Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush, Bronzer, Powder Palette for Holiday 2015

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush, Bronzer, Powder Palette for Holiday 2015
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush, Bronzer, Powder Palette for Holiday 2015

SpaceNK previewed the upcoming Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush, Bronzer, Powder Palette for the holiday season during their Christmas Press Day (and you all thought it was uncomfortably early to be reviewing fall products!), which includes a little of everything from their Ambient Lighting collection from bronzer to blush to the original powder. As an early preview, not too many details at this time, but if I get any additional information, I’ll be sure to update.


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Mariella Avatar

I do like these smaller compacts as a way to sample more products. I have none of the blushes or bronzers – just not crazy enough about them to lay out big bucks when there are products I like much better but I do have the original Ambient Light Powder compact and a full size and, of course, the shade I like best of all of them is the one exclusive to the palette. GRRR! I might be interested in buying this (depending on the shades in it and also the price point) as I honestly feel that all these Ambient Light products are a bit over-rated and also overpriced.

Lisa Avatar

I had the same experience when I bought the palette but I noticed that after I used it a bunch of times, the color suddenly started showing up much better. I think there was too much of the ambient powder in the top layer, but once that disappeared the blush part had good pigmentation.

Andie Avatar

I hope this includes colors that aren’t in the original two palettes. I own both of those and love them, but I wouldn’t purchase this just to try the bronzers. I am eagerly anticipating additional information!!! Thanks for the information Christine. You’ve got me excited for winter already!

Mariella Avatar

That’s my thinking also, Andie. Mind you, I wouldn’t mind having another of the LE powder that is in the Ambient Light face-powder palette – that’s my fave of all the shades! And so, of course, it’s only available in that palette.

Helena Avatar

I love Incandescent Light as a highlighter! I just wish it was available separately–Dim Light and Radiant Light are too dark and orange for me. 🙁 (pleeeease, Hourglass!)

Lauren Avatar

this may have to be my first Hourglass purchase ever! I wanted to try the bronzer and depending on what blush it is and what powders I might just have to pick this baby up. Can’t wait for more details to come out so I can start saving my pennies if I want to get it. lol 🙂

Faith Avatar

Interesting idea… but they need to add more colors to the collection. We all have all the current stuff; it would just be buying more of the same. Most the colors needs to be new or different with maybe 1 cult favorite.

Sarah Avatar

Honestly, I feel like unless they want to expand the bronzer shade range, Hourglass Ambient Whatevers have run their course. I mean, where are they going to go with the shade range? They can’t really do anything with more pigmentation to cater to even deeper skin tones, because then their whole idea of a “subtle effect” would be ruined (which is a core flaw to the plan, IMO; they can’t make something pigmented enough for the deepest ebony skin tones, because, by nature, it would be vibrant on lighter skin tones and would seem out of place in the line).

I’d personally like to see Hourglass take this finely-milled powder and try their hand at powder foundation. Maybe two lines to have one that was light coverage and one that provided a bit more?

xamyx Avatar

I still have yet to try anything from the brand, and from what I’ve read (here & elsewhere), I’m not in an isolated minority. For those who have several/enough different powders, great-this is an easy skip, and will give others a chance to try, and a chance for you to save money/try something new. I have nearly every NARS eyeshadow released from 2008, so every time a new palette is released, instead of complaining about having every shade, I’m grateful!

As for adding deeper shades, they’ll only be “dramatic” if a fairer person *chooses* to wear it for a more intense look, but not having the option leaves out an entire range of skintones. I’m fair enough that some of the current blushes look insanely vivid on me. If you consider something like the MAC contour powders, obviously not every one will work on every face, but it’s nice to have a range of options. Bone Beige would be the most “appropriate” for me, and would provide a more subtle look, but I personally prefer Sculpt.

Quinctia Avatar

Haha, you and NARS sounds like me and Urban Decay! Half their palettes now are a no-go, between me owning most of their eyeshadows and feeling that owning more than about half of the Naked offerings is a bit ridiculous.

I do like the looks of the Hourglass palette, as someone who’s never tried any of them–but I really don’t wear more than setting powder most days, so I probably won’t spring for this. It’s a bit tempting, though.

sarina Avatar

Oh be still my beating heart! I have been wanting to try both the highlighters and the blushers for a while. I think I need santana to arrive much earlier this year!! 😀

Lacey Avatar

I already have the first two palettes, and I suspect some overlap. I’m also afraid the bronzer would be the lighter shade, so I’m going to pass. I do love the Ambient face products, though, so I’m glad they’re still promoting them and coming up with new ideas.

Jill Avatar

I own a blush and bronzer and the powder palette, but Im not so fond of the blush, the color payoff is not great. I’ll be skipping this. Any news about Tom Ford’s fall collection yet??

Amy Avatar

This is the first time I’ve ever truly wanted anything from Hourglass. I put a ban on myself for buying more blush but I think I’m going to get this!

Tiffany Avatar

Gasp! I have been contemplating purchasing some of these products separately, but to have them all in one palette?! So excited!

Hex Avatar

You know, there are times when you just have to ignore the fact that you are a poor student on a budget who has to visit grandma just so u can eat at times. This is one of those times. Take all my money Hourglass!

Laura Avatar

I am looking forward to purchasing this. I have two blushes which I really like and have been wanting to try the powders and the bronzer. This looks lovely!

Linda Avatar

Looks like:

Top – Radiant Light, Dim Light, Diffused Light
Bottom – Mood Exposure, Luminous Flush, Luminous Bronze Light

Darn, already own them all except for Radiant Light (which I returned) and the bronzer!

Rah Avatar

I bet its $136. The shadows are pretty but I found them to be a bit powdery. Would be great if they sold refills instead of having to rebuy the packaging!

Kira Avatar

Damn. I have been ogling those bronzers. I will definitely be getting this. I use their powders or blushes every day and have a big divot in my Ambient Lighting Powder in Mood Light. I’m sure I will be super pasty come winter and ready for that bronze-y glow!

Nancy T Avatar

Oh. My. Goodness. This is a thing of pure beauty!!! I will certainly be interested in hearing more on it in the future, because yes, this DOES seem a bit too early in the year, LoL!

Katherine T. Avatar

I’m afraid to ask the price for this. Fortunately, I think 3 of the 6 shades will be too dark or warm for me, so my wallet is safe, but I’m sure many others will love this . Not sure why they are previewing this in July, as wouldn’t it make people hold off on buying any Hourglass blushes/bronzers until this comes out for the holiday?

xamyx Avatar

Not really… For some, they’re daily use products that need to be replaced regularly; others-such as myself-may have been wanting to *finally* try them, and don’t want to wait, or jump through hoops to get an LE product around the Holidays-especially when they have others to shop for, LOL! I’ve been planning to grab one probably in September, so I’ll still go ahead with that.

Zaza Avatar

This makes me glad I have not gotten any of the ambient lighting powders, I hope the shades in this palette are the ones I am interested in because if so then I will definitely buy this

Rachel R. Avatar

I read on another blog that it will be $79, but I don’t know if that is accurate. Regardless, I want this on my Christmas list.

IRockFaces Avatar

Ummmm that looks pretty darn cool. I wonder how much they would want for it considering how expensive the trio palettes already were.

Cat Avatar

I know I can’t be certain from looking at that photo but… the blush in the middle looks like Luminous Flush (writing that just caused a humorous, albeit immature, visual) and the color in the upper left looks like Dim Light. If I’m right, I own two out of six and two of the others wouldn’t work well for me. I REALLY hope I’m wrong because it’s definitely something that would interest me. Either way, I think I’ll end up with Ethereal Light in my stocking this year. =)

Jade Avatar

This is an easy pass for me! I have the lighting palette and the blush palette, and I had zero interest in the bronzers anyway. I’m interested to see if they repeat shades from the previous two palettes (I hope they don’t).

ale Avatar

I NEED to know what the shades are.
I have been dreaming of a hourglass palette that had a blush, powder and bronzer in one.
This hits the spot. Hope the 2 blush shades aren’t repeats form the other blush palette.

Nibeya Avatar

i was really hopping for a a bronzer palette with a new darker bronzer for women of color.. im really on the fence with this one, i already have the 1st palette and well i dont use it that often because only one shade really works for me ( to much effort to make the other 2 do anything ).. and i messed up and already purchased the blushes i wanted ( so of course i did not buy the blush palette).. hoping they just make a bronzer palette.. i waited on them just because i figured one would roll out

Amber S. Avatar

I really hope Diffused Light is in this palette. I’m a little disappointed though because the blush in the middle looks like Luminous Flush, which was in the blush palette I already have and is a bit too bright for my pale skin. I use it occasionally for nights out but I certainly don’t need two of them.

Joli Avatar

Um, yes please. I showed the pic to my hubby and informed him it’s what I want for Christmas. LoL
Well, assuming when we get the details of what’s in it its not stuff I already have.

Ricky Avatar

My husband was a jerk to me today.
This palette is going straight to the top of the list of how to make it up to me.
Just the thought of him going into Sephora during the Holiday season makes me feel better already.

He doesn’t need to know Sephora has online shopping…

Nicole Avatar

Ohh this looks nice. I wish they would have offered this before I sprang for all of them individually. Depending on which blush that is, I am pretty certain, I have them all unless any are new. But, if this in fact $79 which I saw mentioned in a comment below, that’s a steal! The two bronzers together may not be a hit for everyone. I do own both and do use both. But the darker one I think is totally useless if your skin tone is lighter than medium toned. It just runs super-warm. I use a large fan brush by Louse Young with these. Really, I find them both warm and pretty luminous-more like a highlighter/bronzer combo to me.I won’t need it. But, this will be a nice gift for a makeup loving friend or a young person who can’t afford these powders. I’m going to keep these in mind for my nieces. I always buy them HE makeup for Christmas. They love it! 🙂

Rachael Avatar

It’s up on Sephora now for $80
This set contains:
– 0.049 oz Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder in Iridescent Strobe Light (this is new)
– 0.049 oz Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light
– 0.049 oz Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light
– 0.049 oz Ambient Lighting Blush in Luminous Flush
– 0.049 oz Ambient Lighting Blush in Mood Exposure
– 0.049 oz Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Luminous Bronze Light
– Compact with large mirror

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