Have you had someone criticize you for your makeup stash before?

Have you had someone criticize you for your makeup stash before? Share!

Oh, definitely! πŸ™‚ I just keep smiling and move the conversation right along with something short and sweet like, “Good thing it’s my money/hobby/choice!”

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Madelyn Avatar

Yes. My husband’s best friend is female. We went to Sephora. She took the brushes I was looking at out of my hands and said “you have enough brushes”. No one ever has enough brushes! Also, the employees at my local sephora tend to make digs at my stash. But who cares? I love it and my husband is supportive.

Rachel Avatar

Honestly my friends make fun of my lipstick collection all the time…I had to count them for a school project and found out I had about 50 and they pick on me all the time now and every time I buy a new one they make a condescending comment lol

Maggie Avatar

It’s really just my mother. “You have so much makeup! Why do you always buy it?! You don’t need it.” I don’t respond verbally. After all, she is being a bit hypocritical (she hoards other things) and I do agree that I don’t need makeup like I need food, shelter, water, my health, etc.

Everyone else just says, “whoa–makeup.” My personal favorite: “Wow–it’s Makeup City.” That totally amused me bc she only saw my traveling stash.

jools Avatar

… and some of us mothers have big stashes of our own! πŸ™‚

I just tell the criticiser that I don’t drink, don’t smoke or go out to expensive clubs. Also, it’s my money and I’ll spend it how I want. In the nicest possible way, of course!

xamyx Avatar

I’ve had friends comment on it, but they’re also the same ones that come to me for advice, LOL! Noone has ever put me down, but they’re definitely shocked by the amount. Most of my friends have more “alternative” styles, so makeup plays a big role, so they do understand my interest.

I don’t go out much, so when I mentioned buying new makeup to a friend, he teased me a bit, and asked why I need makeup just to stay home. I know it was in good fun, so I didn’t take offense; I simply explained I was able to buy makeup *because* I don’t go out, LOL!

judyo Avatar

me too. i am a nester, so sometimes i put on makeup at 3am, just to see what it looks like.
and…i made a deal with myself: i donate a portion of my makeup spending to one of my favorite three charities.

and my (adult) kids know me so well: for my birthday this year they both bought me (different) makeup subscription boxes. so i go downstairs to the mailboxes with my arms open every month…..what could be better?

xamyx Avatar

I’m naturally nocturnal, and sometimes I’ll just swatch different products on my hands in the middle of the night, especially if I’ve already done my nightime skin routine, LOL! I’ll swatch new/different color combinations, and then try them out soon after.

I used to go out nearly every night, even when I was pregnant with my now 8 1/2 year old, but I pretty much stopped once she was born. My friends are always trying to get me out again, but I realized I’d rather spend the money on makeup…

Nancy T Avatar

Yes, I have! Btw, I totally LOVE your response to those out there who just don’t get it! I usually DO say “Well, this is what I enjoy doing for me, and it doesn’t cost you a thing!” . Or, for the snippy ones “I’m doing me; you can do you too!”

Olivia Avatar

My mom always tells me I have enough makeup and usually when I buy a new product she’ll say something like, ‘okay now no more eyeshadow/lipstick/etc’ then I tell her I’m the one paying for it! One certain product isn’t always appropriate for every look πŸ˜‰ I get told by some other people I have too much makeup but I tend to feel envious other other people’s collections haha

Ana Avatar

Yes! Always get judged for my collection. A girl can never have too many lipsticks (my weakness). My response is always ” I’m a collector” and most of the time they are also wasting too much money on their own collection of shoes/DVDs/purses…so people shouldn’t hate a girl for liking what she likes lol.

Melanie Avatar

I get critical comments at the same frequency as people are also like “Come on, share the wealth!” or “I’ll take some off your hands!” and I feel like, “…But I worked really hard for all of this!” It’s not like I got lucky or that I’m greedy. It’s just my passion.

Melanie Avatar

I agree!! I work hard to have what I have. I have more than I need but not excessive and I do use what I have. I get comments of all types “why do you need all that, ” “can I have some of your products,” “share the wealth” ……. I work hard and I put money aside for my purchases. truthfully, the comments get annoying. I don’t understand why people care what someone has….I love viewing people’s beauty products. I just tell people I am not in debt all my bills are paid and I put money away. I have what I have because its my choice.

Amber Avatar

Omg!! I totally understand your view point. I learned this concept the hard way unfortunately. I used to give so much make away that I wasn’t using or thought I wouldnt use again to some pretty greedy people. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still great friends with her, but I gave her some really amazing stuff and sorry to say, I shouldn’t have. I’ve vowed to myself that no more giving make up away to anyone but my sisters. I’ve learned to value my things since then πŸ™‚

xamyx Avatar

I have a couple of close friends who I allow to borrow certain products, and they’ve all been very appreciative. Not one has ever asked me for anything (aside from the occasional, “If you decide to ever get rid of that, you know where I am!”, sort of thing). There have been products I really didn’t use, yet a friend would always want to borrow it, so I’d just end up giving it to them. There have also been times it was a product I loved, and just bought them their own.

Telesilla Avatar

No one other than myself and even then it’s sarcastic and along the lines of: “Don’t you think you have enough neutral eye palettes?” or “yeah, because what this collection needs is more tinted lip balm.” Of course, the only other person who sees it is my partner and she’s actually borrowing some of it these days, so she’s not likely to give me any grief about it.

And good for you, Christine! I like your response. Honestly I don’t get making fun of people for something they’re passionate about, even if you don’t really get it. Life’s too short.

Liz Avatar

I don’t have an incredibly large makeup stash, but I definitely feel more annoyed when my male friends criticise it because they come off as very depreciatory. My female friends sometimes do ask why I have so much makeup, but they tend to be satisfied with a simple “I like makeup!” and understand the want to feel just a little prettier.

Wednesday Avatar

Sure. People say all kinds of stupid.. The key is whether or not you give a sh8t. Consider where it is coming from because most ‘constructive criticism’ is just packaged up spite and sanctimony not well disguised. The people who matter laugh with you about that monster stash, pretend not to be surprised by your 50 shades of taupe eyeshadow, and then come to you with their beauty and makeup questions because they know you’ll know.

Fran Avatar

So far, no one has criticized me for it. Of course, I’m not sure anyone would really know about it, unless they thought about all the different colors I wear. My stash isn’t small, but it’s stored pretty compactly and is not really on display (we don’t have much space!). My son may have a few critical thoughts that he’s not sharing with me, but he can see that I’m having fun with it, and I’m sure he figures that it’s my money, I can spend it how I like. He likes computer games, also not a necessity, and has a larger collection of history books than he can read, so he doesn’t criticize!

Alix Avatar

Oh, sure. “How many lipsticks do you need, anyway?” As many as I want, that’s how many!

My niece actually suggested that I not buy any new lip products until I’d used up all the ones I currently own. I explained that that could take a lifetime! πŸ™‚

Tyler Avatar

My friends don’t necessarily criticize but they judge lightly and tease. They say I have too much makeup, one thinks I have a problem. It doesn’t really bother me. I know I probably have too much makeup but it’s not hurting anyone so it’s a healthy addiction.

ilovemakeup Avatar

The only person who blatantly says anything is my husband because he says I’m prettier without it (awwwwwww) and he doesn’t like how much it costs. We’ve compromised, so I don’t spend as much as I used to and when I do, it’s only during sales good sales or from Haute Look or other outlet-type stores. Other people get a little judgmental, but I do the same thing as Christine and say, “This is just my hobby. I don’t go into debt or sacrifice other necessities of life for it, so I’ll continue to enjoy it until other things demand my time and money.”

Nicole Avatar

I feel the same. I have two cousins in and out of prison/rehab for heroine/crack issues and I catch $^*7 for having a lot of makeup and skin care with a masters and a full time job as I support my daughter and myself with no child support. I just wan to you “screw-off” to the haters. It’s not hurting anyone! what’s the problem?

Daniel Avatar

My mother tends to say a lot of things about it, from “why so much makeup anyway?” to “it’s just a waste of money”. I tell her that I want to be a makeup artist, and I also began teaching makeup and skincare at home, so I am beginning to use it. When she gets on my nerves, I tell her that as long as I save money, am not starving and am not in debt, I can use my money on whatever I want πŸ™‚ and what I want is makeup.

Jess Avatar

nothing annoys me more than people noticing my collection and then proceed to tell me I’m wasting my money after saying “do you think you have enough makeup, Jess?”

Yeah and I’m dying for more MUG and Colourpop, but that’s none of your business!

Chloe Avatar

My mom and dad, but especially my mom. She says I don’t need any more makeup. I don’t mind that much, though, since she’s right (who said anything about “needing” makeup, it’s just fun!). The amount of makeup I own is completely disproportionate to the amount of times I actually wear it!

Barbara Avatar

Both my mom and sister don’t really wear makeup so they can get critical of the amount of money I am willing to spend on a good product. Plus, honestly, I know have way more makeup than I need, but I don’t need to hear it!

Sasha Avatar

oh absolutely! I had casually mentioned it during a discussion about “addictions” in university class and everyone(about 40 people) looked at me like i was bonkers. Granted my enthusiasm for makeup isnt a full blown “addiction” but everyone thought I was “vain” or “fake”. Its weird to think that people still have negative connotations about people who own/wear a lot of makeup!

Wednesday Avatar

I was rather hoping we had moved beyond that. The last Olympics had me gaping like a carp at the television completely impressed that many girls had clearly brought their game on and were wearing ‘gasp’ makeup..to the Olympics! And they were not just bystanders, actual athletes..participating whilst wearing makeup!. As someone who has always been involved in athletics and academics, wearing makeup in my formative years was a broad statement and raging banner that you didn’t take yourself or your sport serious enough. It’s shocking those stereotypes still exist 30 years later… and sad.

Anne Avatar

Yep. My mom criticizes it all the time. Thankfully I do not live with her. I started playing around with makeup and starting to amass a small collection during the past 4 years when I’ve been REALLY sick. Makeup was part of self-care for me and made me feel (and look) like a healthy human being. My mom comes from a generation where doing something to make yourself feel better mentally is “frivolous”. I like to think fighting that mentality is an aspect of the newest wave of feminism XD.

Rachel Avatar

My boyfriend is the only one who sees it and he is supportive of my hobby just like I am supportive of him buying a billion comic books. Neither of us has any right to complain. There is a mutual understanding that we both work hard and can spend our money on whatever we want.

redshift87 Avatar

My best friend is actually the one who got me INTO makeup, so we’re both very supportive of each other and appreciative of our collections. Thank goodness we’re not competitive about it though, or things would spiral out of control quickly. We actually are pretty good about trying to help each other in making smart buys / only getting what we really want.

My husband (wisely) doesn’t comment on it; he has his own expensive hobbies and isn’t a hypocrite. Also, I make significantly more than him, sooooo…. πŸ˜‰

The only other people who have seen my stash are my brother and my soon-to-be sister-in-law. My brother has never said anything, for similar reasons to my husband. His fiance is a hair stylist, so she’s impressed and interested, never judgmental. It probably helps that I’m very generous with giving things away to her – usually high quality stuff that’s only been used once or twice and just didn’t work for me for whatever reason.

Lori Robbins Avatar

I hide all of my makeup for that very reason. I cannot hide my BBW collection, though and I always hear those comments. I think people might be jealous. Otherwise, why do they even care what we do?

Erin Avatar

I hear my stash is too small and drugstore for a lifestyle/beauty blogger while everyone in real life says I own too much. I don’t buy a ton of products, only what I need and what will hopefully suit me as I don’t have much disposable income for mistakes. I’d also rather spend money on skincare and perfume than have 12 million taupe shadows that all look the same!

Batoul Avatar

All the time!
Anyone that see’s my makeup collection has something to say about it. “Do you have enough makeup?”

My response is always, “No, not quiet!”

It’s my money and I can spend it however I please!

Kris Avatar

No… But I’ve never shown anyone either. I do kind of wish I had a makeup buddy irl I could share with, but I don’t. My husband knows I have a lot of makeup but I don’t think he realizes the entire five drawer dresser in the spare room is full of it… lol. But since I make like 9 times what he makes, he never criticizes what or how much I buy. And I think of it as a hobby / collection, not just a stash.

Vanessa V Avatar

Not so much my friends, they enjoy the benefits of my makeup collection, but my family make comments all the time lol but its my money so :p

Amber Avatar

I have a ton a makeup just like any addict and I get lots of smart assed remarks from people. My defense, if I feel like giving one is simple. I raise 2 kids, take care of their father, my house, our 3 cars and all the work that goes into doing all of that, this is my only vice, my income :-). Do you want to pay my salary? Yeah, I thought so πŸ˜‰

miekogirlie99 Avatar

my husband sometimes makes comments (He hasn’t really seen my whole collection) but he doesn’t have any expensive hobbies so i really have no argument. he’s into movie & game reviews so i just tell him my makeup interest is the same as his interests, just different subject lol
none of my friends are into make up & the ones that are, its not really a hobby for them. my sister saw my collection once, i think shes the only one that has seen it actually & gave me that raised brow. but she didn’t say anything harsh. she can’t really because she’s into fragrances and I’ve seen her collection HAHA!

Toni Avatar

Hubby just laughs but at the same time knows how much it makes me happy. He even bought me a dressing table to store it al in bless him! As for anybody else I just say ” Each to their own!”.

Brittany Avatar

I’ve been criticized for my makeup collection as well as my body jewelry collection (plugs for my stretched lobes). I’ve been told “you don’t need any more stuff!” and I’ll just be like, “no, I don’t,” smiling and shrugging. Who says I NEED any of this stuff? Why should I be obligated to only pay for items I need?

Whenever people ask me why I collect jewelry or makeup, I just flip it and ask them why people collect stamps or beanie babies or Pez dispensers… why does anyone collect anything? πŸ˜›

Brandy Rich Avatar

Absolutely! When you work in the industry, it’s so hard to purge regularly because you tend to accumulate a lot of Gratis. I get crap all the time from my roommates because it’s everyehere.. It’s great for gift giving though because what girl doesn’t like high end makeup/skin care/hair care?!?!

Genevieve Avatar

The only snide comments I get is from my twin sister – we are definitely NOT alike. She’s the only one who occasionally sees some of stash and comments about it. It really annoys me. Sisters eh?
My husband loves seeing me in makeup – and whilst he probably doesn’t quite know the exact number of my lipsticks/eye shadow palettes, he doesn’t mind at all.

Natalia Avatar

Oh, definitely! I don’t know anyone around me who’d undestand someone obsessing over makeup. I don’t have too much makeup, honestly (for the reference, I have 6 blushes at the moment), I wish I had twice as much makeup to play with :)))), but even with what I have I try to make sure my relatives do not see it all at the same time. They do not want to understand why a girl might need more than two blushes and three lipsticks, ahem. That does not stop them from complimenting my makeup when I see them though :).

sun67girl Avatar

Pretty much everyone. I have an ok org system at home, but I haven’t managed to create an edited , easily mobile way to travel with my treasures.

doroffee Avatar

Especially my parents, “A make-up artist doesn’t have this many stuff”… come on, they have clearly not seen a make-up artist yet :D.

Doreen Garza Avatar

Yes.. I get critcized a lit about how many cosmetics I have. I even criticize myself..Lol
I have huge makeup bags full. I love all makeup..hourglass, Nar’s, laura Mercia, etc.

Aubrey Avatar

My mother for sure. It’s funny because compared to a lot of women I don’t even have that large of a collection. I get Boxycharm and Ipsy and my mom asks me if I need it every time. It’s not that I need the makeup but it’s something that makes me happy.

I feel like a lot of us have that issue with loved ones. We have found something that makes us happy and are quite often criticized for it. Props to all the girls with large makeup collections who just keep letting them grow with people criticizing their choices!

Janina Montoya Avatar

Definitely! I just tell them that I like investing in things that make me happy, and thus, nicer to people who don’t know how to mind their own business. πŸ˜‰

SusieQ1970 Avatar

Ohhhhh yes! I usually do one of two things…bring up all the ways that I feel that person wastes their money or tell them it’s something I really enjoy and it harms no one and at least I am not spending my money/time on gambling, drinking or doing drugs! I say it all with a big smile on my face and it always shuts them right up! Lololololol!

Laurel Avatar

Yes, everyone. My friends love it because I can use it on them, but my mother has always hated it as others have mentioned. I actually went to school and became a certified artist so now no one can give me shit because I only buy dual purpose makeup-stuff I can use on me AND in my kit!

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