busy grandma, volunteer, artist, belonging to two singing groups, travel a lot domestically and internationally). So yes, I’ll wear skinny jeans and over the knee boots, but not crop tops or plunging necklines. Since I have toned muscled arms and legs, sleeveless sheaths work well on me. For makeup, I also like subtle contouring, and a mostly natural, sophisticated look. I love bronzer. I’ll leave deep purple lipstick and winged eyeliner for my younger sisters.

Jen Avatar

I really don’t. My personal style usually takes over! Which is good because I know my style and I’m confident with it. Yet the con is I don’t often take risk or try anything new 🙁

Dua Avatar

Let me tell you that I’m proud of myself for not caving in into the whole metallic lip thing. I really don’t like it at all and all the publicity for it and differenet companies coming up with more colours makes you question your preference sometimes.

I can’t see why is it a big thing. Its not flattering on lips at all!! I know millions of people dosen’t agree with my opinion otherwise the metalic lip trend would have died by now.

But I see Pat Mcgrath is coming up with a Glitter Lip (even thou its not practical at all) with her Lust004 kit, so maybe it will become the new trend and replaces metalic lips.

Erin Avatar

I’m not a huge trend follower. Lot of things look great on certain people. I might try something once or twice if I have the tools and the product to make the look happen. If not, I’ll try to use the product in store to get a feel for it on my face. Also my skin tone and texture really keep me from looking good in many trends!

Andy Avatar

I agree with everyone who said matte and liquid lipsticks are too much; also extreme colors (brown lips, red eyeshadow). I have adapted a bit of shimmer in my eyeshadows – matte shadows can be unflattering at age 62. I save my experimenting for nail color – that’s how I get it out of my system!

Naomi Avatar

I usually am quite the trendsetter when it comes to fashion, but with makeup I’m more of a follower. However, I was a few months ahead of the game with the metallic lip trend!! I love a more subtle metallic lip but its nice to have options now too (I now have a couple really showy metallic ones but mostly subtle). I also enjoy contouring (with a light hand and just the cheekbones and sometimes my nose), color correcting (for dark circles), and winged eyeliner! Highlighting I usually skip, I have plenty of natural glow myself (thanks oily skin), though its been such a huge trend I have a couple in my collection, mostly liquids and creams as they tend to be more subtle. Also I’m so sad matte foundations are no longer a trend!! LOVE me a good, long lasting matte foundation!!

Vanessa Avatar

If there’s a trend I like, I’ll try out several ways to see if I like it on me when it comes to both makeup and fashion.
*H&C- I like subtle because otherwise it looks like streaks of dirt and white. The heavy look only looks “great” (imo it still doesn’t) on Instagram because of the professional cameras/lighting and editing, but never in real life.
*Matte/Neutral shadows- life’s too short; I like to go all out with bright, bold colors 99% of the time!
*False lashes- can’t apply them so I quit trying!
*Matte lips- I do like that many are very long-lasting, but my lips are always dry no matter what, so I don’t wear it that often. Every brand coming out with nude liquid lipsticks feels like overkill now though ?
*Unusual lips colors- Yes! Give me all the blue, green, black, and gray lipsticks! I don’t wear lipstick that often, but when I do, it’s almost always one of those colors.
*Metallic/Glitter/Shimmer- obviously not for everyone, but I love this too! Love sparky eyeshadow! In lips, I do like metallic lipsticks/lip glosses, I’m just terrible at maintaining it all day.
*Brows- Natural, defined is my style. I like mine about medium in thickness and trimmed with a soft arch. I don’t like the heavy, thick, ombré look.
*Complexion- l like matte foundations because I have oily/combo skin. The dewy (aka greasy on me) look is a big n-o.
I like the gothic/grunge/rocker with sequin/glitter look, but I never go all in on one specific style. Instead, I pick and choose different elements I like and make my own hybrid style. I usually wear black, dark (think navy, plum, forest green) or cool-toned colors.
If I get to be lucky enough to get to 70, I’ll still be wearing weird colored Lipstick and glitter shadows! Life’s too short and by that point, who cares what people think! I want to go out in style!

Donna Avatar

I have hooded lids so 90% of the trends are out.
I do a smoky eye but I don’t go overboard though I love to experiment with pops of color. Wear contour and highlight whenever I wear makeup for needed definition.
Hate liquid lipsticks – love creams & glosses.
Use setting sprays to keep everything fresh.
I feel that accentuating your best features is the way to go and only use a trend if it looks good on you and doesn’t make you look like your wanting to be like a 25 year old.

Debbie Avatar

I like to experiment with trends at home then decide whether they will make it out the front door or not. And only one trend at a time. Otherwise I will end up looking ridiculous. I have what I call the Debbie look that works for me and will change it up by one notch at a time only.

Silvia Avatar

I mainly fall for the new colors like a bee on a flower garden, have tons of eyeshadows, blushes and lipsticks, eyeliners and a fair share of brushes all kinds, light foundations. I love to follow both high end make up bloggers as well as low end (they tend to talk way lot more and at faster than lightning speed lol! but these girls are most young and I find it cute how excited they get on their products). I myself love to experiment a bit in clothing gotta’ said am more daring with colors than my mom and daughter which stay more neutral and classic I’m considered the ‘wild’ one. I do blend, blend , blend my makeup and try different colors that I like not because is a trend. Not into heavy makeup I keep it smooth, natural but do wear it all. Have seen many bloggers with too much shine in their faces and foxy noses I mean like the strong contouring line along the ridges of their nose too visible on a few. Another thing under the eyes I noticed some heavy concealer when they do that type of v shape under it looking too washed out and bright instead. I love lately the craze of highlighters and do apply it softly on top of my cheeks but blend it with my kabuki brush very lightly in that c form some recommend around the cheeks, temples and going around top mid part of eyebrows. I have rather thin face and contour lighltly but think there’s no need actually just for fun. I will wear subtle glitter on my eyes for especial occasions but will never try the lip thing. I’ll leave that for Star Wars actresses. I’m also a runner, gardener at my home, always busy and have raised two wonderful kids one graduated from Brown University my girl and my boy two has two more years to go to graduate as music director from Calarts. Proud of my chikadees! So I keep my life rather simple and try to have fun everyday if a little bit as well as with my makeup obsession. Not rich or famous just simple and fun! 🙂

Audrey L Avatar

First when there are new trends, I try them if I can, and to decide if I will do it again, it’s really simple :
Does it suit me? Is it beautiful in my opinion ?
If the answers are yes, I go for it :p And if not, I try to adapt it or I leave it

RMW (Rose) Avatar

Hi Temptalia,
I personally Don’t do “trends” nor do I reject them. I’m not saying that in any tone of any kind. I just never ever have followed that whole idea of dictating What is “now in” or What is “now out”… based on the idea of a cultural habit. I’ve been that way since I was able or “allowed” to wear makeup in a strict Catholic-Italian household. Maybe THAT’S where my issues began to begin with!? Lol. I know what I am completely satisfied with “who” I am and how I do my makeup. I just feel that you don’t need to change anything you do, IF you already are happy with what you do or how you do things. Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean that I am closed minded to how everyone else feels or does things. To each their own and do whatever makes you happy and feel more comfortable and confident in life.

Maria Avatar

I reject any trend that is really for young girls or young women in their 20’s. Like really unusual lip colors and extreme eye makeup. I do incorporate new formulas and maybe highlighting and contouring even though I don’t feel the need to contour I will do it ever so lightly once in a while. Extreme Fads were never my thing in when I was young and it especially not mine now. In fact if I were young again I probably would wear even less makeup and not as often.

Bonnie Avatar

I will try just about any trend, unless I already know it’s something that doesn’t work for me, or I don’t like. Even then, I get suckered sometimes. I try almost everything in a subscription box. The only things I won’t try are masks (I just don’t do them) and hair products that add volume. (My hair is already huge). I know I hate liquid eyeliner and red lips, so I never buy those things, but if they come in a box, I will give them a go. I think once I was pleasantly suprised by a red lip gloss – it was a nice warm shade that didn’t turn strange coral on me.

Otherwise, I just avoid things I know I don’t like. Contouring is something I also don’t do, because I am perfectly happy with my bone structure. I got a contouring kit in a box and used it as eyeshadow. It was great for that. And highlighter, I only use on my browbone. I love to enhance, but any trends that actually try to alter my appearance, I usually avoid.

Karen Avatar

Long ago I had nothing to do but go out and get ready to go out to school, work and socializing. My biggest fashion statement was to go against the trendy. When heavy eye lips and cheeks were in I wore winged liner an a matte red lip. Years later I’m still the same only now I even go barefaced with only moisturizer and sunscreen. My only makeup are sunglasses and lip gloss. So I do sometimes wear trends early or really before their time. Eventually people did start wearing winged liner lol.

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