Have you ever stayed up all night (or set an alarm) for a product release?

Yes, for sure! The most memorable was MAC x Archie’s Girls, which I do remember staying up most of the night for. I have marked the time for midnight launches or early morning launches as well, but they’re not so much of a to-do for me since I’m on the west coast (so midnight eastern launches are easy) and an early riser. The hardest one for me is the midnight PST launch since I’m usually asleep by 11PM, haha!

— Christine
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Yes! The Too Faced Peach palette! I ended up getting it on the second round through Sephora. But the first night– trying to order directly from TF was traumatizing. Never again!!!

Only once, for the Violet Voss Holy Grail palette and when I logged in about 5 minutes before the sale was to begin it already showed the palette sold out. I kept refreshing until about 45 minutes past the launch time and gave up. I vowed never to do it again and I haven’t. I was determined never to buy that palette but it turns out on the second launch date my daughter got on and ordered two. I didn’t think it would go through because they were limiting to one palette per order but we got two. I told her then I was done trying to get these ridiculously over-hyped palettes. I have the palette and I have used it but not for awhile. Once I got the ABH Mod Ren I pretty much stopped using the VV HG palette. I haven’t purchased anything from Violet Voss since. I can’t imagine a product that would make me do that again.

Now we *know* I have! As recently as the latest MAC collection, Steve J & Yoni P, I not only stayed up as late as I thought they could possibly launch it, but had my alarm set early, too. The kicker was, it didn’t sell out in a hot minute as many had expected! So this time it was all​ for naught, but plenty of other times when I’ve done this madness the stuff sold out FAST! As in, I barely got my haul!

Yes – the MAC Selena collection. I set my alarm, had carts loaded on 4 different sites and didn’t get anything. I went to check out and by the time I did, I’d gotten the “items are out of stock” notice. It was very frustrating and an eye opener. Marketing mind games like that make you feel stupid for wanting something and it was a definite ‘lesson learned’ to not get that wrapped up or attached like that again.

To be fair, MAC re-released and I did end up getting everything that I wanted. That is not common though (that I am aware of, for MAC) and it has made me wary of getting too attached to any limited supply.

Not really, because I don’t like to buy online, I like to see products first. But I have waited in line for the store to open so I could rush in and grab some!

Not that I can recall. I stalked theBalm’s Facebook page every 5 min for a whole day when they launched their Muppets palette (oh how theBalm was a different brand at that time…), but if I remember well it was daytime in France.

Mac Jealousy Wakes.
I still have a fresh, unused one.

Archie, I bought at the Mac store.
They made you wait in line, SF Mac Pro on Union Street.
Then there was a party.

No more Mac. No more Tom Ford.
Suqqu addiction all the way.
And when I go to H.K. later this year, I will get many of my Japanese fixed.

For Jealousy Wakes by Mac.
I have a fresh, brand new one still.

Archie, I bought at the Union Street Mac Pro store.
Waited in line to get in.
Mini party with food and drinks.

No more Mac. No more Tom Ford.
Suqqu addiction.
Going to H.K. Later this year to get my fix on all the Japanese brands.

Not on your life! It’s makeup, not a life-saving medical procedure and while I can understand you staying up, Christine, because it’s your livelihood to review items for this site, it just amazes me that “ordinary folks” would go to such lengths. And it annoys me that companies market their products in such a way that some people feel they have to do this just to get their hands on a lipstick or a blush.

Nope. There is no makeup in the world worth it to me for that shenanigans. And most of the LE MAC stuff usually ends up at the CCO lol

Somehow flunked early rise for Rocky Horror. So I signed out of work and drove an hour to a MAC store. Still missed Frankenfurter. But no one was any the wiser at work… it even seemed silly at the time. These cos play us hard, baby. Esp for bloggers and swatchers, like you and Michele.

I have that lipstick and honestly it’s very similar to other MAC lipsticks (like Russian Red). I guess that’s a good thing about living in a small country, I just happened to stop by at MAC on release day and got one of the few that were remaining.

Oh definitely, I do that for the occasional Kylie launch that catches my eye (I’ve only ordered from her 3 times, but I’ve always gotten through on the first try). Another memorable one was staying up until midnight PST (3 am EST, ugh) for a 30% off of the Melt Cosmetics Rust Stack. At the time, it wasn’t that bad because I was more of a night owl and I was on school break, but I don’t stay up as late anymore so the thought makes my skin crawl a little. However, while I normally do keep an eye on product release dates/times, I don’t set alarms very often anymore because if I get it, I get it, and if I don’t, I don’t.

No. I flatly refuse to be dragged into the ‘hurry and buy before it’s all gone’ frenzy. It’s not the end of the world if I miss the latest must have product.

No. It’s just not my thing. I’m as vulnerable as anyone to wanting something beyond reason, and I have the delayed gratification skills of a two year old, but I’m kind of resistant to hype in general. At least, I’m not likely to literally lose sleep over a release. So far.

No, never. The closest I’ve come to stalking a product’s release date is calling Nordstrom on line and asking (and re-asking several times) when a certain product is expected to become available. I can remember two occasions that I did this in the past 5 years, and sure enough, they sold out within a day or two of when I ordered mine. Both times, btw, the products were LE and all I saw were a few pictures offered by the brand (no reviews, no blog posts, no swatches, nada) — a true rarity for me, but all my instincts told me to get them (to the point of obsession, really), but I’m so glad I did! That’s as emotionally invested as I’ve ever gotten over something like buying makeup, lol. Thank goodness these products come along as infrequently as Haley’s comet, so to speak, or I’d be forced to rethink my sanity.

I have a few times, a few years ago, for MAC releases, but it wasn’t that hard since I’m usually up til midnight anyway! Lately, though, MAC seems to have gotten a bit better about making enough stock for LE releases.

I’m a night owl and insomniac, so it’s not a big deal for me to “stay up,” as I’m awake anyway. I have set an alarm or watched the clock to make sure I get online in time, then stalked the site till what I wanted came online.

Usually, though I can’t be bothered any more to play the “snap up the LE collection before it sells out in a hot minute.” The last time I did that was Too Faced Sweet Peach, and I will never do it again. That and some of the MAC and ColourPop releases have been nightmares. Now I just feel if I miss out, then I miss out. Then I move on.

I want to say I didn’t, but I did, once. When MAC restocked their Selena collection, I stayed up very late to order a lipstick for my best friend, who is a long time Selena fan. She adored her gift, so it was worth missing out on some sleep, haha!

The Pat McGrath releases have always been at 10 am in the morning my time, I’ve always been able to been able to get what I wanted and check out before the site crashes for the rest of the people. The last release crashed the website right away but they had it up and running the next morning and I was able to make my purchase. They send out emails with the link in it when it is live online to purchase. Usually I am stalking the site a few minutes beforehand so I get in and out pretty quick, otherwise if you snooze you lose.

Yes about a week ago Urban Decay did an early l a much for the Naked Heat Pallette and I was up and waiting until midnight and it was sold out!!! I was on my way to work got an email that it was available and purchased it from my phone. It was so worth it.

Yes about a week ago Urban Decay did an early release for the Naked Heat Pallette and I was up and waiting until midnight and it was sold out!!! I was on my way to work got an email that it was available and purchased it from my phone. It was so worth it.

No. Never. Not for new releases but I am relentless when I want something whether it be makeup or anything and I will go to extremes to track it down or get it at the best price.

No. I’m in Europe and we get things a lot later than you do in the US. By the time we get the LEs I have almost forgotten about them.

Yep, and I still missed out and my pain levels were waaaaay too high. Realized I was too disabled to do that anymore. Which sucks because it then reminds me of the ableism in the beauty industry…

I haven’t stayed up all night purposely, but I once worked a temporary overnight shift job and ordered two products from the MAC Alluring Aquatic collection. I also set alarms to remember to buy a couple things from MAC Rocky Horror and the limited special artwork packaging of Sugarpill Trinket liquid lipstick.

These days, though, I’ve been way less interested in limited collections and buy them if I’m able to, but it’s okay if I miss out.

Nope – never. I feel like I’m missing a beauty rite of passage here!
Generally I want a beauty item after I have seen it reviewed here Christine..

Mine was the Archie’s Girls collection as well. I loved the books growing up so when I heard about the collection I knew I had to get exactly what I wanted; and I did! I got the coral Betty lipstick, the sheertone pink/ruby Veronica blush, and the Betty pearlmatte face powder.

I miss those days when new launches got me so excited. I don’t shop for a lot of makeup right now because I’m working as a cosmetic chemist and launching my own line, so almost everything I’ve been using has been something I’m testing before release. I’ve worn more eyeshadow and eyeliner in the last six months than I’ve worn in my entire life combined lol. But one day I may be on the other end of the collection launch frenzy (knock on wood); if I do anything with Betty and Veronica I’ll be sure to let you know!

I just did this like 10 days ago for the Naked Heat palette! Normally I go to bed at 10, but I was determined to stay up till midnight to get this palette. Midnight finally came…sold out…how is that possible? Refresh…now it’s 12:17 ET—still sold out! What?! So I check their customer service hours and they’re PT. Well there is no way I could stay up till 3, so I set an alarm but about a min before it goes off my daughter barges in my room to tell me it’s available, the dogs start barking–it scared the crap outta me! So I half-asleep ordered it and it came 3 days later. No regrets though, I absolutely love it and would do it again!

I arrived at the MAC store at the Mall of America at opening for the Cinderella collection. I thought I’d be with hundreds of other shoppers–as it turned out, I was the only one there! Got what I needed and it was worth it!

No. I’m never really aware of product release dates. Even when I see references to them in advance, I always forget by the time they roll around. I’ve never met a product I *had* to have so much so that I was willing to lose deep over it. But I’m not a blogger. πŸ™‚

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