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I just bought a teal eyeliner from Pixi! (the Muse raved about their eyeliners so I grabbed a couple, teal being one). I can’t wait to try it out 🙂

As for universal product: I’m not sure. I think some of my tinted lip balms/lip glosses might qualify, though, but I’ve never gone out and tested on various people.

Almost every lipstick looks good on me 🙂 And I can pull off the wildest colors, like the neons just fine.

Ooh, when I saw the title, I thought you were referring to a specific product… because I was going to say that unfortunately, no single product will please everyone.

So I’d say, even including men, a tinted moisturizer would give satisfying results to everyone! Even the people with the best skin can benefit from a tinted moisturizer. The only reason I didn’t say foundation is because I’m sure some of you will reason that it can look too perfect and/or cakey. Sure, a foundation can be sheered out with a moisturizer, primer, or some other mixing medium (including another foundation). But then, that’d make would create a TM in the end anyways.

So yeah, tinted moisturizer all the way!

But then we can also argue that TM is horrible if you do need more coverage. I’d say foundation because you have that option of sheering out – better to wear less than cake on more, hoping for coverage!

Well, not really. Because if someone really needs more coverage than what typical TMs offer, this person would still benefit from the coverage of a TM, at least more so than using nothing at all. The skin wouldn’t look awful at all. Therefore, I would still consider TMs to be universally flattering.

On a different note though, reading the comment right below mine, I completely forgot about eyebrow fillers! I can’t believe that happened, considering that if I could only pick one makeup-related thing to do (not including applying skin care products like sunscreen), it’d be to fill in my brows. Face makeup would actually come afterwards!

Eyebrow pencils.

If your eyebrows look bad, nothing looks good. I think it makes or breaks your look. Especially when it’s that horrible too-thin look that I blame totally on Pamela Anderson. LOL.

I only buy black gel eyeliner. If I venture out and buy purple eyeliner, can people really tell the difference on the eye?

Yes! If it’s dark eyeliner it is very subtle, but brighter purple can be really eye-catching. I knew who only wore purple eyeliner and, with subtly in other parts of her makeup, it didn’t look garish at all for the every day.

The Clarisonic!

As for colour cosmetics, no – I would never recommend a product as “universally flattering”, as there’s so much variety in people’s coloring and features to enhance!

I like to think you’re my friend (omg, I hope that’s not to creepy) so now I feel compeled to buy teal eyeliner haha

I like to think of us as friends, too, Cel! 🙂 That we’re really all together at a coffee shop discussing makeup… you know, everyday at all hours, LOL!

I think some true red lipsticks are universally flattering; not everyone WANTS to wear a red lipstick of course, but I think that a neutral red (not too blue, pink, orange, bright, dark, etc) can look good on anyone.

I’m with you on eyeliner. Black of course, but actually I think anyone can pull off a navy blue liner. It makes every eye color look beautiful, and adds some interest. Purple eyeliner and shadow also looks good on just about everyone (although it will depend on the levels of red/ blue undertones as to which shade looks best).

I’ve yet to meet someone who didn’t look good in Clinique’s infamous Black Honey Almost Lipstick.

ME!!! I am way too pale and it makes my teeth look nasty. If I apply it EXTRA sheer it doesn’t look so bad. (I got it as a gift with purchase, otherwise I would have never bought it.)

i disagree with the teal. I’ve never seen teal look good on green eyes, mine primarily. Navy blue, however, looks great on green eyes.

I think it looks SO good on green eyes! My friend has them, and I love the way Tarina Tarantino’s Spark of Envy looks on her! To each their own!

Maybe you’re thinking of aqua? Teal is a dark color – a mix of green and blue (so you can have blue-leaning teals and green-leaning teals).

See, I think navy blue looks awful on my green/hazel eyes! It totally varies depending on the shade of your eye color and the exact shade of the product :] I love wearing dark teal eyeliner.

Definitely any brow pencil or powder. When I go to the gym in the morning, I will always fill in my brows. I feel like full, perfect brows will make anyone look naturally pretty.

omg, I totally agree!! Everytime I go to the gym my boyfriend has to wait for me to “put on my brows” lol… It makes such a HUGE difference, filling them in just a bit enhances natural beauty.

I think the person asking meant a specific product, e.g. some believe NARS Orgasm blush is universally flattering. It’s much easier to answer that categories, such as eyeliner, mascara, etc., are universally flattering due to wide variations.

As for me, I feel that the reformulated Shiseido Perfect Rouge in Sublime is likely to be universally flattering. It’s such a lovely shade!

Red blusher! As everyone naturally will flush some variation of red, then it’s the most natural colour to use. So long as it’s neautral enough and transparent enough (so your own undertones can interact with it, giving the most natural colour), then I think even choosing one would be universally flattering.

Red blush does look more natural on some people but it definitely is not a universal color for people like me with already rosy cheeks or rosacea.
Cool pinks look most flattering on me and i think bright neutral to cool pinks are flattering on all skintones whereas warm pinks can look too rudy and many peach blushes can look too orange on cool skintones.

I can definitely see that it can be an issue for some people, but even with “universally flattering” I don’t take it to mean 100%! Just as close as possible. If you can cover up that rosacea though, don’t you think a light touch of red would look pretty?

Cool pinks are so pretty! I have to disagree with flattering on all skintones, my sister who’s naturally quite tan looks terrible in them. Ah but that’s the fun of makeup, playing with all the different colours!

I would suggest Shiseido Carmelia powder it is divided in three sections red, pink and a highlighter. It is very pigmented but a gorgeous colour when used altogether with a light hand !
Also Chanel – Rouge JC

This is a tough one. I’d have to say that NARS Orgasm is brilliant on everyone I’ve ever seen wear it. My coloring is “cool”, and I never would have thought that it would look good on me; now it’s one of my go-to products and I love it!

Maybelline Eye Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze is a perfect base colour. It’s a nice neutral with just enough shimmer to brighten the eye, and I can change up a look simply by changing my crease colour and eyeliner.

I have yet to find any one product that is totally universal, but like many have said below the one thing I think improves everyones appearance is brow pencils/powders… a good set of eyebrows will transform the way you look!

I think everyone can wear red lipstick, they just have to find the right shade for them. Whether they enjoy the way bold lipstick looks on them is another issue altogether. 🙂

Mascara is good for the soul…..I don’t know anyone who doesn’t look better with a teeny weeny swipe of mascara.

I have Saprk of Envy on my wish list … just wating for a code 🙂 last time i missed out the code you provided 🙁 🙁
and ifffff in future I get to see a TEAL EYELINE created by you i will not be surprised …
a mix of Spark of envy and MAC Undercurrent and teeny tiny bit of Flipside 😀 i know you are more creative but i soooo wish you create a teal eyeliner 😀 and do remember me if it happens in near future 😀

for me – I recommend MAC Crosswires a lot and have seen my close frnds buying it and loving 😀
second closest is “MAC CRAVING and ILLAMASQUA Magnetism “

I think for me its lipstick, I think it looks very glamorous and can make anyone look dolled up with very little effort, particularly the bolder shades, so for me it has to be lipstick 😀 .

I just bought teal eyeliner today from collection, can’t wait to rock it, looking for some other colours to rock. Think it’s gonna be my thing this summer, already have a burgundy one, but looking for bright & bold

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