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I tried to get my daughter interested, but she’s not really a makeup kind of girl. She does, however, adore LUSH products, and so we have a wonderful smelling house instead 🙂

Aw! 🙂 In my mind, it’s like you don’t find Temptalia until you’re already into it, I guess, so I don’t think about it so much as me being the one but I could see a cursory interest turning into more from reading this site!

When I discovered Temptalia, I was already deeply in love with makeup, but my makeup skills and product understanding have grown 1,000% by being a part of this community. Thank you! 😀

I’ve been trying with my sister, too. I got as far as eyebrows, but she’s not interested in much else. I don’t know anyone in my personal life who loves makeup as much as I do.

I think we’d be in serious trouble if we knew each other in real life and lived in proximity! Same color preferences and our brand familiarity . . .makeup counters, look out! ??

uh, I’m pretty sure you’ve introduced your love of makeup to thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people, Christine! I know I’m a makeup lover in part because of you! : )

Yes! My older sister was interested in wearing makeup again (after decades of not wearing it) and didn’t know where to begin. At the time I had quite a few lipsticks so we sanitized each one and tried it on her to see what colors worked. I think the idea that someone around her age was so interested, and getting an idea of possible shades that would work and not work for her, motivated her to go out on her own to get makeup. She now wears various lipsticks, colored eyeliner (I can’t get her to try eyeshadow as she claims her lids are too oily and hooded to do so), tinted sunscreen, concealer and eyebrow stuff. So all in all, a good result for her. About the only thing bad is that she lives in another state so we can’t see each other’s makeup; she gets too chicken to wear certain makeup because nobody else around her (young or old) wear it. If she lived near me, she’d likely wear it more often because what I wear is bolder.

About a month ago my sister asked me to show her how to do makeup. I made her a starter kit with brushes, powder foundation, concealer, blush, mascara, an eyeshadow palette & a few lipsticks. She’s actually really good for someone who’s never tried makeup before. I think she’s growing to love it. I come over once a week & we watch a movie or YT while we do our makeup.

I’ve helped guide a lot of my friends who have no makeup to having their own set of everyday or special occasion staples! I have a google doc with links to temptalia beginner guides on makeup brushes, temptalia recommendations, and a list of youtube makeup artists as a makeup orientation. No one has gone off the deep end like me though XD

It is pretty well known on the blog that I have a daughter that loves makeup and the communing that we do over makeup just enhances our already strong bond. I essentially raised my daughter by myself as her father struggled with communicating and maintaining a meaningful relationship with her after she turned 2. It is a long, sad and depressing story so I won’t bore you all with it but since I loved wearing makeup and my daughter saw me applying makeup everyday she naturally wanted to play with it. She also did a lot of performing until she graduated from high school. She did competitive gymnastics and dance and was on her high school’s dance team. She started the performance part of dance when she was about 4 and the girl’s all wore makeup while on stage. I was the designated makeup artist and did all the girls makeup before they went on stage. It involved a little lipstick and blush and frequently a lot of glitter. Her love just grew out of that combination of experiences.
I tried with my best friend and was a total failure and a little embarrassing if truth be told. It was quite a while ago but my best friend didn’t wear any makeup at all. She still doesn’t. When she was getting married I encouraged her to wear a little makeup, primarily for the photos afterwards. She is very fair with red hair and that gorgeous complexion that redheads have. The problem is that her complexion easily washes out in photos and I thought a little lipstick, blush and mascara would really enhance her pictures. This is especially true when wearing a white gown. We went to a makeup counter at Macy’s and a young lady did a very, very understated makeup look on her as we told her that she never wore makeup. I thought she looked stunning with just the little added colour. We went back to her home and her father took one look at her and said, “Go in the bathroom and wash that off your face.” Mind you, she was 30 years old at this time, didn’t live at home and in fact lived four states away. Needless to say, she didn’t wear makeup on her wedding day, not even a lip gloss and sadly, as I knew it would, she was completely washed out and you couldn’t tell where here face was against the whiteness of her gown and the background. She was okay but I do think it is a factor in her never wearing any makeup at all.

OMG Deborah, that is so sad for your friend. I also have the red hair and very fair skin, which is why I wear a) foundation to even out my skin tones and the bit of redness on my cheeks; b) blush – to put the colour on my cheeks in the right place and c) lipstick to balance out my whole face. You could also add mascara as my eyelashes are very fair.
Gosh, my dad said that to me when I was 11, by the time I was 13 he had totally relented – as long as I didn’t put it on with a trowel…

Ditto on how many people you’ve inspired, Christine.
I have done tons of makeovers on family and friends over the years, and though people enjoy them, it doesn’t seem to change what anyone’s done when out of my reach! Oh well. I’m the lone fanatic.

My mother has always been into makeup and beautiful things, but she’s never been able to be a devotee. I like to buy her more high end stuff for her birthday and Christmas that she’d never buy for herself.

I wouldn’t say introduced so much, but in my extended circle of family, friends and acquaintances, I am to “go to” person for shopping trips, advice, makeup application and generally providing my cast-offs to those who want them.

None are worthy, ha ha. A while ago I did with a then close friend and it was a mistake. Lesson learned and now I don’t talk about it with anyone (except on here); it’s just my own private thing. I think it’s somewhat obvious to my friends and family that it’s a dedicated hobby but I don’t have anyone that I share it with and I’m pretty certain I won’t in the future. I don’t know anyone else who loves makeup and collects it like I do and any of my friends and family would be bored to tears. And there have been comments from friends and family years ago so it’s just a very private thing for me now.

Me too. Not that I get or listen to comments like that, but no one shares it to my degree. I have met a few coworkers at various jobs but while they do have an interest, it’s not the passion that I have. Even here, where I do find people that share the passion, few have the same level, although you might and I have found one other here that does.

It wasn’t until I was searching an ipsy unboxing that I discovered the YouTube beauty community and fell down that rabbit hole. Finally, I didn’t feel like a freak for my intense interest. I found my people! They had huge collections and were excited about new releases, and could talk about the qualities of different products.

I totally get how you feel, not just about makeup, but about being alone in your passion. (I don’t call it obsession because that’s a word I reserve for my dogs, who I love more than makeup!)

Sorta kinda maybe. 2 daughters of a friend…one could do liquid liner at 10; the little sister was the one who said ‘This is an awesome day. I got my first palette and my first bra!’ Did not succeed at not howling in her face. Her mum wears concealer, that’s it, and she needed a GC and consult for that, mmm. My present for the LG’s tenth was the watermelon slice Tarte palette and the Sephora watermelon brush set. I’ve introduced the public (retail job at night) to brands, esp. CP, as it is so accessible, budget friendly, and diverse.

My daughter- who turned out to be totally uninterested in makeup! It still cracks me up. She can be ready to go a whole lot faster than I can though, and she likes to point that out ?

No, not really. Others know of my deep abiding interest, but no one I know cares much about makeup. I am an island. 🙂

No…I talk about makeup a bit with my friends who are already interested, but that’s it.

Now that I think about it, I’ve always kind of looked at makeup as more of a personal hobby. I’ve never really felt the urge to talk about it with others the way I would about my other hobbies.

My friends are not really interested in makeup and my twin sister is a bit keen, but she only really likes Clinique. I have introduced her to some Laura Mercier and have got her to try a few different lipstick brands, but that’s it for her.
My daughter in law is pretty interested and she has a classic cool tone colouring: fair complexion, green/blue eyes and very dark brown hair. She favours more matte or soft satin eyeshadows in tones of grey/teal, LOVES coral lipsticks (I got her the Too Faced Honey Bear for Christmas 2017, after seeing it on Christine so often and she loved the shade.) So really Anika is the only person that I have introduced my love of makeup to.

One of my friends is slowly getting more and more into makeup, partly because I have answers to things she was struggling with and put off by. my own love of makeup came from another friend, before that I barely wore it at all. She bought me my first eyeshadow pallet.

I love in a country in the EU where being natural is the only way to be beautiful and I work in the scientific academic field where wearing makeup/colorful clothes is equated with being superficial/vain/unintelligent. In the first years, I stopped wearing makeup because I didn’t want to be negatively affected by that perception. then I felt sad for myself for never wearing all my colorful dresses and skirts or my lipsticks so I reverted to just being who I am and wearing makeup.
my SO felt he had a duty to always tell me I looked beautiful without makeup. Everytime I would put on a lipstick and blush before leaving the house he would say “you don’t need that, you look beautiful, you shouldn’t be a victim of society’s pressures towards women” until one day, I explained to him that I love putting makeup on and it’s highly enjoyable for me and that I actually perceive the complete opposite pressure. Since that episode, he actually admitted that he loves it when I wear lipstick but never felt comfortable admitting it before. he’s really a sweet and thoughtful SO.

I have tried to for years, and my mom is very recently getting into makeup and skincare! Every time I see her, I make sure to introduce her to something new, or give her something that didn’t work out for me so she can play with it.

Yes, and my daughter bit the dust, thankfully no one else LOL! So I’ve warned her of not going as crazy spending wise. And I tend to buy her things so she won’t, but I think she’s into it almost as much as me.

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