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My husband is really not the makeup type, I’m sorry to say. Twenty years ago, in college, that one time with the short black dress and the tights…but these days he doesn’t even use lip balm. Or face wash. (He uses soap, which he buys in bulk at Costco based on what’s cheapest. I’ve bought him face wash, but he still won’t use it.)

Oh man, I do all the time. I just did his brows a few minutes ago. I find that men are pretty sensitive about having their faces touched, particularly around the eyes. Try to get an eyelash curler or eyeliner pencil near my boyfriend and he is having none of it!Though sometimes he even puts up a fuss about me moisturizing his face, so..

All in all, its just a fun silly thing to do with your partner .If he or she will let you, that is! Haha.

Lol no, but we did it to his brother once, his brother got wasted and he has longish hair which looked feminine, so me and my best friend did his makeup and took a picture and put it on a south indian matrimonial site. He actually got a few friend requests lol

I’m surprised you’ve never made him even test something! Jay is forced to test things often 😉 Usually products that I think require more than just one person’s chemistry like cream eyeshadows and foundations.

Lol, yes. He actually didn’t look that bad, kind of himself in drag, but the eyeliner suited him. However I think I’ll bury the photos.

I’m happy to say that I’ve done the faces of ALL my significant others 🙂 Teeheehee, I’m very persuasive!

Yes 🙂
im studying to become an makeup artist and i did normal male makeup(like for tv interviews, nothing extreme just hide shine and imperfections)
But i also managed to get him to model for me in a drag class that was awesome ill probably owe him forever :p

Yup – my fiancee is a woman, and I did her makeup for our engagement photos. She doesn’t usually wear makeup, but wanted to wear just a little bit for the photos, a very natural look. They turned out really well 🙂

I’ll be doing her makeup for our wedding day, too – as well as my own!

You obviously did a fantastic job since the photos turned out well and she wants you to do her wedding makeup too. What a loving way to get ready together before your vows!!! Congratulations, I hope you have many years of happiness together.

On my ex significant other, yes! Mascara, blush, lipstick… it was a lot of fun. I’ll just add it took place on our anniversary and after a couple of glasses of wine though 😉

Husband asked for my help to apply some ‘concealer’ that his dermatologist prescribed after he had laser to remove some sunspots. I still tease him about his ‘makeup phase’ 😉

My boyfriend and I do cosplay in conventions, so yes I’ve had to put black eyeshadow on him so his eyes were all blacked out for a Batman cowl.

My husband absolutely refuses. There’s even been a couple of times when he’s had a job interview or something coming up, and a really bad pimple on his face and I practically BEGGED him to let me use just a little concealer on it. But nope…

He does let me buy him skincare stuff at least. He has pretty dry skin that can flake often, so a good exfoliator and moisturizer were the first things I got him! Even he’s admitted what a big difference they have made : -)

No makeup, but an ex did put on my clothes a few times, including shoes. We’re a similar size, and a few nights (after several drinks) he’d pull an outfit together, just for laughs. Too bad I never took photos, LOL.

I do my boyfriends’ makeup for costumes. In college for Halloween my boyfriend needed paler skin and black all around the eyes, so we just used my makeup. Another boyfriend was the Joker for a convention, and while he accepted the clown white with no problem, he very much objected to the lipstick because it was girl makeup. I am not going to go out and buy red costume makeup when I have tons of red lipsticks, sir!

I have actually. My fiance has let me ~make him pretty~ three times, just for fun. We have a lot of fun with it. I’m just not allowed to show anyone the pictures 🙁

Shortly after we met, over two years before we started dating, I helped him get ready for a drag party at our college.

I actually do his makeup on a semi-regular basis. He gets a kick out of it, because the results are always so dramatic.

In my experience, a lot of men are open to having their makeup done, as long as its in a fun and relaxed setting. Even the republican cowboy types. 🙂 You never know.

Not yet, but I only really got into makeup about two years ago, so I haven’t been in any long term relationships in that time period. I do occasionally do my roommate’s makeup, and since we’ve been friends for 15+ years now, I sometimes tell people that means we’re practically married anyway. 😛

My ex used to steal my makeup and do his own. He wanted it to look very natural so no one would know he was wearing it- not even me. Sometimes he would spend hours in the bathroom -getting it just right. I am open minded-I didn’t care. When I would sneak a peek through the crack in the door and maybe giggle-he would get soooo angry-that’s one reason why he’s my ex! How childish. right?

That’s great you are so open-minded but yeah I agree that was very childish on his part! Maybe he was embarrassed and nervous?

the most i’ve done on him is foundation, concealer, mascara, and lipstick. he let me do it once for fun and washed his face right after. the only part he liked was when i concealed his undereye circles.

I have a bunch of times – it’s really funny too and make him dress up in these silly outfits – like this leotard once it was wayyyyy heinous. there are times every once in awhile he’ll try and cheer me up by offering to let me put makeup on him.

I am actually very suprised that so many people have done this. I though i was the only guinee pig. LOL my wife adores makeup and usually once a week she trys out different looks on me before she rolls them out on herself. Its actually quit fun and relaxing for me and its just some good quality time we get to spend together.

Yes! Sometimes when i get new eyeshadows that i feel are not showing up on my skin, I test it on him because hes way darker than me. But he just likes me to be all over him any which way So I think that’s why he lets me.

I live in an apartment with my bf, we recently moved in. I don’t have any income due to illness and have literally lived on noodles because I can’t stop spending money on make-up. Now I have to just NOT go to the mall when I have money, point blank. Saves me loads.

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