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Nope! But one day, I dropped my MAC Honey Lust eyeshadow and I was convinced it would shatter. Instead the eyeshadow popped out of the metal pan (not the plastic packaging, but the pan!!) all in one piece, and I picked it up and gently placed in back. So scary!!

Yes, I’ve broken many lipsticks which is really annoying, but then I made my own pallet out of them (:

Aah, I have broken Grand Entrance from starflash twice, my first one and then my backup. That eyeshadow is cursed or something, I swear!

I’ve messed up a couple of lipsticks by not twisting the lipstick back down before putting the top on. Latest Victim : Ever Hip.


My little girl broke my MAC Big Bow lipstick (Hello kitty colection) at the same way. But I found a new one by Ebay!

I’ve chipped into several eyeshadows transferring from palette to palette… No more acrylic nails!

And I remember when the MAC tinted lip conditioners came in the pots, I left it in my car once and it all melted into one side!

I actually just snapped an eyeliner pencil today. I knocked it out of the container I keep it in and it snapped in half (it was very long). I taped it together for now. I’m forever breakin stuff, that’s just the most recent. 🙂

i’ve dropped pressed powders [shattered all over my floor!], eyeshadow palettes [caught em with my massive talons and left HUGE dents], knocked lipsticks out of their tubes, stepped on eyeliners… it’s a nightmare! i’m getting better though :]

Yes I have, Fashion eye shadow by mac, It didn’t go to waste I put it in a small sample size jar and crushed it up like a pigment.

ive chipped my share of shadows while depotting. But ive also had a few blushed broken by my boyfriends nefews (why they were even in my traincase is still a mystery) and they almost hitting pan so i pressed two to make one and it turned out great!

NYX eyeshadows singles *always* seem to break on me when I depot them. MAC shadows chipped on me during the process, too. Guess I’m just a rookie! =( I’ve also had a pigment incident where my vanilla pigment ended up covering the bathroom floor. Sad, sad times.

I smashed one of my Pop Beauty tins 🙁 a box I had a bunch of makeup in got knocked over and the tin seemed to take the fall the hardest. I can’t even re-press it because it’s one of those 5 strips in 1 tin kinda things!

Oh yeah! I had that happen to me too out of all things i have broken this was the saddest because there is no way it can ever be repaired

I dropped a lipglass once. It landed just so as to crack the plastic ring at the base of the lid — the one that has the screw sides — all the way around and disconnected it from the rest of the lid. Now it won’t screw shut and I have to keep it upright all the time. Of COURSE it would break like that. Couldn’t have just cracked the outside, oh no.

I once dropped my Covermark compact powder once. 🙁 I felt awful for weeks, since it’s not nearly as easy to use as a loose powder.

Hi! I only started collecting make up for 2 years now. So far the things i broke (from dropping) so far is Hypnotizing e/s from Love Lace and Cheeky Bronze MSF from Colour Craft. Heart pain 🙁 coz it broke i think within 1 week after i bought it. well at the least the rest are safe =)

My first expensive product I bought (expensive to me anyway) was Benefit’s Hello Flawless! About a week after buying it, I was using it in the bathroom, but when I went to set it back on the counter I missed for whatever reason and dropped it straight on the hard floor! It was completely shattered and all over the floor- I didn’t even bother trying to repress it after it got all germy, but I cried! I did end up buying a new one (it’s one of my HG items), but not for about two months- my wallet had to recover from the loss!!

I have made a few chips on my eyeshadows while depotting them. I have no clue but I broke the powder side of my Benefit Brow Zingers and this was when I pulled out the brow kit out of my make up bag and noticed a huge mess!

I broke a cubic blush trying to depot it…it smashed it up into a loose powder and put it in a travel size container from sephora…not happy but it works!

Argh! Same thing here… Poked a hole in my Dirty Plum when I de-potted it! Eeergh! It’s one of those things that makes you mad at the universe for a good 10 minutes.

Yes! I have broken countless lipsticks by putting on the cover when its sticking out! And I spilled about 90% of my vanilla pigment.

I have dropped pressed powders and broken them before – I just transferred it into a plastic jar and continued to use it as a ‘semi-loose’ powder.
Not sure if you would classify this as a beauty product, but I remember as a teenager I had just been given a 100ml bottle of expensive perfume (parfum too!) as a birthday present. When returning home with it, I had it in my lap in the car and when I got out of the car in the garage I forgot it was there and the bottle fell on the ground and smashed! I was devastated at the time, but the garage smelled REALLY nice for a good 6 months after that!!

i had a very bright pink eyeshadow, which i loved in my early teen years. once he felt down to the floor and was broken. so i took all the little pieces and tried to press it back to the pot. it wasn’t really working.

not my makeup personally but I always break something when Im in sephora. lol. I broke the lid on a UD shadow last time I was there if that counts

Not exactly broken but my 2 yo dumped a full reflects transparent teal off my dresser & my lovely spouse thought he’d be helpful & clean it up by turning on the fan & shaking out the clothing it landed on. Long story short, 6 months & a move to a new place & I still find it everywhere.

oh i hate when that happens all you need is one little crack then its all down hill form there!!! just kiss it good-bye!!! haha

I have dropped an eyeshadow which made it lose a small part ( approximately the size of a pinky nail )
and in the airplane a blush/highlighter combo i had got chipped and crumbled a bit : ( stupid airplane!

Story of my life! RIP Ricepaper e/s, Deep Truth e/s & all the other eyeshadows I’ve chipped in the passst! Boo.

All the time 🙁 lol the worst one was my mineralize blush 🙁 i brought it to school with me, took it out of my bag to use it and half of it wass completely smashed 🙁 not good haha

My Barbie Loves Stila palette slipped through my butterfingers within the first week of purchase! The eyeshadows are very fragile. I swear, I dropped my MAC palettes countless times and the pans just fall out–no eyeshadows cracked or chipped!

MAC tempting ans satin taupe i have dropped about 20 times they were smashed into a million pieces lol only just got round to fixing them 🙁

I dropped a nearly full bottle of YSL Young Sexy Lovely perfume on the tiles of our bathroom floor, it shattered into a million pieces! Also, when I opened my MAC Greasepaint Stick from Style Black for the first time, it flew out because it had broken off at the base. *sigh*

Mucked up depotting some, especially with large blushes, and facial powders. I tried to use the DuWop mixing medium, but my dog chewed the container till it leaked. It seemed about on par with the other mixing media I’ve tried. but he did it the day after I bought it! heh.

All my shadows survived their depotting procedure (surprisingly! :D) but I dropped my palette once and then Crystal Avalanche lost a little chip but Carbon like.. broke in two parts horizontally and the upper half spilled all over my completely white furnished room. What a mess.

Yeah, I once dropped a cheap eyeshadow palette and a few of the shadows broke, plus I chipped a few during my first ever depotting experiment. 🙁 Fortunately nothing major or expensive so far.

Yes my Ricepaper eyeshadow 🙁 I had it in my purse and some how the eyeshadow broke! I have to press it again but im just too lazy lol.

who me? klutz of the century? Of course. eyeshadows and blushes of the past were my victims. This is the reason why I now stay seated while doing my makeup….

My stupdid cat just broke my MSFs in refined and perfect topping. They still got some product left in them though. It could have ended up much worse. She also knocked down 5 other blushes (almost all LE) and my sculpt and accentuate duo and they all survived.

Oh well.. now I guess I have a chance to finish the MSFs. 🙁

I broke Sumptuous Olive the same way 🙁 I also broke two other new eyeshadows because they jumped out of my hands and onto the tiled bathroom floor. I was really mad with myself…

ive broken the clear plastic bit in the mac blushes a few times, (it didnt break it just poped out)

Mainly while depotting eyeshadows. also I’ve destroyed some color contacts (if counts) because of my nails lol

Yeah I broke a L’Oreal HIP eyeshadow (Flamboyant) and the gold part was all in pieces. I guess I droped it.

Dropped Redhead MSF on a carpeted floor.. it bounced and hit my makeup cabinet. Completely shattered. At least it was closed at the time..

same, I have a tendency to scratch eyeshadows as I’m depotting them, and a few have been dropped and had to be thrown away. 🙁

i have dropped shu uemura’s cream shadow and broke the glass container IN THE COUNTER. i mean i broke the sample, not mine. i was so shocked

I too have had a few depotting accidents where the eyeshadow has chipped or cracked (Embark and Femmie Noir). Ohh and I completely lost Contrast in a depotting quad accident. 🙁

My boyfriend and I have both dropped my e/s palettes and luckily only Jest bit the dust… but there was only 1/4 left so not a huge loss.

I’ve also dropped my MSF and had to put it in a container.

My kitten knocked over my beloved Melon pigment, with the top open.
She loves to watch me do my makeup, and she sits on my vanity every morning while I get ready. It just so happened that she was being extremely bad that morning, and decided to knock over things on my vanity, including Melon pigment. Ugh I was so mad. There was pigment all over the place, I know over half the jar was spilled. It got all over my dark brown carpet, and no matter how many times I try to wipe or wash it off, the stain is still there.

Thankfully my CCO had a melon pigment for $10.75! 🙂

I’ve melted lipsticks and broken them in half and I’ve shattered some blushes and eyeshadows by dropping them. Nothing too major that I can’t still use the product.

yess! OMG! a few days ago, i had gone to sephora and bought a stila eye shadow. then it dropped on the floor and shattered everywhere!

I’ve never dropped any make up, thankfully but I did split/chip my MAC x-rocks blush and my malt eyeshadow during depotting. Since then, I’ve been more careful 🙂

Today I attempted to depot my Arena eyeshadow by MAC and I wasted sooo much product because it chipped sooo badly! So I feel your pain Christine lol.

Too Faced’s Carribean in a compact in Snow Bunny got brutally butchered by my handbag, a week after i got it. I really wish they could press their products better, it was so pretty and i miss it!
Then we have the classical dropping of eyeshadows/palettes on floors, wich always ends with a shimmery mess.

YES! Just yesterday I packed myself a little makeup bag to stay at my boyfriends with, and I went to go put on makeup before work and found my bronzer broken and all over everything!

I haven’t dropped *a lot* compared to how much makeup I have, but I have shattered a couple of blushes and eyeshadows.

I’m really sad about breaking my New Vegas MSF :/ I also dropped a full blush palette once. None of the blushes were completely ruined, but they all had cracks in them and there was Frankly Scarlet dust all over the place :/ Why did the brightest, most pigmented one have to break?! 😉

Yes. What hasn’t been broken.. Foundation, what a mess… Brand new blush by “the dog”! You name it has been broken one way or the other..

Happy Easter!!!

uggh just yesterday my eyeliner container fell over and one broke! I was so upset but i taped it together

I have nicked a few blushes and shadows while depotting but I have also dropped many pressed powder products. The worst would be when I have stepped on an eyeliner pencil and broke it b/c I didn’t realize it was on the floor. I also left cream eyeshadow in my car and it melted all over, ick!!!!

I have broken almost all of my MAC blushes while trying to depot them. I actually murdered my Joyous Beauty Powder Blush… so mad bc it’s no longer at my CCO and I absolutely loved that stuff. My MAC PRO Azalea blush almost didn’t make it… I got that from MAC PRO in Miami which is a whole 1200 miles away LOL… lesson learned: no more depotting BLUSHES!!!!!!

I can see this being absolutely beautiful on someone with blonde hair. I like my greens a bit darker and richer, though. Christine, have you ever tried Pupa? Their eyeliners are totally up your alley, they’ve got a forest green eyeliner that breaks my heart 🙂

I’ve accidently marked several eyeshadow and broke my Deslick about a month ago. It was a sad day. I’m pretty excited to get a sample of Deslick in a tube when it launches in stores, I’m a little weirded out by reapplying a cream to the face and not changing the look but don’t want to pay $30 to break my compact again.

for sure. I opened my UD Maui Wowie and it was SO broken somehow. I tried to repress it but I gave up and put it in a little MAC sample jar and turned it into a pigment!

Yes, but only drugstore makeup luckily. I’ve knocked over and shattered both a glass bottle of foundation and a pan of physician’s formula blush. :3

My worst depotting disaster was Dazzlelight–at least 40% of it broke off. I’ve also nicked pans quite often during the depotting process, and it hurts every single time! To see that lovely, new eyeshadow be so quickly damaged is so sad!

Luckily, I’ve never broken one of my beloved MSFs or blushes… knock on wood.

I just bought one of my favorite Mac lipsticks – creme cup, and about a week later, it broke off at the base!!! I was so mad! I managed to sort of put it back in place, but it’s still kind of messy! I still love the color on me though!

Yes!! it was horrible, i was depotting some eyeshadows for Nars as an intern in their head office. I tried to use a pin and the pin slipped and went right across the pan! I felt so bad!

I have definitely messed up on depotting bot eyeshadows and blushes and have the chips/cracks to prove it!!!

That doesn’t bother me so much though cause it’s not like I’ll ever use up all of the product, but last year I was travelling and my Copper Diamond SkinShimmer arrived smashed to pieces, that really hurt 🙁

Yes, I broke my Cork shadow a few weeks ago. Which meant that I *had* to go to the MAC store to get a replacement, as well some other items I couldn’t pass up. 😉

I broke two MAC blot powders in one two weeks!
The first one was simply because I dropped it at my vanity, the second time, my nephew decided he would bash my purse around on a brick wall.
Oh, and I’ve broken quite a few Coastal Scents palettes simply because they are so cheap and chalky they brake super easily.

I break stuff all the time when I am out doing freelance work. Stuff falls, breaks, spills, etc. There’s not much I can do about that. I think I was most devastated when I broke my copper diamond shimmer brick compact by bobbi brown. It was given to me as a gift. I just crushed it all up and put it in a pigment jar… not the same though. 🙁

I “killed” some of my MAC products when I was in a holiday trip and some nail polish remover was leaking all over a few lipglasses and lipsticks. The plastic tubes looked like licorice melted in the sun and the smell of the nail polish remover on the products was disgusting. I had to throw away my Brave lipstick, the lipglass 2N (which I miss very much) and Warm Me Up lipstick (the only one I had a backup of).

I saw this post earlier and thought, nah, I’ve never really broken any make up, then when I was doing my makeup later on, I knocked my mac purples palette off my dresser onto my hardwood floor (!!) and eyeshadows went everywhere, I lost about a quarter of a pan each of Beauty Marked and Satellite Dreams! Plus, I had also just hoovered my room earlier 🙁

When I was 17 I broke a drugstore eyeshadow (silver, a present from my mom) we were both mad, bc it was all new. I kept it then for a while. I really felt sorry! Then, about 3 years ago I dropped a new (1 week old) Mac Studio Fix Powder on the bathroom floor. It was closed, but totally in pieces. I was so mad and put it in a little bag out of my sight. Then about a month later I put it in an empty cream jar and use it still. I got a new one back then, since I really like them for on the go.
Then e/s shroom chipped a little but don’t know why. Luckily only tiny parts.
Hope there will be no more chipping or dropping! Always hurts me 🙁

I’ve shattered countless drugstore eyeshadows. Way back in my high school days, I kept all of my makeup in a tin can (no joke!). I had always shuffled through that can roughly when looking for things to put on, which resulted in many eyeshadow casualties.

I wouldn’t dream of doing that again. I handle my makeup in a much more delicate manner now. Haha.

I dropped my mac Care blends oil into the toilet, it shattered! luckily all the chunks flushed down. I was sad though, I love that stuff and I love to back to mac.

I actually don’t remember ever breaking one, except I broke the cover of this one Lancome blush I use to have.

One to many!

*Cremeblush (left it in my car and it melted)
*Blot powder (dropped it and it cracked into may pieces)
*Eyeshadow (one cracked a couple dented due to depoting)
*Lipstick (my cutester l/s from hello kitty melted when I flew to DC… I was sad I knew it had sold out back home. I ran into the MAC store in DC and found a replacement for it and also picked up the pink nail polish that was also sold out)

Its so scary to read about all these accidents! Luckily ive never broken anything while depotting 🙂

I’ve broken a nail polish that splattered all over my new purse, and i’ve also dropped a new MAC pressed powder and it shattered all over i hadn’t even used it once 🙁

I broke the top of the tube off of my Dior Show mascara – thankfully Sephora replaced it. I’m guessing there was a packaging flaw because my stylist snapped the top off the replacement!!

definitely chipped a couple (or at least 5) brand new mac e/s pans in the past year or so 🙁 I forget what the names of some of them and when I lift them out of the palette, that’s when they usually fall victim to my clumsiness.

a few months ago my whole makeup bag fell onto tile floor. about 4 of my mac eyeshadows in my palette got chunks taken out of them and my mac satinfinish foundation also shattered and foundation went everywhere! very sad 🙁

I dropped my Coastal Scents contouring palette and over the next month each of the pans crumbled one by one. It was so depressing. 🙁

I broke a bottle of nail polish, but it’s kinda still together. I wrapped it in packaging tape for now. I have nicked a few eye shadows depotting. More recently, I squashed the tip of my Style Black Greasepaint Stick. While usable, it was annoying to lose good product.

I think the only thing I haven’t broken at one time is lip gloss. My bathroom floor is tile with rugs but OF COURSE when I drop something it has to to fall on the couple of inches that is tile and not rug. It doesn’t happen too often but once a really pretty eye shaddow duo I just bought shattered before I even used it once. Bummer. And of course, the ugly stuff that you decide you don’t like that much you could probably step on and nothing would happen to it…

Three covergirl blushes, out of the four I’ve owned. A covergirl compact but that was touching pan. I chipped an Elizabeth Arden eyeshadow. I have a sample of a clinique all over color blush thing and I opened it one day and it just jumped right out of the pan in one peice! I pushed it back in but a few days later it broke. Yeah, I have a record..

Actually, just the other day! I got the Charred Mauve greasepaint and when I opened it, for whatever reason, the whole thing flew out of the tube and on the ground. When I tried to pick it up and put it back in the tube it chipped from my nails. I don’t know if that was really my fault though. Luckily, the MAC counter I go to is going to switch it out for me. =)

My Urban Decay Sustainable Shadow Box broke in my luggage when I checked it on an airplane about a year ago. A huge mess!! So much for being sustainable…

i have a bad habit of leaving my blush pallet on the counter in the bathroom but i have so much makeup all over when i am putting my face on if i movie one thing it bumps another…the whole pallet fell and all of my faves broke and powdered my floor pinks and peaches….of course the ones i didn’t like survived lol 😉

Um… i have actually broken ALL of the few mac eyeshadows I have, along with a few NYX ones as well.. lets just say i’m pretty clumsy 🙂

My MAC palettes are filled with 26 perfectly depotted eyeshadows. I knocked one of them on the floor, screamed, and surveyed the damage. Luckily some of the shadows only had chips and none of them fully shattered!

I have, so sad!!! one powder, couple of eyeshadows, and brand new nail polish bottle… long time since last time thank God

I seem to always break my compacts which is really sad. I had an awesome Cargo neutal eye one that fell apart and now is held shut with a rubberband.

That’s the worst! If I ever broke a blush I’d be devastated! ESPECIALLY something that awesome!

I’ve broken a few powders: MAC blot powder, MSF natural and a Marcelle highlighting powder, but only to the point where most of the powder is still intact. I also dropped and smashed a pan of sumptuous olive, but it was almost gone and I had a backup. For the most part I’ve been extremely lucky in this regard!

yeah my barbie loves stila palette. and its not worth it to replace the eyeshadows- 80 bucks when i paid 30 for the entire palette

i always put my lipstick up on this shelf on work.. and it always falls off the ledge on the hard metal counter(40cm)! so the base of the lipstick breaks ugghh.

I’ve broken a brand-new Stila Demi Creme Lipstick (in the tube with the brush) – the brush part popped off and the lipstick started oozing out everywhere. Ew. Also, dropped a Shu Uemura shadow that shattered. It was my favorite deep dark silver but I use it a lot less now that I have to be so careful with it.

@Anissag I would be SO sad if I broke a nail polish into my handbag. So hard to get out. I always keep them in plastic bags if I put them in there out of fear of an accident.

Ooh yes. I’ve broken a few eyeshadows, I’ve also broken one concealer (those lipstick shaped ones) and one shadestick right after I tried it on at home after buying it >_> I’ve also dropped a nailpolish bottle… and even bitten off a little bit of the plastic nail polish thingy O.O Hehe I’m so graceful.. 😛

Only two things I think.
One was this cheapo essence eyeshadow I got in Europe (long story short, I forgot all of my make-up at home and had to buy emergency supplies!But it was ok, I wore like no makeup then)I went to H&M right after I bought it and somehow dropped the plastic bag it was in and it was shattered and same with the compact, so there was silvery white eyeshadow EVERYWHERE!
The second was a revlon colorstay liner like two years ago where I decided to see how far it could twist up touched it and it just like fell over! haha
Thank God it was all cheap stuff! I hope it stays that way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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