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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!

I haven’t before – but I’m actually considering it now.
I really like the execution of the ‘Cremation’ palette by Jeffrey Star – but I’ve found him abhorrent since I was on MySpace & he’d fuck over bands he’d book gigs with.
In my mind, if I buy the palette 2nd hand: he’s not getting any money from me, and I can just replace the lid.
On the other hand – he still produced the product.
Yet again – there’s no such thing as ethical Capitalism……and down my thought process goes haha.

Personally I’m ALWAYS ok with second hand. I find waste to be one of the biggest sins people can make and if you can buy something used or recycle unwanted things, more power to you.

….if that helps at all.

To Chelsea I am also wringing my hands over purchasing Jeffrey Star. I really want jawbreaker. But I just can’t support his alleged remarks. I think he should release a palette and donate all proceeds to charity.

No. I don’t think I would ever feel comfortable doing so. I have purchased new, unused makeup from ebay many, many years ago before there were so many scammers and chinese knockoffs. At this current point in time I’m not comfortable buying cosmetics or skincare from unofficial channels.

I’ve never purchased used makeup but I have been “gifted” 2 items from 2 makeup counters/locations when the items I wanted like mad (a Shiseido powder/cream eyeshadow and a Clarins eyeshadow quad) were sold out. The sales women/managers – knowing I was a regular customer – gave them to me, after sanitizing the surfaces and I’ve never had a problem with either of them.

Not purchased, but I have exchanged gently used nail polish to get colours not available in my country, and I’ve purchased bottle splits for fragrance. I’ve now stopped due to stricter mail regulations.

Nope! I’m too chicken to have ever even entertained the thought. One just never knows what sort of germs or such may be on the product…

I have many times, but not really used, per se. I purchase high end LE items I missed out on at half the original price or less. I will say that I only buy from a select few sellers on a Facebook group I belong to to and most of the secondhand make up I buy is brand new or just swatched. I also purchase items from brands that I want to try that are harder to get in Canada due to shipping and duties, like Juvia’s Place, for instance. There are a lot of compulsive buyers out there and it’s surprising how strong a secondary market there is.

Maybe two times at the most. I know I definitely did buy the Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts palette used for a STEAL, but it looked like new. The previous owner said she used like two colors once but then just felt it wasn’t something she would use. So yeah, it arrived like new, I sanitized it and it’s been great ever since.

I don’t really anticipate buying used again unless a rare opportunity presents itself for something I’d really love to own that I can get for a great price.

Not since COVID hit. I don’t know if I ever will again. I have bought some things from friends or Glambot in the past with no issues. I sanitized the items again when I received them, just to be on the safe side.

No. I am already very strict with storing, cleaning and monitoring the expiration date of my makeup, the idea of using makeup someone else used sound unappealing to me. Which sounds strange, when I never seemed to mind when I had my makeup done by makeup artists for special events… which is still makeup used by someone else before. 😅

yes….. actually ND safari barely used a great deal….. also quite a few exellent condition like new condition viseart palettes…… just couldn’t justify the new prices……..love them all…… I would do it again…..just not in the market for anything…. been buying here and there singles from indy brands and I did get the light quintessential palette!

I didn’t even know this was possible, is a thing.
So no.
I’ve purchased second hand household items, cars and clothing before, but even If I knew this was an option I would not. I would go without first.

I have, like you, many years ago. It’s been ages since I have, mostly because I budget better and don’t buy as much makeup as I did in my twenties. I still would buy some items used, based on my limited knowledge of microbiology. Something with a wand that has to be dipped, that goes near eyes or a mouth, like a lipgloss or liquid eyeshadow, I’d have to really trust the source, it’s unlikely. A powder product, even eye shadow, I’d be willing to buy used. A lipstick, when I can just cut the used end off, I’d be open depending on the source. Foundation is another one I’d probably not mind buying used. So for me it depends on the product.

My mother was a clean freak and It passed down to her children, except some of us are more germaphobes so even if I would entertain the thought there would be no way I could possibly do it. I don’t even know how I’m going to be even able to handle going without a mask when the restrictions are lifted on Thursday!

No, but I’ve considered buying and sanitizing some powder products from eBay, and I accepted a sanitized, barely used Tarte of Giving eyeshadow palette from my aunt. My cousin has a friend who’s getting rid of her Kylie Cosmetics Purple Palette, and my cousin plans to sanitize it and give it to me.

I’ve used Mercari quite a bit for 3 years with no issues. I’ve gotten brand new items at a fraction of the retail price (eg multiple ND items for 70-80% off with one seller). I’ve also gotten items that were LE or no longer available (eg much of my Suqqu Blending eyeshadow collection). I sanitize them with alcohol and there’s no issue. Also, backups of stuff I love but didn’t even know was discontinued (eg the OG 88gm La Mer powder). It’s a pretty remarkable place and 98% of the sellers are ethical. Mercari is A+ when it comes to buying stuff you can’t find anywhere anymore. I buy only new or excellent condition (limited swatches) items, mostly powder products.
I’ve also sold makeup with no event.
I’ve occasionally bought stuff on eBay and Poshmark but prefer Mercari, with better and faster policies for both buyers and sellers, and almost no issues across 200+ purchases. My only caution to you, if you’re considering it, is don’t buy creams or liquids that can be tampered with. Some containers can’t be pried open, others easily unscrew. Don’t buy alleged new Genifique moisturizer, is what I’m trying to say 😜

Yes, loving Mercari. I feel if you bought something off or spoiled you would have some recourse. But yeah only powders or lipsticks. Anything with a goop factor, moisturizer or serum could seriously be a health issue or at the very least a subpar bait and switch.

No, but I have sold a few gently used palettes on Poshmark. I figure that way they go to a good home rather than me just tossing something that someone else would like to use or collect.

Bought, no, but I’ve been gifted used things from a friend in the past. I sanitized them and never had any issues with them, but that was a really long time ago and these days I wouldn’t really feel comfortable with it.

How timely! I just sold all of NIB Pat McGrath Mothership palettes. For the longest time I refused to use them as they were too pretty. I finally broke out a small quad and discovered I was very allergic to her formula. It was way too late for me to return. So I sold them on a popular app. I made money and learned an important lesson in using my purchases sooner than later. I also just bought LE Rainbow spill. I missed out on it last year and have been waiting to see if it a reputable seller had it. I never would have thought to buy used makeup. I won’t even borrow a friends lipstick bullet! However after talking to a dermatologist friend she gave me her views on what would be safe to sanitize (lipstick, blush, eyeshadow). No creams or moisturizer ever, as bacteria will contaminate. Mascara never. But oddly she was okay with eyeliner. Anyway, I agree there is a lot to wade through. But if the seller seems trustworthy and the product is just swatched I am now going to buy this way if a product is unavailable. I am looking at you LE pink soap.

Yes. I sanitize it with alcohol when I get it, and buy used powder makeup usually. With some older or limited edition makeup, it’s pretty hard to find an affordable new one. I’m not too picky – I will thrift clothes too. My latest score was the UD Vice 2 palette for $9, which was a great deal.

Only items I can sanitise, such as eye shadow, blush, and bullet lipstick. Also eye liner pencils I can sharpen prior to using. As for anything liquid – forget it.

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