Have your makeup preferences changed as you've gotten older?

I’m less willing to make a so-so product work if I have access to better products. I like more medium coverage (as opposed to full coverage) and less matte (as opposed to fully matte) foundation.

— Christine


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Elcie Avatar

My aging skin definitely has different needs now. I have switched from my beloved Chanel full coverage matte foundation to Bare Minerals tinted moisturizer, which is much lighter and looks more natural on me. I use a much lighter touch with my eyeliner because the thick, black gel line that I used for so long now looks too heavy. I am also moving toward lighter/more neutral/less dramatic eye shadow colors and I find that a matte finish is more flattering.

The only area where I now use *more* makeup is my eyebrows, since they seem to have disappeared on me LOL.

Mariella Avatar

My makeup preferences have changed somewhat. As my skin has become drier with age (ahem!) I do like a foundation or CC cream with a bit more luminosity or glow where I used to be all about a matte face. And I remember when I bought my first MAC eyeshadows (my first tumble down the rabbit hole of makeup), I bought 2 matte shades (Orb and Quarry) and when the SA tried to put Naked Lunch (a frosty finish) on me, I totally nixed that idea. Now, I’m all about the shimmery eyeshadows. But I still prefer neutral eyes and natural shades for lips and cheeks (you won’t find me wearing blue or green lipstick and my blushes are always cooler shades – berries, pinks – rather than coral or orange, which clash with my skin undertones.

Nancy T Avatar

1.) I no longer line my entire lower lashline with black liner. Now, I’ll only use it on the extreme outer lower area and then usually a color liner on the rest of it.
2.) I now very consistently apply a bit of RCMA No Color Powder to set my concealer, especially on my under-eye and next to my nose areas.
3.) Always on the hunt for the most waterproof eyeshadow primer, here’s hoping Smashbox 24HR finally fits that bill.
4.) Like yourself, I now prefer a more skin-like finish on my foundation, and medium coverage, too.
5.) On a sadder note, I think I may have an allergy to something in most of my Natasha Denona e/s palettes. Except for Lila and Glam, they make my eyes water like crazy 😭

Caroline Avatar

Yes, definitely.
At 58 I’m having to wear concealer as I have horrendous dark circles, and also my overall eye area looks like I’ve been in a fight, lol. I stick with pale shimmery eye shadows to ‘open up’ my eye area, and only use eyeliner and mascara on my top lid as that stops my look ‘dragging down’, as it were. I like the healthy, glowing look overall, although I do occasionally get the red lippie out if I’m feeling particularly glamorous 🙂

Francesca Avatar

Until a couple of years ago, I thought that I couldn’t live without eyeliner, eyepencil on the lower lash line and mascara. Then I started to suffer of seasonal allergy so I was forced to not use them. And I discovered that I look younger and with more fresh look without them. So now my old must-have everyday product are only used in the great occasion (to be precise currently I don’t have a mascara in my stash!)

Ana Maria Avatar

Color scheme wise, no. I still like the same colors, textures and finishes. I am still a fan of a matte look even if my skin became drier (my skincare takes care of it).
I just got tired of new products, so I just re-buy the same things again and again. When I was younger I was keen to try the new foundation, to check a slightly different red lipstick, a new type of brow products.
As I got older I just know what I like and what works for me and I don’t want to change it.
I didn’t lost the love of makeup, I still like reading or watching reviews, seeing tutorials with new techniques, testing products in stores (in non-crowded hours 😅)… just I also like ignoring the new stuff and repurchase my old favorites.

Jessica Avatar

Honestly they haven’t. I still love bright colors and glitter, however at 43 I’m becoming very self conscious to wear them and tend towards neutral and understated looks.

Pearl Avatar

Yes. These days I prefer:
1. Sheer to medium coverage vs. matte on all face products
2. Minimal to no frosted highlighter – I prefer a dewy upper cheekbone (from skincare) instead
3. Minimal to no bronzer
4. Minimal eyeliner on upper lash line – I am only using it to thicken up eyelashes, I don’t want it to stand out or extended like a wing.
5. 2 or 3 color eyeshadow looks – I’m not really deepening the outer corner or v anymore.
6. Only a midtone for under eye lining, I don’t use dark colors in my water line or to line the lower lash line anymore.
7. I love liquid and cream cheek products these days. Rare Beauty Soft Pinch, LYS snd Sheglam blushes are my go-to’s now.

🤔 wow. I didn’t realize how my preferences have changed in the last two years. I still wear a full face and I love wearing make up, I just use a lot more sheer coverage but buildable products and a lighter hand these days.

Jen Avatar

I still like bright or bold colors, but I’m more careful in how and where I use them. Also, concealer is becoming a regular player in my routine when it wasn’t even a consideration before. Also, I find I like lipliner more. I haven’t lost a lot of fullness yet but I like that it gives sharper definition to my shape.

Nina Avatar

I wear less makeup now that I’m in my 60’s. I say that then I realize I really can smoke out my eyes with liner more than when I was young. Rarely do I use eyeshadow, it’s all about good liner and zero foundation, only setting powder as foundation. Also, I used to like the nude lip look, now no. I need color on my lips. Funny the stages we go through.

Genevieve Avatar

I have always loved makeup, but only got into it seriously once I started viewing this blog as many of the brands you featured were ones that I had never heard of before because they just weren’t available here in Aus – bareMinerals, Urban Decay etc.
One of the most important things I learnt from this blog is my correct undertones for foundation – that I was pink – which is why none of my foundations ever really worked for me in the past.
Primarily I used to wear shades of grey and navy – which was all I could get here at the time.
I started out loving the colourful eyeshadow shades of greens and blues and then went on to like neutrals – with my first neutral purchase being Naked 1.
I feel like I have come full circle now loving my neutral eyeshadows more and using colour as a pop of colour to co-ordinate with what I am wearing.
I have changed my skincare routine quite a bit in the past decade – having discovered how a good facial oil works for my skin and better sunscreen protection.
There are lots of beauty products that I am still not into – eyeliners, lip glosses, bronzers.
Now I am really happy to shop my stash and know that my application of products suit me well.

Mary Avatar

My preferences have changed ,the biggest change is my foundation .
I prefer sheer high spf skin loving tinted foundations, with slight luminosity.
I also now prefer lighter color shadows on the lid , no under eye liner just a matte powder for definition and a thin eye liner on the upper lash line.

For lips I generally love a red lip, blotted or comfort hydrating mattes.

Also having shopped primarily from Sephora and department stores for cosmetics …except for certain tried and true drug store staples ..
I’ve happily discovered affordable drug store gems like Catrice Beauty
“5 in a Box” mini shadow pallets so good a pigmented well curated creamy powder with rose oil …. mattes and shimmer ,super affordable…or Pacifica Plant Magic nail Polish …so good.

Cristiana Avatar

I’m more adventurous with color and style in my makeup than I ever was as a young woman. I don’t worry so much about what others will think of me now. I’m just as likely to wear a cut crease with a bold color to the grocery store as to go out bare-faced.

Debbie Avatar

Above all else is a good, effective skincare routine, and a good tinted moisturizer, BB, or CC cream with a sunscreen. Once the basics are in place I will add the sprinkles. I have become a bit more daring with my make up. And I love a good lip color, regardless of its form.

Lexie Avatar

A few years ago I started getting an allergic reaction to something on my face. I stopped wearing makeup until it cleared up, and learned to be comfortable with my skin without foundation. I was always self conscious of my acne, but my face actually cleared up once I stopped wearing foundation. Now I feel comfortable going out without it. I also try to choose eye shadows that flatter my hazel eye color more, which is basically both warm and cool neutrals.

Rachel Avatar

Oh my goodness how I have changed my makeup application, outlook on what is “beautiful “ and caring about trends since I have aged. I now look at makeup as an enhancement rather than as a “look” My early makeup influences were right in the heart of the 80’s. I learned to do amazing, colorful eyes, bold lips and blush. More was more, and there really did not seem to be a need for balance or enhancing your own beauty. It was all about bold, bright over the top makeup and I LOVED IT!!
At 52, I am far more drawn to light, glossy foundation, or skin tint vs heavy caked on foundation. I no longer strive to create a rainbow eye, with blue mascara that was beautiful, but only highlighted the makeup rather than my natural features. I am comfortable with my real skin, and highlighting my best features in a way that the makeup takes the back seat rather than the bold “in your face” looks I loved during my younger years.
I still LOVE makeup and I adore seeing its various interpretations throughout the decades. I appreciate flawless faces that can get away with any makeup trend- yet I see now how beautiful fresh, healthy skin and bright glowing eyes are all on their own.

Nikki Avatar

Style-wise, they’ve stayed the same-I’ve always preferred brighter, bolder colors and a soft matte-to-matte foundation finish-but I’m buying and loving so many more high-end and luxury brands now. I’m also quite happy with ColourPop!

Helene Avatar

Well, actually no, not really.
I have read through all answers and realize that many have stopped using liner under the eye, I never liked a very visible under eye line, I generally use a tiny bit of sheered out eyeshadow, and I have always done that, or just left the area bare.
I still like eyeliner, if anything I have changed from a pencil to a liquid liner.
I still like shimmery eyeshadows on the mobile lid, I still like lipsticks, I still prefer my oily face matte.
The only thing that’s changed is that makeup is a lot better these days than it was when I was young.

Z Avatar

Sort of. I spend a little more time on my skin than I used to (rosacea + broken blood vessels creates an uneven canvas). Moisture is more important than long wear. Brows are a necessity. I care less about cool eyeshadow looks since they all crease/smear within half an hour anyway.

Aspasia Avatar

As my skin has changed (thanks to pregnancy and now the early stages of perimenopause), I’ve had to revise my skincare regimen and some of my makeup. I used to have super oily skin and now I have combination skin (dry chin, normal cheeks, oily noise and forehead). No more matte makeup for me! I now use an eye cream to keep the skin under my eyes more hydrated and supple, I use a drop or two of facial oil on my chin, and I use a slightly heavier face cream. When I was super oily I had to use a lightweight lotion and a toner. Foundation-wise I use a dewy finish foundation and concealer and my other makeup has pretty much stayed the same. Oh- no more pressed powder for me either.

Lindsey Barnes Avatar

I don’t line my waterline with black anymore, because it just many eyes look small. I’ve toned done the frosty eye and used more mattes. I still love me a glitter lip though.

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