Have you had any skin issues? How did you resolve them?

I struggled with acne for awhile, into my mid-20s. For me, two prescriptions, topical antibiotic (clindamycin) and Differin, really cleared up everything. While products like Mario Badescu’s acne products (Drying Cream, Drying Lotion, etc.) worked well for active acne, it never went away entirely until I started using my prescription regimen.

— Christine
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I had a sudden case of adult acne that started about a year and a half ago. It’s been the worst acne of my life, I never had so much breakouts even as a teenager. Things calmed down a lot about 2 months ago, and I haven’t had a major zit since (knocking on wood). I switched to a much stronger chemical exfoliant containing both AHA and BHA, and I think it has helped a lot.

Hi Lulle! I would love to know what product that was? Can you share? I like making a list of effective products to try. Thanks so much! I’m so glad it’s been working for you and I hope it continues!! ?

Let’s see, I got my first zit at 12, and one just healed. I am 57 y.o. Fifty. Seven. Not entirely sure if or when it ever ends. But from 14 to 35-ish, I would get cystic acne breakouts. Ugly, painful, and embarrassing. The one thing that helped was getting the highest concentration of salycilic acid and benzoyl peroxide topicals I could find, also using a wash cloth with the hottest water I could handle and applying that heat to the cyst itself, then topicals. Worse came to worst, I would do the sterilized pin thing….yeah, gross, I know.
Acne, lupus discoids and butterfly rash, rosacea, melasma and now aging. Must say that acne was the bane of my existence, looks wise, anyhow.

Well, I’m 71 and am still battling zits. So based on my own experience, I don’t think that breakouts will ever end for me. However, I recently switched skincare lines and the frequency and intensity of my breakouts have been greatly reduced. I’m very surprised and VERY grateful.

I had breakouts and skin sensitivity until my late 30’s and I was always very oily. I’m not sure how or why it resolved – maybe serums becoming more available instead of creams or lotions these last 10 years? I also started using Vitamin c topical serums around that time as well, so maybe that helped a lot. My skin is normal to oily now and I don’t think it would be categorized as sensitive any longer. I think for me it’s most likely a combination of better skin care options, aging out of my breakouts and a much better selection, or at least more varied selection, of base makeup (mineral foundations, bb creams, different foundation formulas).

I used Accutane (rx)which is the only thing that can decrease your body’s oil production. I take spironolactone (rx) for hormonal acne, and use aczone gel (rx). I also find Paula’s choice 2% BHA to really clear things up and chemically exfoliate. Clindamycin (rx)was effective when I was younger before my acne became cystic (huge painful lesions instead of smaller annoying white heads). I also think losing a lot of weight helped as hormones are stored in fat and when I gained weight my acne got worse. Also, when I moved and the water was harder my skin was worse then when I’d go back home. Eating a lot of dairy has broken me out too.

Yep, still struggling with (mostly hormonal) acne and a messed up oil production. Took roaccutane at some point which REALLY helped but after a few months the acne and shine just came back, albeit less bad than before.

I’ve been quite lucky in the skin department. The only issues I’ve had were some teenage acne which cleared up when I got on the pill (my cramps got waaay better too, which was why I started it in the first place). I have pretty dry and sensitive skin, and I find preventative stuff works best, and when I don’t do said things I tend to get increased redness around my cheeks, a super dry forehead, and an oily and acne-prone chin + around the nose area. Preventative measures are: 1) stay out of the sun and wear sunscreen because I’m practically see through, and I burn instead of tan, 2) keep up a decent skincare regime –cleanser, serum, moisturizer, eye cream, spf in the AM, mild exfoliator, serum, moisturizer in the PM and do masks and such as needed– 3) drink hella water (this one I’ve been remiss on since my trip to SF last month and now I’m paying for it with the dry forehead + red cheeks + oily/blemished chin/nose area. I only realized in hindsight and now am trying to remind myself to drink more as I got out of the habit of it.

I have only ever had one acne spot-treatment work for me, which is the Mario Badescu drying lotion, but I’m careful to not overuse it as it is a DRYING lotion and that is only supposed to be used so much. Thankfully if I take care of my skin I only get the 1-3 hormonal acne spots once a month, which is an easy amount to deal with.

My sister has terrible, terrible skin, but she herself thinks it’s likely that she has the same skin as mine, just that she doesn’t take care of it at all and also smokes. But we’re the lucky subset of people that haven’t needed prescription stuff (except a bit for my sister in her teens) so I am not super educated on that end. A lot of people just aren’t as lucky and do need to do more “skintervention” stuff like retinol and prescription stuff.

An aside: Just in case anyone read this in that way- I’m not anti-prescription AT ALL. I have been on an anti-anxiety medication that has totally evened out my life for like ten years now. I’ve been around the preachy (and judgey) “all natural” types enough in my life that I just wanted to make that clear as it sucks to hear people telling you that you should never get professional help (even if it is “just” for your skin)!

i used to have acne in my teens-early 20s, and washing my face twice a day honestly made ALL of the difference. i didn’t use any specific cleanser and i still don’t, but i couldn’t believe how much of a difference it made after a month of washing my face the second i wake up and washing it before bed.

Luckily, I never really had acne to other skin ailments. What I do have is age :). That, and probably too much sun exposure since I came of age when tanning was the in thing. But, generally, my skin is in good shape and people comment on it so I guess it looks OK.

I will say this outrightly. Once you get to a certain age, and nasal labial folds and strong frown lines of the glabella (the angry 11) and a creasing forehead take hold, the ONLY thing that will work is medical intervention. I’m talking Botox and fillers. There is not a cream or potion or magic spell that will resolve those issues in any real way. I say save your pennies on the cosmetic promises and go for the most efficacious treatment you can. Personally, I’m not into surgery at all, but a little help here and there does not hurt. πŸ™‚

Every dermatologist I have ever seen, like the ones at Mass General who do not sell product in their offices as a profit center, always recommend the likes of CeraVe and Neutrogena. I asked once, and she said the science behind those products is sound, and they work. Not once has a derm recommended a cosmetic line.

In my age group things like Botox and fillers are not discussed and are still a stigma. OTOH, my young friends (women AND men) in their late 30s and 40s do it without a second thought as part of their regimen.

Totally agree Linda. Never had any skin problems. What I now have is age related concerns. Wrinkles and under eye bags. The latter only will disappear with an op and the others its all about botox and fillers. If you don’t exaggerate, you look like yourself but less tired and more energetic.

Hi Ana!

You know what helps with the bags? Not a cure-all, but a help. The fluid that collects is part of the lymphatic system. It you gently move that fluid from your inner eye up toward your outer eye and toward the tops of your ears, you can actually move that fluid and help it to drain. We’re talking over time, here, not an instant result. (Darn πŸ™‚ )

I think this massaging technique has helped me quite a bit. I do it when I put on my moisturizers, when I think of it during the day, and at nigh a few times before bed when it comes to mind. It’s subtle, but you can kind of feel it.

Under eye creams with caffeine are supposed to help too. I have one from Kiehl’s that I use every morning. Between the two, the bags are much better. It’s a problem for us aging ladies, but it’s at least something that helps a bit.

I have struggled with acne since my teen years. I still see a dermatologist at 49. I use several products including Tazorac, a prescription topical treatment and off-the-counter cleanser products.

I was fortunate not to have acne growing up. I did, however, develop it later in life. For the occasional breakout, I use Effaclar Duo and it clears thing sup pretty quickly. I also had an increase in breakouts which I was able to narrow down and identify as my skin care. I changed my skin care (to Estee Lauder) and have not had an issue since.

Recently, I purchased a microroller for my skin. I know they’ve been around a while and are supposed to help build collagen and diminish lines and scarring. I’m pretty fortunate in that my skin is pretty good “for my age” (I hate that phrase). But I figured an ounce of prevention and all that. I used the roller twice and developed some white bumps under the skin on my forehead. I understand this may be normal – and they did go away within 24-48 hours. I took a break from using the roller but will try again tomorrow.

My entire life I’ve dealt with dry skin. In the summers my face get circular white (ring worm like circles) on my cheeks usually. I used to use heavy Vaseline until I got older to realize that the Vaseline wasn’t helping to moisturize my skin.

I created a regimen off of research that consists of coconut oil, mud masks, aloe vera gel and great moisturizers.

I deal with tinea verisicolor on my back and I combat that with Selsun Blue shampoo on my back to calm the fungi down.

Which do you apply first, clindamycin or differin? Or do you use them on different occasions? I’m finding out now that mario badescu drying lotion isn’t clearing it up for me as well πŸ™ for spot treatments only though, the rest of my skin is quite clear, except for the hyperpigmentation left by former pimples i treated with drying lotion, which i know lighten with retinol

I have had problems with acne since I was about 11. Just when I think I’ve finally found the right combination of products, I’ll flare up again for no apparent reason. I haven’t seen a dermatologist since my parents were able to cover the costs, so I’m just working through various products on my own, trying to find what works (again). I also have incredibly oily skin and have severe dark spots that last for years (literally) after the acne that caused them has subsided. The struggle is real.

I don’t know if you’ve heard of curology.com, but it’s made a world of difference for me. Like you, I didn’t have the funds to cover the costs of trips to the dermatologist in addition to prescription medication. Curology pairs you with a dermatologist and they blend a medication depending upon your needs. It’s something like $20 a month, but that’s unlimited messaging with your provider and medication anytime you need it. I’m in no way affiliated with the site, I just thought I’d pass that along in case you wanted to check it out.

The only time I’ve ever had pimples (because I’ve always been dry with few pores most likely) is when I touched my face during the day. I never made the association until well into my 20’s. So, I don’t mean to sound preachy or presumptive, but I hope everyone here knows that touching your face with dirty hands is a bad habit. I had a co-worker who was in her 40’s and was complaining to me about the tiny pimples she got around her eyebrows. I asked her if she ever put her fingers there, and her response was, “All the time.” I’m not suggesting that this is the only cause of pimples, because obviously it isn’t, I’m just relating my lessons learned.

I had breakout problems about two years ago, and after some experimentation, my dermatologist and I settled on regimen of topical clindamycin and a retinol that worked best. At first I had to use daily applications of each; now I use the antibiotic as needed, and only the sheerest use of the retinol on a daily basis.

I had issues with cystic acne and got it under control through a combination of prescription medication (oral and topical) and improving my overall skincare regimen. I was advised against Accutane because of the medications I take for autoimmune diseases and potential interactions, so my dermatologist gave me an oral antibiotic and hormone to use. I still take the hormone, but haven’t needed the antibiotic since I changed my skincare – I use a Clarisonic and chemical exfoliant daily; while my skin turns over well, it doesn’t shed without help from the bush and exfoliant and it was clogging my skin badly. I have found Skinceuticals Blemish and Age Defense works well on the occasional cystic outbreak I might get and added in the Sunday Riley Luna and Good Genes to great results.

I have always struggled with extremely dry skin, and eczema- and finding skincare that addresses it without making me break out was hard. But I finally did and cannot recommend Paula’s Choice enough! Their dry skin collection is by far the best thing I have found for my face and I haven’t turned back. I wholeheartedly endorse the brand for anyone with skin issues, it is totally worth the investment.

Curology’s prescription (azelaic acid + clindamycin + niacenamide) has helped my rosacea & seb dermatitis like nothing else. I hadn’t ever had skin this clear!

I have had sudden break-outs of itchy skin. I cut out all scented products and cleaned up my diet (tried to eliminate stress but that is tough). I have also heard that a mild bleach bath can help but have never tried it. Would be interested in any other solutions anyone with itchy skin has tried.

I have had contact dermatitis on my legs from shaving and heavy moisturizers interacting badly. The solution I found was dry oil – it works well to hydrate the skin and elimate dryness but absorbs gently into the skin and let’s it breathe. Perhaps that could help?

Thank you! I actually put on a tinted dry oil on my legs today but never thought of putting it on the areas of my torso where I have itching so I will try that. Thak you!

I have rosacea, psoriasis, and various skin allergies. I use a topical Rx for my rosacea (Metrocream) and a biologic (Enbrel) plus Otezla for my psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. My dermatologist did allergen testing (patch method) and determined that I’m allergic to fragrance, propylene glycol, gold, and Balsam Peru. I don’t use any products that contain these ingredients, which really narrows one’s choices down dramatically. Also, as a bonus after eliminating these irritants, my rosacea has greatly improved.

My skin has always been pretty much perfect until I hit menopause at 50. It went nuts! Dryness, pimples, sensitivity, redness, etc. I spent many years going from brand to brand trying to resolve these issues without success. Eventually I stumbled across a brand made in the US called “Paula’s Choice” developed by Paula Begon who wrote “The Cosmetics Cop” and many other books on skin care. Her latest is “The Best Skin of Your Life Starts Here” which I HIGHLY recommend if you have any skin issues at all. Anyway, within a couple of weeks of using Paula’s Choice products my skin settled down and at age 61 it looks fantastic. People often think I am 15 years younger than my age which is saying a lot for a beach loving Aussie.

I still struggle with acne on my face and back, and eczema on my arms, legs, and abdominal area as well as generally sensitive skin all over. what hells is a consistent cleansing routine, and showering every other day. more often than that and my skin is too dry, less often and I break out.

I’v mentioned it before, here, but I have a condition called PCOS. And one of the side effects (For myself and a lot of the “younger” people who have it) is “severe cystic acne” I used to have HUGE cysts on my jaw line, and my cheeks, and even my chin. My cystic acne is what helped my doctor figure out that I have PCOS!!

So now I go see a dermatologist while i’m still covered by my father’s insurance (Till i’m 24 I think. I should look into this LOL) And I use a topical gel (Tactupump forte) on my skin every night after washing my face!!

I’m 54, but developed cystic acne in my 40’s. I’ve found it’s important to only try one new product at a time. Certain other things can aggravate acne…laundry detergent, hair products, dirty makeup brushes…I have found through trial and error products that work for me. Prescriptions: Tazorac and Cefdinir. Not for everyone, but I need them. I can’t use Retin A, yet have no problem with Tazorac. I have regular microneedling which has made a huge difference in skin clarity and pore size, helped with fine lines and firming
and completely stopped and outbreaks. As far as products, I use an assortment depending on how my skin is behaving. I like Sjal moisturizer, cleanser and oil, Koh Gen Do plants lotion (very calming), Alpha H liquid gold glycolic, Sunday Riley Good Genes and Ceramic Slip Cleanser, Sarah Chapman Ultimate Cleanse and morning oil and Cle de peau eye cream. I also use various masks depending on my skin condition. The one that has made the most dramatic difference is Natura Bisse Exteme peel, but proceed with caution. It’s potent.

I know! It lasts forever too. I was using Natura Bisse Diamond Extreme, and although I think it actually helped with dark circles, absolutely no concealer applied smoothly over it. This one works so well I only use Chantecaille camouflage pen and skip concealer most days.

I was extremely dry with winter dry patches until my early 50’s. Then I developed an oily t zone on eyelids, forehead, nose and cheeks. I still get dry patches on cheeks in winter but really praise UD Deslick setting spray before lotion and after all makeup applied. I use primer on my eyes and face too before applying makeup. You wouldn’t know I’ve turned oily from that help. Love UD!

As well as hormonal acne I have peri-oral dermatitis. Really common for women in ‘child bearing’ years. *sigh*
It happens on my chin when I use products with too many chemicals.
I avoid sodium lauryl sulphate (the ingredient that makes things foam up) parabens, phthalates, and salicylic acid. That means everything has to be fairly natural, toothpaste, soap, body and face wash, shampoo, make up etc.
It took a year to go away and my beauty budget is huge but it’s worth it to not have a red, itchy chin.
Acne is another story. My clarisonic helps, antibiotics are good for the short term, but roaccutane is the next stop.

In my 40’s I had a series of 6 glycolic acid peels in my dermatologists office which really improved my skin tone and got rid of little brown marks and other uneven pigmentation issues I had. It really helped. When I hit 50 I incorporated Paulas Choice, the Resist anti-aging line and I haven’t looked back. It’s all I use now. People tell me I look years younger than my age (59).

As a teen into my early 20’s: I suffered from slightly sensitive skin that was on the dry to very dry side. I had very clear skin but definitely struggled to find products that kept it moisturized but didn’t irritate. Cetaphil was a lifesaver but didn’t always do enough.

Early to mid-20’s: My skin went from dry to more normal, even slightly oily. Soon after I discovered makeup, I had about a year-long period where I had consistent breakouts on my chin/around my mouth. One zit would start to fade and immediately another appeared. It was horrible and I had no idea how to handle it– I tried every cleanser I could get my hands on but nothing worked. The only thing that worked was changing my diet: I cut out most dairy and eat extremely clean, and my skin cleared up pretty quickly. (I definitely eat like old times now, but thankfully my skin hasn’t noticed! Knock on wood!) I also developed colorless bumps on my cheeks once I discovered makeup. Even after my breakouts went away, the bumps remained until I started incorporating the Clarisonic into my skincare routine.

Mid-20’s to present (30): I have normal/combo skin with the occasional hormonal zit. I do battle occasional dryness/texture but it seems to fade. I have fine lines around my eyes which I try to combat using eye serums and creams, but it’s mostly just to minimize their appearance– there’s no getting rid of them now! I also use retinol/retinoid serums and oils during my nighttime routine to try and keep any future wrinkles at bay.

I’m currently dealing with some skin issues ( because of some health issues and some meds I’m on) but I will be sticking with a acne scrub and a simple moisturiser. Typically, when I have a breakout, I stop using everything on my face – because I can’t tell if it’s something I ate , a hormonal breakout, or if it’s a reaction to a product. Actually, now that I think about it, I did just try a new moisturizer. Hmmm

I had bad outbreaks of pimples when I was a teenager and promptly sought medical treatment, which worked because I don’t have any scars at all. My twin sister had acne, didn’t seek medical attention and now has the scars.
When my youngest son had a very bad case of acne as a teenager, I sought medical advice for him and he was given medication and different lotions and potions. He is now scar free.
Mostly now I have a few wrinkles around my mouth (smile lines) and I am on anti aging serums and moisturisers, which help a lot.

I have always struggled with severe sensitive skin, oily, red, allergic to everything. Diagnosed with Rosacea. Nothing they prescribed worked fo long. Enter African black soap, and therapeutic grade tea tree oil mixed with philosophy’s hope in a jar. Miracle! My skin has never looked better and I am 62!

I used to have alot of bumps on my chin. according to the chinese method of face mapping (where a part of your face corresponds to an internal organ), chin pimples meant a sluggish digestive system due to choice / frequency of diet.

I cut way back on oily, spicy and sweet items. I never had a sweet tooth till during my 2nd pregnancy and things just went downhill from there with the hormonal crash after birth.

My chin has cleared all up now. Only the occasional white head pokes through and I can usually match it to to some unhealthy food consumed a few days ago.

I’ve been very stressed abt pest issues in my house recently, and deep painful pimples bubbled up. horrid. had never had such bumps before, so def because of the high stressed state i am in.

Acne vulgaris in my teens: it was severe enough that my doctor prescribed tetracycline, rarely done back in the 1960s; that did help, but I still had usually one zit developing and another healing through my twenties, when the zits changed from acne vulgaris zits to rosacea zits, although I didn’t realize that for several years, and have a scar from trying to aggressively extract a rosacea zit to prove it.

Rosacea: the meds prescribed back in the 1990s did calm it down enough that my face wasn’t on fire with pain all the time, but didn’t do any more than that; to be fair my derm did tell me to use sunscreen, but of course the chemical sunscreens irritated my skin and the mineral ones available at the time were all thick, sticky, shiny and very white on my skin (even the Neutrogena one my derm recommended). By the late 2000s my face was bad enough again that I was really sick of getting comments about my red face; my then current derm didn’t have anything new and wonderful at that point, so I started tackling it myself, trying different things to see what worked. Since walking outside for even a few minutes made my skin flare bright red, I started using TMs and then BB creams with zinc oxide/titanium dioxide as the sunscreen ingredients (which weren’t really available in the early 90s — and in the late 90s and early 00s I had several more serious medical issues going on, wasn’t really even trying to deal with my skin). Being really consistent about never going outside without sunscreen on did a lot to calm down the redness over several months. My skin seems to find zinc oxide especially soothing. This is actually how I got into wearing makeup, because wearing just a TM/BB looked a bit odd, plus, if I was going to be wearing makeup, I wanted to get to the fun part! I also found that daily use of a salicylic acid product — once I found one without irritants like menthol, mint, alcohol, etc. — was effective for preventing the rosacea zits, even though they don’t start with blackheads. My favorite is Paula’s Choice Clear regular strength anti-redness exfoliating solution 2% salicylic acid (besides being sensitive, my skin is combo normal/oily with dehydrated patches in the winter). I’ve never tried an OTC anti-redness product (other than a salicylic acid one) that didn’t make my skin turn red. Go figure. Once my skin was calmed down, I also found that using a mild benzoyl peroxide product as a spot treatment would speed healing of zits that did happen. I can’t totally avoid all my flare-up triggers; my skin gets red when I take a shower, walk in very cold/windy weather, etc. — but I don’t have daily, painful flushing flare-ups any more, and my residual redness has even decreased somewhat. At some point I may consider laser or IPL treatments for the broken capillaries that are challenging to hide with my TM/BB/CC cream.

Sensitive skin: I try to avoid things that upset it, like fragranced products (including fragranced laundry detergents, etc.) and foaming cleansers. I’ll use a bit of diphenhydramine and hydrocortisone creams when I get severe attacks of random itching. The skin below my neck is happier if it doesn’t get showered every day, but in the summer, when I sweat a lot and have to apply sunscreen to my arms/hands/feet, I really have to, so I use a really mild body wash — Dove sensitive skin wash is the strongest I’ll use, I have one from CeraVe and one from Eucerin that are recommended for eczema that are even milder — unless I’m dealing with one of the problems listed below.

Sebhorrheic dermatitis: salicylic acid is my best friend here, too, occasionally supplemented with an antifungal (ketaconazole 1% shampoo — brand name Nizoral) or hydrocortisone, especially on my scalp. It doesn’t seem to be an official treatment for it, but it works for me and for my son, too.

Tinea versicolor: this can be a horrible nuisance, I’ve had to use prescription treatments for it it years gone by, now for some reason it will stay away with salicylic acid (I used to use Neutrogena Body Clear body wash, but CeraVe renewing SA skin cleanser is less irritating to my skin, so I’ve switched to that), which I discovered because of using it for the sebhorreic dermatitis. Paula’s Choice Clear Acne Body Spray with 2% salicylic acid is also good. Burt’s Bees has an acne toner with BHA that is also good, if the alcohol in it is not too drying/irritating for your skin; at least it isn’t full of other irritants. Again, not an official treatment for the condition. My skin just seems to love salicylic acid.

Psoriasis: fortunately I only have tiny patches. I have basically learned to ignore the constant low-grade itch on the top of my head; when my elbows get too scaly, I use either CeraVe renewing SA cream with salicylic acid, or Paula’s Choice Resist weightless body treatment with 2% salicylic acid (salicylic acid to the rescue again!)

My newest, undiagnosed skin problem: I get a flat, red, intensely itchy rash in particular skin folds, notably on the front of my neck and under my breasts. I’ve tried every OTC anti-fungal available on this without results. I get partial relief from salicylic acid preparations or hydrocortisone cream. What will completely clear it up for a while, for some unknown reason, is a salicylic acid solution + IS Clinical Pro-Heal Serum Advance Plus. Why this super-expensive IS Clinical preparation works while the more reasonable Paula’s Choice vitamin C booster does not is beyond me. (Note: if I get a really stubborn seborrheic dermatitis flare-up because of stress, this product also helps clear that up.) But the problem keeps coming back. It seems like my skin is getting irritated by my own sweat, but it doesn’t otherwise match descriptions of cholinergic urticaria. It also kind of seems like atopic dermatitis, but it’s a bit peculiar to get that for the first time at age 59. So I really don’t know what it is. At least I’ve found a way to clear it up. I’m grateful to people who’ve mentioned curology.com, I may end up trying that out!

Winter dehydrated skin: Using gentle cleansers, trying not to over-wash (hard to do when I have to wash my hands for work) and piling on the humectants, moisturizers, and oils. Paula’s Choice eye cream has been the most effective for me for dehydrated skin under my eyes + working well under makeup, as long as I don’t over-apply, and give it a few minutes to sink in. Hyaluronic acid hasn’t been any more effective for me as a humectant than plain old glycerin.

Lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, etc. (I’m 60): I addition to using sun protection every time I walk outside, I use antioxidant serums (with various combinations of vitamins C and E, ferrulic acid, and niacinamide) twice daily, BHA once or twice daily, AHA a couple of times a week, and Retinol 3-7 times a week, depending on how ambitious/lazy I am, and this does make a noticeable difference, although it takes consistent use over a long time to really see it. I use the products from hairline to neckline, and to a lesser extent on my arms (although I’ve been very good with using sunscreen on my arms the past couple of years). I’ve seen an especially noticeable difference with hyperpigmentation on my decollete. I see more of a difference with hyperpigmentation and fine lines than with sagging/loss of elasticity. Maybe I should be more consistent/aggressive with the retinol! I actually frequently get compliments on how good my skin looks. So I must be doing something right. Starting with eating well and getting enough sleep πŸ™‚

I have sensitive skin and mild eczema. For the longest time, I couldn’t use makeup removers because they aggravated my skin’s sensitivity. My dermatologist recommended that I use Albolene to clean makeup off and it is a god send! Super moisturizing, super sensitive, super amazing. For my eczema, I use Aveeno Eczema Cream and it works like a charm.

Hi Christine and Temptalia,
Oh yes, I absolutely have & not only can kids be cruel, but so can just people in general! Or you can just look at it as those cruel kids grow up and still are cruel, some even worse! The reason I can say that is look at the problem with body shaming to the Stars never the less. It just shows how shallow people can be. But it was like I was hit with bad cystic acne, being 30 pounds overweight growing up and I wore the real braces on my teeth! So needless to say is that I WAS the butt of every joke and then some! What’s nice about getting older, for Me is that I did lose all the weight, even after all my babies. My braces did come off and my teeth are straight and I have a smile to appreciate. My acne cleared up and left no scars whatsoever. Now when I run into some of those people who had a laugh making fun of me, they act so darn surprised to see what I look like now. And I’m NOT trying to be cocky or stuck up or anything. I know that kids today are doing the same thing to other kids and people! While life isn’t fair and noone said it would be… I thank them for being who they are, were. Because it gave Me tough skin and courage. I grew up and learned from them all. The sad part is, they haven’t changed a bit and it didn’t leave Me bitter in the end, only stronger and I feel bad for them! It was a tough time in my life and I survived it. Day by day and alot of work, but I did it. And I raised strong yet empathetic kid’s. I did well.

I’ve always been very fortunate with my skin. I’m almost 60, and as far as acne goes, I have always gotten the occasional pimple — either stress or food related — but it’s never been so bad that I needed to adopt a skincare regime. I think I posted recently that I have a simple routine (with occasional masks/serums/oils from my Sephora Play box): clean with a Neutrogena makeup remover wipe, follow with alcohol-free witchazel and finish with a firming moisturizer. Interesting point: I’d once heard that NOT moisturizing could make your skin oily, because natural oils would come to the surface to naturally moisturizer the skin. I had that exact thing happen to me this week; forgot the moisturizer and ended up with a shiny forehead and nose and chin, etc., so for anyone who has doubted it, I can confirm: if you don’t want oily skin, use your moisturizer or moisturizing oil. ?

I was diagnosed with Rosacea in my thirties. Prescriptions Oral Tetracycline and Metrogel quickly improved the misery I had been suffering. I got a copy of “Don’t Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me” by Paula Begoun and was amazed at how many products I had to return to the drugstore shelves due to irritating ingredients. Now I use Paula’s Choice Skin Care and am a well controlled Rosacea Patient. I still use Metrogel or Metrocream but not daily, and in summer I still take an oral antibiotic. I have learned my triggers and avoid them.

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