Have you ever done a low- or no-buy before?

Not with beauty/makeup since buying is part of the “job” so-to-speak. I have done it in other areas of my life, like buying less clothes or shoes – I haven’t allowed myself to buy a scarf in five years because I had so many and never wore them (doesn’t get that cold, and I spend most of my days inside at home!).

— Christine
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I’m very interested in doing a no buy/ lowest of buys for 2019, I have just so much makeup and I really need to stop before this follows me into true adulthood. And I want to use up things I have and really just enjoy them.

Well done you. Many people who buy lots have acquired everything in life so have a disposable income. That being said, myself included know when money can be better spent. As a young person you may have lots of big things you aspire to have which require saving. I don’t know about you but all these beautiful ‘must have’ make up items really get in the way of saving. Young and old, I think we all / need to pause before chucking our hard end cash at make up.

It is fun, when it stops being fun stop. Good message for everything in life.

Enjoy your low buy and the things you achieve because of it 😊

Not by my own choice, nor did I know to call it as such! More like circumstances dictated my spending. This year will be the first time that I’m the one who’s made this decision of my own volition to significantly cut how much I spend on makeup and other non-necessary spending. It’s all on me this time. Freeing, yet scary all at once. Hoping and praying that I succeed at it! Because I really need to. My bedroom looks like a mini-Sephora/MAC/Ulta atm. 🙄

I am surprised no one has thought of an ATM machine that dispenses certain makeup. I remember an old TV series with Marlo Thomas and it was called, “That Girl” or something similar. There was a scene where she went to a lunch counter and it was a wall of slots that you put the money in and pull out what is in that slot. I imagine something like that existed back in the day, in New York but definitely not in Montana or the part of California that I lived in. It made an impression on me as she didn’t have any money so she took an empty bowl, filled it with hot water and put ketchup packets in it to make a soup. Anyway, I could use a machine like that for makeup, LOL!!!

That lunch counter was possibly in what was known as the Automat…The Horn and Hardart Automat to be exact. They were wonderful, inexpensive places to gather for simple meals. I used to go there with my parents, and my aunt and uncle almost every Saturday through much of the ’60’s and the memories of it are probably grander than they actually were. I still can see my favorites…Macaroni and Cheese, creamed spinach, Salisbury steak and the best slice of pie ever. Google it and explore a memory of the past.

Lol. That was called the automat. I used to love going there when I was a little kid. Gone now. I lot of people there used to make “ketchup soup.”

Good luck. I may be wrong but I wonder if you are a like me, an emotional make up buyer!! I am a comfort eater and I see parallels.

Make up is fun, until it can cause financial turmoil. It does with me as I know money should be better spent.

I think I need to set a reasonable, modest, low buy budget, with roll over to help for bigger purchases and holiday temptations. If I can’t succeed then I need to step away from beauty community altogether.

I am committed to trying to get back guilt free enjoyment from my ‘hobby’ I also think I will try to read more or listen to podcasts, might be a cheaper hobby!!!

Sorry for ramble but wanted to share my th in case it helps.

Oh and if you are newly single all the best with the new chapter in your life. 😊

I feel like I have naturally grown out of buying as much makeup as I used to because my priorities have changed. It started when we were saving to buy a house -I cut down on unecessary spending-makeup, clothes, shoes, eating out etc. Over the years I have worked out which everyday products work for me, which colours I like and also realised that no one needs millions of lipsticks that are pretty much the same colour. This year we bought the house and honestly I am more drawn to spending my money on home decor these days! I pretty much just repuruchase my everyday products and treat myself to something I just want every now and then but I have learned to look at something and ask myself if it is similar to other things I already have. If it’s too similar then I’m probably not going to buy it!

Yep. Last year I really limited my makeup purchases to the truly outstanding or “waaaaaaaaannnnntttt”, but that kind of went out the window during the holidays. This year I’m going to crack down harder and only allow myself skin care and replenishing frequently used up staples like mascara and brow gel. Perhaps during the holiday season I’ll grab something during the sales, but I am going to try very hard to wait until then.

Makeup is really the only thing I need to force myself to stop buying. It’s hard to find clothes I like (and I HATE shopping) so that’s not a big deal, shoes are the same, not a purse girl, etc… Jewelry I love, but have a hard time paying for, but man something about a pretty eyeshadow or lipstick will get me right in the gut.

Yes, but it was not voluntary. Still, as is often the case, once I knew I could buy what I wanted, I found that I did not want so much. I tend to spend more on experiences like travel than on things.

I have tried no-buy or low-buy in the past and haven’t been to successful. I vowed that I wouldn’t be rouge again at Sephora for the past two years and was rouge before the end of winter. I think that in the past my decision to buy less makeup/beauty products was driven more by a sense that I have too much makeup now and I really shouldn’t buy anymore, hence the failure. This year I have incentive to not buy as I want to spend Christmas in Europe this year so hopefully that will be a good enough incentive. My daughter and I were looking at pictures of NYE in Paris and the Eiffel Tower was twinkling with silver lights. I honestly don’t know how they change the colour of the lights all the time but somehow they must have some LED/electronic way to do it (I am not very technically savvy so …). The lights are normally yellow/golden but I know they were purple the day the “Purple One” passed away and I am sure they weren’t up there stringing purple light on the tower all day!! Anyway, sidetracked again, I hope that seeing it in person will bolster my resolve.

On an overall low-buy right now for the following reasons: 1. I recently downsized homes and it was a nightmare to do away with nearly 40 years of materials accumulation. The Konmari Method was effective but tedious and I am not eager at all to buy ANYTHING unless I can justify an immediate use for it. Also, I’m in between jobs and have a vacation scheduled.

I’m curious how you found the KonMari method when applying it to makeup? I can be pretty strict with myself with clothing, but not so much with cosmetics. I need to declutter so badly so I just need to try to be stricter with myself! Her new Netflix show has been inspiring.

Generally I do a low buy, just purchasing what I need to replace my staples and skincare items. It would have to be an outstanding eye palette (like Sultry) for me to purchase one these days. I have so much that I am going to use up this year.

This is my New Year’s Resolution! I’m on a low-buy. Only products I actually need to replace something I used up (and don’t have a dupe). Five days in, and I’m doing fine!

I am currently starting my second year of my no buy with exception. I just have too much and want to downsize my collection of make-up. It has been easier than I thought it would be and I am at one on several categories, and am working my way down on many more.

Yes, have been low buying practically for the last few years however with no strict rules. This year, though, I am only buying items that I have no backups for and trying to find them at their lowest price. Need to save hard this year. My daughter is 21 in July and wants to go travelling.

Starting one now. I don’t buy much makeup and have enough backups for skincare to get me through next year. But clothes are my weakness and it needs to stop. I have enough clothes for a lifetime and – living in a tiny apartment with seven cats – I’ve run out of storage space. I may save a serious amount if my no-buy-year works out.

I’m one one now. Let’s see how long I hold out. Prays!!! 😉

To help me along, I’ve started taking out my makeup books and reading to inspire me to go into my collection and focus on learning techniques rather than acquiring colors (because I’m pretty sure I’ve got more than enough to make loads of looks). And seeing looks here also inspire me to work with the palettes or colors used in them.

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