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I watched a YT video on a channel that I really trust and she showed a “recipe” for making both your own face mist and creating your own cushion foundation. I have made both of those and loved the process. I believe I will try to make more cushion foundations because I can add my own skin care products to the recipe. I think most of us have mixed different products to make a custom product and I have recently been successful in mixing a couple of different foundations to make one that I like better than either one alone.

If being five years old and mixing various shampoos, body washes, and both such products together to make “beauty potions” for my grandma counts, yes. If not, I have not, but I’d love to try it some day!

I have Frankensteined some nail polishes! Usually to create a specific shade I have in mind or to match something else. But I do this with ones I already own. Or I once added powdered pigment…it was interesting!

Not sure I’d call what I do “making makeup”, but I do doctor up my foundation during winter because I’m too cheap! I’ll add some Smashbox BB cream in light to my MAC Pro Longwear NC40 to turn it into NC37, add a bit of Strobe Cream to take away its flat look, too.
Other than those 2 examples, just the usual stuff like mixing together 2 lipsticks to make something else.

Don’t forget, Christine – you DID get to create your own eyeshadow (Jealousy Wakes) – THAT would have been quite an experience! I’ve never tried and never even thought about it, to tell you the truth. About the closest I’ve come is way back when I was in my teens, Bonne Bell came out with this little jug of “stuff” (I can still see the little jug but can’t remember the name or even what the “stuff” felt like) that you mixed yourself with lemon juice or witch hazel or milk or other household ingredients to make something for your skin – it came with a little “recipe booklet/leaflet”, as I recall. I know I had it and I used it but beyond that, I honestly can’t remember a single thing about it (I can’t even remember clearly what ingredients you were supposed to mix it with). I hope someone else here remembers this stuff because it would be a real kick to be reminded of the name.

I suddenly remembered the name – Well Spring. I googled it and it seems to have been promoted as “Bonne Bell’s Well Spring of Beauty” and I found a picture of an old newspaper article about it from the Chicago Tribune of 1972 and it’s pretty much as I remember it. Off to try to read the very minuscule article for more details. What a blast from the past!

I made my own lipsticks before. Bought a kit from a craft store once. It was more a project to keep busy while I was caring for my grandmother though. I never really used them

Kiki G on YouTube uploaded a “DIY Highlighter drops” video a few days ago. It was so fun and a tenth of the cost of the Cover FX drops. And she’s hilarious as well

Have you made them? I’m seriously considering it and wondering if it’s really comparable to the CoverFX ones.

I agree she’s hilarious. Easily one of my best YT finds in last few months.

Mixing and blending gives me great happiness. Making makeup?! Once my children moved out, I barely make dinner! So no, there will be no makeup concocting at Chez Linda. 🙂

No. I leave that process to people who I hope know what they are doing. I can bake a cake, though.

Not really, aside from mixing loose shimmer into clear gloss and things like that. I recently started making my own bath bombs though! Planning on trying to make bubble bars soon, too ?

From scratch? Like making your own pasta? The answer is no, but I’ve seen others do it on YT — some of those MUAs are from years ago. But mixing retail products? The answer is yes; all.the.time.

No, not at all and I’m not interested in trying. Just trying to blend and combine existing products I have is challenge enough.

I definitely mix a lot of stuff together but don’t make anything from scratch.
Blush + Powder foundation + Highlighter = Pretty contour blush
Cream Eyeshadow + Cream Highlighter = Shimmery eye color
Nail Polish + Nail Polish = Custom color

No, and to be honest I’m not really interested in DIY makeup, or skincare for that matter. I could see myself doing fun stuff like bath bombs, but that’s about it. There’s a lot that goes into the formulation of a good makeup product that I don’t think you can reproduce at home. It’s just not that simple, especially if you want something with a good texture that will wear well and not turn bad within a few months. I prefer to buy the already made pretty things!

Not really, I’ve made a makeshift lipgloss by heating some Vaseline and added the end of a lipstick to it, that actually turned out quite well. I would LOVE to make cosmetics, I would find it so rewarding and therapeutic as a hobby, I’m sure as a career it’s far from it. The Bite lab in Toronto lets you customize lipsticks and it’s quite reasonable, I think 80.00 for 2 lipsticks and you are there for either a morning or an afternoon so that’s something I should try.

Oh heavens no! I leave the great stuff for the magicians to work their magic. I really enjoy mixing fushia and brown shades of lipstick tho to get a one of a kind. I’ll mix my Becca highlighter Opal liquid with a liquid that the sales associates at our beloved beauty stores insist are my color, to make them bearable and wearable. I haven’t ventured into eye shades yet…it is a thought tho. Blush, yes, I mix them when seasons are changing.

I mix my foundation every morning from different foundations but I have never produced something new with the single ingredients.

I used to custom blend foundations for myself with white mixer. I’ve also made tinted lip balm. I’d like to go to Bite and have a few shades made.

No, not really. I cocktail items all the time, mix n match lipsticks or cream blushes topped with powder blushes, using eye shadows or blushes for other uses.
But I do DIY lash conditioners, lip scrubs, skin soothers, etc. but cosmetics, nope way above my pay grade.

Not at all. I will mix the ones already have such as blush, contour and highliter or play with eyeshadows and lipstic ombré stuff but minimal. However, I have experimented with lots of hair colors except the new purple, greens, violets or pink mermaid trend leaning towards trying some. Lastly I got really bad highlights done last Summer which cost me the beautiful health of my plenty volume of curls. Had to cut it short and start from fresh. Please be careful whom you go to to do bleach highlights. Luckily, my family and hubby all agree short suits my face. Thank God! But it was (still some dried out hair showing up) a disaster. Will I ever learn….mostly not. Taurus. Deadly stubborn Taurus! Lol!

Not makeup but I do make some of my skincare. Specifically Vitamin C serum and a facial scrub made with honey, sugar and olive oil. Both of these outperform anything I’ve purchased at a store. And making smaller batches ensures freshness.

I mix 4 tbsp of water, 1 tbsp of Vitamin C powder and 1 tbsp glycerin. I keep it in a brown bottle with a dropper. This is for a 20% solution. I started with a weaker solution and built up to this. It is amazing!!

I’ve ordered gold pigment and clear lipgloss to make my own gold lip gloss after not having the chance to get the Bite Beauty gold lipgloss. Now I have gold lipgloss. It’s pretty.

I’ve made my own pressed glitters with the help of YouTube. They turned out pretty good but had to sit and dry down significantly longer than the tutorial said (2-3 days at least).

I actually have! I bought a big set from a site called bramble berry and you can get everything there to make makeup of any kind even nail polish. And it’s all mineral based and natural. It was fun to try but it’s messy and making foundation for myself I found to be a bit frustrating as you can get a starter kit and to my surprise it came with pigments like blue and red and purple and some brown. It’s a lot more involved than mixing brown pigment with minerals! It’s easy to make some gorgeous shadows tho!

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