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Holiday Gift Guide: Guy's Guide to Gifts

The Tech Guy
Shaun, aka The Tech Guy, aka my boyfriend, was wrangled into doing his take on a “gift guide.”  He’s twenty-nine with normal-to-dry skin and suffers from no more acne (much to my envy!).  He has no dedication whatsoever to his writing duties here on Temptalia, given his absence of years (or however long it’s been) but, thankfully, is more attentive to keeping the site alive and well.

Shaun enjoys long walks on the beach, vegging out on the couch watching chick flicks, and cuddling with Mellan. Or maybe not! He handles all the behind-the-scenes action here at Temptalia, from tech support to server woes.

Holiday Gift Guide: Guy’s Guide to Gifts

The key for shopping for a dude, at least this dude, is not buying him anything he doesn’t trust or hasn’t used. He will generally make it pretty clear what he likes or dislikes. If he wants an iPad or any other Apple product, he will have mentioned his love or want for said iPad, but if he falls into the Android camp, then he most likely despises Apple and everything they stand for. We like the brands we like, and we don’t always have a good reason for liking said brand. It worked in the past, why shouldn’t it continue to work?

Aveda Men Pure-formance Dual Action Aftershave ($35.00 for 2.5 fl. oz.) | I haven’t tried a lot of aftershaves, but I really like this one. I’ve been using it for a long time, and it has never run out; that might be because I shave once a month and usually look like I emerged from a cave to check if it’s time to harvest. This has a fresh scent and goes on very smooth, and more importantly, it doesn’t burn like you stuck your face in alcohol after a shave. Another benefit is that it moisturizes so you don’t have to slather two creams on your face if you are comfortable enough with yourself to moisturize.

MACH3 Catridges (price varies depending on brand/quantity) | These are literally the most expensive things on the planet. Every time I start to feel my face being ripped off while shaving, I have to have a debate with myself about whether or not I should change the blade. Generally, due to blood loss, I will yield and switch out the cartridge only to curse myself later. These are a great buy, because we hate buying them, so if we don’t have to look at the price it’s all the better.

Amazon Kindle ($79.00) | This thing sells itself these days, and if your man is somewhat of a reader it might be time to send him into the digital age with an E-Reader. The Kindle is ridiculously cheap and most people are hooked into Amazon one way or another.

Batman: Arkham City ($59.99) and/or Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim ($59.99) | Ladies, let me tell you a little secret that will probably get me in trouble with men everywhere. If you want something and your man has been putting the kibosh on it, get him one of these games. Let them get addicted, and while they are playing, ask them for the aforementioned item. He’ll be so engrossed in the game that he’ll just grunt, thus giving you the approval to go obtain said item! Then when he asks about it later, just say he agreed to it while playing the game. He won’t be able to remember and you win! These games are both incredibly solid–Batman especially–just make sure that he doesn’t already own them. You’ll be able to tell if he has been holed up in front of a computer or TV for ridiculous amounts of time recently.


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Dusty Avatar

Duuuude! I love this post! I actually have a drawer full of MACH3 cartridges… Seriously, like 5 of the jumbo 20 packs. Got them at Costco but I only shave like once a year so, they’re still sitting there.

The Kindle is on my list but not for me. (Shh! Don’t tell!) I’ve been waiting to pick up the touch-screen one… Christmas is just around the corner! Wait… Christmas is just around the corner?!?! Ugh…

I haven’t picked up the new Arkham game but I did manage to plow through all of Uncharted 3 last weekend while I was sick on the couch. Next on my list is Arkham City… Though it’s more of a “loner” game. When I play Uncharted Jay will sit next to me and wrestle me for the controller so we end up taking turns. If I play Batman he just goes in the other room.

Shaun Avatar

I should probably hit up Costco again, it has been a while and I’ve been craving a $1.50 hotdog.

Funny thing about the Kindle, I got mine right before they had a big upgrade in tech and i looked like a sucker! I agree about the touchscreen, I kept pawing at my current Kindle’s screen with no benefit.

I only have an X-box so I can’t check out Uncharted but I’ve always heard good things. I LOVED Batman. I kept playing for hours after finishing the main storyline, there’s just so much to do.

Aurore Avatar

Batman and Skyrim : tested and approved last time I came home after shopping at Sephora ! Beside it, both games are excellent and as a gamer, I’ll test them on my boyfriend’s computer ^^

Sarah Avatar

Ahaha, love this post – my bf also hates buying decent blades – I have to cajol him into actually buying new ones! Maybe I should fill up on them for his stocking, lol! I think the best thing a woman can do for a guy at xmas is introduce him to the Amazon wishlist – it takes all the pain decision on gifts for men! 🙂 Thanks.


Shaun Avatar

Thanks, it’s a very solid game. Skyrim would also be great for women gamers, due to the sheer amount you can do and the different ways you can play. I’ve found myself at times chasing butterflies and picking flowers, only to be slaying a mammoth five minutes later. And yes, as crazy as it sounds, this is totally doable in game.

Megan Avatar

I, um, I’d just like to say that I have a gorgeous new bag from Kate Spade’s recent sale, and I’d like to give all the credit to “Arkham City.”

And Shaun–you could stick the new “Assassin’s Creed” on that list, too. Seriously sweet game.

Shaun Avatar

I was going to add Assassin’s Creed to the list, but it has gotten mixed-reviews and I haven’t played it (I’ve always enjoyed them in the past.) I also should have mentioned the new Legend of Zelda, but alas, I have not played that either!

Megan Avatar

I can’t comment on the mechanics of the game (I’m terrible at playing and get killed easily) because I probably wouldn’t realize they were good or bad. My husband hasn’t been swearing at the screen, though, so I’ll take it as they’re on par with the last game.

It’s worth it just to see an older Ezio absolutely kick tail. I didn’t think it was possible for Ezio to be any more bada$$ (can I type that word on Temptalia?!), but I was wrong.

Not as cool as being Batman. And so far nothing to really compare to that last chill-inducing cut scene of “Arkham City.” But still excellent.

The Beauty Queen from Mars Avatar

You are absolutely right about ‘Assassin’s Creed’. And for all the girlfriends out there who are not gamers – this is a really sweet game to watch, too.
The animation is so good, it looks more like a movie than a game. I love to knit while watching my boyfriend play the game^^

Hannah Avatar

Awesome idea of the March3 cartridges. Every time I buy my husband these, he is so excited. He knows how expensive they are, but when the blades wear out, they hurt when he shaves. I’m thinking of getting him a kindle this year, since he loves to read. Great ideas for men 🙂

Sammi Avatar

I second Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim! I got it for myself and ended up getting it for my husband as well. The game is just amazing! If he hasn’t already gotten it for himself and he’s into video games, this is an excellent choice.

Shaun Avatar

Hello fellow Skyrim traveler! I hope it hasn’t turned your life into a mess like it’s attempting to do to mine. The sheer amount of things to do in game are INSANE. It’s hard for me to wrap my head around the massive amounts of content. I try to stay on task, but the drum beats of Skyrim keep me distracted!

Audrey Avatar

Hahaha, Skyrim. I already lost my boyfriend to it. Literally, he’s gone. O_O Whenever we do talk, it’s generally him explaining the current quest he’s on. I just wished it wasn’t so long, because I know it won’t change for at least a month or two. XD

Chynna Avatar

Kindles and video games for this girl, too! L.A. Noir for the PC is at the top of my list, then Skyrim. Unfortunately I’m offline until the weekend. I’ve got to replace the power supply on my gaming rig. I had to pass on Guerlain ‘Parure Du Nuit’ Powder to pay for the new PSU. :o(

Shaun Avatar

I enjoyed L.A. Noir, but I didn’t get through the whole game. It has a very interesting premise, and I look forward to what they do with that genre of games in the future.

Daisy Avatar

I squealed with delight when I saw Skyrim as a suggestion! Being an Elder Scrolls gal myself, I really couldn’t agree more with how amazing and inevitably addicting Skyrim is. I would also like to add that the chances of the boyfriend agreeing to ludicrous demands are greatly increased if you ask while he’s fighting a dragon 😉

Shaun Avatar

I actually played for the majority of the day when it came out, then I felt like a ZOMBIE. I uninstalled the game, then two days later I re-installed and I’m trying to play in more manageable increments. It’s difficult… I need my fix!

Vanilla Avatar

Haha I loved the last suggestion. I showed it to my bf and he laughed and said “sorry, but I already have both.” Which I already knew… he hasn’t stopped playing Skyrim since he got it over the weekend. Occasionally he would burst out with “I cut off it’s head!!!!” or something similar while I’m busy writing Christmas cards. No complaints from me though, since I will be spending more and more time at the mall in the next couple of weeks getting all the Christmas shopping done.

Sara Avatar

For games, there’s also Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3!

I’m holding out on Skyrim right now because I have a humongous paper due in two weeks and I’m trying not to distract myself. It’s SO hard because my boyfriend plays it all the time and I watch and I’m like.. o_o I should be doing this right now, too!

Shaun Avatar

I did think of those, but there is such angst about those games I didn’t want to ruffle any feathers. If you buy Battlefield 3 for a hardcore Modern Warfare fan you’ll probably get the game tossed in your face and vice-versa!

Futuralon Avatar

The Mach3 cartridges is a genius idea! I think if you want to add more little trinkets for a rounded out bathroom kit, get him a back scrubber (brush on a stick), manly body wash (pouf optional), nail brush, maybe some lava soap if he has filthy hobbies. Also the tweezerman toenail clippers are pretty bomb. And moustache scissors for his eyebrows if that’s an issue!

Kate & Zena Avatar

Oh no! Not Skyrim! I’ve only been hearing, “Skyrim this,” “Skyrim that,” “Skyrim is COOL!” for the past week! The next man that talks about Skyrim, I’m going to strangle them! I hear it enough about it from my brother and two men in my math class! I fear my dad is going to lose to the Skyrim lust. Just what I need….two men on Skyrim language.

How about we women make a deal with you men. If you have to talk incessantly about your video and computer games every time you talk to us, you could at least listen to all of our female issues. We seem to get the shorter end of the stick here.

Kat Avatar

Have you tried that hideously named RazorPit-thing? A device for cleaning razor blades and keeping them sharp for longer. It sounds clever, I think – anything that extends the periods between which one is forced to face the pricing on those things would be great. I keep talking myself out of buying it though, just because when I stand in the shop the disposable razors are STILL cheaper. It would be great if you reviewed it though… Completely unisex! Hideous! Potentially practical! 😀

Paige Avatar

I’m glad you are featuring a guide for giving gifts to men. I wonder if you have any suggestions for small gifts (no more than $20) or stocking stuffers.

Of course, for the important guys in my life, (my father, my brother, and the boyfriend), they all are getting awesome (and more expensive) gifts. My bf got the EEE pad transformer this summer for birthday.

However, I am quite stumped at what small gifts I could give to my guy friends and colleagues.

Quinctia Avatar

I, too, never end up changing out my razors until I end up bleeding. 🙁 🙁 It’s not just a dude thing. At least I can cover up my injuries, though!

Barbara Avatar

I laughed 😀
I actually want skyrim for myself, but being a high school girl with no part time job – I’m broke.
and my old gaming laptop probably doesn’t have a good enough graphics card -___-
hmmmm still debating on what i should get for my dad though!

John Avatar

Games like Batman and Elder Scrolls drive me insane! Because there’s so much to do, I feel compelled to look inside every nook and cranny for every possible quest/upgrade/trophy/achievement so I can complete the game 100%. Just some examples of my craziness:

1. I mined every single planet dry in Mass Effect 2…
2. I collected every single Riddler’s trophy in Batman: Arkahm Asylum…
3. I completed every single side mission, went to every area, etc. in Zelda: Ocarina in Time…

When I’m doing these unnecessary tasks, I feel like I’m doing a chore and it takes the fun out of the games themselves. Recently, I’ve been enjoying games, at least the single campaigns, that are much more linear like Uncharted or Modern Warfare. Haha. But then again the two games you mentioned have gotten such great critical reviews that I’m probably going to check them out anyways, eventually.

I probably won’t need any Cartridges since I don’t have enough facial hair. It’s a good and bad characteristic I suppose.

I may have to get a Kindle though if I find that my iPhone has too small a screen for reading.

Nice suggestions!

Hannah Avatar

Don’t forget about Uncharted 3 and the new Zelda game! And a subscription to Gameinformer! Cartridges are a good idea though, my husband has THE thickest facial hair I’ve ever encountered. He goes through those things like M&M’s.

Courtney Avatar

Arkham City is amazeballs, trufax. The boy and I picked up Skyrim the other day but haven’t played it yet. I also definitely have the recommend Uncharted 3. The graphics alone are worth the money, but the game is so goooood. And I may or may not have a wee girlcrush on Chloe…

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