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What would you recommend for someone wanting to venture into the brand? And where do you buy other than online? 🙂

I have yet to find a product of theirs that isn’t good, so: blushes–theirs are my faves; lipsticks–they have three kinds, regular, sheer, and matte; eyeshadow; foundation. Their Fresh Glow is a fantastic base/subtle luminizer.

Some Nordstrom’s carry the line in store but other than that I think you have to buy online. Maybe Saks Fifth Ave? I’m not sure.

I’ve been wanting to try burberry for a while because I love neutral eyeshadows and am picky about textures (and I’ve heard great things about their lippies and earthy blush as contour). But I wish I could try them in store before dropping $100 online.

Easy: Make Up For Ever. Waterproof, long lasting products for lips and eyes, foundations for various skin tones and types. The brand combines artistry with practicality. They don’t throw out new gimmicky products every other week, but develop products that work and expand on them. Plus their limited edition items are limited time, not limited quantity. Imagine that.

“Plus their limited edition items are limited time, not limited quantity.”

Love that! And so true. And I agree with your choice, I adore MUFE.

I totally agree. MUFE is hands-down the best when it comes to consistent quality! Anytime I’m seeking to try a new product, I turn to MUFE first.

AGREED!! I turn to MUFE time and time again for really high-performing and long-lasting products. I have very oily skin and nearly everything smudges or slides off eventually. MUFE lasts the longest by far… Aqua Liner is my HG of HG products.

Plus they don’t do gimmicky marketing or pandering… just good high quality products.

I’m the same. Not sure if it would be considered mid or high end, but I’ve never used something from them that I didn’t like or that didn’t work for me. Whereas I’ve used things from higher-end brands (Chanel, Dior, Clinique, MAC and other brands similar to UD like Benefit and MUFE) that either haven’t worked for me at all, or are more expensive dupes of other, mediocre products.

I’m also pretty darn impressed with NYX, to be honest. I don’t use a ton of products from them, mostly liner, jumbo pencils and pigments, but from the things I’ve used, they’ve never let me down either, and it’s crazy cheap to boot!

Urban Decay
( both considered as high end brands here )

The 1st ever being Chanel ( but it’s also the 1st makeup brand in the world, typically most women answer Chanel ! )

Bourjois launched in 1863. Shiseido’s first cosmetics item — Eudermine — launched in 1897.

Chanel didn’t launch their makeup line until 1924, shortly after Bourjois took ownership of the company.

I have been disappointed with Chanel many times… They have great products but also pretty bad ones. That’s why for a while I always test or read reviews before buying. The brand name is not a guarantee of quality unfortunately.

same here, the first product I bought was a limited edition matt lipstick and it was horribly drying, when I complained they said I should buy their lip balm to ware with it. No offer of a refund or anything. several years later I bought an other special edition eyeshadow that didn’t apply as advertised, I made it work but it was still annoying.

I’ve pretty much given up on Chanel unless they get great reviews.

yeah, same… I own some Chanel products I really like, but overall it’s been more miss than hit (the eyeliners, drying lip products..). Same with Benefit for that matter.

Absolutely Agree! I’ve just recently started splurging on their products and was just waiting to be disappointed and as it turns out I love them more and more. I was shocked by how wonderful the foundation goes on my skin and wears beautifully through the day.

I’d say Urban Decay. I always got back not only for their color range, but I know that whatever I buy, it won’t be a disappointment.

Mine would have to be Chanel. I know that when they miss the mark, they miss it in a HUGE way (which hurts more for the big price tag), but when I want something that is going to last, or look as dramatic/natural as I want, won’t make me breakout, will last a long time, wont chip or crust or smell funny, they always deliver.

Can I have three?
I actually went to look in my makeup cabinet to see the variety of products I own from different brands, and I will have to say MUFE, TheBalm and Too Faced.
From most brands I own makeup from just one type, like eyeliners, or lipsticks but from the three listed above I have the most variety, ie face, eyes, lips, cheeks, etc. and they all perform well every time.

I think Dior and Urban Decay for me- i’ve used UD since being a young teenager and only just starting to play with make up and i’ve never found a bad product of theirs. Dior- from my experience- seems to be always worth the money when i splurge on their make up, so i never feel guility when i get their products, which can only be a good thing! I would also say chanel, but i haven’t always been happy with the quality of their eyeshadows. And of course, the least consistent has to be MAC, especially of late:(

OCC and Make Up For Ever.

A lot of brands are consistently good in their area of specialty – I’d be very surprised to get a bad eyeshadow out of Urban Decay, or a bad face product out of Benefit, etc. But outside their specialty, they tend to be less good than they are not bad (and sometimes not even that). With OCC and Make Up For Ever, I would genuinely be surprised coming across a bad product of any sort out of them.

Guerlain, hands down. They very, very rarily mess up. I like that they keep improving -when they put out new products, they deliver.

Make Up For Ever, Inglot (maybe not consider high end but it’shard to get), Hourglass, and Illamasqua.

Over the years Chanel, Dior, Nars, Guerlain, Benefit, Urban Decay have all had misses in on product catagorery or another. And LE stuff! >_<

My industry friendly brand I'll take any day over elitist brands. Doen't mean i still don't love Urban Decay though. 😉

Guerlain! Even when the colors might not actually suit me, the overall quality of the products themselves is outstanding. I also love Le Métier de Beauté and Clé de Peau.

Dior and Guerlain. I’ve never tried anything from Tarte or MUFE but I get the impression both of them are pretty spot on.

Guerlain. The worst reaction I’ve ever had to one of their products was that it didn’t suit my colouring, which didn’t mean there was a problem with the quality. I haven’t tried the full range of their products, but from what I have tried, Le Metier de Beaute would be a pretty close second.

Estee Lauder. I’ve used a wide variety of their products from skincare, makeup and nail polish and I have never been disappointed.

Me too Jessica. I haven’t had issues with any purchases I’ve made from Estee Lauder. The bulk of my collection is Estee Lauder for that very reason. The only issue I have with their packaging is I’d like for it to be a little more luxe. In fact, I’d be willing to pay a bit extra for it if they changed it. I have items from most department store brands and some luxury brands but all in all I have to say that EL consistently puts out good lines and items.

Gonna have to go with Inglot. Excellent products across the board, excellent customer service (when I’ve e-mailed them with questions regarding product formulation and ingredients, I got a detailed response within 48 hours), exceedingly reasonable pricing, plus, gotta love the freedom system!

I’ll have to pick Make Up Forever. Not only do they put out quality products with staying power-they have a huge range, both in terms of types of products, as well as colors. Their foundations have shades that suit a variety of people. Their color products have high performing neutrals as well as brights.

Guerlain has great quality as well, but their range is much more limited.

Surpised no one else has said this. I have never gotten a bad product from them. Never. Some things I like more than others, but all of their products are good and many (powder blush, cheek stain, foundation, lip gloss) are outstanding. Plus, they do sets/kits regularly that are a fantastic value.

I agree 100%!
Granted, I haven’t tried their eye shadows, which seem to be the one area where people find faults but every item I have tried is wonderful.
They make my holy grail “foundation”–the tinted BB primer. It is amazing and the sunscreen is an added bonus for me.
Plus their eyeliner (both pencil and gel) are the best!!! Their blushes are great too, but their lip tints are what sold me on the brand!

From the makeup brands I have the best ones have been Chanel, Ysl, Guerlain and Dior, of course they may have a few bad products now and then but everything I have from them has been perfect and performed the way I expected it to.

There would be two for me – Chanel (except for their baked shadows, maybe) and UD (these ones are never a miss).
Dior is the possible third winner for me, but there are tons of misses as for now, especially regarding eyeshadows (which is my favourite cosmetics I love to splurge on). And somehow there are always problems with getting just right Dior lipstick – either it is out of stock, or just comes out to be a miss in color in the end 🙁

I’m with you on Tom Ford. There are lots of other brands I really like and use a lot, but the only one I can think of off the top of my head that I’ve -never- had (or even heard of) a dud from is Tom Ford

Estee Lauder. Their moisturisers make a huge difference to my skin in terms of glow and feel, especially now that I am in my late 30s and I need a bit more from a cream. Their foundations offer excellent levels of coverage and have the perfect shades for many different skin tones. Their cleansers are great quality and do the job so well. Their mascaras are luxurious and never clump. I even like their perfumes! I love trying new brands, but Estee Lauder is the one brand I keep coming back to.

I honestly can’t pick just one because in truth, my experience is that all the high end brands have their lemons and quite a few of them, at that. I’d be a bit tempted to say UD (though there are some stinkers from them) and Guerlain (though I haven’t tried a lot from their line and still, I’ve encountered some stinkers in both skin care and makeup).

Chantecaille (their foundations and powders are without equal, in my opinion), Dior (almost always timeless and elegant), and Chanel (when they get something right, it is spectacular – like their recent Harmonie du Soir eyeshadow palette, which may very well be the best single product I have ever purchased). I wish I could include Burberry Beauty, but they add so much fragrance to their products that I am unable to use them. Their range of colors is excellent however.

The brand I use the majority of the time is MAC, I know a lot of people don’t consider it high end. I don’t purchase their limited edition items but their staple products. I have to say that I am very satisfied with the products I buy from them and I will continue to repurchase their products. I only use Chanel foundation and I have and will continue to repurchase it. The NARS products I’ve used I’ve really liked also. I have had no disappointments from these brands. So all in all I would say MAC and NARS.

I think people are too harsh on MAC. Yes they bring out Limited Edition collections every 2 minutes and yes some of the products they bring out are awful, but I absolutly love loads of the permenant line! Paints, eyeshadows, lipsticks, natural skinfinish, fluidline, these are all things that have been in my makeup bag for years and I’ve repurchased loads of times. I think too many people focus on what MAC do wrong rather than what they do right. In my opinion when they do something right they generally do it pretty good 🙂

Well said Laura. I try so many brands I’m pretty open, but when I look in my makeup bag and my makeup organizer, I see a lot of MAC.

Make Up Forever. Quality formulas, wide shade range, pigmentation, longevity, and their tools are the best. It is such a great brand. I am big fan of all of their products.

UGH, this is so hard. I’m going to choose three because I can.

Make Up For Ever: Awesome everything, really. I have never been disappointed with a product I purchased. I’d have to say my favorites are the foundations, primers, AQUA-anything, and lip pencils.

TheBalm: I’m surprised a lot of people didn’t pick this one. I love their concealer, eye shadows, highlighters, lipglosses, well, everything. I haven’t tried their foundation.

MAC: Blah blah blah, shut up I know MAC is overrated but you know why? Because they make great products. Although I hate their foundations and concealers (they break me out) I love their eyeshadows, lipsticks, and unique and fun collections. What’s not to love?

I’ve never experienced a completely consistent brand, but I’ve never tried anything into the luxury category of cosmetics.

I’ve had a lot of Urban Decay, and while I love the brand, their “ink for eyes” were just horrible.

I’m surprised to see people saying Nars after having read about some of the crap they’ve put out recently.

A lot of people use their staple products which are very nice. I skip a lot of special edition items because it seems as if they are not up to the usual standards of the makeup company.

Urban Decay is my go to they have never let me down but I’m kinda a special case. I dont use any make-up except eyeshadow and lipgloss. I dont have bad skin and I’m not stupid enough to wear foundation I dont need that will just screw up my face. I am quite happy with what I have seen from fyrnnae so far too.

I totally forgot about Fyrinnae! They have some very unique colours, great quality, and I love that you can buy things in different sizes, one of my favourite things about indie brands. I have WAY too much eyeshadow (think multiple racks of pigments that hold 60+sample jars each, not including pressed shadows and palettes >.<), so being able to buy sample sizes is great for me. Obviously I would likely never be able to finish a full size, but I love getting new colours, so getting samples for a fraction of the full size price is great. I wouldn't consider the brand itself high-end, but they make consistently great product at completely reasonable prices.

Not only people with “bad” skin wear foundation or consider it stupid to do so. What is bad skin? Sensitive skin? Does it need a time out and loss of TV privileges?

I agree, I wear foundation because I like the 40’s flawless look, but I have no problem going without it and am always told I have beautiful skin.

Guerlain definetely. It is the one brand I often pay $$ without even checking any online review.
The most inconsistent – hard to say but it is Chanel for me, which is at the same time second favourite luxury brand. But I have experienced many fails with Chanel products and a considerably high amount of their line sometimes have a hard time justifying their price tag.

I’d have to say Urban Decay, which makes up a lot of my collection. Glitter will always fall out! It’s how you prime and apply it (I pat with a brush). Also, Sugarpill. Their colors look AH-MAZING over primer and can look pretty okay sheer (mostly the really light shades, like Lumi.) There’s also OCC, with their lovely pigments, concealer & foundation range, and those Lip Tars!

mmmmm I love me some Sugarpill. I have all their pressed shadows and about 2/3 of the pigments, and each and everyone is perfect! Can’t wait for the upcoming collections. Been waiting for Cold Chemistry for soooo long.

I KNOW!!! I LOVE Amelia Arsenic (DestroyX, front woman of industrial band Angelspit) and Cold Chemistry looks stunning from the photos I saw from IMATS. I can’t wait 🙂 I only have two pressed shadows and hope to get a palette or two, and some pigments. Have a huge list!

Burberry and Guerlain. I have yet to be disappointed by a product from either brand. I just wish Burberry would come out with a line of brushes instead of just three.

I LOOOVE Inglot, and I’ve been over the moon about the items I’ve bought from Hourglass, too.
And Illamasqua.
So much great makeup – only one face! 😉

Guerlain, Guerlain, Guerlain. I LOVE their stuff; never had a dud with anything they’ve made.
I haven’t used a huge range of Estee Lauder products but what I have used, I’ve liked.

My “go-to” consistently good brands are Bobbi Brown and Guerlain. My only unhappiness would be the color payoff on some of the Guerlain eye shadows is not as good as I would like and the color choices in Bobbi Brown (in my opinion) are limited, but getting better.

Cle de peau, Chanel and Guerlain! Love Cle de Peau for their foundations, lipsticks, eyeshadows, brow powder, loose powder, lip balm! Love almost everything in chanel as well, except their lipsticks are not as moisturizing as cle de peau. Love meteorites from Guerlain pressed and regular. Their founfations are good, but too yellow and orange for me. The best are still cle de peau – Rifining fluid foundation in B10 is Great for ladies with fair skin who would not want to look yellow and orange . Works also great when you have any peeling or dry patches on your skin. I love to set it with either cle de peau loose powder or Tom Ford Pressed

Why does everyone hate MAC? It’s pretty much my go to brand for eye shadows. Foundation not my favorite but I think MAC and UD probably make the best eye shadows. I have to disagree with most of you about MUFE. Their eyeshadow stains. Even with primer I had their color stain my eyelids. Took me a long long time to go back to MUFE but concealer seems great, same as their foundation primer but in my opinion their liquid liner sucks. So for me the most consistently good high end brand would be MAC and UD. It’s rare that I’m upset with one of their products.

Eyeliner: Stila Smudge stick <last forever&looks great always.
Concealer: Sheer cover Duo Concealer < stays put, I have dark circles(iron deficiency) I have tried every concealer on this planet, this works & a fairly reasonable price.
Foundation: Clinique Super powder Double face…has been a trustworthy product for me for the past 15years
Mascara: Diorshow for out nights, Lancome Defincils for day. Dior makes your lashes huge.love it. Defincils never smudges, a great day mascara, not to made up.
Bronzer: Benefit Hoola < once you go hoola you never go back.

There are a few brands I gravitate toward quite often, and they make up the bulk of my stash:

NARS: While some products have gotten poor reviews, some of those are actually among my favorites. Some eyeshadows are *meant* to be sheer, the eye pencils work well for me, and show me a glittery eyeshadow that has absolutely no fall-out, and I’ll show you my pet unicorn.

Urban Decay: Again, poor performance on one person may work well for others; I will never buy a 24/7 pencil liner, but for many, they are HG. As for gliiter eyeshadows & fall-out, see above.

tarte: The “lack” of pigment is, again, intentional; however, used with a damp brush and/or primer, eyeshadows can be very intense, as stated on the palette inserts. Again, one person’s HG may be a fail fore another. As much as I love tarte overall, I abhor the mascara, which many love.

Kat von D: Love her, or hate her, the makeup is the important thing. I have no real opinion of her as a person, but I respect her as an artist, and I reach for my palettes at least once a week.

LORAC & MUFE are amazing, as well, although I don’t reach for them as often as the aforementioned brands.

I completely agree about the 24/7 liners. Got some for Christmas and I don’t like them.
The Almay pencil liners, for different colored eyes or whatever, are just as good if not better.

I thought this would be an easy answer, but, now that I think about it… For me ‘High End’ is Mac, Urban Decay, Illamasqua (though they’re quite cheap here), I don’t think I’ve tried enough Dior, Estee Lauder, Lancome etc, to be a fair judge. And looking across product categories, it’s a tough call, Mac has some products that have become staples for me, but others have been major misses. Urban Decay’s eye shadows and liquid liners are winners, but I was underwhelmed by their lipsticks, mascara and some of the 24/7 liners. Every Illamasqua product I have bought so far has been a winner, but I’ve only tried their lipsticks and glosses. Still, I think I’d say they’re most consistent, even bizarre colours have been long wearing and good quality, and they’re not gouging me. Also, their lipsticks don’t feather on me whereas Lancome and Estee Lauder’s have.

I’m surprised no one has mentioned Le Metier de Beaute. From skin care to Kaleidoscopes to Ken Downing-curated collections, the brand is consistently (and expensively) creative and always of excellent quality.

I haven’t been disappointed in MUFE or and Nars products that I’ve bought (except Orgasm was too light for me). I personally have loved every Bobbi Brown product I’ve bought (and I have a lot of Bobbi Brown products). It does seem to be getting a lot of poor scores lately here. So, I’m concerned that the products might be going downhill. Most of my BB products are from the regular collection. not LE products.

Giorgio Armani, Guerlain, Hourglass, MUFE, NARS, Burberry, Urban Decay, Tarte.

But of course…, my absolute favorite is Giorgio Armani! 😉

Guerlain is the first that came to mind. (Come on, wallet, master money-duplicating technology already)

Urban Decay, hands down. I’ve loved UD since I was 12 and everything I’ve ever bought from them has been amazing and surpassed my expectations.

I’ve had great experiences with Tom Ford, especially lipstick. YSL is often good.I don’t find Chanel consistent at all, and Burberry is way too scented. Dior is hit or miss, but I do love their nail polish.

Guerlain absolutely…the products are amazing and the packaging is always so pretty. I also love Hourglass because their products are great for my skin. Lastly, the few things I have got from Clea de Peau have been amazing….concealer anyone?!

Tom Ford, Guerlain, Giorgio Armani and Burberry! Love the quality and the fact that these brands haven’t brought out collections with products people don’t wear. I also love Dolce&Gabbana but so far I haven’t tried enough of them to say it’s overall good quality

Guerlain have never brought out a poor quality product that I can think of. And I know they’re not really classed as high end but Illamasqua would be another brand that I think are always good 🙂

My top 3 brands would have to be Burberry, Guerlain, and Rouge Bunny Rouge. All 3 brands have high quality products that I’ve loved. More so than any other brands I’ve tried to date. Christina please consider reviewing Rouge Bunny Rouge some time! I see Burberry and Guerlain but not the latter. You will be glad you did!

I don’t think I can call any brand perfect. Urban Decay are possibly the closest, but I have had bad products from them (those are now quite old though – eyeliners from late 90s-early 2000s, the formula has improved dramatically) and some of the eyeshadows are pretty severe for fall out. None of my MAC products have yet disappointed me, but I don’t care for some items I’ve played with instore, and believe I’d have regretted buying them. No disappointments from Clinique so far but I own so little from them I’d hesitate to say “YES THEY ARE CONSISTANTLY GOOD”. I would love to say Illamasqua as they have some products I totally adore, but good gracious their eyeshadows and liquid metals that I bought were truly dreadful and a giant waste of money. The foundation/primer I tried from them was also of a horrible quality. Sad!


I’ve not had anything that didn’t do well from them– blushes, brushes, foundation… all amazing. I’ve not tried their lip colours yet, I’ll admit, but everything I have tried is amazing in quality and quantity!

Lunasol! They have the eye shadow colors down to a science so that they create a unique depth to your look while still looking very natural. Super high quality, luxurious products from Japan that compliment my Asian skin beautifully.

Burberry, Edward Bess, Le Metier de Beaute and Rouge Bunny Rouge. I’ve found Tom Ford consistently great, but haven’t really tried enough to add it to the list.

Oh and Illamasqua for lower end brand.


Really want to try Burberry, Armani and Hourglass

NOT Chanel – only had one product out of 6 that wasn’t a problem, I don’t bother buying them any more.

TBH for all the annoyance with MAC LE Quality and the odd dud in the permanent range, given the number of products I’ve bought I’ve much better Hit/Miss Ratio with them than many apparently better brands.

I definately say The Balm and Make Up Forever; everything i’ve tried from The Balm I just love! and the same with Make Up Forever! They just have very good quality products. A close third for me would be UD, but i’ve tried a couple things from them that I wasn’t that wild about..and the same with MAC.

Hourglass seems like it was pretty much made for me! I’ve done a lot of Hourglass hauls with my friend’s associate discount so it helps my wallet since their products are pricey. I also like Guerlain and Giorgio Armani.

Burburry does it for me. Beautiful colors that apply easily and last as well as beautiful packaging.
I buy mine at Nordstroms. Not all Nordstroms carry the cosmetic line. I have also ordered on line from Nordstroms. The shipping is fast. By the way, the colors on the Burburry site itself are very true to life .

I would have to say THREE cosmetics; although their range (as well as distribution) is limited I find them to be most consistent. Their makeup may not appeal to those who prefer pigmentation, though.

I find for eyeshadows it HAS to be Urban Decay. i’ve used MAC, NARS, Sephora Brand, YSL Dior, everything. and i find nothing is as creamy and consistent and velvety and pigmented as Urban Decay.
for everything else (face, lips, etc) it’s NARS. their blush, bronzer and tinted moisturizer is basically my holy grail

Completely agree about the “limited” concept… There are only a few MAC products I like, but i absolutely HATE their hyped-up marketing strategies of their method of releasing a new collection every other day in such limited quantities that they often sell out BEFORE the launch date (wtf?!)… Anyways, didn’t meant hijack this comment into a Mac rant lol

For skin care…Clarins. For makeup…I’m loving Too Faced, I haven’t been disappointed yet. On my body….I LOVE Cake Beauty!

so far-Tom Ford:) brushes, lipsticks, eyeshadows, shade and illuminate, you name it… consistently good!
another brand -Armani, rather good stuff he makes:)

As much as I love NARS, MAC and Benefit they definitely have (had) a ton of misses. I would have to say MUFE because as far as I’ve seen they get good reviews (besides the tecnicolor palette, which I think was maybe the first and only thing I’ve seen from them fail.

Nars. I’ve only started using their colour products in the past 2 years but for eyes, lips, and cheeks and I haven’t gone wrong. I honestly think the F’s on this site might be flukes since I’ve had fun with the same products. The tinted moisturizer is also amazing trhough I go with Lancome for foundation and skin care.

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