Have you hidden beauty purchases from friends, family, or a significant other?

Have you hidden beauty purchases from friends, family, or a significant other? Share!

I’ve definitely downplayed how much I might have bought on occasion with family (at least in the beginning), but I definitely don’t hide any of my purchases from Shaun–but it certainly helps that it’s “for the business.” 🙂

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I don’t tell my family what I buy (though I don’t tell them much of anything), though my makeup collection is right in the open in a plastic cabinet so they’re aware that I own way too much makeup. As for my SOs, I’ve always kept them in the loop, though I might neglect to mention small purchases.

I’ve always been pretty honest with all of my family on how much i buy, if/when people think i spend too much i just explain that its a hobby just like anyone else would have! Some people love photography, some love shoes, for me its makeup 🙂 as long as you can afford your purchases and be responsible there is no reason to hide it!

I’ve done it – when I was with my ex-husband, ANYTHING I spent my own money on was a covert operation (because he was a jerk, and that’s why he’s an EX-HUSBAND). My mom is fond of asking “HOW MUCH did you just spend on one lipstick??” and I’m fond of responding “More than you ever would – my money, Mama.” Of course, she says the same thing about purses and shoes. My adult kids (who live with me) will sometimes say “I thought you were broke?” Um, no…I’m only broke when YOU ask for money, or when I don’t want to spend it on what you think I should. The bills get paid – and I buy what I want these days. Like I always say: It’s only a problem when there’s no money in my account. 🙂

Ha Ha. Love it. “because is was a jerk”- past tense only?… My money. My choice. Purchasing makeup is a not “a drug” that is detrimental to our health. I dont disclose the amount of makeup that I own because 1) people are nosy. 2) people dont understand and 3) I dont like people touching my makeup. I recently have this one gal who actually wanted to see my makeup collection…I have stuff as early as the ’80’s. I really think she wants to see my house….Christine doesnt hide her purchases…..she shares them with us on this blog. Just lovely.

While I don’t “hide” my purchases, I don’t *tell* anyone what I’ve bouight. It’s noone’s business what I buy, and unless it’s been a topic of conversation that I *really* want something, there’s no reason to say anything. My money is my own, and I don’t share an account with anyone, so why should I tell anyone? As for friends, not all of them have the same disposable income I have, and to tell them what “frivolous” purchases I’ve made is just unfair.

My SO knows exactly what I buy and what I spend, and he has no problem with it. He’s into skin care (mostly product lines for men, although he’s tried a few of mine) and understands that some of the best products do cost money. If I buy makeup, I don’t necessarily tell him, because he doesn’t care, but I don’t hide it, either. Most of the time, we shop together, so he sees whatever I buy anyway.

IMO, if you have to hide your purchases, you’re with the wrong person.

All the time! I buy secretly and hide it from my Mom. I’m not suppose to buy makeup at all. But it’s my favorite thing in the world! I just recently discovered Stila and Urban Decay and buy a little at the beginning of the month and hide it when it arrives. I think she knows anyways! 😉 Also, she finds it interesting that I come out of Sephora without a bag. That’s why God invented big purses! 🙂

Lol, that’s what I do when I pick up a new lipgloss at the grocery store. The clerks all know to hand them directly to me so I can stow them in my purse!

I don’t really hide it from him…but I don’t go out of my way either, to show what my latest beauty splurges are.

I do, to some extent. I keep my makeup in a big tackle box in the corner of the breakfast room (best light for application), so my spouse knows I have a bunch.
I don’t have a weakness for shoes, bags or clothes. Just makeup. I’m in the process of giving some of my stash away to my sister and daughter, as I have so much that I forget what all I have.

For the most part my husband knows what I buy but probably forgets what I have. He can’t keep track of it all! lol
He says, “As long as you have the money for it, it’s ok”. 🙂

I don’t hide my purchases and I don’t discuss my purchases with anyone including the SO or friends. The exception is my Mom. She’s a makeup junkie too and likes to stay informed on the trends.

All the time. “Hidden” is perhaps not the right word but my husband doesn’t know all the makeup I buy (though he knows I buy and lot and that I love both makeup and skincare). I work, earn my own money and I’m pretty modest in my spending habits compared to some of the women we know. In the same way, he doesn’t tell me every time he’s going golfing (which is a LOT) though he might mention it. That’s always my “ticket” to treat myself to more makeup (or something else I’ve been craving!).

I usually don’t tell my husband when I purchase makeup, which is usually online. I will sometimes hide the boxes around the house, HOWEVER, we have a joint account and he can see what we both purchase by logging online. Sometimes he’ll ask me, “What did you get at Sephora?” and I’ll tell him. I’m rather surprised that he doesn’t ask more often, because he can easily see my purchases by checking our bank account.

Overall, he is appreciative that it is makeup that is my addiction and not $500 purses or $300 shoes.

I have definitely done that on numerous occasions for shoes, beauty items and clothing. My family thinks i don’t need anymore but i can’t resist a good deal and a great pair of shoes. So i just buy them and hide them, sadly. Until i wear it and they say “I’ve never seen that before” and i am like “oh I’ve had this so long now” lol

Haha! I can definitely relate. My mom thinks I have way too many bags and shoes. So, whenever she notices I’m sporting something new, I use the same excuse that you do. 😉

I hide nothing from the spouse (unless it’s temporary because it’s meant to be a present for him), and it is related to our agreement to be transparent about finances. However, I don’t think it’s anyone else’s business, not even my friends and family.

Guilty! I hide purchases all the time at least when I’m buying it. My son lives with me and we live close to my dad so they usually get my packages when I’m at work. I don’t hide to use things but sometimes I hide things I buy until I slip them into the rest of my goodies because they both think I’m just wasting money when I buy clothes and especially makeup. No matter what I buy they both say I already have one – which may be true but no girl can ever have enough makeup or clothes, lol!

When I lived with my parents, I downplayed my spending and tended to say ‘oh, that, I got it a while ago.’ But never from my partner or anything.

I do. I have enough beauty products to start my own department store. I hardly have room to store them. They’re in my desks, drawers, shelves, wherever I can find room for them. I think my family would just go “Why?-You have enough for a small city already!” I love buying all the latest products to try and my old fave’s. Can’t get enough!

not from my SO. he knows its my addiction and doesnt mind since i do have my own money. he does ask about my collection though as he is the type to buy surprise presents and want to make sure i would like it. even if he didnt like it oh well, his addiction (guitars and amps) is far more expensive than and 18 dollar shadow 😉

I think it’s so cool that Shaun is cool with your makeup purchase. Cuz most of the times, guys just go “Why you need so many makeup? Don’t you already have a blush?” And when I tried to explain”I don’t have a pink blush like that blah blah blah…”, they just don’t get it. It’s just soo annoying and I don’t like going makeup shopping with, well, practically anyone at all, cuz they just don’t get it.

I don’t really hide it but i don’t really show him either.. haha, my SO simply does NOT understand why i need lipstick in 20 shades of pink because pink is pink for him. But he knows i have a closet full of makeup and i frequently buy new storage so i think he’s smart enough to know i have a LOT! Haha

Yes, I hide most of my beauty purchases from my mom. I currently live with her and when she sees some of what I have, she tells me to “stop buying” and that I “have a lot of stuff already.” That may be true but she doesn’t understand my need to try out different makeup, different colors, etc. Plus, everything I buy, I use…it’s not like I buy just for the sake of collecting or something. But ultimately, I feel that it’s my money, I work hard for it, and I’m entitled to buy whatever I want. Besides, I don’t consider my beauty purchases all that extravagant…if anything, I try to limit myself to things I don’t already have and will get a lot of use out of.

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