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Totally agree with everyone saying Clinique clarifying lotion #3. It was horrendous on my skin. I’ve switched to Paula’s Choice Normalising Toner and it’s just so much better for not much more money.
Don’t believe the clever marketing and hype around 3-step like I did if you’ve got oily skin and are prone to acne and breakouts.

Definitely the Clinique Clarifying Lotion 3/4/Acne ones. They were so completely drying and inflamming for when I had super bad acne. Just awful stuff. Clinique has some great skin care products, but that definitely is not one of them. 🙁

 @John 3D I don’t like Clinique at all, I bought a trial kit they sell sometimes and when I checked the ingredients I got pretty angry… the toner contains a lot of alcohol which is drying, the cleanser contained a lot of sodium lauryl sulfate which is crazy harsh on the face and the face lotion contained mineral oil…. threw it all away

 @John 3D
 Clinique is another brand I can’t use at all.
my skin is generally not bad but not perfect and have small occasional breakouts.
I tried clinique acne products years ago and had the worst breakout in my life and stopped using anything from clinique ever since.
I am even scared to use their makeup because of this reason.

Like I was saying to bella, Clinique is really digging its own grave by constantly promoting its “central” 3-step system. I mean Clinique has some great skin care products, such as the Super Antioxidant Serums, as well as the great mineral sunscreen City Block SPF 25. Just get rid of the 3-step… or at least re-invent it.
As for their makeup, I can’t really speak for their color products. But I can say that I tend to stay away from their foundations because they’re always too pink or peach. There aren’t many neutral or yellow-toned ones.

 @John 3D  I agree about their foundation and its limited colour range. It also seems to just lay on the skin or accentuate pores, if I remember correctly. (It’s been ages.)  Also agree on their toner. WORST product ever & it’s ironic how it actually *increases* acne and cystic breakouts.  That said, I like 2 things from Clinique: their Take Off The Day eyemakeup remover and their mascara. I think both are rather under-rated, but particularly the Take Off The Day.

Yeah, it’s funny because Clinique’s worst products are the ones they feature and advertise the most, which is their 3-step system. It’s so bland and 2 decades ago… Lol! I hope you’ve found better products!

 @John 3D The acne one is actually my favorite, but I don’t have acne, just the occasional breakout. I can see how it would be irritating to acne and it’s probably too bad it’s marketed for that. I know that all three of those you mentioned can irritate my skin when I’ve got a sensitive flare up from other things. I sometimes have to take prednisone for my asthma and that makes my skin dry, flakey and sensitive and I use a moisturizing toner during those times.

Yeah if it works for you, that’s fine. Keep in mind that I was also using benzoyl peroxide, so my skin really got irritated from that combination. This was way back when I didn’t know anything about skin care lol! But honest to truth, I really think you can find better toners! But hey, it’s completely your choice! 🙂

SKII facial treatment essence: I got lots of white spots on and under my chin. after trying twice I decided to give up and used it for my hand (because it is kind of expensive) and started to have serious split nail right after that. my nails are known long, strong and beautiful so I totally freak out and went for an intanse nail treatment for few weeks.. (btw. from this experience I found a very nice product for nails called Nailtiques – I used formula 3) .. at the end I just had to give it to a friend. .. and It seems working very well for her.
I don’t think it is the worst product and I believe it definately works for someone otherwise the company won’t be able to survive for that long..
but I definately have allergy toward it ! 

Probably Clinque Clarifying Lotion #2. It’s the one I started with in my teens but it was always quite harsh and drying, even when I was younger and my skin was oilier.  I thought all that roughness was “good” for my skin – I didn’t know any better.

Anything with alcohol or witch hazel in it. Both cause massive irritation and collagen breakdown. Ditto for most essential plant oils, especially grapefruit or lavender. Many so-called “natural” ingredients are very irritating to the skin, even if you can’t immediately see or feel the damage. I’ve learned to ALWAYS read labels. If there’s no ingredients list available that I can understand, I don’t buy.

I love Clarins as a brand, but their Daily Energizer toner is nasty. It’s got the consistency of spit and leaves skin really sticky.
I’ve never tried a Clinique toner, but never heard a single good word about it either….

The Clinique toner… I think it’s the Clarifying Lotion. I got it as part of the 3-step system (which did more bad than good by the way).
The toner in particular completely dried out my skin. It felt like NOTHING could make my skin feel comfortable or … not dry, not even a huge slop of moisturiser.
And I had gone back to the store I got it from, to a different salesperson, because I wanted to buy a different brand, and this new woman told me that the Clarifying Lotion is full of alcohol, which is obviously drying, and she said that particular toner is strong enough to remove nail polish.
And I shall end it here.

A lot of people are saying Clinique #2, I actually find this to work really well with my skin as long as I only dab it on the areas that get really oily. It has helped clear my face up and for me works really well. However I do agree with Clinique #3, I actually switched this for the #2
For me the worst are the really inexpensive drugstore brands like Clean & Clear, this caused my face to go soooo red and flaky almost like I had a sunburn

clinique…really havent change with the times….back then, way back then, the alcohol was used to remove the oil from the face….but instead it strips away the oil and the skin produces more oil to compensate…I use alcohol free toners and it does the job

Neutrogena’s Clear Pore toner. I bought it last week, used it for three days, and now my entire face is broken out… 45% alcohol, made even the fingers that touched the cotton pad dry!!! Ugh I hate it so much!

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