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cassandra c Avatar

I feel like this question was made for me :). I have really watery eyes, they are constantly tearing, I have allergies, I wear contacts, etc.

Hands down, UD 24/7. I have tried them all. Even MUFE doesnt stay on as well as I thought it would. But UD liners just hold on and dont let go. However, their shadow pencils smear on me so its only the liner formula.

Quinctia Avatar

Personal chemistry is so weird–I have the exact opposite experience as you. The shadow pencils are fine, MUFE is probably the best sharpenable pencil liner, but the UD 24/7 pencils love to migrate on me. And I’ve bought enough UD palettes that I’ve tried 3-4 colors, and have tried them at different times in their production lifetime.

Marloes Avatar

I’ve tried alot of them, as I tend to have watery eyes too. I always use Too Faced Perfect Eyes eyeliner, but Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on will do too. Most of the drugstore brands (well, those that are available in the Netherlands) won’t last on me!


TOO FACED PERFECT EYES IS THE BEST!!! I was a UD pencil liner fiend but once I started using the Too Faced I never went back to UD. I have the oiliest lids and the most watery eyes. Nothing last on me like those babies. ONLY product thats lasts on my waterline. Can’t say enough good things about it!

Vi Avatar

Ah…I love the Perfect Peacock color. IT’S SO GORGEOUS though sad to say, I think it might migrate a little for me. Especially on the waterline. D:

ElKay Avatar

I have one really water eye. I recently had orbital cellulitis which was awful. I find that putting eyeliner on makes it water. The only solution that I have found is to use eyeshadow on a push liner brush. This is much more gentle and doesn’t cause it to water more.

ashley Avatar

I use the le crayon from Lancombe as well, but it makes my eyes water too much. I use annabelle liners mostly. They won’t stay on very long, but they won’t irritate my eyes, and only cost $6.

Leslee Avatar

Sephora retractable waterproof eyeliner. A-MAZING! I couldn’t EVER wear eyeliner on my waterline because it would smudge my contacts, but this stuff didn’t even touch it. Once I put it on, it didn’t BUDGE regardless of my eyes watering on my walk to work (allergies)!

Phoebe Avatar

I like this one, too. You might also like the Physicians Formula shimmer strips retractable liners. It comes in a pack of 3 for about $12 at the drugstore, and I think all the packs come with one black one.

Lindsay Avatar

If we’re talking upper lash line, gel eyeliner for me lasts the longest. My favorite is the L’Oreal Infallible! The Maybelline one transferred on my crease (hate that!). I can’t put anything at all on my waterline – it literally disappears in 10 minutes! Doesn’t matter if I set with powder or go over it…tried all the tips I think. So with that said I gave up on that years ago haha

Brandy Avatar

I’m forever on a hunt for a liner that stays on for watery eyes. I have tried U/D 24/7 liner, and its the best of the worst so far but still have hope there is something better. It holds up the longest for me before migrating but I want something that lasts all day!

~UD 24/7
~MUFE aqua liner pencil form
~Stila kajal
~Milani Liquif’eye
~NYX slide on
~L’Oreal Voluminous Smoldering
~CoverGirl Liquiline Blast
~Maybelline Master Drama
~Maybelline lasting drama gel

These are the most recent ones that I can think of. I have a whole muji draw full of failed liners. I would love some awesome suggestions for watery eyes & oily lids. Great topic, thanks!

Bernice Avatar

I really like the Tarina Tarantino eyeliners! I got one for my friend because she has watery eyes too and she really likes it. It’s by far the best I have tried. I haven’t tried that many high end eyeliners but Urban Decay does not work on my oily eyelids/watery eyes at all.

Mandy Avatar

Try the Nars larger than life in via veneto!! It doesn/t budge on me where as UD Zero will occasionally smudge!..

Also holy grail eyeliner for me (waterline and above lashes) is inglot gel eyeliner in matte 77..ladies you are missing out if you have not tried it!! smudgeproof waterproof everything!!

daheep Avatar

I’m like you! Maybe try Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl liner? It’s a great liner at a wallet-friendly price. When I really want my liner to stay put, I find it also helps to put my liner on immediately after washing & drying my face (be thorough with drying your eyes, especially the lashes). Then I wait for it to set before carrying on with my skin care & make-up routine. I also try to keep any emollient products away from my immediate eye area afterwards. It usually buys my liner another hour or two.

Jae Avatar

Gotta agree with Bernice, Tarina Tarantino eyeliners are amazing!! I picked up doubles of each color when the brand was being phased out of Sephora and they last on my upper, lower lash lines and waterline better than any of the ones you listed above (I’ve tried all of those too)! I have both oily lids and watery eyes so it’s a double whamy for me.

Katy Avatar

The combination of MUFE Aqua Eyes and UD shadow primer was a game-changer for me in several ways. I have oily skin, deep-set eyes, AND wear contacts, and MUFE was the first liner that didn’t rub off on my browbone, smudge and smear, or get into my eyes and aggravate my contacts. The primer helps keep everything where it should be too. Changed my life!

Kate Avatar

I have never found a pencil that lasts on my water lines. UD 24/7 liners hang tough the longest, but eventually something smudges. When my eyes are watery (like today), I can’t even get liner on there to begin with, so I usually just opt for something on the upper lashlines and hope for the best.

xamyx Avatar

On the lower-pricepoint, Prestige is amazing, as well as L’Oreal. As for HE, MUFE Cream Eyeshadow is fantastic. If you’re simply looking for a liner for the upper lashline, *nothing* beats UD 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner.

danza Avatar

I have VERY watery eyes, and oily too. I’ve given up on pencils and gels, the only one that has stuck on me is the new formula of liquid liners, and that’s:

Etude House Oh M’Eye Line
MAC Superslick
MUFE Aqua Liners

I’m gonna try the MUFE Aqua Black next, crossing fingers, because it apparently has the same formula as the Aqua Creams, and those stick on me as well.

Susan Avatar

My rec would have to be the Japanese brand K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo pencil. Both the liquid and pencil are the longest lasting for me and I’ve tried UD 24/7 (smudged everywhere for me), Milani Liquifye, MUFE (Although this is a close second), Sephora retractable (this stayed put but was too hard to put on. It was so stiff that it would skip along my eyeline), BB gel liners, etc.

Dani Avatar

I agree with this. The k-palette 1day tattoo liner lasts all day for me but also the aqua cream in black from MUFE. It lasts much longer than the pencil, however it only lasts about 2-3 hours

Elsa Avatar

I have always have watery eyes and have used tons of eyeliner products until I found Rimmel Kajal Waterproof Eyeliner and Maybelline Gel eyeliner. They both stick like a glue and not smudging as well, I also applied black powder eyeshadow on top of the liner for a longer stay … Hope that helps

Melissa Avatar

Stila Stay All Day waterproof liquid eyeliner works the best on my oily lids with watery eyes. Its still there at the end of an 8-hr work day and then some. I’ve tried gel liners and other types end up on my upper lids due to my hooded eyes. Love this stuff!

nazyra Avatar

I have tried UD, NYX, and a bunch of drugstore brands. The only thing that will last on me is a gel liner. Mac fluidline or maybelline works fine. I recently found that Sleek’s eau la la liner works really well on the waterline too. Not as well as gel liners, but so much better than the others I’ve tested.

Syarifah Avatar

I love Bobbi Brown’s gel eyeliners. My eyes water, the skin around my eyes flakes and itches (from seborrheic dermatitis, not makeup allergies) so I tend to blink a lot and so many products smudge like crazy. The UD 24/7 liners are a nice pencil form, and I found that L’Oreal kohl pencils are alright on the top lash line. For tight-lining, Avon supershock is amazing but on the lids smudges on me.

Christina Avatar

To line my upper and/or lower lids, Physicians Formula Gel Eyeliners Trios (the hazel, brown, blue and green sets are all great) go on smoothly and do not budge unti I use makeup remover to take them off! Unfortuantely, I think they are discontinued but I stocked up and can only hope they don’t dry out in the jars. I also swear by the PF pencil trios (again, all the eye color sets are great) when I’m in a rush or for touch ups.

I’ve never found anything that stays on my waterline for more than an hour so I usually forego unless I am willing to reapply.

Becky Avatar

I have watery eyes too and UD 24/7 would still run a bit when applied to my waterline. I found Physicians Formula Kohl Kajal Eyeliner trios. Stays in place and doesn’t run. I still use my UD pencils on my upper lid and smudged lower lash. PF recently release a trio for nude eyes and smokey eyes. I have all of the trios.

Jess Avatar

Never had issues with watery eyes before until recently when I tried to line my water line for the first time. I tried my gel eyeliner even and that barely stayed put, oddly enough though just plain black eyeshadow works perfectly.

Ivy Avatar

I’ve tried a ton of different eyeliners, high end and drugstore… From maybelline master drama to urban decay 24/7 to budget brands Jordana and elf… And I can honestly say that the best one is essence long lasting eyeliner at ULTA! It’s fun credibly smooth, creamy, pigmented, lasts 12 hours, doesn’t smudge or flake(despite my extremely watery eyes-in fact, it’s the only thing I’ve found that withstands it), twists up so we don’t have to sharpen it and waste product, and best of all? It’s only $1.99!!! I can’t recommend it enough.

Saralyn Avatar

Milani Liquif’eye Liquid Liner ( The old name.)

My eyes always water and no matter what this stuff stays on all day. I would definitely say over 24 hours. (I’ve slept in it and it did not budge.)

Marilyn Avatar

I’m going to have to go with Urban Decay’s 24/7 liners. I don’t have watery eyes, so much as incredibly sweaty eyes, thanks to living in Florida, but at the end of the day, those things have barely budged.

Cortni Avatar

MUFE 0L has worked the best for me. I use a Q-tip to dry the waterline a little bit, apply a couple swipes of MUFE, and set it with a dark eyeshadow. I also use a translucent powder on my lashline and that seems to help it from giving me racoon eyes. However it still only lasts 5-6 hours on a good day :/

eamenes Avatar

I was about ready to give up on eyeliner — but a coat of smashbox photo finish, followed by eye-shadow primer, followed by UD 24/7, followed by matching powder eyeshadow on top seems to do the trick.

Stacey Avatar

Stila Smudge Stick is total eyeliner Perfection. I don’t know why it doesn’t get more love. Seriously doesn’t leave my waterline or lashline all day.
Too Faced perfect eyes go on so smooth and dark and the color stays where you put it, it doesn’t disappear but it also travels down so you look like a panda.
Oh Nars Larger than Life liners are superb, I was pleasantly surprised given how terrible the old formulas was.

Lark Avatar

MAC Fluidline. Best for watery allergy eyes, which a lot of mascara a gives me. And dry eye, tears, sweat, rain, name it! Thirty years of eyeliner and contacts, it’s the best. Never any irritation.
My watery eyes are allergy driven, 85% reactions to make up. Mostly mascaras, I use MAC there too. Trying out things alone isolates an irritant and really helps.

Allecto Avatar

N’thing the Urban Decay liners. I also loved Tokidoki’s marker eyeliner since it was so easy to apply and stayed on forever but it was discontinued. D:

I can’t get anything to stay on my waterline, though. It all ends up on my lashes whenever I try to apply it. And when it does get on my line, it lasts until the next time I blink.

Vi Avatar

UD’s liquid liner (only tried in Siren) really is amazing. Long lasting, no smudging, waterproof and such a gorgeous color. Really popping on brown eyes. 😉

Tarte’s skinny smoulder (Golden Tiger) and Too Faced’s Perfect Peacock is amazing on the upper lid. I think they might migrate a bit on the waterline for me though. D: Same with Miliani’s liquifye (black, teal, purple) but better on the upper lash line. Physicians’ Formula liquid liner in black is good too. That’s all the my eyes (oily as of late) can handle.

Quinctia Avatar

Waterproof liquid for the upper, powdered kohl for the waterline. My eyes aren’t super watery, but they are very good at self-lubrication. Plus side: hardly ever have issues with dry eyes, irritation. Down side: nothing stays on my waterline except kohl powder.

Sara Avatar

I have eyes that can water for no reason be it when I’m wearing contacts or glasses and I have found that MAC’s powerpoint liner in Engraved works best for me. In fact, I have been using that religiously for over 5 years now, repurchasing whenever I run out.

Jan Avatar

Kudos to whoever suggested this question. I had yet to find my HG eyeliner. I have not tried the two top recommendations. Perhaps one of the two will work for me. BTW I have a similar issue with mascara. Even if I never come close to rubbing my eyes, both eyeliner and mascara slip within 2 hours in the spring/summer, even with primer and powder. Maybe there’s hope.

Ruca Avatar

Almost any CREAM liner as these are both waterproof, and virtually impossible to get off. I use Sephora brand in various colors to tightline and waterline my eyes; Tarte makes one a bit tougher to budge than Sephora’s. Neither one is harsh on sensitive eyes (in my experience) and both are incredibly resistant to the usual things that remove or smudge eyeliner. I’d like to try the black one made by MAC as it’s rather cheap, and inexpensive is always nice! Sephora’s is only $12.

BLee Avatar

I have tried for years to find a liner to stay in my water line and the only one that stays for hours on me is L’Oreal Gel Liner. Good old drug store liner.

anna Avatar

Most than a holy grail mascara, I’m always in search of a HG eyeliner. My eyes are very, very watery. One thing that is working is applying UD/Nyx primer over the eyelid and also a bit on the side of my eyes, where water leaks. Then, applying MAC Fluidline (I use cateye line, and this procedure keeps the line still for 4 hours, and even when it begins to smudge, it doesn’t smudge that much).

One of most popular eyeliner is the one that mostly pisses me off: Milani Liquif’Eye. It smudges so badly and so fast it is almost incredible. After half/1 hour I look like a panda, even when not using cateye line. Used this week just before leaving home, and half hour later my boyfriend asked me why I was crying (and I wasn’t) due the amount of smudge!

Nocturne Avatar

I am Asian so maybe my views are biased but I have also tried many European and American brands. However in the end hands-down to Kiss Me Heroine Make smooth liquid eyeliner (made in Japan). It glides like a dream, is super dark and never budges. Same goes to their Long & Curl mascara. This combination allows me to swim and steam and still look made. No kidding.

Danielle Ashrafi Avatar

Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes. Not only does it outlast everything else I’ve tried, but it actually stays right where you put it!

Mary Cris Avatar

I have a really watery eyes and whenever i put eyeliner on the water line, in just a matter of minutes the eyeliner builds up in the outer corner of my eyes. FORTUNATELY, i tried Essence long lasting eye pencil and it works! it’s a win-win for me cause it stays on the waterline and very cheap! 🙂

Makeup-Memo Avatar

Hi everybody,

pretty good idea to post a hit list of all the best eyeliners for watery eyes!
Well, I do not really have watery eyes. But since a winged eyeliner is my beauty signature, I´ve been running around and searching for the perfect one all the time.

The one I love most is the BeYu Liquid Eye Liner Waterproof!
No matter how long you wear it, how much it rains, how much your eyes weep – it lasts all day long. And what´s another benefit: Its smooth texture allows a very easy application.
Futhermore, it does dry quickly on your eye, but not too quick in the bottle, like other eyeliners do. And of course it´s not that expensive!

JordynTerry Avatar

Stila All Day Waterproof Smudge Stick is perfect for me! I get extremely watery eyes due to year-round allergies, and this stuff STAYS. The only liner to stay 4+ hours for me in my waterline with no need to re-apply 🙂

Marianne Avatar

Anyone ever tried Anastasia Beverly Hills Covet liners ? I heard so many good things about it, but it is a bit pricey so the opinion of watery eyed girls would be nice ^^

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