Have you ever given feedback to a brand about a poor performing product?

Have you ever given feedback to a brand about a poor performing product? How did it go?

I don’t really give it to the brand directly, since my feedback is usually through the form of reviews posted here!

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charli Avatar

my tarte lash curler broke after only 6 months. I was curling my lashes, and the spring snapped in half mid-curl. I emailed tarte about the spring breaking and they said since they recommend to replace their lash curler every 6 months, they couldn’t send me a replacement. Even so, it still kind of bothers me that a metal spring so close to my eye can pop like that. I felt like they should do something (other than the spring, I loved how it curled my lashes) to improve the product.

That being said, I guess if I had to submit a question idea, mine would be “How long do you use your lash curler before replacing it?”

Quinctia Avatar

I don’t use lash curlers, but I know a lot of them have replacement pads available, so it seems odd to me that the tool itself would only have a life of six months when there are replaceable parts in it.

Susan Dowman Nevling Avatar

I had a lash curler break after two weeks. It was a new design. I returned it for a refund. I change the rubber in my lash curler but have used the curler itself for a year.

Karen Avatar

I’ve never heard of such a thing! To be honest I usually buy a new one when the replacement pads that came with it are gone and I cannot easily find more that fit. This last one I got, from Japonesque, has no spring or “sides” so it doesn’t ever pinch and I won’t have to stress about the spring snapping in my eye! As if the whole process didn’t cause enough tension already.

Deborah Avatar

I replace mine only if I lose one – or someone says how great another brand is. I have used cheap lash curlers and expensive – I see no difference. Anyway, I have never heard that an eyelash curler needs to be replaced every six months. I have got to Google this now!

Nancy T Avatar

On the few occasions when I actually returned items to MAC Stores because they were poorly performing or something of that nature; I did specify what the problem was. Whether or not that return info got forwarded to corporate, I will never know for sure. And when I had a horrible allergic reaction to the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette, I did email them about the fact that one of its ingredients, saccharin, is a sulfa, and that those with sulfa allergies would never expect THAT ingredient to be in an eyeshadow at all. Sulfa allergies ARE sometimes quite severe!

Nancy T Avatar

They definitely need to add a warning, because sulfa allergies are more common than one may think, and this reaction was severe enough that I had to get in to see my eye Doc stat. My eyes were itchy, painful and very red!

Chamois Avatar

I once emailed a well-known brush company because I ordered a 2nd brush for one I already owned, and they had changed the design from goat hair to synthetic, without disclosing it in the description on their site. I felt like I had been duped – the new brush did not perform at all like the one I already had, but they tried to make me think otherwise, that it was exactly the same. It wasn’t! Had I known they had changed it, I would’ve never ordered a 2nd one. Live and learn!

Marieke Avatar

I filled in a contact form on the website of a brand that makes eye drops. I had irritated eyes but those drops made them burn even worse! Unfortunately, no response.

Mariella Avatar

No I haven’t. I remember years back when you couldn’t return cosmetics or skin care products except in very rare circumstances (a friend returned an UltimaII face mask that gave her a dreadful reaction – I think her face spoke for itself so the SA did take it back). But now, if a product doesn’t perform, I simply return it. However, thanks mainly to Temptalia and Christine’s diligent work, along with Makeup Alley, it’s rare that I buy a product that doesn’t measure up (and if I do – something like MAC’s ChamPale eyeshadow quad), at least I know what to expect going in…

Nancy T Avatar

Like you, I definitely appreciate Christine’s hard work with the Temptalia site, it has saved me oodles of $’s and if I have chosen to purchase something less than stellar in review ( Naked Smoky), I know going in what the issues are and that it will take more work possibly, or in this case, thinking way outside the box, ie; black eyeshadow primer, anyone? It did work! But today, one of my eyes is red and itchy?

Laura Avatar

Beautylish “texted” me that they wanted to know how I liked my Charlotte Tilbury “Eyes to Mesmerize.” They were kind of nice when I told them I didn’t and said I might like a KA shadow better. Unfortunately they were not helpful from there. I’ve been getting random Beautylish texts about promotions, By Terry palettes, etc. Although I appreciate the attempt to reach-out and establish good customer relations, a lot of time they have my name or product wrong, which I find a little annoying. I also emailed the “Ipsy” people that I was not so happy that I could get off the wait-list if I shared that I liked them on social media. They were responsive, and moved me up the list, and I do like the bags. Otherwise, I haven’t actually told a company anything directly

Ginny Avatar

I have emailed companies about their foundation shade range if I think it’s not diverse enough (like Clinique) or if they discontinued one of their palest colors (lookin at you Estée Lauder). Only if It’s a formula I like and wished I could use, I don’t go trolling.

Lisa Avatar

Absolutely. When products perform better than expected I write reviews. When products are grossly less than expected I write reviews and I am very specific. I want to help the next beauty-holic out there!

xamyx Avatar

I’ve only complained about customer service. When UD released the Vice LTD. palette, the rollout was very disorganized, and they should have been honest and let me know ULTA was going to have it soon. I also told MAC they needed to keep the availability online current if they want people to order online; I received a call immediately after I placed an order, that something was OOS, and she was very apologetic, and removed the shipping charge.

Although I wasn’t really “complaining” at Sephora, but simply pointing out my disappointment in the fact harder to find items were either not carried in-store or always OOS while more “mainstream” items were always available, I was told I can order from the store, and have shipping charges waived (although it doesn’t solve the issue completely, it’s still a nice compromise).

I don’t go in expecting the claims to be 100% accurate, as not only is it a selling point, everyone’s skin & lifestyle conditions differ. I also know what brands work for me, and rarely venture out, and when I have, I’ve found ways to make a product work, and I simply don’t buy from them again.

Lily Kelley Avatar

I returned 2 Nars blushes to Sephora because they were not the same as the ones I fell in love with. Also emailed Nars and asked if they changed their formula. They never replied.

Emma Avatar

I’ve wanted to complain a few times, but then I wasn’t bold enough to actually go through with it, so I never actually did it. Though I did recently complain to a “healthy” restaurant chain that promoted dangerous beauty standards! With makeup I find it hard though as there are a lot of products that are horrible on me but HG-material on others.

Rachel R. Avatar

I have written to companies when a product was really bad, maybe a couple times a year. I’m polite about it. They need the feedback. I try to always leave product reviews — bad or good –if a store or manufacturer website has that options. I remember years ago I contacted the company about a drugstore powder foundation (I think Physician’s Formula) that had a brush attached, and the packaging was a complete fail. Most recently, I complained to MUG after yet another disappointing eyeshadow and got my money back.

Rachel R. Avatar

A lot of people love them. However: I ordered 6 of their regular shadows. Two were decent (Bitten and Twilight); the rest were really dry and very under-pigmented. Maybe I just was unlucky picking colors, so I didn’t complain that time. I recently decided to try Charmed from the foiled line, and the top half of the shadow immediately slid out of the pan when I opened the package. The texture of the foiled was super-dry and crumbly. Again, maybe I just had bad luck, but I’m not willing to try any more.

The only other thing of theirs I’ve tried is a blush, and that was excellent. Their customer service was excellent as well.

Laura D Avatar

I have. I recently gave my honest thoughtful (2 star) review of colourpop’s highlighter in Lunch Money. It waited approval for a few days and they never posted it. I tweeted them twice about it and no reply. My review was polite and I even said I’d buy more products from them…so there was no reason, other than the low rating, not to post it. Its kind of turned me off from them now.

Susan Dowman Nevling Avatar

I remember many years ago, finding a rather large bug in a prepared product. I wrote a letter to the company and received 2 coupons for free products. I couldn’t use them bc the thought of the product made me sick.
There is a hair conditioner that I love but it is almost impossible to get out of the squeeze bottle bc the hole is to small. I will send them an email.
When I return something, I give the salesperson the reason but am also polite as it is not their fault.

Nadia A Avatar

Hi! I wrote a very professional e-mail to MAC Cosmetics about the poor quality of the last release of the Stereo Rose Mineralized Skinfinish. MAC never responded or even acknowledged my e-mail.

Mardi Avatar

i complained to Hourglass that my Arch brow pencil lead snapped off and fell out on .the floor when I’d barely used it and I got no response at all.

Kai Avatar

Oh yes! Victoria’s Secret decided to do primer. Yeah I was out in the sun and my makeup peeled off. No bueno! You can’t return open products to the store, so I called and complained to corporate, they sent me a gift card.

Georgina Avatar

Yes. Once I had to call BECCA’S customer service because the one perfecting brush I purchased was shedding like crazy. I was so happy I did, the lady was very nice and offer to send a new one to me.
I was about to just throw it out and forget about it, instead I got a new one that actually worked.
Thumbs up for BECCA’S customer service!

Amanda Avatar

If Sephora reviews count than yes, I give 100% honest feedback in reviews regularly.. I hate wasting money and hopefully the brand can also see where Im coming from as a customer.

Pamela Avatar

I would contact some brands frequently such as Cover Girl. They used to issue coupons for free products if I called for a suggestion or a complaint. Most companies would send some type of coupon as a thank you for feedback.

Tia Greenwell Avatar

I absolutely will write companies whenever I have a bad experience or product that doesn’t meet performance expectations based on reviews I have read from other users etc. I am actually in the progress of 2 current emails I have been working on this last week (whenever I find time).
One email is to the corporate headquarters of Ulta. I find their customer service (or lack there of) and the way they treat people to be disgusting and unprofessional (this is only my personal opinion based on the location in El Cajon, CA where I live here in San Diego). This is actually going to be my 3rd email to them in the last 14 months. I shouldn’t ever have to be treated by anyone at a retail store as this store treats me every time I walk through their doors to make a purchase. I know it’s more of a customer service complaint issue than a specific product complaint but it’s just an example.

Also I am almost done completing another email going to Sephora & Kat Von D. (Through her website) because I am such a huge Kat Von D. fan of her cosmetics line and even more so her product from her lip line called Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks. This is hands down the best product I have in my makeup case and the best product I own period! If I were deserted on an island and had that one item I couldn’t live without? My everlasting liquid lipsticks without question. This product is growing in popularity each day and it’s become a staple for so many people to use in our everyday lives. So with the current 2015 summer collection release of 12 more new shades of colors i was so excited and couldn’t even hardly contain my joy because these liquid lipsticks are absolutely phenomenal. They offer great pigmentation and dry down to the flattest of matte finishes in an outgoing array of colors to die for. So when release day came only 2-3 weeks ago i was ecstatic to get every color I could get my hands on. I have been nothing short of disappointed to put it mildly with this collection of newly released colors. Their was this build up of total excitement on my end for a particular color to be released called “Echo”. However, looking at the available swatch of this color all over the Internet it’s completely wrong & not at all the right true color blue. By this what I mean is it’s not off by a shade or two but they are 2 completely different colors from what the actual true color of Echo is on store shelves for sale. When I first found Echo and purchased it then brought home to try I had quickly learned this (the hard way). I was sooooo let down so hard that it really left me saddened and I actually cried like a baby about it. I prayed I had made a mistake or even that there was some fluke causing there to be a manufacturing issue somehow with the color perhaps causing me to get a defective item. This wasn’t the case for me at all though and the color you purchase is such a deep deep dark blue (almost like a midnight blue or POE) and the swatches on the Internet that everyone keeps posting pictures of is of this amazing blue color that is just gorgeous like the color of blueberries. So moving on…. I then attempted trying several more of these new colors while attempting to forget about my huge major let down with Echo but after several attempts I am just going to say it finally they are not the same. They just don’t seem to be applying correctly or drying right. This newer collection of colors just don’t quite seem to be right and something is off that I cannot put my finger on. So after 5 tried and failed attempts at visiting Sephora to find the one color I cannot live without in this collection I have come up empty handed and crushed. I am unhappy to say the least because Kat Von D. is my go to cosmetic line. I tell everyone and anyone that will listen about her cosmetics and just how rockin hot they are and what an amazing collection she has formulated for us women that live and walk on the wild side or outside the normal box and like a bit more funk in our color choices. I don’t think I will hear back from her when this email is finally ready to go tomorrow. I know with someone of her stature these days how busy she must be and wouldn’t ever expect a reply to the email being sent to her. I figured it doesn’t hurt to try though. Also, perhaps maybe, just maybe someone working close with her or even Sephora executives themselves could potentially wind up with the email. What if it makes it and winds up landing on someones desk that is important in some decision making process and finds my opinion to be invaluable? You truly just never know what will happen when you put something like this out there in the world for all to see which is the reason I write at all. It’s worth a shot in the dark. I personally would want the feedback from my fans even if it’s not the best feedback I would absolutely listen carefully to what it is people have issues with be it big or small. I would want to hear from happy and unhappy customers alike.

Sorry for the long winded story here but yeah, so that’s what’s up.

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