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I don’t know how I got nail polish on my pajamas. No doubt it happened during a late-night mani/pedi. My boyfriend has pointed at the stain and asked:” what’s THAT about?” Well thank you for noticing!

The collar of my shirts, I’m terrible about getting blush and lipstick on them! Luckily I’m amazing at getting out stains so it always comes out. And once my husband tipped over a bottle of (brand new) teal polish and it landed down the side of his white with stripe shorts and I even got that out with non-acetone polish remover, oxyclean, and detergent…I could not believe it came out!!

I’ve never been able to get nail polish out of fabric…. And I’ve spilled/broken more bottles than anyone I know! 🙁

I used to have mascara on my carpet, but I think it has faded over time. But a Bare Minerals eye shadow also stained my carpet. And my Dr. Jart+ BB cream stained a brand new pair of pajama pants.

In the house I lived in with my “sisters”, our bathroom had splashes of nail polish and hair dye on the tiles and walls. One day we spent all day cleaning it and we found that Mr.Clean’s Magic Erasers(on wall and tile) and nail polish remover (on tile-NOT wall) cleaned everything up like new!

I was testing the Tarte liquid foundations at Ulta, because I wanted to know which one to buy. One of the testers EXPLODED all over the sleeve of my white denim jacket. I’ve tried everything, and STILL can’t get the stain out.

lol – Yes!! When I was about 5 years old I had pink nail polish (I think it was peel off!) …but I spilled it on my comforter. I still have that comforter 30 years later and those splotches are still there. Needless to say my mom hasn’t forgotten what those stains are either LOL!

does hair dye count? because I dyed my hair fire engine red for years and that shit stained everything it touched. even when my hair was dry, color would rub off onto whatever i was wearing. alllll of my towels were stained pink, along with the collars of all my shirts.

I have purple eyeliner on the visor on the driver side of my car. UD 24/7, and it won’t budge. Case in point why you should not apply makeup while driving – even at red lights….

One of the best ways I found out to get make-up out of clothes and fabrics is with distilled white vinegar. I had a concealer tube pop and got a bunch all over a brand new shirt and I immediately sprayed the stain with Shout!, put it in the washer, and added oxyclean and it didn’t take out the stain all that much but when I poured the white vinegar onto it and scrubbed it and put it back in the washer and added the white vinegar to the water, the stain was completely gone.

I have nail polish streaked on my nightstand. And my 2 year old used an eyeliner to draw on the walls.

Funny this question came up today. I just spilt Kat Von D lip lacquer stain on my jeans this afternoon. I tried Shout wipes, soap and water. This stuff lives up to its name. It doesn’t come off!

I have a red lipstick stain on my bathroom wall from when I was swatching on my fingertips for reference and didn’t wash it off completely. It’s a great stain.

I always have a can of cheap, aeresol hairspray on hand for such “emergencies”. I prefer AquaNet, but really anything that has a high alcohol content will work. Isopropyl alcohol works, too, but takes a bit more effort, especially in a lower concentration. I’ve gotten dark red lipstick out of white silk blouses using these methods, with no harm done to the fabric, as well as foundation, shadows, blush, liner, mascara, etc., out of heavier fabrics, as well. I’ve gotten makeup off of leather using various oils/conditioners. My daughter, when she was 3 or 4, decided to “paint” one of my Ann Klein suits with purple nail polish, but after dabbing with remover, over several days, it came off; I figured the suit was ruined, anyway, so I tool a chance, and it paid off.

yup. the carpet near my makeup chair took a hit when i dropped a dark lipstick…ooof…beige carpet, wine lipstick, bad combo.

I’ll just say this, never put on a pull over white silk shirt after applying either Guerlain Bai de Mal or Armani Lip Maestro 500 (I’m not sure).

My Tarte BB cream exploded on a brand new $50 dress while I was at my boyfriend’s mother’s birthday party. It was so embarrassing! I tried all kinds of stain sprays and detergents with no results at all, but surprisingly the one that eventually worked was that environmentally friendly Method brand. I sprayed some on, let it sit for a while, rubbed with a cloth, and the stain was gone! So now I definitely recommend them for oily make-up stains and everything else.

I had a China Glaze polish stain my nail so badly I had to wait for it to grow out. Normally stains from highly pigmented ones wear off after a few days, but this one was there for keeps.

I color my own hair and my bathroom walls are all splotched with hair color stains… Good thing the floor is very close the color I use!

I have had good success removing makeup stains from clothes by pretreating stains with Dawn dishwashing liquid.

A Clinique foundation I used back in high school stained one of my shirts once. It made me not want to use it on my face after that =P

A few months ago, I dropped a bottle of MUFE Face & Body Foundation on my vanity. The pump top of the bottle broke, and the foundation splattered all over my walls. I cleaned it immediately, but I still couldn’t get the stains out entirely, so my husband and I will be investing in some paint. lol

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