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I’ve had it done, and I really liked having it done. The only thing that ever stopped me from doing it regularly is my own laziness – when it comes to making appointments (whether it’s for hair, medical, dental, etc.), I’m really, really bad. I’m not sure if there’s anyone in my local area that does it well, though, since I moved from where I had it done before.

— Christine

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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!


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thts the only way i have ever done my eyebrows since i was 12/13ish! (early 20s now) also im east indian so we never pluck n def don’t wax (unheard of) after i moved here to the states initially it was hard finding a place but a lot of indian women do it at their homes for like $5 ish…if u know any indian women/girls friends def ask where they get it done or if u have the extra $$ malls usually have kiosks where they do it n u dont need an appointment…!

I’ve actually done it to myself, it’s not that difficult. I’m too impatient for anything but wax strips, nowadays.

I personally like my brows a little thicker than many do, so I’m kind of afraid to ever let someone else mess with them!

Yes I have. I really liked it. I do my own brows now, but if I decided to get them professionally done again, I would go with threading.

When I lived in the UK I did, because I had dark hair and eyebrows. Now I’ve gone back to my natural colour of mid tone ash blonde, my eyebrows need less attention and precision as before so I do them myself. There are loads of places around here though so I could get them done easily enough!

I have and I love it! No other hair removal method leaves my eyebrows as polished and beautiful as threading does. I’m a bit lazy about making appointments though, so I pluck them between each threading session.

i used to get my eyebrows threaded all the time and people used to compliment me on my eyebrows haha. haven’t been since i moved to australia; for some reason it’s much harder to find one and when you do its alot more expensive than in nz (where i’m from). my eyebrows have since grown into unruly misshapen lines haha. i miss my old eyebrows

threaded eyebrows do not hurt as much as threaded upper lip! and less painful imo than waxing (and much cleaner lines and no residue apart from a loose hair here and there)

I had threading done for a few months about two years ago. I like the nice clean line you get with threading, but I found it SO painful! My eyes watered like crazy every time and I found it irritated my skin just as much as waxing, if not more.

Aaah, it hurts SO bad. Not just the eyebrows, I usually do the whole face. The thing is that I’m not sensitive and I rarely react to pain but jeeeeez, I’m having a hard time every time. It’s not unbearable at all, I really recommend it but I can’t lie and tell you that I don’t feel a thing at all.

I’ve only ever threaded my eyebrows, its dirt cheap, and I get it done about once in 15 days. I’m Indian, so you find salons that thread your eyebrows and upper lip area almost at every street corner.

I love getting my eyebrows threaded, it has all the benefits of both Waxing (getting all the little hairs) and tweesing (precision). I’m lucky that there is a walking place that I love so I just go when it is convenient for me rather than having to book in advance 🙂

Its really fast and is a bit ouchy, especially if you go right around your monthly cycle (avoid if you can!).. but i find that it doesn’t pull or burn my skin like waxing.. and the shape is so much nicer. I’m pretty fair (Mac NW20) and when i got waxed i was bright red and swollen for quite awhile.. I can tell you that my experience with threading is this, the first time, its an unknown discomfort.. the more you do it, the less it hurts..

I agree with Lauryn it’s more discomfort than pain. Waxing is more harsh and def leaves your skin sensitive (and the skin is so thin there), and plucking is too slow. It’s more like fast plucking but you don’t really have time to feel every one. If you get an experienced person, they’ll do it fast which helps with the pain/discomfort. I would also avoid going around that time, go the week after.

Yes! I get my eyebrows threaded fairly regularly – and it’s only $8 at places around NYC. I actually just did it yesterday! I was initially worried it wouldn’t be precise, but it’s fantastic, and you can’t beat the price.

Threading is all they do here in India. The concept of waxing your brows doesn’t exist. Most people don’t tweeze either, they just get them threaded because it’s as cheap as 20 rupees which is like 30 cents.

Haha Christine, I’m the opposite of you with appointments. I book mine months in advance (or a year for my doctor). I haven’t tried threading yet, but I am starting to consider it. I have had two bad brow waxings in my life. One was about 10 years ago and the other was a few months ago (I was never more grateful that RapidBrow exists).

I ONLY have my eyebrows threaded. I touch up any strays that may grow in, but I get the longest lasting results from threading. And I like the results better than any other method.

Yes, and to me it hurts 10x more than plucking or waxing, so I don’t do it anymore. Plus the person doing it has to have a lot of experience with the technique or the results can be sketchy. The one time a non-Indian woman did mine, she ruined my brows by taking off too much.

It’s the only thing I do and have ever done. If you get someone good, she’ll be quick and that will lessen the discomfort. For those who’ve never done it, it takes more time than waxing but it’s a tad gentler on the skin. It’s basically plucking but faster. I have very sensitive skin so I am red for a bit afterwards but it goes away within 30mins. It’s very cheap in NYC, you can find people who’ll do it for $5-$7. In DC area where I live now, it’s $11+.

I’ve tried it before and was underwhelmed. I wasn’t a huge fan of the arch they gave me, and the notion that I’d need to pay for a package of services to be able to pick my stylists (they had a car-dealer system of you get whomever is next regardless of who you may want) was a massive turn off. Also, my lip getting threaded hurt like heck which is a problem since I usually do both at once. I decided to stick with waxing at places like Benefit and Anastasia brow bars where they do a good job and finish you off so you look polished and not that you just got waxed.

Oh, wow, that sounds like a terrible place all around…even if you wanted other services you might not want the same stylists to do everything.

I love threading, I’ve had them threaded about 4 or 5 times, and I’m like you Christine, just a bit lazy in making appointments. Where I live there are some Indian and Middle Eastern shops that do that, I just need to go. I’ve given up on waxing after being burned in a salon.

I do it myself. It’s not that hard and there are lots of youtube tutorials to help you out. It works great, it’s easy to get a nice, clean straight line with the thread and it’s awesome for those little fine baby hairs that are tough to snag with tweezers.

Threading is definitely my favorite way to go! I have crazy thick brows, too thick to deal with tweezing, but I use retinol all the time, so waxing risks taking off the top layer of skin along with the hair.

threading is amazing! waxing ultimately stretches the skin and it will cause the skin under your brows to sag; and plucking just hurts more and takes longer. threading is the way to go – its fast, less painful and the best for your skin!

Yep! I love it! It seems like it’s better for your skin than waxing and also more precise.

I had my eyebrows waxed so much that it didn’t hurt anymore, so I was expecting a painless experience…nope! While it wasn’t as painful as waxing, there was still some stinging.

I had mine done when I was in India and also I think Egypt and I loved it. It was so quick! I think I would do it more often but I haven’t had luck finding anyone who knows what their doing in my city.

I have had it done multiple times & I simply dislike it, I’ve given it enough tries, I really feel that I look super-done & too unnaturally-neat, it is not a look I prefer, I tweeze the strays at home. I have pretty decent eyebrows to start with so getting it threaded removes more than needed. I really believe the style 1 should go for depends on their natural eyebrows. There is no right or wrong way. But threading when done right, on someone whom it suits, looks absolutely beautiful. I know girls who get it done & I can’t stop staring at their brows, just some mascara n gloss & they look more “done” than someone with a full face of makeup but un-done brows.

I do it and love it.. I am an Indian and threading is what most of Indian females do as it is done pretty much everywhere.. Have never tried any other method..

Yep! Only once, but it was a great experience. It wasn’t nearly as painful as plucking. In fact, the sensation is kind of cool and interesting. My eyebrows looked fantastic.

I would do it again for a special occasion, but the service is too expensive for me to do on a regular basis.

yes it was horribly painful!!! i didnt like it all, i prefer waxing
for sure over threading.yeeeouchhhh ! oww oww oww is all i remember
and the hair grew back faster than with waxing for me.

Yes! I’ve been doing threading for probably 5 years now and I prefer it to waxing. Of course, your experience will depend upon the person doing it but luckily I’ve found a great spot in DC!

It’s the only way to go for me: it’s more precise and for me less painful than waxing. Also in my neighborhood the cost is a little less or about the same as waxing.

I’ve never had it done, but I think I would like to. I’ve heard it is really painful and I have a ridiculously low pain tolerance . They do it in several malls near me and I’ve thought about, but just haven’t yet.

I had it done one time and absolutely loved the result! I prefer a slightly bolder brow and it was perfect. But I’ve never had it done since because I feel like the salon lacked any customer service. I have a very low pain threshold so when she started tears sprung to my eyes. She asked me if I had ever had this done before and the way she scoffed at me made me not want to give them my service ever again.

Why yes I have!! I have a love/hate relationship with threading. Starting from the middle (where the no no unibrow hairs are), threading the first 1/3 of my eyebrows feels fine to a little massage like. Then the threading gets to the last 2/3 of my eyebrows. OUCHY!!!! That’s when I tear up and sneeze like no one’s business. For some reason I’m just sensitive there. Even if I tweeze there after I shower, I’ll still cry and sneeze. Sheesh! BUT… my eyebrows look so amazing and perfect afterwards, I’m willing to get them threaded every month (ideally it should be every 3-4 days for me because I grow eyebrow hairs so fast). I know my sister finds threading massage like and she gets red and bumpy for an hour afterwards. I find it painful but I don’t have any redness or bumps. I also get my sideburns threaded and that tickles for me. However, getting the upper lips threaded is excruciatingly painful beyond reason for my sister, my friends, and me. Just don’t thread your upper lips!

My mother-in-law gets her brows threaded and has only great things to say. She has suggested I get it done, but the nearest place is a good 40mins away since I live in the sticks.

i love having my eyebrows threaded, ive been doing it since i was about 15 & unlike waxing , the hair stays away for much longer (mine , for about 2 weeks at the most) , with waxing i start seeing new hairs just 2 days after. Threading usually gives me a much better shape and more natural looking than waxing, i find that my arch is great when i thread but when i wax, sometimes it could look a bit dramatic, like they have been drawn on with a sharpie….( my eyebrows are thick ).I wont lie, it hurts…especially having your upper lip threaded, BUT it is worth it. im lazy too when it comes to making appointments so i’ve just been letting my eyebrows go for a few months and decided to get them growing again so i used some techniques to stimulate hair growth their, im preferring the thick natural eyebrow but i must admit, i do need some shaping, im juts afriad to go because i feel like i will be too lazy to maintain :-/

I’m kind of scared to have it done! Sometimes I grow my brows out with the intention of having them threaded, then second guess and change my mind, so I end up plucking them. My brows might be too blonde, and therefore too sparse-looking, for threading anyway.

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