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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!

Absolutely! Sometimes it’s a planned buy and used as motivation or an incentive, like “you can do it, after this/if you power through it, you can get xxx”, other times it’s de facto and can be a pick me up after a crappy event/experience. I was afraid that it would become a d slippery slope but it hasn’t and I don’t see it becoming that. If I have to start justifying makeup purchases or am starting to excessively haul, it’s time to stop and look at what’s really going on for me emotionally.

Yep, I’m sooo guilty of doing that! A reward or even as a consolation prize when feeling low. Why not, I guess? It used to be clothing, makeup, then food treats. Now it’s more like makeup, food goodies, then clothing. There has clearly been a paradigm shift!

Yes of course I do. I think it’s the best way to try a product especially when I’m not paying anything extra. At Sephora there aren’t too many options to use your rewards but I love how Ulta converts the rewards into $ which allows you to use it any way you like.

Oh yes, absolutely! After surviving a super busy period at work, I’ll treat myself to a nice product. During my last 2 staycations, I was doing a lot of boring and not-so-fun- stuff ( spring cleaning, going thru paper work, running errands, catching up on chores/laundry, etc), so I would do that for about a week, and afterwards treat myself to a swatchfest and buy something nice. It’s something to really look forward to, and I feel good about deserving that reward.

Of course! It used to be for things like doing well on finals, but once I got sick it was more based around medical stuff (getting through some procedure, etc).

Hell yeah! 😀
Gifts of choice are or a perfume or a satin luminiser blush from shiseido.
I want to gift me guerlains meteorite balls, also. I feel like I deserve them just by being awesome in this cruel world 😀

I have in the past, but I don’t anymore. For me the “feeling of reward” wears off fast when it comes to buying stuff (maybe that’s just me? I find as soon as I get something I just want something new and it’s never ending rather than feeling satisfied with what I just got.) Now I just reflect on achieving my goals and feel pretty damn rewarded by that. 🙂

All the time! Often, it’s a ‘reward’ for making an effort to get to the gym regularly; sometimes, it’s a “little something” reward after a particularly grueling week of work. Heck, it’s even a “reward” for sticking to a “no buy” (those are less frequent since I don’t often do “no buys” and when I do, I seem to fail miserably at them).

Ever? More like all the time.
End of exams? Did something although it made me anxious? Feeling sick? Oh look, a present for myself! I’m very materialistic, I am very aware of that and try to change it, but shopping for pretty things makes me so happy. Typical Taurus.

Oh heck yes, that method got me thru two terms at school last year! I gave all tasks (chores, homework, self care) a value of one or two points, then every ten points I got to write down an item on a list. At the end of the term, if I passed all my classes I ordered the whole list. Worked great, got all A’s one term and an A and two B’s the second. (Look it was spring term and I mighta half assed it a lil)

All the time! Lol I often tell myself I’m treating myself when I splurge on makeup. I work hard. So why not reward myself a little?

Yupp, definitely. Right now it’s after passing a hard exam for a class or doing well overall after the semester ends. Sometimes if it’s just been a really tiring/hard week, I’ll do an unplanned buy.

I don’t think about makeup a reward as in ‘if I do X, I’ll treat myself to Y” except to justify an impromptu purchase at a counter. (I don’t live close toany luxe counters.) Usually, where makeup is concerned, it’s a pat on the back for buying the cosmetic at a discount. Coffee and Chocolate are more my “rewards” and periodically a post-effort improptu in-store makeup purchase.

Yes! My birthday present this year (birthday last Thursday, trip on Saturday) was a trip to the Bite Beauty Lip Lab to have two custom lipsticks made! My husband is the best! Although I did suggest it. He doesn’t like suggestions, but has been overwhelmed at work, so this year it worked.

Yes , always .
Hubby is being a jerk , buy myself a present . Had a hard week , buy myself a present .
Pay check looks good = I must have worked extra hard that week , buy myself a present .
It doesn’t help sephora has some awesome promo codes sometimes , which usually is that extra little push to purchasing something .

Yep! All the time, like maybe I went and worked really hard on my dissertation that week, so I need a makeup or 3 as a reward. Or maybe I had a bad week/month so need some because I got through it and I deserve nice makeup! Or maybe I looked at my bank balance and didn’t cry so I need to celebrate with a nice shiny new makeup. If you just believe in yourself and try really hard, any occasion can be made into a makeup rewarding occasion.

Yes,Yes,Yes!!!!! I am a true make up addict. I feel that buying myself makeup is a reward for a crazy,tiring long work week. Trouble is I live 15 minutes from the big mall. Sephora is my first stop. Then I’m off to the big department stores. Next is my other down fall, clothes and shoes. UGH!!!!! But I figure that we only get once chance to live life to the fullest, so we must make it the best life ever.

Absolutely. I reward myself all the time. If it’s not makeup it’s purses, shoes and boots…lots of boots. My significant other is not good on gift giving so I do it for him, thank him for them too.

Indeed I have! Not only do I get my family to buy me beauty and fragrance products for Mother’s Day, my birthday and Christmas, but I also have bought beauty products as a reward: a great review from work, getting through a challenging meeting, and as Nancy said, a ‘consolation prize’ too.
One year, when a friend of mine and I both were teaching very challenging classrooms, we would meet up nearly every week to discuss the ‘little’ treats we were going to buy ourselves. It really worked.

Yes!!! All the time….for every little thing really. My birthday, holidays, if I work an OT shift, if I don’t buy lunch at work for a few weeks, if it’s Tuesday …lol it really doesn’t take much! But really, I work hard for my money, so I feel like deserve rewards.

Absolutely! Makeup and skincare rewards last longer than chocolate and are much less expensive than my preference in handbags. At my age I have many challenges between my elderly MIL and needs of adult children and grandchildren. Also my own health concerns. None catastrophic but in combination can be overwhelming. Rewards needed.

Oh! Sure! Why not? I love treating myself I work hard I deserve some fun. Even a small little thing but I’ll buy something for me and myself that makes me happy. Can be makeup, shoes, dresses, jewelry. Another thing I can’t have enough of are shoes. Boots i love boots! Worked hard cleaning my entire home including doing some gardening which I love. but it is hard work… treat myself to some makeup, didn’t skimp on my promised exercises for the week …go shop, hubby or kids give me a headache…go shop! Lol! Another Taurus here. Why not treat ourselves nicely it makes us feel pretty, put together and pampered no need to wait for anyone!

Indirectly, I guess. Very rarely as a conscious decision. My paycheck is my reward for showing up at work daily, and out of that paycheck, I allot some money for whatever I want. That’s usually lipstick, nail polish, or some other beauty product. It’s really funny, because payday is every other Friday, so on non-pay week, packages arrive!

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