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Ha! I have no choice but to budget myself. My tiny beauty budget has to go a long way. I am pretty good at stretching it but I admit, I would love to be able to just go wild, just once. Boy, would that be fun! πŸ˜€

I feel the same way! I often fantasize about going crazy and just buying everything I want at Sephora. How great would THAT be?! An unlimited amount to spend there, sounds so lovely!

Ooohh, I agree…a get-everything-you-want at Sephora is a fantasy for me too!! Makeup is definitely my grown-up candy!!

I have to! Hahaha I’m a full-time student so I’m only working part-time, and I should probably save the majority of my money for things like food πŸ˜› I always take into account what I currently own, how much extra money I have for spending, how often I’d use the product(s), and things I should prioritize in my purchase (skin/hair care, brushes, other basic stuff). Generally I don’t like spending more than $200 at a time – that’s almost two weeks’ worth of pay for me, eep! Lately I’ve been feeling that my makeup collection is pretty well-stocked though, and I haven’t come across anything completely unlike everything I already have. I don’t know whether that’s a good or bad thing πŸ˜›

Always. I generally budget very strictly, especially for non-necessary things like makeup. I try to spend less than $10 a week, unless I’ve gotten a pay bonus. I clip lots of coupons and try to get whats on sale.

I try too..I really so try.. I even tell myself I’ll be one step closer to financial responsibility.. but you know.. as soon as I walk past a MAC counter..sigh..I forget the word budget.. -.-

I guess you can say I budget. I get X amount of money a week and I try not to spend all of it on makeup but I tend to go a little over board and have to ask for more money for household things

Yes, I usually do a little research first before buying beauty products (e.g. read blogs, watch youtube reviews/tutorials and swatch the products in person). But then, there are times when my impulsiveness gets the better of me. hehe! πŸ™‚

I try but I can’t… For the last 2 years i was in nursing school so i never bought new makeup. Now i’m splurging like crazy…. :p

As a student I kind of have to….but I dream of the day I can buy all the pretty little things my heart desires (which I probably don’t need anyways)

I try to – it really helps to reduce buyers’ remorse. I hate that feeling of “maybe I shouldn’t have gotten this” that seems to creep up on me after I’ve made a big purchase, so I try to budget based on what I’d like to play around with, versus what I really need. I don’t skimp on skincare, haircuts/haircare, and shower creme, foundation, setting powder, but I do think twice for eyeshadows, eyeliner, highlighters, mascara, etc.

Of course I do have self-treat days when I go a little crazy.

Truthfully, in the past I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on beauty products that I never even used. I’m very much more conservative now – the only categories I really collect are lipcolor and polish, and I’m careful to avoid dupes. I only buy other makeup if I need it to complete a look, and I’m trying to actually use up fragrances now.

Hm that’s an interesting question. I actually don’t have to budget myself because I don’t have much to buy. Just foundation, concealer, powder, contour, eyebrow filler… and that’s it! In addition, the pragmatist in me demands that I narrow my options to a single choice for each category, so it’s not like I’m going to buy 10 foundations! Haha.

I have a seriously unhealthy obsession with finding the perfect product that it took me almost a year to find my favorite concealer and foundation. And honestly, I’m still not 100% satisfied with my current routine. But I’ve learned to accept what I have since I’ve sampled and tested virtually all of the options available. I mean really, where else am I going to look?

Finally someone as picky as me!!! I have taken longer than a year searching for foundation and powder that work for me- since I have a fairly hard to match skin tone and I’m very particular with what goes on my skin. I’m honing in on some things that I could probably live with, but not 100% either. When I was living at home, my dad would see all the time I spent swatching and testing and trying- he’d get so frustrated at me and wouldn’t understand why you can’t just grab something and use it forever.

I definately try to stick onto a budget, but half the time I end up with basically no savings whatsoever, which is very frustrating. It has happened that I buy a wonderful item from a limited edition collection, and it works so well that I’d like to have a backup, and so it begins… For it to never end, and it just makes me so mad with myself.

I want to save up for Dior’s Spring Collection, same for Givenchy’s and LancΓ΄me ’cause oh man, those are so damn gorgeous, but I can already see myself trying to get one or two MAC lipsticks, then an eyeshadow, then maybe some false lashes and goodbye to my Spring Budget…

Sometimes. Lately, definitely, because I’ve been getting so few hours at work. When I have more steady income, I splurge more often, but never really out of control.

Try is the word! I do my best because, if I find a product that will do well for me and for my clients, I have to buy two of it – one for myself and one for my kit. That makes me think twice sometimes about what I’m getting. Fortunately, there are lots of pro brands, like Ben Nye and Graftobian for example, that are really high quality for a relatively small price. Graftobian foundations are insanely good and are on the Temptalia.com Foundation Matrix. Anyone can buy these brands online and there are usually theatrical supply stores in big cities that sell them as well. I give myself a price limit before I start, so that I don’t spend the mortgage on Ben Nye eyeshadows. Seriously, I’m addicted!

Yes, I do. I could easily drop $1,000 at Sephora (who here couldn’t?) or at the department store cosmetics counters but I don’t really feel I can justify being that indulgent so, yes, I do try to budget and I also spread my purchases out so that every week, I get myself a little “treat” or 2, rather than buying a lot of stuff all at once.

I’m also a full-time student, part-time employee, so there isn’t much “fun money” to spend after paying bills and buying food. Mostly I wait until particular websites have sales or deals going on, and *then* I buy items. I also usually only buy from certain websites when they have free shipping (even MAC, my local counter is awful!).

I tend to go through cycles…for a while, I’ll do pretty well denying myself, but then after about two weeks (at the most) I go out and splurge on a few items from MAC and/or Sephora. I also have a hard time going to places like Walmart or Target without at least a brief walk-through of the beauty/ hair care aisle. There’s just always something new and interesting to try out!

I don’t understand the question…

I find it better to shop online because the price is always right there. When I hit the Chanel its easy to forget how much I’m actually spending.

Mostly I do, yes. I have a certain amount of money each money that I allow myself to spend on beauty products (that’s my only vice really lol). But sometimes, I tell myself I will get everything on my wish list! Such as the VIB sale at Sephora…I spent $672. Definitely no budgeting there!! lol

Anyway, I am toying with the idea of doing my first Project 10 Pan. Eeeeek!!!!! I’ve been thinking about it for 2 days, haven’t totally decided yet. But I think I’m going to go for it. I just have to pick out my products. I want to try and pick mostly MAC items because I’m intent on phasing them out of my makeup!!

When it comes to skincare I really don’t have a budget. My skin is my most important asset and being able to take care of it with the best is paramount to me. With make-up I will mix the high with the low.

I have to budget, but sometimes I go a little crazy. Usually I just go crazy with ELF or NYX and then I get more for the money that way. I do find since I’ve realized my love for makeup I now dread clothes shopping! Who knew that could happen? πŸ™‚ I need a license plate holder instead of “I’d rather be shopping at Nordstrom” one that says “I’d rather be at swatching at Sephora” hehe

Oh, yes…like some of you, I have spent a lot on items I rarely touch, if ever. Therefore, I am more careful with my choices now. Since fortunately I’ve been able to build a reasonably complete makeup stash, I make some research first and if I fall in love with something, I try to think about it for a few days to see if its real love before buying it…unless there is panic due to a limited edition!

I do, but not in the sense that “I can’t buy a lipstick over $8” or such. I just try to set a general amount that is good for me. If it’s a special collection that I really want, I’ll budget ahead of time and save up for it.

I have recently gotten into makeup so much that I decided to get another part-time job. At Lancome. Not a good idea πŸ™‚ About half of my paycheck goes back to the store! Oh well, I got the job to support my habit!

Oh Lord. A budget? How I wish that I could exercise an iota of restraint. In a convoluted way I guess I do. Instead of two lipsticks I’ll force myself to pick just one. The truth is, I probably didn’t need either. I guess I don’t budget. I ration. How twisted is that?

Oh yes. I was raised by a very pragmatic and disciplined and single mother who pounded fiscal responsibility into me at a very young age. Bills, savings, charity, etc. all get taken out of the budget even before I head into stores. I tend to be a little more impulsive when it comes to less expensive cosmetics, but when it comes to the really pricey ones, I’ll generally give myself a little time to think about it before purchasing it. Occasionally, I tend to sift through my cosmetics to make sure I’m using things, and if not, I offload them on friends and family.

I will say that I’ve picked up the occasional dud – that expensive lipstick or eyeshadow you thought you’d use but never do – but I think that’s to be expected, especially for newcomers. It takes time to find the balance between what you like and what works for your face.

Budget? What is that word? Seriously, though, my idea of a budget is to shop off price stores such as Marshalls/TJ Maxx for fragrance and brand name lotions. Everything else is from Target or W*M and taking advantage of BOGOs at Ulta, CVS and Walgreens. I wish I could shop at Sephora or Nordstrom but only when they have promos. I often dream about how much damage I can do in those stores!

I don’t budget per se. I keep a wishlist of all my makeup wants/interess from items I see on temptalia, youtube, through sephora email & I follow the MAC Collections. For all that are accessible, I try to check them out in Sephora or a counter before I buy. I’ll wear them home & determine if they are to remain on my w/l. I then will buy what I can afford to slowly (during sales if possible — usually during Holiday time). Naturally, for MAC, since their LE Collections are never-ending, if I like something I have to purchase while it’s available, so my MAC purchases take priority over all others.

What I also do is prioritize. I’ll buy high-end items that are worth it to me, but I will augment these with drugstore mascaras, lip glosses, lipsticks, nail polishes, face washes, toners, eye mu removers. If 2 products work equally as well, I will opt for the cheaper one or the one with the greater quantity.

I’m also cognizant of not buying because of all the hype or buying just to buy for that buying high — I’ve come to realize like how many blue, green & brown e/s or blushes does one gal really need. And, I’m cognizant that cream products, unlike powders, do go bad so I don’t over-buy these.

And, lastly, if I’m very pleased with a product, I’ll stick with it & won’t invest $ or time in always trying to find something better — however, if a product is getting rave reviews, I will check that 1 product out even though I am pleased w/ what I am using.

I thrilled to say that my w/l which was started 3 years ago has been 1/2 fulfilled &, though still rather long, has reached a manageable size which will be fulfilled w/in the next 2 years. πŸ™‚ Sorry to have been so long winded.

Absolutely! Over the last 2 or 3 years I’ve been trying to cut way back on beauty products to be able to pay off debt and save money for other things. I’ve tried a couple different strategies and the worst was project 10 pan. I was bored within 2 weeks. The best is an actual budget. For me it’s about $50 a month and that’s worked well so far. Sure, sometimes I go over, but then I really watch it the next month.

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